Saint Harry MacManus or Harry Potter & The Boondock Saints

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A/N 2: I don't know how long this will be, but the first chapter will take you from Voldemort's downfall up to the end of year 7.

A/N 3: Harry will also be known as Kevin later in the fic.

Summary: AU Harry never lived with the Dursleys. Abandoned on the streets of Dublin, Harry grew up as Kevin MacManus. Ignorant of the wizarding world, what will they do when they find out that their savior is on a mission to bring retribution to evil in the world as one of the Saints of South Boston? Crossover with the Boondock Saints.

October 31st, 1981

#4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, UK

A trio of figures approached a well-kept home in the darkened street of Privet Drive. A giant of man stood beside two other figures, one clearly female and the other an ancient looking man with a long white beard and flowing hair.

The severe looking woman was dressed in black clothes and black robes. On her head was a tall pointed black hat fitting perfectly every nursery rhyme description of a witch. She gave the wizened old a man a withering glare as she said "Albus is this truly the best you could come up with? These people will not provide a good home for the boy."

The man looked back, his eyes sad and replied "They are all the family he has and here he will be able to escape the fame that would follow him in the wizarding world."

"But you said his magic was fluctuating wildly, wouldn't he be better off in an environment where it could be monitored? What will you tell people if he ends up a squib because you couldn't be bothered to find a better home for him?" She said accusingly. James and Lily had been two of her favorite students and she hated to see their only child placed in such an environment.

"That's enough Minerva! His magic will stabilize, I am sure that it is just a reaction to surviving the Killing Curse. The Dursleys may not be the ideal family but I am sure that they will come to love the boy as their own." Albus said sharply before turning to Hagrid, the tall hulking figure that was holding the sleeping baby.

Albus held his arms out silently and Hagrid who was crying softly placed the precious child in the waiting arms of Albus Dumbledore. "Goodbye Harry, I will see you when you come to Hogwarts." Hagrid finished by placing a surprisingly gentle kiss on the boy's forehead.

Albus knelt down and gently laid the sleeping boy upon the doorstep of the Dursley residence. In a soft comforting voice he said "Good luck Harry Potter." Standing once more, the three shared a sad silence as they thought of the all the good people that had been killed before Harry brought an end to the reign of Lord Voldemort one of their world's darkest wizards. With nothing left to be said, the trio made their way slowly to the end of the street and disappeared, leaving the young Harry Potter to his fate

November 1st, 1981

At approximately 6am in the morning, Petunia Dursley opened the front door of her home to retrieve the daily paper for her husband. Normally she would not be up this early, but he had to leave for a short business trip to Dublin this morning. However, what she saw was not the morning paper but a baby boy wrapped snugly in a blanked with a note attached.

She of course noticed a fresh cut on his forehead shaped like a lightning bolt and unruly black hair. While his features looked familiar she could not immediately place them. Her mothering instincts taking over, she picked the boy up and carried him into the kitchen where her husband Vernon was eating breakfast.

Vernon looked up from his eggs when his wife entered the kitchen. Surprise and curiosity were evident on his face by his wide eyes and open mouth. "Petunia, where did the child come from?" He knew it wasn't Dudley; his precious son was still asleep upstairs.

Petunia was gazing at the boy adoringly and answered "I don't know he was left on our doorstep. Obviously someone knows how well we raise Duddikens and was hoping that we would do the same with their child."

Petunia handed Harry over to Vernon to hold while she read the note. Vernon was just starting to warm up to the idea of another child when Petunia gasped. Looking up from Harry's face, he saw that his wife was pale as a ghost and her hands were trembling. "Petunia what is it?"

Petunia's whole demeanor had changed. She was cold and angry and the only one she could direct it at was Harry. "That thing is my sister's son. Apparently they want us to take care of it since she and husband got themselves killed. I won't do it Vernon. I won't have it corrupting Dudley with magic, who knows what could happen."

Vernon practically threw Harry onto the kitchen table as if he were tainted. The shock woke Harry up who started crying loudly. "What should we do, should we leave him at an orphanage?" Vernon's mind was racing trying to come up with an idea while blocking out Harry's cries.

Petunia was looking at Harry now with a look of disgust, her entire body tense with anger at the burden her sister was trying to saddle them with. "No, how could we do that to some self-respecting family, they would have no idea what he is. We should leave him somewhere; maybe I could leave him in London."

Vernon jumped on the idea of abandoning Harry. "No you can't do it in London; someone might see you or recognize you. I can bring him with me to Dublin and leave him there. Then he could never be traced back to us."

Both adults turned cold gazes to Harry, neither feeling any true remorse for planning to abandon Petunia's last living relative outside of their small family. Sighing in annoyance, Petunia said "I better feed the thing before you leave, we don't want him attracting any more attention than necessary."

Vernon went upstairs to finish packing for his trip. While Vernon was upstairs, Petunia burned the letter and threw the blanket away. There would be nothing to tie them to Harry. Harry had quieted quickly after being fed and was once again sleeping when Vernon came down with a small bag, ready to leave for the airport.

"Will you need to get another plane ticket for the boy?" Petunia asked, upset that they would have to spend money on him.

Vernon shook his head. "No, since he is so young, I can hold him on my lap. I have seen other parents do it. I will call you after it is done." After a quick kiss on Petunia's cheek, Vernon left for the airport with Harry.

Random Back Alley, Dublin, Ireland

Walking for a good 10 minutes in one of the poorer neighborhoods of Dublin where he had been dropped off by the taxi, Vernon came upon an empty alley. Quickly glancing around, he saw no one in the immediate vicinity and entered the alley. With another quick glance to make sure no one was watching Vernon placed Harry behind one of the garbage dumpsters gently. He didn't need the brat waking up now and making a fuss.

Harry slept blissfully unaware as Vernon walked furtively out of the alley and hailed another taxi to take him to the hotel he was staying at. Sparing only a brief glance out of the rear window of the taxi as it sped away, Vernon sent a silent prayer of thanks to God that nothing had gone wrong and now he and his family could forget that the brat ever existed.

Luckily for Harry, God was watching down on him that day. Unknown to Harry, he had a destiny ahead of him, one from God himself. So it was that a poor but caring woman on her way back from picking up groceries heard Harry's soft cries from the alley. Brow furrowed in concern, she followed the noise until she found Harry's small form hidden behind one of the garbage dumpsters. Without any hesitation, she set her groceries down and picked Harry up.

Harry quieted instantly. A pair of beautiful deep green eyes stared back into hers. She gasped; she had never seen such green eyes before and her heart melted when she took in his pale features and messy black hair. Running her free hand through his hair, she noticed the cut on his forehead and thought that somehow it suited him. Though she had only held the boy for mere moments, she could feel her heart swell with love for him. A fierce feeling of protectiveness came over her, it would be hard, but she could stretch their money enough. Yes, she would raise this boy as her own.

It was a struggle to carry Harry and the groceries but it was only a short distance to the run down building where she and her two sons lived. After placing the groceries on the floor outside the apartment, she opened the door and walked in. Mary Kelly, a teenage girl that lives across the hall who was watching the twins looked up. Her eyes widened when she saw the baby in Annabelle's arms.

"Mrs. MacManus, who is that? Where did the baby come from?" She asked curiously. Luckily the boys were sleeping and her morning had been quiet.

A tear rolled down Annabelle's face as she answered "His parents abandoned the poor child in the alley a block from here. Who knows what would have happened if I hadn't heard him crying." It was very cold out and no doubt he would have frozen to death before long.

In the tactless manner that only teenagers can get away with Mary asked bluntly "What are you going to do with him? Can you afford to raise another boy?"

Annabelle placed Harry in Mary's arms while she went out to bring in the groceries. After closing the door she said resolutely "It will be tough but I can do it. I just don't know how any parent could give up such a cute boy."

Annabelle retrieved Harry from Mary and asked "Can you watch the boys again tomorrow; I am going to take boy to the police station to start the process of adopting him? Hmm…he needs a name; I can't keep calling him the boy."

Mary piped in "I've always like the name Kevin. And yes, I can watch them but only until lunchtime, I have school in the afternoon."

"Kevin…Kevin MacManus how does that sound?" Annabelle asked as she looked down at Harry. He smiled up at her and giggled. "Well, I guess he likes the sound of it. Kevin it is. And thank you Mary, I appreciate it. What do you say Kevin, do you want to go meet your brothers Connor and Murphy? They are only a little older than you are and I hope you will all be inseparable."

November 2nd, 1981

Police Station, Dublin, Ireland

Annabelle walked into the district police station at 9am the next morning. She was beaming as she thought about the previous evening. Connor and Murphy had taken to Kevin immediately and wanted to play with him. Already they were including him in their games. It was with a soft laugh and the image of Connor and Murphy fighting over who got to be Kevin's big brother that she approached the front counter. A stern looking policeman with graying hair and a noticeable paunch was sitting behind the counter looking bored.

"What is the problem miss?" He asked politely.

"I found this boy abandoned in an alley yesterday." She said sadly. Like many policeman Patrick Dunny had a soft spot for children and any crime involving them immediately got his blood boiling.

"Do you know whose child it is? Was there anything else there to link him to his family?"

She shook her head and said "The only thing was this blue blanket but it was obvious he wasn't there long. Thankfully it wasn't too cold out yesterday."

"Thank you for bringing him in miss. I guess it means the orphanage for him. Even if we can find his parents, I don't think he would be safe with them if he has been abandoned once already." Patrick said

Annabelle refused to hand Kevin over and she said urgently "Oh no, you misunderstand me. I don't want him to go to an orphanage, I want to adopt him."

Patrick's face lit up. It was so rare for someone from this neighborhood to show such caring. Most of the residents were poor and just getting by so to see someone willing to sacrifice to give a little one a home was just a special occurrence. "Really, you would do that? I mean I can help you get the paperwork started; we can work with the orphanage at St. Michaels. I have some friends there that I'm sure would help out."

A relieved smile once again broke out across Annabelle's face. "Thank you, I fell in love with him already and I didn't want to give him up."

"Kelly, watch the front I need to head out for a bit." Patrick called out before grabbing an overcoat. "Come on, I will take you there now and we can get the ball rolling."

A note of worry crept into Annabelle's voice as she asked "Will it make a difference if I'm moving to the United States next year? I have family over there in Boston and a job waiting for me."

Patrick just shook his head and replied easily "Nahh, as long as all the paperwork is done before you leave, he will be your son. Do you have a name picked out for him yet?"

She nodded shyly "Kevin, Kevin MacManus."

Patrick just smile and ruffled Kevin's already messy hair. "Ahh, a good Irish name you have their lad. Make sure you do your mother proud now." Laughing at his statement, Patrick led Annabelle over to a squad car to take her to St. Michaels. "Don't worry, Kevin will be all yours soon enough."

Annabelle just nodded happily and held Kevin close to her. So much was changing in their lives, first moving her family to Boston and now she had a new son. God must be smiling down on her because she just knew her boys would do great things.

July 31st, 1991

#4 Privet Drive, Surrey, UK

Albus Dumbledore would never be described as inconspicuous either in the wizarding or muggle worlds. Today was no exception; he was dressed in a light purple suit with a white shirt and a yellow tie. If it had not been a weekday it would be likely that everyone on the block would have noticed him. As it was, there was very few people home to possible witness him approach the front door of #4 Privet Drive.

It had been close to ten years since he had been here. Little had changed with the house since that day. He felt a tingle of excitement go through him, he had often thought of Harry during the last ten years. Hopefully he would be ready to take up the mantle of hero and savior because the wizarding world needed him and would give him little choice.

A crisp knock on the door startled Petunia Dursley from her reading in the living room. With an annoyed sigh, she closed her book and walked over to answer the door. She opened the door and took in the figure standing in the doorway. Based on his strange appearance, she almost slammed the door in his face, but curiosity overwhelmed her common sense. So she said sharply "Yes, what do you want?"

