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3- Pleasure!

The next day after the departure of most of the group, Sakura and Tomoyo were resting like angels when suddenly, they jumped out of bed, literally, waking up from their beauty sleep, with a loud squeal that was heard from the next room.

"AH. This is so cute!"- said a feminine voice, and from what it sounded it was thrilled.

It was barely 10 a.m and there was already someone with so much stamina, it seemed a lie, a stupid prank. Tomoyo jumped once again scared with another squeal, it wasn't that they scared her per say but because they were dead tired. Why were they tired? Because the day before, or rather the night before, they had stay up late talking what they had to organise before college start and how would the people they would share a house with be and how would be their classes.

"Don't speak so loud!" – screamed another feminine voice with a very angry and furious tone, isn't it ironic telling the other to speak more quietly resorting also to yelling – "Did you notice no one is up yet! They aren't like us; they didn't have to wake up extremely earlier to get here!"

"Oh, Meilin! Don't be a party popper like the grouch that your brother is! You know perfectly well we came here to have fun before going back home and head to college. WE came to paarrrtttyyy!"- said again and it sounded like she was pouting.

"Alright, alright! But you could be a little more like your, calm and collected, like a true British should be, not nuts like you!" – said Meilin, the only voice they could identify with a name.

"What do you mean by "true British", I'm British, a rea-" – the first girl was saying before being cut off by Mrs. Mizuki.

"I know this is your first year here on holidays, so you don't know the house rules, but please keep your voices down. The other guest hadn't slept anything for the past two weeks so they are doing it today!" – she said with a very threatening/intimidating voice, in other words in a dead serious tone, which is what makes everyone respect her. Mrs. Mizuki can have a sweet and calm aura, but when her guests are involved, she suddenly suffers a transformation and becomes a scary person.

"I'm sorry for our behaviour!" – said the girl that had been interrupted by Mrs. Mizuki remarkably she said it in a very calm way and well-mannered – "But we are really excited with this holidays, this are our first holidays without our families close by."

"Alright but don't do it again!" – after awhile Mrs. Mizuki spoke again – "The rules are simple, one: you have to have fun; two: make friends, three: don't disturb doing the morning, and four: you've got to have the best holidays of your life so you will come back next year! Those are easy to understand, right? Ah! Before I forget, don't worry in not knowing anyone (n.a: this town is more like village than city) your next door neighbours are going to show you all, and if you like, heck I'm sure you'll get along just fine with the rest of their friends! But for now let them rest because yesterday they had a very exhausting day. Are we clear?"

"Crystal. We only have a question. When will we gonna meet them?" – asked Meilin.

Before Mrs. Mizuki could answer they heard the door from the next room open, and two young ladies coming out, they seemed to have the same age has the new guest. Sakura and Tomoyo still had their nightgowns on pink and violet, and were rubbing of the sleep of their eyes.

"You don't need to wait long!" – said Mrs. Mizuki – "Here they come!"

"'Morning!" - said both Tomoyo and Sakura trying to disguise their groggy sleepy voices.

"Good morning sweeties! The new guests have arrived!" – with this said the two sleepy girls awake completely with the possibility of having new people around. People who they can be friends with and have fun.

"Hi!" – said the other two girls a little shy, they didn't sound like the people from moments before who were yelling at each other,

"Well I'll leave you be so you can get to know each other better. Sakura, Tomoyo don't you think it's better to change your clothes your brother and cousin wouldn't like to know you two had been prancing around the halls with nothing on except that. Now would they?" – asked Mrs. Mizuki with a knowing smile but funny with the embarrassing look on their faces.

"Of course we wouldn't like it!" – said Sakura – "Hello, my name is Sakura Kinomoto, but you can call me Sakura or Kura for short, and this is my cousin and best friend Tomoyo Daidoudjii!"

"You can call me Tomoyo or Tommy!" – said Tomoyo.

"Oh, your nicknames are so cute!" – said the girl they identified as the one that squealed a lot – "I'm Nakuru Hiiraguizawa and you can call me Nakuru or Naki."

Nakuru was taller than them by a few inches, her hair was brown with some reddish strands, her hair was shorter at the front where it reached her shoulders and the back reached till the middle. Her eyes were reddish brown; they noticed by her haircut that she didn't like to do things normally. She was outgoing and sometimes talked to much or a little too loud.

