I do not own anything in the WWE. I only own my Original Character, Jayden.

"Hey Randy, why don't you have a match tonight?" John asked sitting down on a couch in one of the locker rooms.

"Because, I'm picking up Jayden at the airport remember?"

John gave me a puzzled look.

"I've only been talking about my best friend of 15 years coming to stay with me for awhile." "Are you really that stupid Cena?" I said making fun of him.

"No, just been hit on the head way too many times with a chair!" John said chuckling.

Randy couldn't help by laugh either.

A knock at the door made them stop.

A person stuck his head in and told John he had 10 minutes till his match.

"Really, all ready?" John said. "I didn't realize it was almost 8:30."

"Fuck! Man are you serious?" I exclaimed. "Her flight comes in at 8:40!"

"Orton, you better get your ass their and hurry!"

"Yeah, I'm going. Good luck with your match tonight!" I yelled as I was walking out the door.


Randy arrived at the airport the same time Jayden got of the plane.

She saw Randy first, noticing he had changed in the past five years, not a lot though. He had more muscle and she noticed a tattoo on his neck, partially hidden by his shirt, and shirt collar.

But damn, he was still tall, handsome and to die for. She thought.

"Ray-Ray!" A voice shouted behind me. Before I had a chance to turn around I was tackled to the ground.

"Hey, Jayden!" I said excited. "It's nice to see you too, but what's with the old nickname?" I groaned.

"That has always been my nickname for you since we were eight years old! You figure you'd be used to it by now." She said with a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever Jay-Jay, but if the guys say anything about it, your dead!