"Petunia, I have come to deliver Harry's Hogwarts letter personally." Albus said with eyes twinkling and a friendly smile on his face.

Petunia paled and slammed the door shut even as she screeched "There's no one here by that name. We don't live with freaks!"

Dumbledore frowned and pulled his wand out. A quick wave and the door lock clicked open. Entering the home a little warily, Dumbledore called out "Petunia, I would like to see Harry. Where is he?"

Petunia emerged from the kitchen. She had hoped he would go away but knew in her heart that he wouldn't. "He isn't here."

"Well when will he be home?" Albus was starting to get a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Hissing spitefully she said "We never wanted that thing. It would have been an abomination just like my sister. So we got rid it."

Wand raised threateningly, Albus ground out "What did you do Petunia Dursley?"

Standing straight and proud, she said with a thin smile "We left him in an alley. I wasn't going to let him taint my home."

Albus' mouth moved but no sound came out before he was able to get control of himself and asked "Where did you abandon him? Why didn't you leave him at an orphanage?"

Snorting in disgust Petunia said "Vernon and I did not want some unsuspecting couple to be saddled with its freakishness. As to where, Vernon left in in some back alley in Dublin. Now if that is all, I want you to leave."

Albus deflated visibly. "Why would you do such a thing to your family? He was your only connection left to your sister." Albus was truly mystified that she could treat her own family so callously.

"My family is better off without her or her spawn. None of your kind should be allowed to interact with us decent folk. Now you have your answers so get out of my house."

"I hope one day you will come to regret your actions." Albus replied sadly. After taking one last look around, he apparated back to the Hogwarts. There was much to do. Hopefully they would be able to find some trace of Harry in Ireland. Unfortunately locator spells would not work if Harry wasn't aware of his identity and it is unlikely that the either Vernon or Petunia left anything that could be tied back to them when they abandoned Harry.

August 2nd, 1991

Cottage, Cadair Idris Wales

Remus Lupin was sitting at an old worn table drinking his morning tea with tear tracks drying on his face. He was the last of the Marauders and now his only link to James and Lily Potter was lost if not dead. He was shocked when he saw the headline on this morning's Daily Prophet.

Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived Missing


Rita Skeeter

This reporter learned yesterday that Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world was abandoned by his only surviving relatives. According to reliable sources Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry left the boy savior on the doorstep of Vernon and Petunia Dursley. Once the couple learned of Harry, they promptly abandoned him in Ireland. As you read this, Aurors from both countries search for him but there is little hope that he will be found after all this time.

One must ask why our hero was deposited on someone's doorstep like yesterday's garbage. Why did neither Dumbledore nor the Ministry ever check-up on his welfare? Isn't it normal policy for the Child Protective Services to follow up to ensure that there are no problems? Clearly there is more to this story than we are being told and I for one want answers.

See Page 3 for a history of the Potter family.

Remus knew he couldn't lay all the blame on Dumbledore for this. It was his own fault too. He had simply blocked out Harry's existence in order to avoid thinking about James and Lily or the traitor Sirius Black. He failed his friends for a second time, hopefully one day they would find Harry and he could make it up to him.

September 3rd, 1991

MacManus Apartment, Boston, MA USA

Annabelle coughed lightly into her hand. Grimacing she saw a couple of spots of blood on her hand. Her appointment with the doctor was later this morning, it had been put off too long already. Quickly she washed her hands before calling out for her boys. "Connor, Murphy, Kevin get your butts out here now before your breakfast gets cold."

The scramble and scuffling she heard coming from their bedroom brought a smile to her face and for the time being at least, she could forget about this cough. She looked up when she heard the door open. Kevin was charging out, Connor's shoes and favorite hate in his hand as he laughed. Connor raced out after him, diving into Kevin's legs, knocking him to the floor.

Kevin just laughed as Connor started tickling him. "I warned you, now you must pay for your crimes." Connor said is a pseudo evil voice.

Kevin giggled and struggled to push Connor off him or at least stop him from tickling him. He was able to gasp out "Mom…make him stop."

Annabelle just laughed and said "Oh no, reap what you sow." Then the last of her boys sauntered out of the bedroom dressed and without a care in the world. Murphy took a seat at the table and started filling his plate while Kevin and Connor struggled and rolled around on the floor.

Connor looked up and saw Murphy eating and realized he was missing out so he settled for a light smack to Kevin's head and a ruffle of his hair before he got to his feet. Kevin spent another minute catching his breath from laughing so hard before sitting with his family at the table.

It was the first day of the new school year. Annabelle wanted her boys to have opportunities that she never had so she always pushed them to do well. "I want you to pay attention and learn everything you can. And I better not get any calls about fighting this year." She said warningly. It never failed, when one of her boys was picked on, the other two would stand up for him. Even though Connor and Murphy were two years older than Kevin, it didn't stop him from defending them if needed.

"Yes mom." They said in unison. They had long since gotten used to their mom's school lecture. Since they were little, she had taught them languages and anything else that may help them in the future. So at the ages of 13 and 11, they already knew Gaelic, French, and Italian and were learning Russian and French.

"And don't forget, we have church this evening so don't be late."

After eating breakfast, the boys got their stuff together and left the apartment to head off to school. On the way out, each grabbed a crucifix that was hanging by the door and hung it around their necks. Like any good Irishman, the boys were raised Catholic and had a strong belief in God and his works.

At school, the bullies had learned to leave the trio alone. They certainly weren't the best fighters out there, but they were the scrappiest. None of them would stop until their other brothers were safe. Despite the fights, their teachers liked them often remarking on their polite demeanor and attention to their work which came from a desire to please their mom.

All in all, the boys didn't have a lot of money, the newest clothes, or the latest toys but they were happy.

September 7th, 1993

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, UK

Remus and Albus were sitting in Remus' office waiting for Ron Weasley to return with his pet. Neither man spoke; each was lost in their own thoughts. Remus had had two classes with Ron so far and each time he had smelled a familiar scent. It had taken him until nearly the end of class today to finally place it. For some reason, Ron Weasley was carrying Peter Pettigrew's scent. But that shouldn't be possible because his friend was killed by Sirius Black years ago. After speaking with Albus about his suspicions, they sent a message to Ron asking him to meet them in Remus' office and to bring his pet rat. Albus having pointed out that Ron had a pet rat after Remus explained about the Marauders being animagi.

Remus jumped slightly when there came a tentative knock at his door. Ron nervously entered the office, fearing the worst. Scabbers his pet rat began to squirm like mad as soon as they entered the office. Tightening his grip on the old rat, Ron said in a shaky voice "Professor you…you wanted to see me?"

As soon as Ron entered the room Remus smelled Peter's familiar scent. Albus had to physically restrain him from grabbing the rat out of Ron's hands. In his grandfatherly voice that he had successfully used to calm his students for years, Albus said "Ron, can you hand me your pet? We have some suspicions that we need to explore."

Confused Ron handed Scabbers over to the Headmaster. "What's going on sir, why do you want Scabbers?"

Remus answered "How long have you had Scabbers Ron?"

"Since I started at Hogwarts before that he was Percy's." Ron said; face crimson with embarrassment that even his pet was a hand-me-down.

Remus sent a weak stunner at the rat so that Albus could place him on the floor. Seeing Ron's protest at this treatment he said "Ron, it is virtually impossible for a normal rat to live that long. If we are right, this isn't a rat but an animagus by the name of Peter Pettigrew."

The two professors shared a glance before pointing their wands at the still form of the rat. At an unspoken signal both cast a spell to reveal the true form of Scabbers. A blue green light flared from both wands enveloping Scabbers who began to grow and change shape. In seconds, Scabbers was gone to be replaced by the stunned form of a dirty and disheveled Peter Pettigrew.

Albus, Remus and Ron stared at the stunned man in silence for a long moment. "Albus, if Peter is alive then what happened with Sirius? Why would Peter be in hiding all this time?" Remus asked nervously. Against his will, a spark of hope flared in his heart that maybe his friend wasn't the betrayer after all.

"I'm not sure, but we need to get answers quickly." Albus turned to Ron and said "Ronald please find Professor Snape and ask him to bring a vial Veritaserum up here."

Ron was too stunned to answer. His pet was really an animagus. He had slept with the man in his bed for the last few years. A shudder rippled through his body at the thought before the Headmaster's request finally filtered through his brain. "Yes sir."

September 14th, 1993

Azkaban Prison, UK

Remus Lupin and Kingsley Shacklebolt made their way down the dark corridors of Azkaban Prison. The atmosphere dark and foreboding filled with the soft cries and moans of the prisoners suffering under the Dementors relentless ministrations.

Remorse and guilt wrred for dominance in Remus at the moment. He should have known that Sirius would never betray James and Lily; he had loved them too much. If only there had been a trial, then none of this would have happened. Sirius would have been able to present his side of the story but Remus, Albus and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix were too sure of his guilt. Why waste a time with a trial? It was much simpler to just throw the traitor in prison to let him rot.

After many minutes of walking, they arrived at Sirius' cell door. Kingsley opened the door and Remus got his first look at Sirius Black in 13 years. The man slumped on the floor staring lifelessly at the wall bore virtually no resemblance to his old friend. He was emaciated, his skin stretched taut over his bones, his black hair was long and matted, his skin was pale and filthy but the worst was the lifeless look in his deep blue eyes. Clearing his throat sadly Remus said "Sirius, it's me Moony."

There was no response; his eyes didn't even flicker from the wall. "Sirius, we found Peter. We know you are innocent." Still there was no response from Sirius.

"Kingsley, can you help me with him? We need to get him to St. Mungo's." Together the two men hoisted Sirius and left the prison. Remus could only hope that his friend would recover and forgive him.

December 14th, 1993

St. Mungo's Hospital, London UK

Sirius Black was finally leaving St. Mungo's hospital and it couldn't be soon enough for him. He had been there for three months recovering from 13 years of near starvation and the effects of the Dementors. He still had nightmares but they weren't as frequent. Christmas was coming and he had to get out, he wanted to spend the holidays with Harry, it would be the first time he had seen his godson since he was a baby.

The Ministry had been very generous and awarded him 500,000 galleons for wrongful imprisonment. Between that and the Black Family vaults he would never have to work again. He had already purchased a two bedroom flat near Diagon Alley where he and Harry could stay. All he needed now was to get it furnished to do some long overdue Christmas shopping.

Remus knocked on the door before entering. The progress that Sirius had made was incredible. There were still shadows in his eyes that would probably never go away. Remus was afraid how Sirius would take this news; he had studiously avoided the topic of Harry since Sirius came out of his stupor. "Hey Padfoot, are you ready to get out of this place?"

"God yes, there's so much I need to do before I see Harry. Will you help me furnish his room; you should have an idea of what he likes since you are teaching this year? What house is he in? He's in Gryffindor isn't he? Does he play quidditch?" Sirius was rambling in his excitement. Early on he had wondered why Moony always avoided the topic but he figured it was because Harry wasn't ready to meet him. Now that he had recovered though, nothing would stop him from reuniting with his godson.

Remus sat down in a chair by Sirius' bed. "Sirius I don't know how to tell you this…" He trailed off, afraid to continue.

"Whatever it is Remus you can tell me? Nothing can be worse that Azkaban."

"Padfoot…Harry is missing. Albus left him with Lily's sister but they abandoned him in Dublin the next day. Albus swears he is still alive but no one has been able to find any trace of him." He finished quietly.

Sirius took the words in silently. Blue eyes were swimming in tears and he just seemed to collapse in on himself. Guilt rose in him once again, if only he had never suggested the switch to James or if he hadn't been stupid enough to go after Wormtail that night, then Harry would not be missing.

Remus just watched his friend tear himself apart. There was nothing that he could say. He only hoped he could pull Padfoot through this.

"I can't do this Moony. I just can't do this anymore." Sirius mumbled.

"What Padfoot?"

"This is too much Moony, I can't stay here anymore. Harry was the only thing I have held onto for the last thirteen years. He was the only thing that kept me sane in the hellhole." Sirius said hopelessly.