"Don't pay attention to my cousin, my name is Meilin Li, you can call me Meilin, Mei or Meimei, but never, and I mean never call me Lin, 'cause I abhor it!" – said the second voice they recognise immediately, they also noticed that calling Meilin by Lin was a big no-no by simply saying that name her face changed for a happy face to a angry, you're almost dead one – "Nice to meet you."

Meilin was the same height as Tomoyo being slightly taller than Sakura, her hair was black and although she wears it in two bun tails it reached her waist. Her eyes were red like two ruby gems and her skin unlike her cousin's pale was tanned. And by her posture and stared they knew she was serious and at the same time funny. But this they heard through their room wall.

"You are cousins too. That is so coooolllll! But wait a second…" –said Tomoyo getting excited – "We are supposed to show you guys around, right?"

They both nodded, not knowing what they getting themselves into. Sakura noticed the spark that appeared on Tomoyo's eyes and how she was excited to show them everything, she had started walking towards the stairs.

"Tomoyo, where are you going?" – asked Sakua not moving an inch from her previous position with her new friends staring at her going.

"Well duh… I was thinking showing them the city with you, but I guess you don't want to!" – she said in a sad voice, she knew that would do the trick, but this time that wasn't the problem.

"Of course I want to…" – said Sakura and carry on quickly seeing her cousin resuming her walk – "… I just don't want to go in my sleep wear, you want that? What about, we change, while they rest and settle in. Then we go, okay?"

"Oh yeah… I forgot about that… eheheh" – said Tomoyo with reddish cheeks scratching her head.

"We think it is a great idea if it isn't too much trouble!" – Meilin said between giggles, because what they had just witnessed.

"No trouble at all. You aren't laughing at me, are you?" – asked Tomoyo.

"Not you, exactly. The whole situation!" – said Meilin.

"But don't worry that happens to us sometimes!" – said Nakuru.

"Well then, we are going to change see you soon!" – said Sakura dragging Tomoyo to their room.

Inside their rooms each were getting ready, and of course talking with each of their room mates trading opinions.

Sakura and Tomoyo's Room

"Tommy I like them a lot. Don't know why but they kinda made me remember both of us!" – said Sakura while putting on a summer dress over her pink bikini.

"You are right it seems we will have a lot of fun this holidays and we won't be so few…" – said Tomoyo while she wore a purple tank top with white shorts that reached her knees over her white bikini.

"I can hardly wait to know them better and introduce to the others!" – said Sakura putting on pink flip flops.

"Naoko and Rika will ask them non-stop questions and tell them all types of stories!" – said Tomoyo putting on her hat – "Ready?"

"Let's go!"

Meilin and Nakuru's Room

"See I told you we were gonna meet normal, nice people, especially if we were away from the family, we can be at ease, and we can be ourselves!" – said Meilin.

"Your right, this year all I wanted was being on holidays far away from everything, the business, and meet new people, and those two seemed awesome!"

"And it seems they have a few friends here, we will have a lot of fun while the guys are doing business!" – said Meilin with a devilish smile, which cause Nakuru to laugh at her.

"Well lets go, we have everything ready!"

"Lets, we don't want to make them wait! Though, you would do it!"

"Hey! Not anymore!" – said Nakuru pretended to be offended; they left their room laughing like their neighbours did. They look to each other and burst laughing. After awhile they were out of breath for laughing so hard.

"Well let's go?" – asked Sakura wiping a tear of the corner of her eye.

"Yes, we can't wait to see the town!" – answered Meilin.

Sakura looked to Tomoyo with a weird face, to each Tomoyo showed one like saying "what are they talking about?" this didn't go unnoticed by their new friends.

"What did we say wrong?" – asked Nakuru.

"It's not really what you said wrong!" – said Tomoyo – "How did you get here? Were you driving?"

"No, we came by taxi. But why do you ask?" – said Meilin, Sakura looked at Tomoyo like understanding something – "Hey is there anything you are not telling us?"

"Don't get mad at us, you came by taxi so you must likely have been sleeping," – said Sakura, they nodded – "So you really didn't saw the size of the city, because it isn't really big actually it is rather small."

"Kura that way you are confusing them, it is better to show them and then they can take their own conclusion!"


They headed to the door, and when they got out, the first thing they saw was the beach, and to the right a little far were some kind of woods that went up to a hill, and it's top there was a building like a temple or an abandoned church.

"The beach is beautiful!" – Meilin said, she had never seen a place like that deserted and it looked like a paradise, well outside of those postcards and rich places she used to go with her family, but this was at everyone reach.

