Summary: Angela's feelings after Kirk died...

Authors Note:I'd just like to say a special thanks to some special friends of mine...

first Ajeff my beta reader, pmlmijbil , 18lzytwner , Raven-Rain and KristiLynn...I love you all!

My Belife Of Happienss

I am here, but not really

I always have my smile on

And act like the person

Who always sees the silver lining

The person that's always happy...

But, who am I kidding

I might be able to fool my friends

But, not myself anymore...

I'm not happy

No, I'm not...

Since it happened

That one bad time

I've realized that

Hope isn't always there

That life can suck

But wait, that's not me

I'm happy or

I'm supposed to be

Like I always had...

I'm so confused

Will I ever see clearly again

It's all a blur...

I know my friends try and are

There for me, but, they don't get it

Or they've already realized...

That hope and happiness doesn't really exist...

But, it's supposed to

At least for me

Man, I'm confused...

Will I ever move on

With a clearer vision of

My belief of happiness...

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