"What are you going to do?" Remus asked, hurt a little but Sirius' words. Still, he could understand why, he was supposed to be his friend and he had done nothing to even see that he got a trial.

"I'm leaving Moony. I'm sorry, but this world has brought me nothing pain between my family, James & Lily and now Harry, maybe I can find some peace in the muggle world."

Whatever he had been expecting from Sirius it wasn't that. "You're leaving the wizarding world? What will you do? Where will you go?"

"I don't know but I can find someplace in London. It's just…I need to be somewhere that won't remind me of James, Lily and Harry all the time."

"What about me?"

"I will let you know where I will be, but you're the only one Moony. I'm not sure if I can ever forgive Dumbledore for everything that has happened. If he had pushed for a trial or taken the time to check on Harry none of this would have happened. Regardless, I will never forget that no one stood up for me."

Remus flinched and asked resignedly "When will you go?"

"As soon as I can find a place. Moony, I know it's not your fault, but I would like to be alone right now."

After Remus left, Sirius began to make his plans to leave the wizarding world. Once he had found a place to live, he would start his own search for Harry, he owed it to James and Lily.

March 18th, 1998

MacManus Apartment, Boston, MA USA

Turning his head, Kevin looked over to his brothers' sleeping forms and smiled sadly. It was a little less than a year since their mom died from lung cancer. She had hung on for a number of years but in the end she just wore out. Luckily both his brothers were already 18 at the time so social services didn't take him away, but that didn't stop him from missing her.

Still, he felt bad sometimes. Both of them, Connor and Murphy, had taken jobs at a meat packing plant to support the three of them. The apartment wasn't much to look at; really it wasn't more than a large studio. Their three beds took up most of the room. The remaining space was occupied by an old kitchen table. Even the bathroom wasn't fully enclosed, they had strung a curtain around it for privacy but otherwise it was not separated at all from the rest of the apartment. Despite the meager surroundings, to Kevin it was enough. By the door, hung their crosses, just like when their mom was alive. Kevin was wearing his already so only two were presently by the door.

At least he was almost done with high school but he wasn't sure what he was going to do after that. He had been accepted to a few different colleges but he wasn't sure if he was ready to leave his brothers. Honestly, he wasn't sure if his brothers were ready for him to leave either. Maybe he could go to a local college, he had gotten into Boston College but it was expenses and he would need loans.

Kevin was currently eating breakfast while his brothers Connor and Murphy slept. They had had a rough night, which is what he would have expected given that it was St. Patrick's Day, but unfortunately, they got into a fight with some local Russian mob folks. Seems they were trying to close down the local bar. Snorting into his cereal, Kevin could just imagine Connor tying one of the thugs, Ivan, onto the bar and setting his ass on fire. How come these things always happened when he wasn't there to witness it?

It wasn't fair, his brothers were only 19 but they still got to drink at the bar. Sure he was only 17 but did they really think he had never gotten drunk before? Hell, he had gotten drunk for the first time off their own stash. Of course, they made him suffer for it the next day. After all, waking up naked and locked out of the apartment was good reasons not steal from his brothers' liquor stash, not to mention the killer headache.

Connor's low mumbling caught his attention. Smirking Kevin asked loudly "What's wrong Connor, feeling a bit under the weather?"

"Ahhhh…" Connor held his head to keep it from splitting apart. At least, that is how it felt to him.

"Oh come on, maybe some food will help." Kevin offered helpfully.

Face green, Connor staggered over to the toilet and promptly threw up noisily. His head slowly raised and a baleful glare was directed at his little brother who was clapping. "Bravo, I think that was a record time for you from bed to toilet in 3.2 seconds."

"Fuck off both of you." This from Murphy who was now sitting on the edge of his bed, awake because of all the noise.

Murphy staggered to his feet, dressed in nothing but his boxers and a pair of boots. Throwing on a tattered gray robe, he was about to join Kevin at the small kitchen table, Connor not far behind him when the door to their apartment slammed open, kicked in by a tall, obese, pale white man who strangely enough seemed to have bandages wrapped around his ass.

Two more men followed him in. All three were armed with 3 large handguns. Ivan, the lead man with the bandaged ass yelled "Freeze you fucking Irish faggots!"

Ivan moved over to grab Connor, while the other two men, Vladdy and Antonin made a grab for Murphy and Kevin. Thinking quickly, Kevin grabbed a fork from the table and stabbed it into Vladdy's free hand.

Vladdy screamed in pain "You son of a bitch!" and backhanded Kevin across the temple with the butt of his gun. Kevin just grunted and collapsed bonelessly to the floor, stunned. For good measure Vladdy pulled his foot back and delivered a solid kick to Kevin's ribs, lifting him off the floor slightly.

"Ooof." Was the only sound Kevin made as the air was forced from his lungs.

"Leave him the fuck alone, he has nothing to do with this!" Murphy yelled. Antonin stepped closer and decked him across the jaw before holding a gun to his head in order to keep him quiet.

Connor was struggling against Ivan, but it was a losing battle. Ivan forced him over to the toilet, till he was on his knees and bending over the bowl when he ordered "Cuff yourself to the back!" When Connor didn't move immediately, he yelled "Cuff yourself now!" Moving slowly, Connor cuffed his wrists behind the base of the toilet so he was trapped.

In a soft menacing voice, Ivan said "You know why I fucking come here?"

Connor refused to answer, only turning his head so that he can keep an eye on his brothers. Murphy was standing but Kevin was still on the floor, blood running from his temple but he was awake.

"I come here to kill you. Now, now I no think I will kill you. Instead I will kill your brothers, shoot them in the head." He said in broken English with a cold, mirthless laugh.

Connor couldn't take it. He began thrashing around, struggling to pull his wrists free from the handcuffs. His wrists were burning where the metal cut into his skin. "Fuck you! It was just a stupid bar fight, you guys are fucking pussies!"

Ivan just laughed at Connor and said "Take them to the alley."

Out in the Alley

Ivan just laughed and told his men to bring Kevin and Murphy. Kevin staggered out under the watchful eye of Vladdy and Murphy was followed by Antonin. Ivan led the strange group out to the alley behind the apartment building. Kevin and Murphy were forced to their knees in the middle of the alley, facing their building. Vladdy and Antonin standing behind each brother while Ivan stood in front of them.

Murphy was pleading with Ivan. "Come on let Kevin go. He had nothing to do with this."

Ivan just grinned at him. "That is what will give me so much pleasure in shooting him first."

Kevin was scared shitless so he did the only thing he could and spit at the man before yelling "You fucking Russian bastard! My brother should have killed you when he had the chance."

"Little boy, I hope you have a clear conscience."

Behind him, Kevin could hear one of the men chamber a bullet into the gun. Figuring he was going to die anyway, adrenalin pumping in his veins he surged to his feet and rammed Ivan in the crotch with his shoulder. At the same time, Vladdy fired. The shot echoed off the walls of the alley. Kevin felt searing pain shoot through his right shoulder and he was spun around by the force of the bullet and collapsed to the street.

Ivan staggered back and was crouched over moaning while grabbing his crotch.

Vladdy moved next to Ivan and was getting ready to shoot Kevin again. Antonin continued to hold his gun on Murphy smirking at Ivan.

Meanwhile Back in the Apartment

As soon as they left the apartment, Connor started screaming in frustration and he pulled harder and harder at the handcuffs. Blood was running freely down both wrists but he ignored the pain and began rocking the toilet back and forth in an effort to tear it loose. In a miracle fueled by fear, panic, and adrenalin, Connor screamed again and ripped the toilet away from the floor.

Water poured over the floor from the broken pipe as Connor staggered to his feet still holding the toilet. He knew that with his hands still cuffed, he wouldn't be able to help his brothers. A crazy and more than a little desperate grin formed on his face. He began stalking out of the apartment and climbing the stairs to the roof with the toilet still in his hands.

Veins standing out on his arms, sweat breaking out on his brow from the strain, Connor climbed the last flight of stairs to the roof of the 3 story building. Muscles burning, Connor made his way to the edge of the building facing the alley. Thanking god the entire way that the fucking Russian was stupid enough to announce where he was going to kill his brothers.

Propping the toilet on the raised edge of the roof, Connor looked over and saw his brothers kneeling in the alley. Ivan was closest to him and the other two were standing behind Kevin and Murphy. Groaning softly in annoyance, he maneuvered the toilet so he was lined up with Ivan.

His heart almost stopped when he saw Kevin slam into Ivan only to get shot by Vladdy. Fearing the worst when he saw Kevin collapse to the street, he pushed the toilet over the edge. Tumbling over the edge, the porcelain lid separated from the toilet. Connor in a fit on insanity, leaped over the edge, aiming for the man standing behind Murphy.

Neither Ivan nor Vladdy ever knew what hit them. Ivan was smashed to the ground when the main body of the toilet shattered on his back, pulverizing his upper spine and ribs. Vladdy was only slightly luckier. The porcelain lid glanced off the crown of his head bringing him to his knees.

Murphy dove to the side when he saw Connor jump. Antonin was still processing what he was seeing when Connor fell onto him. Antonin's gun went off in his surprise, the bullet went ricocheting off the alley wall as he sank to street, and Connor careened off him onto a pile of garbage bags unconscious.

Seeing his chance, Murphy jumped to his feet and kicked Antonin in the face twice, snapping the man's head back. The second kick pushed the nose cartilage into his brain killing him. Before he could check on either Kevin or Connor, he picked up remains of the toilet lid and swung it over Vladdy's head. Vladdy collapsed face forward, his skull cracked and bleeding freely.

Grabbing a bag, Murphy snagged the three guns and any cash on the three men. He moved over to Kevin next, urging "Fuck, Kevin you've got to get up." His brother was still on the street, the puddle of blood around him slowly growing.

Kevin was barely aware of his surroundings but with Murphy's help he was able to stand up. With Kevin leaning heavily against him, he guided him over to Conner and wrapped his free arm around Connor's waist and lifted him into a fireman's carry. Amazingly, he was able to get both his brothers to the hospital 3 blocks away.

Connor was beginning to wake up when they made it into the Emergency Room. Murphy just dropped him into a chair and went to the front desk and lowering Kevin into the seat next to Connor. With a quick glance back at Kevin who was leaning back in the chair, Murphy virtually dragged a doctor over to his brother.

The doctor ordered Kevin taken into an available trauma room immediately after nothing more than a cursory glance. As he was leaving he said "Have you called the police yet? By law we will have to notify them of all gunshot wounds."

"No not yet, is there a pay phone around here?" After being directed to a phone, Murphy moved away to make a call. A quick call to Doc, a long time friend of their family, had the man on his way with some clothes for him and Connor.

While he was making the call to Doc, another doctor had come to check on Connor's condition. Nothing left to do, Murphy sat down to wait. Thankfully Doc arrived quickly and he was able to change into some jeans and a black t-shirt. Doc even brought both his and Connor's cross. Kissing it reverently, he put it on and tucked it into his shirt and settled down to wait once more.

"Doc can you hold onto this for us?" He asked abruptly, handing Doc the bag with the guns and money from the Russians.

"Sure, after you saved my bar last night, there isn't much I wouldn't do for you boys."

Finally, after close to an hour Murphy approached the nurse manning the front desk to see if she had any information on his brothers. "Ma'am, is there any news on my brothers Kevin or Connor MacManus?"

The nurse never bothered to even look up. She just answered with a patented response "The doctors will call for you once they know something."

"Fuck!" He whispered harshly. This waiting was driving him mad.

After another half hour, Doc left, he needed to get back to open the bar. On his way out, he told Murphy he would hold the bag for them. It wasn't much after that, that Connor walked out of one of the trauma rooms, now dressed in a pair of hospital scrubs. He looked ok to Murphy other than the fact that his wrists were heavily bandaged. "Fuck Connor, are you ok?" Not waiting for an answer, he grabbed his brother in a tight hug.