"Yes it is…" – agreed Sakura – "I love this place, it's so quiet!"

"Well let's explain!" – started Tomoyo – "Like you can see, the beach is from the woods till your eyes can reach, can you see that cliff?" – she pointed to something on the farther left side of the beach, they nodded – "it goes even after it. It's really fun walking along the beach isn't it Sakura?" – asked Tomoyo giving two meanings to the question she has made.

"Yes fabulous!" – answered Sakura almost falling for the trap Tomoyo was setting, Nakuru and Meilin were waiting for her answer because they noticed the mischievous sparkling in Tomoyo's eyes, like she discovered something she have been waiting for a long time to find out – "Specially alone or with friends!"

"Oh no, Sakura that is not fair!" – she said pouting – "Why don't you admit you go walk with guys?"

"Because that would be lying and you know I stink at it!" – Sakura said sarcastically – "But how Tomoyo was saying, and you might has well stop laughing…"

"We ain't laughing of you it was the way you said it, I think if you don't mind I'll go with you when you'll go walk!" – said Meilin.

"See… Meilin understands me and just thinking my best friend don't!" – she said dramatically to resemble a pain like she was being stab in the chest, they all laughed at this and Sakura grinned – "Of course you can come, and we will enjoy it every step of the way…."

"That is great, I love walking, but I never had someone who liked to go with me, for my cousin beach is only for laying in the sun…"

"Hey what's wrong with that?" – said Tomoyo sort of upset.

"Great while Meimei go on walks with Sakura we both will lay down in the sun, but didn't you said you had other friends?" – asked Nakuru.

"Yeah we have four actually, Naoko and Rika love being sited near the water, Chiharu and Yamazaki since they are a couple, normally or she is strangling him or kissing him…" – answered Tomoyo.

"Strangling him?" – asked Meilin uncertain she had heard correctly.

"Yeah, it's… You'll see later and you'll laugh like we do, because they are the funniest couple ever!" – said Sakura – "Can you see at the top of the hill that building?"

"Yep!" – said Nakuru.

"That building is a mixture of a temple and a church, it's the most quiet place of the entire area!"

"But don't you dare go in, isn't that right Kura…?" – asked Tomoyo.

"Yes, that's right!" – looking to the questioning face of their new friends Sakura explained – "They say that it's haunted, and I…. ahem cough… am… cough… afraidofghosts."

"What?" – asked Meilin that didn't understood a word Sakura just said.

"She is still afraid of ghosts!" – said Tomoyo with a looked that spelled poor Sakura – "Her brother, Toya, is the one to be blamed. He always played pranks on her involving ghosts and spirits; she can't even watch a horror movie. And this is the biggest secret and fear of Sakura Kinomoto!" – said Tomoyo like she was talking for the entire world to hear.

"There is nothing wrong in that. And the spirits there is nothing there for you to be afraid!" – Meilin said.

"I know… but changing the subject because this one is giving me chills…" – said Sakura with her voice trembling – "Well from the town what is left to show…" – she pondered – "Of course… this way…"

They headed to their left side and after ten minutes walking, they found the centre of town that had a mall with a few clothes, shops and a cinema. There were also a few bars and discos.

"They belong to the same person so they open in different days!" – said Sakura

"You said that the bars and the discos belong to the same person?" – asked Nakuru disbelieving.

"Yes, has you can see the town, truth to be told is a very small village, it wasn't really worth it if the bars and disco belonged to different people, that would only bring troubles. And who in their right mind would want that to happen here?" – asked Tomoyo.

"Well if we keep walking to the left we'll find other houses like Mrs. Mizuki, but these belong to other folks!" – said Sakura – "Before I forget you chose the best house to stay, it is quiet and funny-"

"And better than that it belongs to Mrs. Mizuki, and that's enough!" – said Tomoyo finishing off what Sakura was saying – "When your holidays are over you'll know what we're talking about!"

"Well what do you say about lunch?" – Meilin asked with her stomach agreeing.

"I think it's a good idea. C'mon it is time you being introduced to the rest of the group and tell us a little about yourselves." – said Tomoyo.

"Sorry, it's just we didn't asked you anything yet and the rest of them will want to know! You don't mind, do you?" – asked Sakura.

"Not at all. Say shows us the way and we'll be right behind you!" – said Nakuru.

"They returned to the house to have lunch on the way they kept on talking about themselves, and how they the village was small, very small but cosy.

When they got there they noticed their friends were already seated and they walked up to them.

