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The force of love

1 – Finally!

After 18 long years ally Kinomoto Sakura will begin something without having her brother watching over her. It was about time. Sakura is a young girl with the most beautiful green eyes already seen with a waist lengh auburn hair. Please don't get her wrong it's not that she doesn't like her brother, in fact she loved him, but he sees her like a little girl who can't for herself, he was to over protective with her, he almost choke her with so much protection and always used the excuse to be the older so he was always right. If in fact he was older that wouldn't be any problem but he wasn't well he was but only 10 minutes older, that isn't musch. Is it? Sakura thought it didn't matter he would always be like this older or younger. Kinomoto Toya was taller then her, he was 1.83 and she only 1.68, his eyes her brown like chocolate and his hair black like his mother.

Since kindergarden they were always in the same class, they had always had the same friends group and of course evry boy that tried to come close to her would run away scared of her dear brother. Now that won't be happening, because they are off to college. They are going to study in Tokyo University, but in completely different courses. While Toya will take Firm management so eventually he will be able to control the family firms, that at this moment are being controlled by his aunt Sonomi. Sakura will major in nursing, she wants to take care and help others by any means possible when they will need her the most. Although both college are in the same campus in Tokyo University they wouldn't going to share the same house and this was the main reason for her happiness.

"Don't even think about it Sakura! Do you think by a moment that I would let you live by your own in that city? You've got another thing coming. You'll be leaving with me and with Yukito!" – said Toya, Yukito were one of Toya's bestfriend and the only one beside his father that could stop him when he was being overprotective over Sakura and he was the only boy that Toya didn't mind having around his sister, well it was him and the boys that already date and he knows them.

"Over my dead body, that will going to happen! It's enough! I want and I will live with Tomoya and with other girls! I'm going! And there is nothing you can do to stop me!" – Sakura said, she had enough of that argument, and stubborn like she was won't gonna let his brother will prevail over hers.

For the past two weeks they had this same argument, over and over again, and it seem that there wasn't an end to it, to the school year start it missed a month and when the date of her leaving to college approached the arguments begun to heat up. Sakura want to leve in a sorority with her cousin her other friends and with new girls she would like to meet, this was one of her dreams and wishes, and she would make it come true. She had everything ready since the parents consent to living by themselves in the big city, to the house they were going to live in and with how many girls they would share it, it only missed they go to live there permanently most of their clothes and personal onjects were already there, in the house that would be their home for the next four years.

"You know if you keep on pushing for me to go and live with, the most likely thing that will happen I will go to another college!" – she said casually

"What do you mean?" – he asked

"I received the answers to the schoolarships that I applied for in London, New York, Lisbon, etc... They all want me there and I'm really willing to accept on of the offers."

"But that won't happen... Not even in a million years... You hear me Sakura!""That decision is..."

"Is only hers to make, and not you Toya. Let your sister decide by herself what she wants to do, what is best for her." – said Kinomoto Fujitaka, Fujitaka had lost the colour of his hair, it was once auburn like his daughter but now were sligthly gray, he wore glasses had a serene, calm presence but when he wanted he could get every quiet specially his son, he had the same eye colour has him, he was tall like him and he is a renown archaeologist he loved his job, but above all things he love his sons and his belove decised wife Nadeshiko that passed away when the children were only 3 years old, interrupting the argument we ad had it with that subject – "what your sisters need already got it. My consent to do whatever she desires and you don't have nothing to do with this. It's her life and it is a decision she has to take alone, by herself. Are we clear!"

"But she is merely a chil..." – Toya tried to discuss

"When are you going to understand that you and her born in the same day, in the same month and in the same year!"

"But I'm still..."

"The oldest!" – Sakura and he dad said together, cutting off what Toya was saying.

"But that doesn't mean that you can live your sisters life, that is up to her. Only her can say what she wants to do and wen, not you neither me!" – continued Fujitaka

"Fine, fine, but if she afterwards come back to us crying because she was hurt, you won't say to me that I didn't warn you!" – said Toya with a loser face.

"Don't worry I won't come back crying!" – said Sakura with a winning smile on her face. "But if you think I won't keep an eye on you. You have another thing coming!" - Toya thought to himself.

"Leave her alone. Let her be by her one. Do you understand me. I don't want here her complaining that you don't let her breed. Are we clear?" – said Fujitaka in a whisper like he had read Toya's thoughts.


"I knewit what you were thinking?" – Toya nods – "You are my son I know you..."