"Yeah, I'm ok. The doc gave me something for the pain and patched up my wrists. They were pretty fucked up from those fuckin' handcuffs. Is there any word of Kevin?" Connor's face was screwed up worry.

Not long after Connor sat down, a doctor came into the waiting area calling for them. "Are you related to Kevin MacManus?"

"Yes, we're his brothers. How is he?"

"Your brother is very lucky. The gunshot was a through and through and did not strike any major arteries. We were able to visualize the wound and are confident that there is no internal damage. His collar bone is broken and two of his ribs are cracked. Other than that he should be fine. We would like to keep him overnight for observation but barring any problems, he can go home tomorrow."

Both Connor and Murphy sagged with relief. "Can we see him?"

"Of course, he is pretty groggy right now from the morphine we gave him. He is being brought up to the 3rd floor so you can see him there." The doctor paused for a moment before continuing "I'm not sure if anyone told you, but we had to notify the police of his injury. I expect that they will meet you up at his room shortly."

Murphy just nodded. "Come one Connor, let's get up there. Oh and I had Doc bring clothes for you."

After getting directions from the doctor, the two went up to the third floor to see Kevin. They walked down the sterile corridor looking for his room. It was near the end of the hallway and a pair of elderly nurses was leaving just as they reached the doorway.

The older nurse with long brownish grey hair pulled back in a severe looking bun and wearing small spectacles said "You can go in. He's resting now and will probably be pretty groggy for the next couple of hours."

The room was small but clearly it was a private room. Spying a bathroom, Connor moved off to change clothes. Murphy pulled up a chair and sat by Kevin's side. Seeing him lying there peacefully, a tension lifted that he had not realized was there. Murphy took a moment to really look at his brother; he was pale and had some cuts and scrapes on his head from falling on the pavement. Add to that his arm was being held in a sling to reduce movement in his shoulder and compression bandages were wrapped around his chest to stabilize his ribs. He said a quick prayer of thanks to god that somehow the three of them had made it out of that mess alive.

He was startled from his observation when he heard the bathroom door open. Connor walked out, now dressed in a pair of old blue jeans and a black short-sleeve t-shirt. Like Murphy he pulled the only other chair in the room up to the side of Kevin's bed so that he and Murphy were sitting across from each other. Needing reassurance that Kevin was ok, Connor gently brushed his hand through Kevin's messy black hair, exposing the old lightning bolt shaped scar. "We really fucked up this time."

"Aye, if mom were alive we would be in this place with Kevin right now and I doubt we'd be going home any time soon." Murphy said with a wry smile.

"Oh lord, we better live for a long time because you know she is going to kick our asses when we see her again."

"You were pretty out of it while Doc was here, but I gave him the cash and guns I snagged from those Russians. Do you think we should tell the cops?"

"Nah…let them think a bum rolled them after you got us out of there. You know they're going to want to talk to Kevin." Reaching over to a small pitcher of water that was on the dresser by the bed, Connor poured himself a glass and took a sip before going on. "What the fuck was he thinking charging Ivan like that, I just about died when he was shot."

Murphy flat out grinned and patted Kevin's arm proudly. "Our little brother is a scrapper; did you see what he did in the apartment?" When Connor shook his head, Murphy explained "He stabbed one of them in the hand with a fork."

Connor snickered and in a fierce voice said "I bet he loved that. Those fat fucks deserved everything they got!"

Murphy laughed loudly, forgetting the stress of the morning for a moment. "What about you, jumping off the roof of the building like you were fucking Superman or something?"

"Hey, it saved your ass didn't it?" He replied indignantly.

The boys lapsed into silence and just sat back thinking about the events of the morning. Despite his jokes, Murphy had been terrified not so much for himself but for his brothers. Movement caught his attention; Connor's head was sagging down whatever they had given him must be knocking him for a loop now. Soon enough, he found his own eyes growing heavy. He slouched back in his chair; maybe a nap wouldn't be bad.

Connor and Murphy jerked awake when two uniformed police officers knocked on the door. Blushing, Connor wiped some drool off his mouth before standing up. A quick glance at Kevin assured him that he was still asleep. "Officers, what can we do for you?"

"We need to know how your brother was shot?" The lead officer asked with no other preamble, a man with short black hair and a closely trimmed beard.

Connor explained how the three Russians broke into their apartment that morning and held them hostage. The police asked more questions, getting details of what happened and where. They hadn't had any reports of gunfire but in this neighborhood, that wasn't really a surprise. Satisfied for now with the brothers' story the lead officer said "I expect to see your brother down at the station to make a statement when he gets out of here." He knew they didn't have the full story, but until they had some evidence to the contrary, he would take the boys at their word.

Nodding their heads, neither Connor nor Murphy said anything as the cops walked out. With the cops gone, the brothers settled back down to continue their vigil, waiting for Kevin to wake up.

A soft moan came from the bed, attracting their attention. Connor, ran his hand through Kevin's hair again as he said "Come on, Kevin open your eyes. Murphy has been worried sick about you." A smirk was sent in Murphy's direction as he finished.

Growling good naturedly Murphy "Yeah without you around, I haven't had any intelligent conversation. So do me a favor buddy and wake up."

Kevin's eyes slowly fluttered open. His bright green eyes were still somewhat glazed but they started to clear after a few minutes. Another moan, louder this time, issued from him when he tried to move. Even with the morphine, his shoulder and ribs were still aching. "What the fuck hit me?" He asked muzzily.

Murphy gave him the short version of the events that he had missed. He didn't fail to notice the concerned glance that was sent in Connor's direction when Kevin learned what he had done.

Connor just held up both arms to show his wrists. "Nothing to worry about here, once they cut the cuffs off and bandaged me up I was as good as new. Still a little sore but that's it."

Kevin just nodded with a slight smile of relief and let his eyes slip closed again. As he was falling asleep he heard Murphy say softly "Just sleep Kevin, we won't let anything happen to you." Knowing that his brothers were safe and with him, Kevin sank into a peaceful sleep, letting the drugs wash away most of his pain.

March 19th, 1998

Police Station, Boston, MA USA

Kevin was released from the hospital in the mid afternoon with instructions to take it easy for the few weeks and to leave his arm in a sling for the next 3 – 4 weeks. He was a little unsteady on his feet, but after talking it over with Connor and Murphy, the three of them felt it would be best to go the police station and get the interview over with.

The desk sergeant on duty took their names and had the three escorted back to the homicide division. The officer opened the door, inside there were a group of 4 detectives sitting around at various desks listening to some guy dressed in a suit reaming the cops for leaking the story of the Russian mobsters to the newspapers. Despite having talked to the brothers, the cops apparently expected them to be runners. One detective went so far as to suggest that putting a potato on a string and dragging it through the streets would have a better chance of attracting the brothers than anything else.

Murphy smirked, standing at the doorway. Their escort shaking his head at the detective's idiocy. "You'd probably have better luck with beer." Even Kevin had to nod at that one.

The detective just groaned and dropped his head into his hands. The man in the suit introduced himself as Special Agent Paul Smecker from the FBI Organized Crime division. Smecker took charge and directed the brothers into a conference room where he could question them without an audience. The room only had a small table with two chairs and a tape recorder. Smecker asked for two more chairs to be brought in.

Kevin, who had broken out into a light sweat from the pain in his shoulder and ribs, took a seat without saying anything. Smecker didn't miss the concerned glances that Connor and Murphy shot at Kevin. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Just water, thanks." Kevin said gratefully.

While Smecker was getting Kevin a glass of water, one of the detectives brought in two more chairs.

"Now before we begin, you are not being charged with anything and this is all off the record." Smecker said.

"So, why don't you tell me what started this."

Kevin was silent since he was clearly too young to have been at the bar, even with a fake ID. While Connor and Murphy were underage, they were close enough to get in without a problem. Connor described the fight at the bar after the three Russians showed up trying to shut it down. Smecker laughed when Connor described lighting Ivan's ass on fire after tying him to the bar.

"And everyone left after the bar closed? The Russians were still alive at that point?"

"Aye, we left them in the alley."

Turning to Kevin Smecker asked "If you weren't with your brothers, then how did you get shot?"

Kevin's hand was shaking a little when he reached out to get another drink of water. It was hard to tell whether yesterday's events were catching up to him emotionally or whether it was the pain of his injuries. "They showed up at our apartment yesterday morning." Kevin described everything that happened in the apartment, including stabbing one of the Russians in the hand with a fork.

Smecker smiled and wrote some notes in a small spiral notepad, correlating aspects of Kevin's story with the evidence found in the alley. Based on his initial assessment, he was inclined to believe their story and he had to admit, Kevin impressed him a little too. Not too many people would stab someone with a fork or charge someone holding a gun on them.

Before he could ask any more questions, the door opened and a uniformed officer by the name of Chaffey stepped in. "Sir, the press is outside and they asking to speak to the MacManus brothers."

Smecker turned his attention back to the brothers "Well, do you want to speak with the press?"

Murphy said "No fucking way. Is there any way we could stay here for the night?"

Chaffey perked up and answered enthusiastically "Oh yeah, we have an extra holding cell you guys could …" He trailed off looking at Smecker "Ummm, can they stay here?"

Smecker just gave him a shit-eating grin "Well, we'll have to check with your mom…but it's ok with me if your friends want to sleep over." Smecker stood and put his suit coat back; turning back he said "I'm off to feed the dogs."

Chaffey led the brothers to the detention cell. It was fairly large, containing four cots, but like so much in this part of Boston, it had seen better days. The ceiling had large cracks in the masonry and the walls were covered in old graffiti.

Outside the police station, Agent Smecker was standing with the station Lieutenant who was making a statement "The MacManus brothers are not being charged with a crime. This is a clear cut case of self-defense. They are being released at an undisclosed time and location in accordance with their wishes."

The press asked some questions regarding the brother's criminal history but was not given any real information.

Talking it over briefly, the brothers decided to spend the night in the detention cell. They figured, it would be easier to avoid any attention from the press if they waited until the next day to leave. During the afternoon, deep dark clouds rolled. By early evening, the rain was coming down in sheets and was accompanied by bright flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder.

Kevin, Connor, and Murphy were asleep while the storm continued to rage. Rain water was dripping on the floor from the cracks in the ceiling, but the noise failed to wake them. Rather, they were caught in the midst of a shared dream or vision. They could hear the voice of their parish priest describing the rape and murder of young girl years ago. People had watched as the killer simply walked away. The priest railed against the indifference of good men and said it was tantamount to allowing evil to prosper.

When the story and message were delivered, the priest's voice faded away. It was replaced by something the brother's had never seen before. They were in front of a cathedral. Marble columns and floors along with stained glass were the dominant features of the cathedral. In front of the altar, stood a tall figure with six large white wings surrounding by a soft white aura.

On instinct, all three knelt reverently before the figure with their heads bowed. Nothing was said, it was not their place to say anything at this time.

The archangel smiled sadly. It was not an easy task he was laying before them, but together they would see it through, he had no doubts of that. "Do you know who I am?"

When he got no response, he continued "I am Uriel. You have been given a task by the Lord. He asks you to fight against the indifference of good men. In the absence of their actions, we need you to take actions on those who have passed beyond redemption."

Connor swallowed nervously "You want us to judge who is worthy?"

A soft laugh echoed off the walls like exquisite music. "No, you have been gifted with the Sight. It will let you know who has been marked."

Connor once again screwed up his courage. He didn't want to do this but if it was God's will, he would obey. "Is it not wrong to kill?"

"Yes my child, it is wrong to kill. In this instance however, you have been marked as instruments of God's will and he has tasked me with the job of insuring that retribution is delivered. Know that you will never be alone in this, I will always be with you."

The Archangel went on to describe what they were to do and how they would know who was deserving of retribution. Before the vision faded, Uriel gave them each his blessing.

