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Chapter 17: All Good Things

Feb 23rd, 1999

St. Paul's Cathedral, London UK

Once he was certain that Connor was himself again, Sirius, Bill and Charlie Weasley moved over to kneel down next Murphy and Connor. Their own grief was readily apparent for all to see.

The Aurors were whispering to each other even as Kinsgley directed them to take the remaining Death Eaters back to the Ministry. It wasn't just that Voldemort was dead; it was what happened afterwards that had shaken the foundation of their beliefs. Most wizards and witches, especially those not raised in muggle society viewed religion as a quaint system created by muggles to make up for their lack of magic. After seeing the angels fill the night sky and listening to their haunting songs, the wizards and witches were forced to reexamine those beliefs and were left to wonder if they were not the deluded ones.

As much as he wanted to give the MacManus brothers his condolences for their loss, Kingsley felt he should stay away. This was a private moment and he had no right to intrude. So it didn't really surprise him to see Sirius and the Weasleys apparate away with Connor and Murphy in tow. He could only surmise that they had gone back to whatever hideout they had been using to escape from prying eyes.

There was nothing said when they arrived at the safe house. No one felt like talking and pretty soon everyone went back to their own bedrooms or in the case of the Weasleys, left to return to the flat they were renting with a promise to return in the morning. Needless to say it went unacknowledged by anyone.

Kevin didn't arrive at the safe house until almost 7 in the morning. Michael had offered to take him or teach him how to do it himself but Kevin thought it would cause more problems in the short run then necessary. He didn't need people to see him arrive in a heavenly light, it would just cement the fact that he was dead or was something trying to trick them. No, it was best to arrive the good old fashioned way, taxi.

The safe house was quiet when he arrived. No one was up and about yet because of the hour. After checking a couple of the common rooms, Kevin decided that everyone must be in bed. And though his brothers could be bears when woken up early, he figured that his status among the living would hopefully make up for it.

Creeping quietly through the hallways, Kevin reached his bedroom and slowly opened the door. The room was dark but what surprised him was the fact that Connor was sleeping on his bed and curled up into a tight ball. Soft whimpers were coming from him as he slept and Kevin felt guilty even though he knew it was really Michael's fault.

Resting his hand on Connor's arm, Kevin shook him gently "Connor…Connor wake up."

Connor tried to shake Kevin's hand off and muttered "Go the fuck away!" But when the hand didn't move away, his eyes started to crack open. At first he didn't realize what he was seeing. When he recognized Kevin's face, he scooted back away from Kevin towards the wall. "No you're not real. Kevin's dead."

The words hurt; Kevin couldn't help the tears that filled his eyes at the sight of his brother backing away from him. "Connor, it's really me. I didn't die it was that stupid angel's fault that you thought that."

"He said he was taking you home and then he disappeared. Where else would that mean but Heaven?" Connor argued, afraid to hope but desperately wanting Kevin to prove him wrong.

Swallowing nervously Kevin explained while keeping his distance from Connor "Michael did bring me home." Here Kevin couldn't stop the small grin from forming "He brought me to our apartment because that is our home."

Kevin watched as Connor's mouth moved but nothing came out. Slowly, tentatively, he reached and touched Kevin's hand. The smooth skin underneath his fingertips was better than anything Connor had ever felt before. And before Kevin could react, he was tackled to the floor by Connor.

It took Kevin a second to realize that Connor was crying and all Kevin could do was hold on and rub his back soothingly. He knew he would be exactly the same if their positions were reversed. A couple minutes passed before Connor calmed down and Kevin tried to lighten the mood. "Fuck Connor, I just washed this shirt and now it's soaked again."

Connor laughed weakly before releasing Kevin and moving back a little to get a better look at him in the dim light of the room. Relief washed over him when he noticed that Kevin was unharmed except for some scrapes and bruises. Finally he asked "Why…why would he do that?"

Seeing his brother so upset angered Kevin a little and at the same time he couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder. This was the mortal form of Lucifer sitting in front of him crying because he thought his brother had died. God, his life was so fucking weird he thought. "Michael didn't think. He needed to explain some things to me and so he took me away without giving any thought to what you or the others would think."

