The Five Realizations When You See Severus Snape Frenching with Hermione Granger

1. When you first see it, it will shock you and you will think 'Ok, I have been drinking way to much.'

2. But then the shock will wear off, then comes the disgust that this is actually happening and right in front of you.

3. After that it will be the realization that 'Duh dumb ass you could see that happening from miles away.'

4. Then the thought that they do look good with each other 'cause they are both damn hot.

5. And lastly you realize that yes they are kissing, no it is not disgusting, yes you did just think that Severus Snape was hot, and yes any minute now they should come up for air.

That concludes that and If I think of any more things concerning people you probably will never meet and if you do well good lock to ya I'll put e'm up.

Most definitely not mine and never will be.