The storm passed during the night and in the morning and bright sunlight was streaming in through the barred window in the cell. As one, they woke up and the looks of awe and fear were mirrored on each of their faces. With nothing more than glances, the brothers confirmed that they each had the same vision.

Kevin had just opened his mouth when Connor cut him off saying "Not here."


"How are you feeling Kevin?" Murphy asked after pulling his t-shirt on.

"It's not too bad. I'll just be happy when I can get rid of this sling. Can you open this for me?" He asked after tossing his prescription to Connor.

Connor opened the bottle and handed 2 pills to Kevin. After swallowing them, he blushed. "Umm, I have been thinking about doing something for a while now and uhh after last night, I want to do it more."

Surprised to see Kevin blushing for no apparent reason "What is it you want to do?"

"Well, you see, I know you and Murphy were younger when you did it but…" Kevin was beet red now.

Murphy was grinning and sitting on the edge of his cot. It wasn't often that his little brother was so flustered. This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. "I know you've already had sex so it isn't that."

Connor's head shot up. "Wait, hold up there. Our little Kevin is a man? Why didn't you tell me he did the deed Murphy? Who was she? Was it that chick from across the hall, she's older but a little experience is never a bad thing?"

If any more blood rushed to Kevin's face, it looked like it would pop. He fell back onto the cot and covered his face as he screamed.

Connor took pity on his said "Ok, so what do you want to do?"

Kevin just looked at him suspecting the worst. "I want to get a tattoo. You have Veritas and Murphy has Aequitas. I wanted to get Iracundia across the top of my right hand."

Connor scowled but said "We can't really stop you, since you are over 16. Why now?"

Kevin started blushing again. "Umm, you both talked about how much it hurt so I thought because I'm on pain medication…"

Neither Connor nor Murphy could resist the puppy dog eyes that he was sending their way. With a groan, Connor said "Aye, we can stop on the way back to the apartment. Don't think you're getting away without details Kev…" An evil leer spread across his face "I want names, dates, and all the pertinent information that is of course if you want us to pay for your tattoo."

March 23rd, 1998

Boston, MA USA

Kevin, Connor, and Murphy were headed to a contact they had heard about at the bar. Since that night at the police station, they had decided they needed to prepare for their mission. To that end, the guy they were going to see was supposed to be the best for source for black market arms.

A quick bus trip was followed by a 4 block walk. Going inside, Murphy handed over the 3 handguns and most of the cash that had been scavenged from the Russian's bodies. The guy behind the counter didn't say a thing. He just flipped the 'Open' sign to 'Closed and led them to a back room. Their eyes bugged out when they got a good look. The walls were covered with different handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, even turret mounted machine guns.

The guy eyed them and counted the money again. The only thing he said was '5 minutes.'

When they had gotten his name, they were told that for $5,000 grand they would be given 5 minutes to take whatever they wanted. So, that's what they did. Handguns, silencers, ammo, even some body armor found its way into their bags. Near the end of the 5 minutes, Connor and Murphy were arguing about the value of rope and harnesses.

Connor said "Do you know what we need? Some rope."

Murphy just snorted. "Oh absolutely, what are you insane?"

"No, I'm not. Charles Bronson always had rope." Connor argued.

Both Kevin and Murphy looked at him strangely and in unison said "What?"

"Yeah, He's got a lot of rope strapped around him in the movies, and they always end up using it."

Shaking his head in mock despair, Kevin said "You've really lost it, haven't you?"

Murphy added "That's just stupid, name one thing you'd need rope for?"

"You don't fucking know what you're gonna need it for, that's why you always need it." As if that explained everything.

"This isn't a movie." Kevin said.

"Yeah, sure it isn't." Connor reached into Murphy's bag and pulled out two Marine K-Bar knives. "Should I start calling you two Rambo now?"

Murphy gave in. "All right, get your stupid fucking rope."

After that, they packed their acquisitions away in the bags and left the pawn shop. Not comfortable taking the bus or a cab with all of their stuff, they walked the 2 miles back to their apartment. About halfway there, Connor grabbed Kevin's bag and slung it over his should when it became obvious that Kevin was in pain. Nothing was said, it was just something he did to help him out, but it highlighted an issue that Kevin was struggling with.

It was obvious to everyone that Kevin passed on the street that he was pissed about something. The closer they got to their apartment, the angrier he was getting. Connor and Murphy shared a look, they were following Kevin and despite the fact that he was wearing a navy style pea coat, it was obvious he was tense.

Once they were in the apartment, Connor had had enough of Kevin's temper tantrum. It had been going on all day. By the look in his eye, Kevin was about to say something and Connor wasn't going to have it. "Kevin sit down and shut the fuck up!" He said angrily.

It was his tone more than anything that shocked Kevin. Connor just went on. "You can't walk 2 miles right now without being in pain. Do you honestly think you could do this tomorrow without getting killed?"

Kevin wanted to argue, he really did. But he knew Connor was right. All he could do was hang his head and shake it sadly.

"We're not trying to keep you out of this. You were chosen just like Murph and I were. This time though, you just aren't up to it. Next time, and you know there will be a next time, you will be there."

Kevin raised his head, his eyes were watery. "It's just …what if something happens to you? With mom gone, you guys are my only family."

Connor moved over and sat next to him. He gently wrapped him in a light hug, careful not to jar his shoulder or ribs. "I can't make you any promises, but we will do everything in our power to come back."

The tension in the room was still palpable though it had lightened some. So Murphy added "Yeah, Kev if we don't come back, how is Connor going to learn all the details of your conquests?"

"Don't think I have forgotten about our little deal. You got your tattoo yesterday so when we are done with this mission, we are going to have a nice little fact finding session."

"Oh god, maybe I don't want you to make it back after all." Kevin groaned.

March 26th, 1998

Boston, MA USA

Police Mystified by Mafia Slayings


Charles Lassiter

Yesterday, the leadership of the Russian Mafia suspected to be in control of South Boston was found dead in the Conroy Hotel. 9 men were present. Piotr Stephanov, rumored to be the boss in South Boston was numbered among the dead. According to police sources he was killed by two shots to the back of the head. Strangely, each of the bodies was placed flat on the ground after death with a coin placed over each eye.

Witnesses familiar with the crime scene are calling it the work of saints, building on the religious symbolism of the coins with the dead bodies. Coins used to be left on the eyes of the dead to pay the boatman to ferry the dead to the Gates of Judgment.

The police are looking for two men that were seen leaving the scene by hotel staff. FBI Special Agent Smecker does not think that the deaths are a result of conflict with a rival family. If these deaths do not represent the beginning of a major mob war, then what is the motivation behind the deaths? Are these Saints of South Boston heroes for making the streets of Boston safer for its law abiding citizens or are they vigilantes that are no better than the criminals found dead?

March 31st, 1998

Boston, MA USA

Saints of South Boston Strike Again


Charles Lassiter

Have the Saints of South Boston struck again? Last night, 4 dead men were found at the Cherry Bomb strip club. Each man was in a private booth and yet the stripper, whose name is being withheld, was left unharmed. Like the previous deaths, coins were placed on each of the dead men's eyes. While it is possible that this is a copy cat killing, Agent Smecker is confident that the killers are the same based upon the gunshot wounds.

Unlike the previous killings, the target of last night's murders was not a member of the Russian Mafia. Vincenzo Lipazzi, a suspected lieutenant for the Yakavetta family was found dead at the scene. The other three bodies are known associates of Lipazzi and are said to frequent the Cherry Bomb regularly.

The assailants were caught on camera exiting the building. Three men, dressed in black and wearing masks were seen leaving the building on foot. Little is known about the suspects other than their height and build. Each man was of average build and approximately 5'10 – 6'0 in height. Because the suspects were wearing masks and gloves, the police have little else to go on.

Where will the Saints strike next?

April 18th, 1998

Boston, MA USA

Death Toll Rises as the Saints' Rampage Continues


Charles Lassiter

Police were called to scene of another possible slaying by the Saints. Neighbors reported hearing a fight in the predawn hours at a construction site. Five bodies were found scattered around the construction site. As with the previous deaths, the bodies were left with coins on their eyes.

Again, the Saints appear to have broadened their reach. The previous deaths were all associated in some way to the Russian or Italian Mafia. The bodies found at the construction site were well known members of a local gang. The gang has been under investigation in the past year for drugs, prostitution, and gun running but few members have been successfully prosecuted.

Agent Smecker has called on the public to provide any information they have on the Saints to the police. Efforts to capture the men have been met with little success. Little if any physical evidence has been left behind at the scenes and police have had difficulty getting cooperation from those living in the neighborhoods.

May 1st, 1998

Putney, London, UK

Since Sirius Black left the wizarding world behind him, he had split his time between searching for signs of Harry and his job. To his eternal shame, he ended up teaching history for King's College London part of the University of London. It had always been one of his favorite courses at Hogwarts. For a while he had contemplated joining the police force but ultimately, he didn't want to fight anymore, it had cost him too much already.

Early on in his search, he had had some hope of success. After spending close to a month in Dublin, he was able to find a police officer that remembered a woman bringing in an abandoned baby around the right time period. Unfortunately, the woman had moved to the US and no one could remember her name. Frustration had run pretty high at that point because he didn't even have a name to work with. It hurt to think that his godson didn't even know his real name. The only thing he could hope for is that he was happy.

Today, he was sitting in the kitchen of his two bedroom flat drinking coffee, a piece of toast sitting on the plate in front of him. In his hand was the latest edition of the Daily Prophet, the front page was covered by a headline proclaiming Voldemort's return. He had been staring at it for the last 20 minutes contemplating whether he should return or not.

Mechanically, he took a sip of coffee, ignoring the fact that it was now cold. Things must be bad if the Ministry was actually admitting his return, that or the knowledge was already so widespread; there was no way to cover it up. Apparently two 7th year students had been kidnapped from Hogwarts. The boy, Terry Boot had managed to escape but not before they had killed his girlfriend Hannah Abbott. Terry had witnessed Voldemort's return and while the Death Eaters were celebrating, he managed to escape and run far enough to apparate away.

With a shake of his head, he got up and cleaned the coffee cup and placed the Sdish in the sink. He had to get to work so he would make a decision later. Luckily, he was busy most of the day between teaching and grading papers so he didn't have to think about the upcoming war. As soon as the last bell rang and he wrapped up his work for the day, he couldn't avoid it any longer. Tired, he flagged a cab rather than take the tube.

It was a short ride, traffic was light and like all cabbies, the driver seemed to know all the shortcuts. After handing the cabby a couple of bills he got out and walked up to his flat. Standing by his front door, he smelled something good coming from inside. It should have been obvious that he would have a visitor tonight and because he had placed some pretty heavy wards to keep people away, there was only one person it could be.

His key slid into the lock and turned smoothly with a soft click. The heavy wood door swung open and Sirius walked in, putting his bag and keys on the side table. "Moony what are you cooking?"

"Steak, mashed potatoes, and fresh bread, it should be ready in the next half hour." He called out.

Sirius wandered into the kitchen and pulled out a chair. He sank into it with a sigh after grabbing a beer from the refrigerator. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

Remus grabbed a beer as well and sat on the counter. "I think you know why I am here Padfoot."

"Let me guess, Dumbledore is pulling together the old crowd."

This was going to be an uphill battle. Dumbledore seemed to feel that Sirius would jump at the chance to come back now that Voldemort had returned. Remus thought he was delusional, if anything, Sirius would be less likely than ever to come back now. "Got it in one Padfoot."

"As much as I appreciate the dinner, it isn't going to happen. Dumbledore had his chances with me, I won't give him anymore." It still bothered Sirius that he had been left to rot in Azkaban without a trial, Dumbledore as head of the Wizengamot could have pushed for a trial. Instead, the bastard ignored the laws and left him. While Sirius may be willing to overlook that, he would never forgive the man for essentially abandoning Harry.

"This is about more than just you Padfoot. You know what Voldemort's return means. We need everyone if we are going to have any chance."

He shook his head stubbornly. "No, I did my part. It's time for someone else to fight now."