Sakura didn't realise this talk between her father and Toya, because she was ao happy, finally she could do whatever she want without her brother around to keep an eye on her. "Of course Toya won't quit this easily, but I will be in a building and he in another one, he won't have time to control my moves. Finally a little peace and quiet without my body guard/ brother looking after me!". Sakura sometimes could seem dense but actually in certain cases she wasn't, specially when it was relate to her brother.

Suddendly Sakura remember she would go on holidays soon and she didn't even begun to pack her things yet. So her shouts and jumps of happiness transformed in shouts and jumps of panic. Her dad and brother notice this change on her behaviour.

"What is your problem kaijuu... Isn't it enough you start an earthquake when you are happy now you cause one when you are in panic? Don't tell me you already regret going live with Tomoyo? So quickly?" – said Toya joking

"How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a KAIJUU!" – she stomp on his foot...

"Ouch... You shouldn't have done that..." – said Toya

"I don't agree with you. It is time for you to stop calling me that..."

"Fine..." – he said exasperate – But why are you looking like it is the end of the world...?"

"Well... The thing is..." – she started – "I forgot to prepare my things for my trip tomorrow!" – she said it in a whisper

"Ãhm? I didn't get that last part, but I sure hope you didn't said that you still haven't got your things ready for the trip..."

Every year they would spent their holidays with their father and only two weeks camping with their friends in a small city near the sea shore. This year something would be different because Toya would have to work part-time in the family business, the Daidoujii firm so when he finished college he had enough experience and could take over his aunt place, since his cousin would take music and fashion/design in college, no one knows how she will do that... But she would manage it somehow. But until class start there would be plenty of time for Sakura and Tomoyo have fun and Toya work... (hehehehehehe). The other change is that this year they wouldn't go with their father...

"But... How didn't you still have your things ready? This year we didn't even went on vacation with dad! I have my things ready for almost a week now!" – Toya told her – "But with your clothes size that is understandable... The size of a Kaijuu, what else would be expecting..." – finished Toya with a wicked smile...

"What happen... was with the moving in to the house I'm going to live I kind forgot..."

"You are impossible... I don't know how you can be like that. How are going to live by yourself?"

"That is simple actually... I simply have to remeber everything will be alright..." :-P – said Sakura – "And everything will be just fine, thank you very much...!"

"You in the middle of this confusion didn't forget I will be only staying for about two weeks, 'cause aunt Sonomi is needing my help more and more, in all the firms through all Asia, specially now that we are opening a new one...!" – he said full of pride – "In China!"

"That means till you get control of the firms everything will be alright! I'm more relax now!" – she said sacrastically, she had enough hearing him say when she would start working people would runaway from her because she was a "kaijuu".

"What do you mean by that?" – she ignored him. "Maybe this vacation the boys will get courage to talk to me... Nah... I only want to have fun!" – she thought and starts giggling.

"What is so funny? May I know?"

"Nothing... absolutely nothing..." – she said with a non convincing smile and blushing a little.

Fujitaka was laughing discretly, mas already knew this would engage a new argument so he decide to step in. Like he had read his daughter thoughts.

"And who will go with you this year?"

"Well... All of us is going... Since this is probably the last year we will be together... Some will go to a college outside the country..." – said Sakura

"... the others will stay with us but in differnet courses, but it won't be the same thing. Everyone will be to a different course except me and Yukito... I think!" – said Toya.

"So we are going to enjoy this last vacation to the last minute of it. Like a frewell for everyone, even you... Onii-chan!" – she said the Onii-chan a little too sweet.

"What do you mean?" – a little annoyed by the voice she used

"I mean what I said. This year will probably the last year we all going out together. 'Cause after this vacation I will go directly straight to the house I'll be living in. You remember that right?" – she asked like an innocent 5 year old

"Yes, but I hope that you'd..."

"That your sister would come back with from vacation, and spent the rest of that time lock in the house!" – their father interrupted before another discussion would start... (N.a: You all already know that Toya and Sakura discuss 'cause he is way over protecting. Right?)

"Toya you know that we still have two weeks ahead of us, than you will come back and I'll be stayin the rest of the month. And from there i'll go almost straight for the house I'll going to live in the next for years!"

"I know that! But I still was waiting for you to comeback with me..." – said him exasperated.

"How I was saying, before being rudely interrupted. I will only coming back to Tomoeda to say goodbye of auntie Sonomi, granps, dad and you. And before you forget you know perfectly well that dad will probably be in a new dig during that time. And we still don't know how many time it will take to end!"