"Hey guys, thank you for waiting for us to have lunch!" – said Tomoyo – "We want to introduce to someone who we were with all morning, and they are staying in the room right next to ours!"

"No problem, since we are few it was better we eat all together. And where are the new members of our group?" – Naoko asked excited with the chance of meeting new people.

"Here they come with Sakura!" – said Tomoyo, they all looked to her she was pointing, and they saw Sakura accompanied with two girls that seemed to have the same age has them – "Nakuru and Meilin this are Chiharu Mihara, Takashi Yamazaki, Rika Sasaki and Naoko Yanagisawa!"

"Nice to meet you all!" – said Nakuru.

"Well you guys these are Nakuru Hiiraguizawa and Meilin Li make them feel welcome!" – said Sakura glaring at Yamazaki.

"Always! You can call me Rika!"


"Chiharu and my boyfriend Yamazaki, which is how everyone knows him!"

"Okay, but only if you call us Nakuru and Meilin!" – Nakuru said.

"Well but tell us about yourselves!" – said Naoko with a glint of curiosity in her spectacles – "Nakuru your name is Japanese and yours Meilin is Chinese, right?"

"I'll start" – Nakuru screamed excited ignoring the "I knew it" from her cousin and the laugher of the others – "Well you already know my name. I'm actually 19 and I have a younger brother who is 18, my name is Japanese but I bet you noticed I've British accent, this is because my dad is Japanese and my mom British. My cousin is also my best friend. And before anyone says anything about me, I actually am how you see me; I'm not calm, nor serene, not even collected, like certain people would like me to be!" – she said this eyeing her cousin, this was only perceived by Tomoyo and Sakura due to have heard the talk they had in the morning – "Truth to be told I'm completely crazy and loud. I love to have fun, it's one of the things I do best!"

"Finally, my turn!" – Meilin said sarcastically – "Nakuru didn't you forget to say something? Like your credit card code, or when you stop wearing the dummy…"

"Very funny, ahahahahahah, look at me laughing!" - said Nakuru finally realising that the others were laughing, but being her, Nakuru Hiiraguizawa, the one and only, she didn't get angry she laughed with them.

"Like Nakuru, I too have a brother. A pain in the bum stupid twin brother. I'm the older!"

"Lucky!" – muttered Sakura under her breath not wanting to be heard, but Meilin did and looked to her like she was about to make a question.

"The thing with our Sakura is that she has a twin, but she is the youngest!" – Chiharu explained Meilin understood immediately everything.

"But still he doesn't let me do anything, changing the subject because talking about him makes me thinks of business and family, and we here to relax right?" – said Meilin understanding Sakura's situation, to which her cousin only nodded. Sakura gave her grim smile like saying It's not fair – "Well I've 18 and I'm Chinese, and before you ask I belong to the Li Clan like Nakuru, but I'm a direct descendent of the first Li, Nakuru is my best friend and to make it simple I'm like her maybe a little more serious due to my stronger connection with the clan…. I hope we all will get along!" – she said smiling.

"Awesome, cousins, clans, you've got to tell me everything about you!" – Naoko said excited – "And after that if you don't mind can I write a book about it?"

"Naoko wants to be a writer, and normally she uses our life's has inspiration, but they generally turn into horror stories!" – Rika said - "There will be the day she will write something else!"

"That will be the day Sakura reads one of my books! But look at her!" – she said Sakura's was trembling and her face showed fear – "That will be impossible!"

"Did you know the stories were firstly to be told only for the kings, they begun start getting scary during war times…" – started Yamazaki, but before he could add any more Chiharu begun to throttle him.

"Enough lies!" – she said while drag him out of the dining room – "I'm sorry for my boyfriend behaviour."

"It was this why you were saying they were the funniest couple?" – exclaimed Nakuru while laughing with the others.

"Yep, that was it. They or are kissing like they were during lunch or Chiharu is trying to kill him!" – said Sakura.

"For two reasons!" – Naoko put in.

"Because he told a lie!" – Tomoyo continued.

"Or because he looked to another girl, but thanks to Sakura everything ends well!" – finished Rika.

"How comes thanks to Sakura? I'm not getting it!" – said Meilin.

"I lend him some books with romantic poems, and every time they are like this, he says a sentence or a whole poem, depending on angry she is or how bad he screwed up, and she calms down immediately." – Sakura said with a funny expression – "But if our math is accurate the poems are ending and then we'll see him running to the nearest library!" – with this said they all started to laugh – "You are laughing but you weren't the ones being woken up at three in the morning to rescue him!"