"You don't have to fight. Dumbledore is going to send out search parties for Harry again." Remus argued.

"Please tell me you are not helping him with that Moony?" Sirius said a desperate tone in his voice.

Everything about Remus showed he was confused by that question. "Of course I am why wouldn't I? I want Harry back as much as you do."

"Nice Moony. Let's bring Harry back and thrust him into the war against Voldemort. If you really cared about him, you would do everything in your power to make sure he is never found!"

"But we need him to fight Voldemort."

"Why is he needed? I know he is a symbol but he did his part for the war. He gave the wizarding world almost 17 years of peace. Don't you think that is enough?"

"Dumbledore says there is a prophecy regarding Harry and Voldemort." Remus tensed, waiting for the inevitable explosion from his friend but it never came.

His face just shut down for a moment before it was replaced with a look of pure disgust. The hand holding the beer bottle was almost white because he was gripping it so tightly. "And? I'm glad to see you are willing to use Harry as a weapon against Voldemort. Tell me, where have the search parties been before Voldemort's return? More importantly what will you do if Harry doesn't want to come back?"

Remus fell back against the wall as the questions hit him. He wanted to ignore the implications of what Sirius said. Instead it was easier to latch onto his last question. "Why wouldn't he want to come back? This is where he belongs."

Sirius snorted into the bottle. "Oh I don't know maybe because he is happy wherever he is. He was adopted and probably has a family that he has spent the last 17 years with. So you tell me, what happens if he doesn't want to come back?"

Remus fell silent. "But he is needed here." He said is a soft pleading voice.

"Ahh, so now not only is he your weapon against Voldemort because of some mysterious prophecy but it doesn't matter if he is happy where he is. Remus you have been my friend since our first year at Hogwarts. If you play any role in bringing Harry back to London to fight Voldemort, I will never speak to you again. Somehow I doubt James and Lily would be very happy with you either." His bottle of beer having long since been emptied was thrown into the garbage can. "I think it would be best if you left now, you have some things to think over."

"Padfoot…I…" Remus didn't know what to say. Finally, his shoulders slumped in defeat.

Before Remus could leave, Sirius had one more parting shot. "You might want to give some thought to which side you are really fighting on. Are you sure you are really in the right if you are willing to tear someone away from the only life they have known to take care of a problem that everyone else is afraid to deal with?"

Sirius grabbed another beer and stretched out on the couch. The food cooking had long been forgotten. Harry wherever you are, be careful. You don't deserve to be thrown into the middle of this. If there is anything in my power that I can do to help you Harry, I swear I will do it.

May 11th, 1998

Boston, MA USA

Public Reaction to the Saints of South Boston is Mixed


Charles Lassiter

The Saints of South Boston are suspected to be involved in the killing of 23 men. The police continue to be stymied by the lack of evidence present at each crime scene. Despite the number of deaths, public opinion of the Saints remains mixed.

Raymond March says "The Saints are heroes man. For the first time, I feel safe, it is about time someone started hitting back. The police sure aren't getting the job done."

Raymond is not alone in his opinion. Many others share similar feelings about the Saints, praising their actions. One woman, Elizabeth Boaler went so far as to say "Every city needs someone like the Saints. I mean why should we let the criminals intimidate us? I just wish I was brave enough to do the same thing."

Certainly it is true that many are in support of the Saints, but there are others that are equally opposed to them. To many, the Saints are no different than the criminals that they are suspected to have killed. A mother of three, Emily March had this to say. "It is one step above mob rule. Who's to say that the people killed by the Saints are guilty of anything?"

Many of the people killed by the Saints are rumored to be criminals but have never been convicted of a crime. Whether that is because they are truly innocent of any wrong doing or it is because they have manipulated the system is something that remains unknown.

May 15th, 1998

MacManus Apartment, Boston, MA USA

Connor was sitting in the apartment with Kevin. It had been over two weeks since they had gotten a sign from Archangel Uriel. Kevin wasn't complaining, he was finishing up his senior year in high school and though he wasn't going to college, he knew he mom would be disappointed in him if he didn't finish. He had yet to share his decision regarding college with his brothers, afraid of their reaction. So while Connor was sitting cleaning one of his Berettas, Kevin was working on an essay for his American History class.

Murphy wasn't home. He had left earlier to get groceries and other supplies. The casual observer would not have noticed any major differences in the MacManus' living conditions, but there had been an upside to the path that had been laid before them. Most of their targets were rich and had reason to hide their true wealth from the government. Consequently, a little scavenging always turned up a good deal of cash that somehow found its way into their hands.

Most of the cash went unspent. It was being saved for emergencies but it was used to supplement their income. In previous years, Kevin's clothes had been a little threadbare but now he wore new clothes. The amount of food they bought had increased and while Kevin had never been hungry, Connor and Murphy would eat less to make sure their little brother had enough. That was no longer necessary. On a more practical note, they also used the money to buy fake passports in case they ever needed to get away quickly.

"Connor do you ever feel guilty about what we are doing?" Kevin asked tentatively, his head down almost afraid to see Connor's reaction. Of his two older brothers, Connor was the more religious of the three but at the same time he was more cautious as well.

Connor didn't even take time to think before answering. "Yes I do. What we are doing seems wrong to me and if we hadn't shared that vision I don't think I would be doing it."

"Do…Do you think mom would be proud of what we are doing?"

"I like to think she would but each night I pray that she understands and I pray for God's forgiveness. What's the problem Kev?" Worry lacing his voice.

"It's just…I don't know…At school, all the kids talk about is the Saints of South Boston."

"And what do they say?"

"They're the same as the paper; some are all for supporting us and wished we killed more people. The others say that we are no better than the criminals that we have killed." His voice trailed off, and hitched a little. "What if they're right?"

Connor moved over and knelt by Kevin. "Kev look at me." Reluctantly Kevin turned watery eyes to Connor.

"Kev as long as you feel that way, you are nothing like the people that have died. Do you think they feel guilty when some bystander is caught in the crossfire?"

Kevin didn't say anything; he just shook his head slightly.

"You can't listen to what the other people are saying Kev, whether they support us or not. We have to remember that we are not choosing these people; we don't just gun down any criminal off the street. The only ones we have hurt are those that have been marked."

"I know, it's just hard sometimes but I don't ever want to get used to it you know? I think that would be worse."

Connor just nodded and gave Kevin a tight hug, letting his brother release some of his emotions.

Kevin asked softly "You won't tell Murphy I cried will you? He seems so sure of what we are doing I don't want him to think I'm weak."

As much as Connor wanted to joke around to lighten the atmosphere, he didn't think Kev would appreciate it yet. "Kev, I don't think Murph would ever think you're weak and I know for a fact that he has the same doubts and guilt that we do. But, I won't tell him."

"Can I pray with you tonight? It's been a while since we have done that."

A warm glow blossomed in Connor's heart. There were different aspects of their lives that each brother shared. For a long time now, faith had been something particularly strong connecting Kevin and Connor. Murphy had faith as well, but this had become something special that Kevin and Connor shared since they were little. "I'd like that, it's been too long."

August 1st, 1998

Putney, London, UK

Sirius rolled over in bed, pulling the sheet over his head trying to block out some of the sun that was streaming through the window. His head was throbbing painfully and his mouth was dry. It was times like these that he was grateful to be a wizard. Slowly dragging himself out of bed, he shuffled to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Reaching in, he grabbed a vial of thick grey potion and downed it in one swallow. Thank god for hangover potions he thought as his headache started to recede.

Sirius spent a few minutes moving around the small kitchen preparing coffee while at the same time debating if he should just go back to bed. His bleary eyes peered at the wall clock for a long moment before the time finally sank into his sleep deprived brain. It was already 11:30 in the morning, too late to go back to bed.

Coffee was poured as soon as it was done brewing. Sitting slumped over the kitchen table with the coffee mug cradled before him; Sirius inhaled the familiar aroma of fresh brewed coffee. A lone tear worked its way down his face. This had become a habit for him, every year on Harry's birthday, he got drunk trying to forget about how he had failed James, Lily and Harry so badly. Every year, he made a wish to find word of Harry. As much as he wanted to be a part of Harry's life, he really just needed to know that Harry was happy and loved.

The plain mug was drained of its contents and Sirius was preparing to rinse it out in the sink when someone knocked at his door. "Coming." Before heading to the door, he pulled on a robe and tied it shut. A quick look through the peephole and Sirius was regretting the fact that he woke up this morning.

The lock turned easily and the door swung open. "Albus, what can I do for you?" Not bothering to acknowledge Remus, he just turned and went and sat down in a chair in his main room.

Remus' face fell, it hurt to have Sirius ignore him. His wolf was snarling, trying to get out to reunite with his pack. "Sirius…"

Sirius cut him off and snarled "Albus, tell me what you want and then get out!"

"Do you mind if we sit?" Albus asked politely, he and Remus moving over to sit on the sofa.

"Actually, yes I do. You won't be here long enough."

The twinkle in Albus' eyes dimmed but he soldiered on. "Sirius, we need you to come back with us. Voldemort's attacks are growing bolder. Just this week there has been three attacks on muggle towns and one on Hogsmeade. We need everyone possible to stand up to him."

Totally at ease, Sirius put his feet onto the coffee table and crossed his arms. "Not gonna happen. Why should I help you when you left me to rot in Azkaban prison for 13 years?"

"Can't you forgive an old man his mistakes? It was an emotional time, we had just lost James and Lily and as far as we knew, you were their secret keeper." Albus said in his grandfatherly tone. He truly did feel bad but there was nothing he could do to change the past.

"No, I can't forgive you. You have no business being the Headmaster or a school let along Chief Warlock if you can't uphold the laws of the wizarding world. No, you just stood by and let them throw me into prison without a trial. Well fuck you Dumbledore! I helped you out before and look what it got me."

"What about Harry, won't you come back for Harry?" The Black assets could be very helpful in buying potions and helping to fund the Order of the Phoenix. There were not many affluent families left that could provide the same level of financial support.

Shrewd eyes studied Albus for a moment. "You haven't found Harry and unless you know something I don't, you never will."

"Yes, Remus told me what you said last time. Harry is necessary to the war, according to the prophecy; he is the only one who can defeat Voldemort. I must insist that you hand over any information you have on his whereabouts." Albus said sternly.

Sirius laughed bitterly. "Even if I had any information I wouldn't hand it over to you. Wherever he is, Harry is better off."

"You would sacrifice the wizarding world for one boy?" Albus said incredulously.

"I think the answer to that is obvious. Frankly, I'm not sure the wizarding world deserves to be saved. They made this mess; it should be up to them to clean it up. Tell me Albus, when was the prophecy made?"

"About a year or so before Harry was born but I don't see where that has any relevance."

"Don't you? That means that you had plenty of time to stop Voldemort before then. Why didn't you? If you are the only one he fears, surely you're powerful enough. Instead you leave it up to a 1 year old boy to do your job for you." Sirius put his feet back on the floor and stood up facing the two men at eye level.

Before either Albus or Remus could respond, Sirius said in a quiet yet dangerous voice. "You have your answer, now get the fuck out of my home and don't come back. And Remus, you should be ashamed of yourself; I thought you were our friend."

Remus protested "I am your friend just as I was for James and Lily."

"If that's the case, then why are willing to throw their son into a war that is not his responsibility? Is that something they would have done if they had lived?"

August 4th, 1998

MacManus Apartment, Boston, MA USA

It had been over two months since they had received a vision or a sign from Uriel. In that time, Kevin had graduated from high school and was taking the summer off. He had also told his older brothers about his decision regarding college. It would be an understatement to say that they were upset. Kevin had never seen them so angry and in the end, he changed his decision as much to escape their wrath as anything else. To begin with, he was going to a local community college so that he would be around if something came up. Depending on how things went, he would look at transferring to a 4 year school like Boston College.