"But changing the subject" – said Fujitaka – "Sakura if you still don't have your luggage ready it is time for you to go upstairs and begun to get everything ready. Specially if you still want to go to the mall for last minute shopping!" And don't forget Yukito and Tomoyo will come pick you two up tomorrow morning."

"I don't have a problem with that. What about you. Kaijuu?"

"Me neither. I told you not to call me Kaijuu!" – she screamed and stomp on his right foot.

Next day


"See I told you Kaijuu, they are here and you didn't even eat your breakfast ou finishing getting ready!" – said Toya

"This time calling me kaijuu I'll let it go by. But it would help if you weren't in front of me delaying me. And if you would be a good brither the door would be already open and probably IWOULD BE READY BY NOW!" – she said fuming

Toya opens the door, while Sakura finishes her breakfast. Meanwhile she hears Toya saying that they are almost ready, that there only were some last minute problems. Like every year.

"Meaning, Sakura didn't wakr up on time again!" – said Tomoyo daidoujii in an amusing voice. Tomoyo didn't have the hair like Sakura, While Sakura's hair was long she had it short on the neck's level, her hair colour was black with lilac strabds and her eyes were amethyst a rare colour for eyes, she was the same sized has Sakura and was her cousin and bestfriend.

"Don't be mean Tomoyo, you know perfectly well that Sakura is alergic to get up on time. And if she doesn't arrive late she isn't our dear Sakura!" – said Yukito Tsukishiro also using an amuse voice, Yukito was the same height has Toya and wore glasses, his eyes were silvery blue, and his hair grey. He was Toya's bestfriend. Like it happen between Sakura and Tomoyo they were best friend since they can remeber and the only boy that could go near his sister, withou having to fight or explaining what he want with her to Toya. This explain contrary to all Sakura's friends she was the only one who didn't had a boyfriend ever, but she had already given her first kiss to a boy that become her friend some years before. They met during summer and when they were only kids. She only remeber the kiss, how she felt and what was the colour of his eyes. They were deep and blue like the midnight blues sky on the full moon nights. But she don't even remeber his name.

They all laughed of their dear friend and sister e after a few minutes Sakura finally appeared. She was lacking of air, she most have been hurring to get ready.

Sakura POV

There I just know I'm late again, and once again they are laughing at me. Why this only happens to me and never to others?

This is all Toya fault, but finally this is will end soon 'cause after this holidays I'll be a woman, okay I'll be a teenager, a college wman completely independent from the wrath and claws of my authorithary dear brother.

Normal POV

"I'm ready! What happen to you guys?" – she asked, thinking it was a little weird they were all red and lacking oxygen, without knowing that happened because they had laugh about her to hard and way to long without breeding.

"Well it is..." – Tomoyo tries to explain, but seeing Sakura's unfriendly face, that she had finally understand that she was ther eason they were laughing so hard, she changed her mind. It had been really hard to convince her to come. For her they would be in Tokyo right now organising her room for the begining of college. But she decided for saying what theother two were thinking – "You are Finally ready! We can finally go! Finally our last vacation together will start..." – she said screaming and jumping up and down.

They left the Kinomoto's house after biding goodie to Mr. Kinomoto.

They enter the car and begun their journey.

"Tomoyo..." – said Toya that was driving, they would drive for turns, although the city they were headin it wasn't very far they prfer like that. Of course the last one would be Sakura.

"Yes Toya..." – she said in a boring voice, 'cause she already knew what Toya was going to ask her

"We are all going to go. Right?" – Toya asked, and there it id, Toya doesn't like to make new friends, don't you think that it is for him 'cause it isn't, it is becasue of Sakura, so she won't have new guys after her or after Tomoyo. The syndrome Toya suffers, the over protecting syndrome is directed for everyone he knows specially if they are defenseless girls.

"Yes, Yamazaki, Naoko, Chiharu, Rika, Ken, Timmy, and the others. The same has always"

"But only they right?" – he asked getting suspicious, and looks to Sakura that had a hoping face that she would meet someone new.

"How do you now?" – aksed Yukito and Tomoyo at the same time

"I have my sources, I like to know everything so I won't have any unpleasant surprise. Isn't that righ... Sakiiiii?" – he said like saying I'm watching you.

"Ah... Fine... You are such a pain in the ass... " – she murmured

"But those only arrive in two weeks!" – said Tomoyo hoping she could help Sakura and herself, 'cause she knows how her cousin is. And neither of them want to be nuns.

"Sakura watch out what you will be doing, 'cause neither Yukito or me will be there!"

"That was all I needed it now!" – she muttured alredy angry to the way the talk was going.

"What did you say?" (,)

"Nothing, absolutely nothing...!

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