"Explain what? You're ok aren't you? You're not going to die?"

"No, I asked the same things. I am perfectly fine and my connection to Voldemort is gone now that he is permanently dead. Look, I will tell you and Murphy everything but I would prefer to do it once. It is pretty big and I'm still not too sure how I feel about it."

"Oh god, Murph still thinks you're dead." With that, Connor shot to his feet and raced out of the room yelling for Murphy.

Kevin just stayed in the room only moving from the floor to his bed. He figured if he was going to be tackled again, at least this way it would be onto something softer than a stone floor.

Not long after Connor left, two people pounded into the room followed by a much more composed Connor. Kevin didn't bother saying or doing anything, he just let Murphy and Sirius maul him.

Still overcome with relief and joy at Kevin's return, Connor waited his turn before giving Kevin another hug. He needed the physical contact to reassure him that everything was truly ok. "They're both here so tell us why Michael wanted to speak with you alone and why he had to do it right away."

Not for the first time, Kevin wondered how they would react. His heart clenched just at the thought of losing his brothers and to a lesser extent Sirius. But they had a right to know and he really didn't want to keep secrets from his brothers. Well, except the one about Connor's true identity. That one was best left alone.

A bit reluctantly, Kevin began to speak. At first, he just reiterated what he told Connor and apologized for them thinking he was dead. His apology was immediately waved off, none of the men cared as long as Kevin was back for good. He could see it in their eyes; they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. While he was about to do just that, Kevin hoped they wouldn't think it was that bad.

When he was done describing his conversation with Michael, Sirius blurted "You're an angel? Was there ever any of Lily or James in you?"

Kevin winced at the accusing tone in Sirius' voice and he noticed that Connor and Murphy were glaring at Sirius which made him feel a little more confident. If they were still being protective of him than maybe everything would be all right in the end. "Yes, of course there is. I told you angels can't just interfere with things. The only way to do so is to be born as a mortal which is apparently what I chose to do. So in this life, I truly am their child but my soul will always be that of Raguel. God it's weird to think of myself in the third person."

Connor was about to say something to Sirius but was cut off by the man himself "I didn't mean to accuse you of anything; it's just a lot to take in. First we thought you died, now it turns out you're alive and also an angel."

Shifting a little on the bed Kevin said "I get that, but I don't think you realize. Only God himself could fully unlock my memories and powers and even after he did that, I'm still mortal. I will not be an angel again until I die. So really, I'm just like a wizard just my powers come from a different source."

"Well I don't care what you are or aren't. You're still my annoying little brother." Murphy declared throwing his arm around Kevin's shoulders. Turning to the others he added "I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to get the hell out of this fucking country. No offense Sirius, but I really hate this fucking place."

Not surprising, Connor was all for moving back to the States. Kevin wasn't against it either. "You won't hear me arguing. Where should we go?"

Sirius broke in "Hey what about me? Don't I get a say in this?"

Kevin just rolled his eyes. "No! It's three Americans to one Brit. We outnumber you."

Sirius just crossed his arms and grumbled to himself. "Fine then at least make sure there's a school that I can teach at in the area."

"Fuck Sirius do you know anything about the US? There's a college of some sort just about everywhere you go or at least all the places we'd consider moving to." Murphy exclaimed.

Connor cleared his throat "As nice as it would be, I think we should avoid Boston. Let's get a fresh start somewhere. Somewhere we won't have to worry about the past catching up with us."

Kevin could have kissed him just then. It gave him the perfect opening. "Chicago always sounded like a nice city. It even has a big Irish presence and of course any city that dies their river green for St. Patrick's Day can't be too bad."

All three men looked at Kevin but it was Murphy who was really staring at him. He narrowed his eyes suspiciously and asked "And what about Caitlyn? I thought she was going to Georgetown?"

Now it was Kevin's turn to stammer and blush a little. "Her family is moving to Chicago because her father just got transferred there."

"Oh so there's no ulterior motive or anything for choosing Chicago. Irish presence my ass…" Murphy muttered.

Connor wrapped his arm around Murphy's neck pulling him away from Kevin the process and said in a sing-song voice "It's just so cute. Kevin and Caitlyn sitting in a tree…" The rest was muffled when Kevin hit in the face with a pillow.