Connor, Murphy and Kevin were sleeping in their apartment. Once again they were in a shared dream, they knelt before the Archangel Uriel. "I know you are troubled by what you have been asked to do, but know that this task would not have been given to you if it wasn't necessary. For so long, evil has held sway in the world; you are our instruments to help restore balance."

Uriel approached Kevin and lifted his face with his finger. "I know you have doubts and are afraid of what you might become. Continue to have faith in our Lord and he will see you through these trials."

Kevin couldn't find the words to respond so he simply nodded gratefully.

"You are needed in London Kevin. There is a great evil rising there and Kevin was chosen long ago to face that evil."

Murphy burst out "He's not doing anything by himself. We won't let him."

Uriel laughed at the fire in Murphy and Connor who had only restrained himself after Murphy's outburst. "I wouldn't expect you to. All three of you will be needed in the times ahead. But know this, if you are able to vanquish this evil than you will be done with your task."

Connor was happy at the idea that they would no longer be required to kill people yet he protested because he understood the value "Surely there will still be evil in the world and something must be done to stop it."

"Of course there will be, but balance will be restored. You will continue to fight evil in your own way but no longer will you be required to kill other men to do so. Serving as an example to others, striving to do good in the world, and keeping your faith in God will serve as a beacon for others to follow."

Like Connor, Murphy and Kevin were relieved to know that the path before them would change. "Thank you, as we have always done, we will follow the Lord's wishes."

"I know you will, but hurry the longer you delay in Boston, the stronger the evil will grow." Uriel stepped back into the shadows, his light fading. The vision ended, the boys slipped into a normal slumber.

The next morning, Kevin was quiet as he ate his breakfast. Connor was still asleep and Murphy was taking a shower. When Connor woke up, he heard the shower running, so he pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and joined Kevin at the kitchen table.

"So what do you think?" Connor asked curiously.

"I think we have to go to London and by the sound of things, the sooner the better. What do we do for guns though? Can we smuggle ours in?"

"I don't know, we'll probably need to talk to our supplier. Luckily, we can hit the black market over there if necessary though I would prefer not to. There's no guarantee that we will have the same luck with finding cash that we have here."

"Fuck, it's a good thing we got those passports. Smecker would probably be all over us if we tried to leave the country. You know he still thinks we're hiding something."

Connor nodded as he filled his coffee mug and took a sip. "I'll head over today to see what I can find out about weapons. You can go to the library and see where a good spot would be for us to live. Murphy if he ever gets out of the shower can get us tickets."

"That sounds like a good plan. What do we do with our stuff here?"

Connor lowered his head to hide his worry. He had a bad feeling about this trip. "I'm not sure. Even if we make it out of this, I'm not sure it would be safe to come back here. We might be better off going somewhere else."

"Together though right?"

Shooting Kevin a disgusted look, Connor just said "You even need to ask? I'm not giving up my brothers for anything."

August 17th, 1998

Kensington, London, UK

Murphy was standing at the northeast corner outside their apartment trying to get his bearings. They had arrived in London 9 days ago. Since that time, the trio had moved into the apartment and begun to get a feel for the city. Nothing was going to happen until they were comfortable with their surroundings and knew the streets and the major players.

Today they were meeting a man named Preacher. His name had been provided by a contact of theirs in Boston. Given the speed of their departure from Boston, the guns had to be left behind. Now they needed to get replacements. Preacher would either be that source or could direct them to the right people.

Kevin was staying behind to accept delivery for the furniture that they had purchased. The apartment was larger than the one they had in Boston. It had 3 separate bedrooms and 2 bathrooms split over two levels. It was presently empty; the furniture was scheduled to be delivered today so Kevin had reluctantly agreed to stay while Connor and Murphy met up with the Preacher.

Connor insisted that Kevin stay behind. There was very little information on the Preacher and were unsure how he would react to someone who hadn't even turned 18 yet. So Kevin was stuck waiting alone while his brothers were gone.

The furniture was dropped off in the early afternoon. Kevin took the opportunity to claim his bedroom and begin getting things setup. A quick glance at his watch told him it was 4pm, so he walked back to the hotel to grab his stuff. Briefly, he thought about getting his brothers' crap too, but decided against it. If they were going to leave him behind for this, they could do it themselves.

Connor and Murphy didn't trudge into the apartment until after 7pm. Both were carrying large duffel bags so it was evident to Kevin that they had been successful. "Bout time you two got here. What took you so fucking long?"

Gently placing the bag on the floor, Connor sagged into one of new chairs. "The Preacher just set us up with another contact so we had to meet with him before we could get anything."

"Man, that guy had some exotic guns. They would be hell to maintain though." Murphy unzipped his bag and pulled out a Beretta 92S double action pistol and started to pet it almost lovingly.

Kevin smirked at him and asked "Do we need to give the two of you some privacy?"

Purring to the pistol "Don't listen to him baby, you know I love you."

"So what's next?" Kevin asked.

"Well, it's just like Boston. We get jobs, you go to school if you can, learn the area, and wait for a sign." Murphy said, pulling his attention away from the pistol.

"But…" Kevin started only to be cut off by Connor.

"No way, you promised mom you would go to college. We're not going to let you back out of that especially now that we know we won't be doing this forever." Connor finished with a smile "Besides, Murphy and I will need someone to leech off of in the future so you better have a good job. We expect to be supported in the manner to which we have become accustomed."

"It's not fair to you two though. You're just as smart as I am, why shouldn't you go to college too?" Kevin argued. He wasn't upset at the idea of going to school, but he didn't like his brothers sacrificing for him in order to do it.

Murphy jumped in "I know what you're thinking Kev. Let's face it, Connor and I never really liked school. Sure we got good grades but that was mainly for mom. We are not giving up our chance to give you one. This is what we both want to do. Our old jobs at the meatpacking plant weren't glamorous, but they were enough for us."

"Whatever, you guys want to skip out on college that's your choice. If you expect to me to pay for you to sit around on your assess, then you've got another thing coming." Kevin finished grumpily. Not wanting to talk further, he stalked off to his bedroom and closed the door.

Connor got to his feet and was about to go talk to Kevin when Murphy stopped him. "Just leave him be, Kev will be ok. You know how he is; he doesn't want us to give anything up just for him."

"But we're not, we really didn't like school. Honestly, I have no interest in going to college." Connor protested.

"I know that and I think deep down Kevin knows that too. He feels bad that we have to support him though."

Connor practically growled and was almost angry. "That's was family is for, if he can't get that through his head I will pound it in myself."

Laughing softly, "He knows but he has always been the baby even if he is only 2 years younger than us."

"Whatever, he contributes enough as it is. We wouldn't have found this place so quickly or gotten everything organized so well if it wasn't for him. He may not be bringing home a pay check but he does his share." Connor asserted before walking over to the kitchen to get some water.

Kevin heard almost the entire conversation from his bedroom; he would have to remember the walls were thin. In his mind, he knew what Murphy and Connor were saying was true but it was hard to accept sometimes. He got off his bed when his stomach started to growl, apparently he needed food.

The trio went out to get take out from a local Chinese restaurant. On their way back, bags in hand Murphy started laughing. Seeing the questioning looks from Kevin and Connor he explained. "Didn't you see those two blond chicks checking Kev's ass out when he was bent over to pick up the newspaper? Looks like our little brother is going to be a heartbreaker over here the same way he was in Boston. I bet you could really milk the American thing Kev."

"Hey, you still me owe me the details on Kev. You're not getting away any longer. Without a TV, we need some entertainment tonight and you are the main attraction." Connor said while grinning evilly.

Kevin just mumbled while blushing "Shoot me, shoot me now."

September 3rd, 1998

London, UK

Are the Infamous Saints of South Boston Operating in London?


Margaret Fender

Infamous organized crime lieutenant Marco Corelli was found gunned down in his home today. Also found at the scene were the bodies of his three bodyguards. The crime scene is reminiscent of the murders that took place in Boston earlier this year. As with those murders, the victims were found with coins on their eyes and the bodies were placed in a prone position following death.

Police have so far turned up few clues to the motive behind the murders or potential suspects. Already people are referring to the crime as the work of the Saints, the criminals who gained notoriety this summer. Despite having murdered more than 30 people, the Saints were never located. There were no arrests made and nothing more than vague descriptions of the three men has ever been turned up.

Marco Corelli had been implicated in three separate assassinations, drug trafficking, and extortion. His three bodyguards had criminal records for assault, battery and attempted murder. The character of the victims is not in question, but will the public take the same view of the Saints, if that is who perpetrated this crime, as the Boston citizens?

Public opinion in Boston was split. As time went on, more people began to support the Saints of South Boston and cheered their efforts at making the city safer. As with Boston, London is no stranger to crime, but do we want to put ourselves in the hands of vigilantes that are answerable to no one?

October 11th, 1998

Piccadilly Circus, London, UK

Kevin got off the tube at the Piccadilly Circus stop. After wading through the crowds, he made his way up the stairs and walked the short distance to the main square. All the while, he was cussing at himself for agreeing to this meet. How did Smecker know they were in London and why did he want to meet with him?

His stomach was turning flips; the only thing that kept him from running was the reassuring weight of his Beretta concealed in the waist band of his jeans at the small of his back. Because he was wearing a heavy navy pea coat, it was hidden from any casual view.

There he was, wearing a grey suit and a light brown trench coat. Agent Smecker was sitting on a park bench situated by the nearest corner of the square. A deep breath steadied his nerves somewhat. With grim determination, Kevin walked over to the FBI agent and sat down.

"Agent Smecker, what a surprise to see you here in London." Kevin said lightly, trying to hide his nervousness.

The agent with his longish light brown hair and easy manner turned to Kevin. "Kevin MacManus as I live and breathe. Why don't we go for a walk?"

Kevin asked suspiciously "Why don't you tell me what this all about, surely this isn't a social call?"

"Meet me at St. Paul's cathedral in 20 minutes, we'll talk there." Smecker stood and left before Kevin could get anything else. There really was nothing to do but meet up with the man. Something was going on and Smecker was playing some sort of game.

A quick call from the cab to his brothers let them know what was going on. Arriving with a few minutes to spare, Kevin paid the driver and walked into the cathedral. Even though he had been in London for a couple of months now, he had done very little sightseeing. The cathedral was beautiful and majestic with its vaulted ceilings. A quiet awe fell over him as he remembered a picture of it still standing framed by smoke following one of the many bombing raids during WWII and the symbol of hope and strength it represented for the nation.

He was broken from his thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Jumping slightly, he turned and faced Agent Smecker. "Why are we meeting here?" He asked softly. It didn't seem right to disturb the peace the of this place.

"I thought you might be more comfortable here and it will be easier to speak in private." Smecker said, adopting Kevin's soft tone. He led Kevin over to a pew away from the other visitors.

Smecker jumped right in. "I was requested by Interpol. They are afraid that the Saints of South Boston have migrated to London."

As much as he tried to hide it, Kevin could stop himself from flinching a little. Smecker smiled slightly at the response. He had suspected the MacManus brothers for a while now. "It's convenient that around the same time that you leave the states, similar murders start happening in London."

Kevin was about to stand and leave when Smecker put a hand on his shoulder again and said "Wait a minute. If I was going to arrest you or your brothers, I could have done it before you left Boston."

"You know?" Kevin asked without thought and then started kicking himself for admitting it so easily.

"It wasn't too hard to figure out if you knew what to look for. The timing of a third man appearing on the scene corresponded with your initial injuries healing. The religious overtones suggested people that were at least familiar with if not men of faith. It also helped that I found your gun dealer, and with a little pressure he gave you three up. Of course he didn't know what you were using the guns for, but you put everything together and it certainly paints a picture." Smecker said a little smugly. It hadn't been easy to put together at all.

"So what now? I'm not going to tell you where my brothers are!"

"Have you ever heard that for evil to win all it takes is for good men to do nothing?"

"Yeah, of course. Heard it more than once on Sundays at church, why?"