"You are unique Kura, no one can ever take your place. Now if you excuse us, we are going for a walk!" – said Rika and Naoko standing up.

"Go for it, see you later!"

"You know Sakura, I've got a feeling I know you from somewhere, just don't know where?" – said Nakuru – "Have you ever been in England or China?"

"No, it must be just a feeling. If not sooner or later you'll remember. Then you must tell me!"

During that month they spent most of their time together, in the beach, the pubs, the discos, shopping, a friendship was born rather quickly and it was a very strong one between them. It was like they had been friends for a long time. Since childhood.

Sakura walked everyday with Meilin; she had finally found someone who liked to walk as much as her, and they raced against each other, just for the fun of racing. They had fun just showing how athletic they were, each assuming the other would be taking a P.E degree, they couldn't be more wrong. Although all the time they were together they never touched that subject.

What happened between Sakura and Meilin, the friendship growing, was the same between Tomoyo and Nakuru, while they waited for their cousins come back from their long walks, they talked about everything, since their best friends, things about their childhood with their best friends. But unlike the other two, they knew what the degree they were going to take was; Nakuru was majoring in Music and Tomoyo in music and design. They just didn't know in what college, they change addresses so they could keep in touch and compare how hard their classes would be like.

And so with this new addition to their group the month was passing by, everyone had to call their families and let them know how they were doing, but especially Sakura and Meilin who had to do this on daily basis to their brothers or they would make an appearance, although they were working on the firms that someday would be theirs, they still had time to listen to them, they wanted to do it, so they wouldn't be worried at them during the other day while at work.

Sakura and Tomoyo wanted to introduce Toya and Yukito to Meilin and Tomoyo, and them to their dear brothers.

"You know I think you'll get along with our brothers, you are somewhat similar but at the same time there are differences that will turned out to be very funny to watch if you get to meet them someday!" – said Nakuru excited with the possibility of that happening.

"I agree and you and my brother and his best friend!"

"Of course we'll meet them, even though tomorrow we'll go back home and start college next week that won't stop us for staying in touched!" – said Tomoyo.

"Yep!" – agreed Meilin – "And before we forget this is our contact in Hong Kong, I know Nakuru already gave you hers, but I bet it's her Home address back in England!"

"Here is ours in Tomoeda!" – said Sakura grabbing a paper and scribbling hers and Tomoyo's address.

That night they all returned to their rooms earlier, since the trip on the following day would be a long one, everyone with the exception of Nakuru and Meilin would be driving. They got into bed and before their heads hit the pillows they were already asleep, with the wish of seeing their new friends soon.

The next day the first going back home were Sakura and Tomoyo, they took Sakura's car, a Beetle 1.6 Cabrio black, Toya and Yukito had returned by train, like they were going to take her car. Actually this year was their turn to go back home on other means of transportation. They said goodbye to Mrs. Mizuki and for the first time they didn't said "See you next year!" because they didn't know if they were coming back, and she knew that. She knew if her flowers would come back it wouldn't be for the same time, after all they weren't in high school anymore and their vacation time would be shorter.

After they were gone it was Meilin and Nakuru's time to leave, they waited for their taxi. They thanked Mrs. Mizuki for everything and said that what Sakura and Tomoyo said was true, the best thing of staying in that particular house was Mrs. Mizuki, she thanked for the compliment and told them she loved having them with her this year, that her garden had more two beautiful flowers, and that she would be waiting for them when it was possible and they could bring their brothers.

Then it was Naoko and Rika turn to leave, with a sad face, like they were about to cry. Mrs. Mizuki remembered them of the four rules, and the most important thing is that even during goodbyes, no matter how sad they were there would be always a tomorrow. Afterwards they went to Rika's blue Peugeot 2006 and headed back to Tomoeda.

The last ones to go back were Yamazaki and Chiharu, since they shared a room, they wanted to make their last day there, last forever while holding onto each other, after another fight, making peace always felt good. They said their goodbyes to Mrs. Mizuki, and she to the couple said to enjoy the company of each other. Then to Yamazaki to enjoy his girlfriend because like her there are few, to less stories and lies. Then to Chiharu have more patients with him, not to throttle him so many times, or someday he won't have a neck instead a thin line for getting squeezed so much. And so they climb into Yamazaki's silver Renault Clio and went back to their home town.

To be continued…

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