"Yeah laugh it up. Sirius come on, you're my godfather. A little back up would be appreciated."

Sirius felt that it was as good a time as any for a little payback. "No, I wouldn't want the Americans to gang up on me. This seems like something that you need to settle for yourselves."

"Traitor!" Kevin accused with a smile.

"Far be it for me to come between the brothers MacManus. It just shouldn't be done."

Practically bouncing on the bed now, Kevin asked excitedly "So can we move to Chicago? Can we pleaaase? It would be ever so lovely." He finished in a horrible British accent.

"Oh my god, just shoot me now!" Connor said.

June 15th, 2002

Evanston, IL USA

Kevin stood in line with all the other graduates, waiting for his name to be called. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining brightly and the temperature was in the low 70s. The grounds were packed with the friends and family of the graduates.

There was a part of Kevin that still couldn't believe it was happening. It was already 3 ½ years ago that he had been in the UK fighting for his life and now here he was graduating with honors from Northwestern. It was ironic really while the rest of his friends and classmates were stressing over finals or deadlines, Kevin just went on his merry way. All the fighting had done one thing, it taught him how to deal with stress and it put things like finals into perspective.

"Kevin MacManus" called out the generic voice. Grinning broadly, Kevin fought against laughing when he heard his brothers screaming his name. It would have been impossible to miss the catcalls coming from Sirius and Caitlyn.

When he got his diploma, Kevin just hoped that his mom was proud of him. She always wanted her boys to do well.

Once the ceremony was over, he was swept into a hug just before being kissed soundly. "I'm so proud of you." Caitlyn gushed before kissing him again.

"Yeah, it's been an eventful weekend for you two." Connor grinned. It had been quite the celebration earlier that weekend. It wasn't just Kevin's graduation; he had finally popped the question after dating Caitlyn for close to 4 years.

Kevin smiled again before leaning down and kissing his fiancé one more time.

"Ok that's enough of that, you two can celebrate later. Besides it's not like either of you are done with school yet anyway. Personally I still can't believe that little Kev is going to law school. And you Caitlyn, you still have another 3 years of med school left ahead of you." Murphy shook his head. "You two are just nuts."

Sirius laughed. It was so good to see Kevin happy. He just knew that somewhere James and Lily were proud of what their son had become. Things were going well for him too. Not that he would admit it of course, but personally he preferred teaching in the states. Maybe it was the school or the students, he wasn't sure but he loved his position at DePaul. He was even up for tenure soon. Now, all he had to do was to find some nice woman to settle down with.

"So Connor is the lovely Ashley going to be joining us for dinner?" Sirius asked while they were walking back to the cars.

Connor actually ducked his head to hide his blush. Murphy just chuckled. He had never seen his brother so flustered by a woman. If he didn't know better he would think things were getting permanent. "Who would've guessed you end up dating a groupie?"

"Hey she's not a groupie; she just likes hanging out at the fire station." Connor defended his girl friend hotly before realizing what Murphy was doing. "Oh fuck you Murph, you're just jealous because all the chicks dig fire fighters and forget about the police officers."

"I get plenty of action and who says I want to be tied down anyway? Would it really be fair to deprive the female population of this fine specimen?"

"Speaking as a member of the female population, I would say yes, please deprive us. You will be doing us all a favor."

Caitlyn found herself wrapped in Connor's arms getting a kiss on the cheek. "Oh I knew she was a keeper. You better marry her soon and make an honest woman out of her Kev."

Laughing Caitlyn batted him on the arm "Forget being an honest woman, I might get a better offer so I don't mind the wait."

July 15th, 2005

Chicago, IL USA

Connor was standing at the front of Old St. Patrick's church trying to calm his little brother down. "Dude just calm down, she's not going to back out now."

"But what if…" Kevin whispered. Straightening the cuffs of his tuxedo again and staring nervously at the main entrance to the centrum, Kevin was trying desperately to think of something else other than the upcoming ceremony. He noticed Connor's wife Ashley sitting in the front pew holding their 18month old daughter Lindsey. Part of him was amazed that Connor, the mortal form of Lucifer, was married and had a daughter. Not to mention that he worked as a fire fighter saving lives. If he had ever wondered if God had a sense of humor, this would have settled any doubts.