"Because I've been thinking about that for a while. I've spent my career trying to bring down organized crime. Most of the time, they walk because the judge is bought, witnesses intimidated, or the jury is tampered with. In a few short months, you and your brothers managed to get more of the scum off the street than I ever did."

"Ok, so you're a supporter. Where does that leave us?" Kevin asked curiously, still somewhat doubtful about Smecker.

"The only reason I agreed to come over here is because I knew you would need help. You guys are outside of your element over here. The neighborhood contacts that you had in Boston won't help you here, that's where I come in. I won't kill anyone or tell you who to go after, but I will make sure you have access to the right people to get things done, diversions, weapons, whatever you need."

"You're serious?"

Smecker was determined to make this work and it shone in his face. "I'm tired of losing this war and you guys are the only ones making any headway. Look, talk it over with your brothers and give me a call." With that, he handed Kevin a business card and left the cathedral.

Meanwhile back the apartment

"Tell me again why we are letting Kevin do this?" Connor asked.

"Because that's who Smecker asked to see. I'm still not sure how he found out we were here. If it were a trap, he would have wanted to me all of us." Murphy replied.

"What if he thinks Kevin is the easiest to arrest and then he can use him as leverage against us?"

Murphy frowned, he hadn't thought about that. "Fuck, Kev is not taking the fall for us. If something happens to him, Preacher will regret the day he was born!"

Connor looked at his watch, "How long was the meet supposed to last?"

"Half hour tops, if Kev isn't back soon…" Murphy just left the statement hanging. Connor understood what he meant. Together, they began pulling out their Berettas and getting ready for fight. Like the military, the MacManus brothers wouldn't leave anyone behind or let anyone stand in their way.

Both brothers whipped around, guns in hand ready to fire when the door opened. Luckily for Kevin, they looked before they shot. "Fuck Kevin, are you trying to get killed!" Connor hissed.

Kevin replied with a grin "Sorry, not my fault you're paranoid bastards."

"Just tell us what Smecker was after."

"You're never gonna believe this…"

November 11th, 1998

Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court, London, UK

It had been one month since Agent Smecker made contact with them. The four of them were currently sitting in a side room in the Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court. Smecker had been able to get them into the court and past security. It was their first target since he had begun helping them. If all went to plan, they would take down the target and be outside before security had a chance to respond.

Their target was a well known Russian Mafia leader, Aleksei Ivanov. He was on trial for murder, attempted murder, and assault. This was his third trial, he had been found not guilty in each of the previous cases despite an overwhelming amount of evidence against him. The jury was currently deliberating and they would only act if they came back with a not guilty verdict again, otherwise they would let the man rot in jail.

Tension was running high at the moment. This was the first time they had ever attempted something like this in public. There was a big risk that something to link them to the crime could be left behind.

Kevin was the first to ask the obvious "Why exactly are we doing this?"

Smecker wisely remained silent. It wasn't his place, despite his help it wouldn't be him in the court room. The reasons for doing this were clear, but the risk was high, it could ignite the public against them.

Murphy sighed "We've been over this before. We need to do something to get people to take action and stand up on their own."

Connor tried to stop the argument before it began "No, we don't want them to do what we are doing and you know that already so don't even say it. Standing up and taking action is not the same thing, people just need to stop being apathetic and always waiting for someone else to make things better for them."

"I know, it's just this is so risky we've never done anything so public before. If it goes south on us, don't say I didn't warn you."

Silence once again filled the room. Each man was left to his own brooding thoughts while they awaited the outcome of the trial. On a prearranged signal from Smecker, another conspirator would trigger the fire alarm to empty the building and give them a little more time to act before having to deal with guards. Yet another conspirator was in the courtroom, when the verdict was read he would signal them. This whole thing would not have been possible without Smecker, he had been instrumental in finding sympathizers in key areas and bringing them in. Ironically, each one was connected to law enforcement in some way, it seems that Smecker wasn't the only one tired of seeing the criminals getting off.

Another hour passed before they got word that the jury had reached a verdict. Nothing was said. The men shared a quick look with each other nothing more. Each brother, removed their Berettas from their holsters, attached holsters and checked the clips. Finally it came, a pattern of knocks on the door that told them that the jury came back with a verdict on innocent.

Smecker stood at the door and waited while the brothers pulled on black ski masks and black leather gloves. The brothers were virtually identical, each dressed in blue jeans, black turtlenecks and heavy black coats. Slight differences in height were the only way to tell them apart. "Here we go." Smecker said as soon the masks were in place. After opening the door, Smecker sent the signal to the other conspirators to begin.

The second that Smecker opened the door, Kevin exited followed by Murphy and Connor. A handful of steps later, Kevin had kicked open the courtroom entrance. His voice rang out cold and strong even as he continued to move into the court room "Everyone on the ground the now."

At virtually the same time, the fire alarm was triggered. Outside people were pouring out of the court house.

Murphy was in the court room next. A quick scan of the room and he moved straight for the press. "Shut the fucking cameras off now." The reporters that were still standing, quickly shut down any video cameras or recorders that were running before dropping to the floor.

Connor closed the door behind him as he entered the room. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the two guards pulling their weapons. "Drop the guns now!"

Everyone held their breath, few had any doubts that these men would open fire. The two guards realized that as well and they were not willing to risk their own lives or the lives of those present in the court room. Slowly, both guards withdrew their guns and placed them on the ground.

"Slide them up here." Connor was watching them closely and the pushed the guns up towards the front of the court room. While making sure he kept his guns trained on the guards, Connor crouched down and picked up the two guns.

Murphy and Kevin moved towards Ivanov and forced him to a kneeling position in front of the judge's bench. Kevin was behind the man with the barrel of his silencer pressed against the man's skull. Murphy moved back over to the far side of the court room to once again cover the press.

Taking a breath before he began, Kevin started the their message "You people have been chosen to reveal our existence to the world. You will witness what happens here today when good people throw of the chains of apathy and you will tell of it later."

From his position near the side entrance to the court room and keeping his guns spread wide to cover a portion of the court room, Connor stated in a passionate voice "Now you will receive us!"

From his position on the opposite side of the room, slowly panning his guns across the panicked court, Murphy added "We do not ask for your poor or hungry."

Connor picked it up again, alternating with Murphy "We do not want your tired and sick."

"It is your corrupt we claim."

"It is your evil that will be sought by us."

"With every breath, we shall hunt them down."

"Each day we will spill their blood till it rains down from the sky."

"Do not rape. Do not steal. Do not kill. These are principles which every man of every faith can embrace."

"These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior, and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost!"

"There are varying degrees of evil. We urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain."

"For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three. And on that day, you will reap it!"

"And we will send you to whatever god you wish." Murphy finished.

As one, he and Connor moved to join Kevin standing behind Ivanov. All three guns were aimed at the back of his head. In unison, they said "And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth unto Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be."

Kevin began "In Nomine Patris."

Connor continued "Et Filii."

All three cocked their pistols as Murphy finished "Et Spiritus Sancti."

Together they fired, the gunshots echoed off the walls of the court room for a moment before they were replaced by screams. Ivanov's body collapsed forward, most of his face gone. Before the brothers left, the flipped him over and place a coin over the remains of each eye and left through the door near the judge's bench. As soon as they left, the jury, press, and witnesses began streaming out of the room, running for the nearest exit in a panic.

Smecker was waiting for the brothers and led them through the maze of corridors to a side exit where a van was waiting for them. A non-descript man was waiting at the rear of the van. When he saw the four men emerge from the building, he tapped the side of the van three times and opened the back door. The driver started the van and put it into gear only waiting for the door to close again before driving off.

In the front of the court house, people were streaming down the steps. The press that hadn't been allowed into the court room was setup already pending the jury verdict. Seeing the people fleeing, the press was stopping anyone they could to get the story out, which only added to the confusion and made it easier for the brothers to escape.

November 11th, 1998

Kensington, London, UK

"Are you going to be ok tomorrow Kev?" Connor asked. Even though Kevin had turned 18 a little over a week ago, he would always look out for him.

Kevin took a long swallow from the beer he was holding before answering. His hand was still shaking a little from earlier today but he had calmed down a lot. "Yeah, it's just a meeting a professor to get his approval to take his class next term. Where's Murph?"

"He went out to get more beer. You know how he is after a day like today."

"Aye, how are you doing?" Kevin asked curiously.

"Nervous about the fallout actually. Hopefully people take Smecker's comments to heart. I don't want anyone to show up on radar. Do you think this is why we are over here?"

Kevin thought about it for a minute. It had been bugging him, the people that had been marked were no different than the ones in Boston. "No. It doesn't make sense there has been nothing that only we could take care of. I mean if I am 'destined' to do something I have to think that it is something more than your average Mafioso."

"I know, that's what worries me." Connor decided to change the topic "So why do you have to get permission from the professor to take his class?"

"It is a Sophomore level course but I have the requisites to jump into it. I just need to get his permission." Kevin explained. "What are you going to do?"

"Preacher said he would have our work visas tomorrow. Hopefully after that Murphy and I can finally get jobs."

Kevin grinned at him "At least you won't be sitting on your ass anymore. You're starting to get a little chubby." His beer finished, he stood to go get another one when Connor tackled him with a growl.

Kevin was quickly pinned by Connor who mocked him "I may be chubby, but I can still kick your ass."

November 12th, 1998

King's College, London, UK

Keys clinked softly as Sirius withdrew them from his coat pocket. His newspaper held in the crook of him arm, Sirius slid the key into the lock on his office door and opened it up. Quickly dumping his bag and newspaper on his desk, he flipped the lights on and left again to get a cup of coffee. The smell of the freshly brewed coffee perked him up when he filled a mug and returned to his office.

Sirius took a quick look at his watch, it was only 8:30AM, he still had a half hour before his first appointment. Nothing else to do, he began to read the paper. The front page was dominated by a single headline.

Saints of South Boston Strike in Middlesex Courtroom


Margaret Fender

Yesterday morning the Saints of South Boston burst into a Middlesex Guildhall court room Three men dressed in black coats and wearing black masks broke into the court room and held the press, court personnel, and public attending the trial hostage while they delivered their message before executing Aleksei Ivanov shortly after the jury issued a verdict of Not Guilty.

The Saints delivered a warning yesterday to would be criminals. According to witnesses, the Saints vowed to seek retribution on criminals and were unabashed in their promises of the harshest punishment possible. Based on the history of their suspected crimes, the Saints only have one punishment that they deliver.

FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker was brought over from the US following the first suspected killing by the Saints. He has been investigating the Saints since they first showed up in Boston earlier this year. When questioned about their appearance and statement today he had this to say. "The Saints were very specific in their statement today. It was almost a call to arms, for people to fight back against evil and corruption. It brings to mind something I was told one time, that all evil needs to prosper is for good men and women to do nothing. However, people should not be confused, the Saints are not calling on them to kill criminals, in fact they warn specifically that to kill is one of the acts that can bring people to their attention. Based on the crimes and this new information, it seems to me that the Saints feel that they are on a mission whether it is their own or from God is something that others more qualified than me will have to decide. It is interesting to note that despite the number of deaths attributed to the Saints of South Boston, there has been no discernable pattern and unlike serial killers there has been no escalation. Each crime has been controlled and appears to have been precisely targeted at notorious criminals."

Public response has been decidedly mixed. There is an underlying current of many of the opinions heard by this reporter. Regardless of whether people were supporting the Saints' actions or not, people agreed with the need to take a more active role in cleaning up the city. What impact this will have remains to be seen.

The story had been all over the news last evening and it had made Sirius think about his position. Was he tacitly supporting Voldemort by not joining in the fight? Every time he thought about joining the Order of the Phoenix again, anger and resentment surged in him. He just couldn't trust Dumbledore. On his way to work this morning it occurred to him that he could do more in the muggle world. It may not be fighting against Voldemort but it would still be standing up for something.

He looked up when there was a knock on his door and voice said "Professor Black, I'm Kevin MacManus. We have a 9am appointment."