Connor leaned back towards Murphy and asked "Was I this bad?"

"No." Murphy said simply. When Connor started to smirk he added "But, I think you were still drunk from the night before."

Both Murphy and Connor were laughing quietly when the music started and Caitlyn appeared in the doorway. Murphy had to ask though "This is your last chance, are you sure you want to go through with this?"

Kevin didn't even answer; he couldn't take his eyes off of Caitlyn. She was beautiful. As soon as she started walking down the aisle Kevin started to grin stupidly. He barely even heard Murphy mutter "Oh God, look at him. Could he look any sappier?"

The rest of the day was a blur for both Kevin and Caitlyn. After their honeymoon, he would be starting to clerk for Robert Cahill, a judge on the Appellate court and Caitlyn would begin her residency with the University of Chicago hospital. She had another 5 years ahead of her before she would be a full-fledged orthopedic surgeon.

Sirius had fully embraced American life and had begun dating a fellow professor at DePaul. He claimed it was just because he needed to bring someone to department functions but as Kevin pointed out, that didn't explain why they saw each other practically every day.

Murphy was still with the Chicago PD and gloriously single. Despite frequent protests to the contrary, his brothers suspected that he was getting tired of the bachelor life, especially now that he was the last single MacManus. Personal life aside, Murphy was able to put the skills learned as a Saint to use and was even considering sitting for the detective's exam.

There were times that he felt like laughing insanely when he looked at what he was doing. If Murphy or either of his brothers had been told that they would end up as law abiding citizens serving as a policeman, attorney or fire fighter they would have been told to fuck off or to lay off the alcohol. Yet here they were, the revered or dreaded, depending on whom you ask, Saints of South Boston working within the system to help people and serve justice.

July 15th, 2010

Chicago, IL USA

"This is Kevin." Kevin said briskly holding the phone between his shoulder and ear while he worked on a legal brief.

His wife's somewhat haggard voice came through "It's time."

Silence reigned. Kevin's mind froze and he just sat at his desk, pencil in hand until the phone slipped off his shoulder. The apology was still on his lips when he heard Caitlyn laughing. "The fearsome Assistant District Attorney Kevin MacManus, terror of the criminal system, oh if only the defendants could see you now, taken down by two simple words."

That seemed to snap Kevin back to reality. "Are you ok? Are you at home? Do I need to pick you up? Do you have a ride? Do…"

He was cut off before he could keep rambling. "I'm fine; I was finishing up some reviews of the newer residents at the hospital when it started. So all you need to do is get down here without killing yourself or someone else in the process."

Kevin didn't know how she could be so calm. She was in labor. Their child, his son was going to be born. What if something went wrong? Would he be a good father? What…

"Kevin stop worrying, get into a cab and come to the hospital. I'll call your brothers and Sirius. You're not in any condition to do it for yourself."

Moving mechanically, Kevin left his office with barely a word to anyone. Everything was a blur. When he arrived at the hospital he couldn't even remember hailing a cab. It was like he was operating on auto-pilot. Luckily one of the doctors recognized him when he got to the hospital and walked with him up to his wife's room.

12 hours later, a tired and emotionally exhausted opened the door and walked to the waiting room. Grinning like he never had before, led Connor, Sirius, and Murphy back into the room. Caitlyn was on the bed, practically glowing with happiness as she held their son, Patrick MacManus.

Kevin sat down next to his wife and gently held his son when she passed him over. "Everybody, I'd like to introduce Patrick MacManus." He never even looked up when he said it. His eyes wouldn't move from his son's perfect face. Finally tearing his gaze away from his son he shared a long loving look with Caitlyn before looking at taking in the other members of his family. All he could do was to thank God for allowing him the opportunity to have such an incredible family.

Everything had come full circle, after spending so many months ending life, Kevin, Connor and someday Murphy were now bringing new life into the world. Placing a gentle kiss on Patrick's forehead, Kevin knew without a doubt that everything he and his family had been through was worth it. Life quite simply was good.