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Some are wondering what I meant by 'movie'…well, they are generally movie-like in that the plot is singular and does not deviate much in what it is; also, these 'movies' tend to imitate/serve tribute to/parody plots of relatively well-known concepts. Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds, obviously, imitates Crisis on Infinite Earths. Katamoni Damacy! – which comes after Tamers – will, obviously, parody 'Katamari Damacy!'. As for Pandora's Box…the story IT imitates is a secret. At least for the time being. But I'm sure some of you will recognize it. These stories are rather separated from the others, and – with the exception of Pandora's Box – will not generally be referenced outside of the story itself.

One last thing. Midgar was not on my mind when I remade Odaiba. Anyhow…



/The Nexus, June 7th, 2005/

The realm between the Digital World and Digital Limbo was termed 'the Nexus'. It was a realm of a glowing, dull yellowish-orange haze that permeate everything. An otherworldly feel saturated the area, and for good reason; it was literally outside of the worlds.

It was separated from the Digital World.

It was separated from Digital Limbo.

It was separated from the Dream Dimension.

It was separated from the Dark World.

However, it wouldn't stay that way.


A deep, bellowing sound, accompanied by what sounded like the ripping of thick, wet paper.

The sudden absence of light in one point of the Nexus.

The space suddenly seemed to bend around the point, and a thunderous noise echoed across the great realm.

The lack of light suddenly materialized into a wormhole.

A single object came out.

It was a floating dome of dark blue and gray, looking like a conical space station. It seemed to glow neon blue – giving off the appearance of a metallic teardrop – as it came to a stop in the empty, clouded Nexus.

On board that station…

"We have managed to escape our world in time."

"Verily we have."

"You must go and warn the other worlds now."

"I understand."

"Be swift…we can't let him destroy any more worlds. Otherwise…we'll have a true crisis on our hands."


Zero 2: Crisis on Infinite Digiworlds


Issue #1: Otherworld


/Tori Park, Platform 1, Odaiba, Sunday, August 25th, 12:50 PM/

Tori Park – one of many situated in Odaiba's Recreational Sector – was called such because of all of the trees and bushes. This led to lots of bird nests, particularly those of Forest Wagtails, Chinese Bulbuls, Blackbirds, Japanese Bush Warblers, and Great Tits. And yes, the last one is actually a bird. Quit laughing.

Right now, we focus on a group of people in one of the clearings. This is a very familiar group, as you know.

The Digidestined. Saviors of both worlds. And children at that.

Davis Inoue, Child of Miracles, partner of Veemon.

Yolei Inoue, Child of Caring, partner of Hawkmon.

Cody Hida, Child of Humility, partner of Armadillomon.

Ken Ichijouji, Child of Kindness, partner of Wormmon.

TK Ishida, Child of Hope, partner of Patamon.

Kari Kamiya, Child of Light, partner of Gatomon.

Tai Kamiya, Child of Courage, partner of Agumon.

Matt Ishida, Child of Friendship, partner of Gabumon.

Sora Takenouchi, Child of Love, partner of Biyomon.

Mimi Tachikawa, Child of Sincerity, partner of Palmon.

Izzy Izumi, Child of Knowledge, partner of Tentomon.

Joe Kido, Child of Reliability, partner of Gomamon.

12 children.

Well, technically, Joe's 18, so…

"Man…" The blue-haired, bespectacled Joe sighed as he laid down on the grass. The sky looked so blue. "Only one week since my freshman year started…and already the workload's humongous…" After all, due to all of the college credits he had built up going to that special medical school in his senior year of high school, his Bachelor's and Master's degrees were much closer. After that, he'd be looking at a PhD.

He looked at it as working towards the PhD. He found that it was easier to work at something with fewer goals; getting a Bachelor's, Master's, and his PhD? Meh. Just his PhD? Somewhat easier.

"You haven't seen humongous until you've seen a sumo wrestler!" joked Gomamon.

Joe stared at his partner. "…that's not funny."

Gomamon sweatdropped. "Er…"

"Now that we're not running for our lives anymore like we did in the old days, puns just aren't as funny anymore," remarked Izzy as he typed on his silver laptop, complete with black keys and a glowing screen. It had been a gift from Gennai to replace his old one, which had been destroyed during the battle against KingEtemon in May. Despite the loss, this one was much better; let's just say that Toshiba would pay through the nose to have it. "Besides, the game's much more interesting to watch."


"AAAAAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Tai as he ran away from the stampeding horde of Digimon.

The game was a variant of 'Hot Potato'…or, if you wanted to look at in another way, 'Tag'. In this case, the potato was a small rubber ball. Whoever had the ball was the target of Veemon, Armadillomon, Gatomon, Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, Wormmon, and Palmon.

The players: Tai, Matt, Davis, TK, Cody, Yolei, Kari, and Ken.

Tai hurriedly passed the ball to TK.

"RAAAAAR!" roared the eight Digimon.

"Eep," yelped the younger Ishida as he passed it to his older brother.

"MATT HAS IT!" yelled Gabumon.

"WAIT!" yelled the older Ishida as he tossed it to Kari.

"GET KARI!" yelled Gatomon.

Kari sweatdropped as she lobbed it to Cody.

"YAAAAAR!" screamed the eight Digimon.

"…" Cody lightly lobbed it towards Yolei at the last second.

The eight Digimon skidded along the grass, turning towards the youngest of the Inoue sisters.

"Uh oh." Yolei threw it at Davis.

"DAVISH HAS IT!" roared Veemon.

"Can't get me!" yelled Davis as he tried to run with it-


Davis fell on his face. His feet were wrapped in gooey webbing.

Wormmon smiled. "Everyone, I have him!"

Eight Digimon descended on Davis at once.


Well, it was mostly annoying little pokes, but still. He'd been mauled by Veemon on multiple occasions for just a chocolate bar. You can understand his frustration.

"I GOT IT!" gleefully yelled Veemon as he dashed away with the ball.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! IT'S MINE!" challenged Davis as he tore through the webbing and got back to his feet, chasing after Veemon.

On the sidelines, Sora, Mimi, Hawkmon, and Tentomon blinked.

"They're sure passionate," muttered Hawkmon.

"And they're pumped too!" said Tentomon.

"Mm-hmm," said both girls as they nodded.

Ken Ichijouji smiled; it was a nice day to relax. Odaiba's Recreation Sector was a prime spot to relax at, and – seeing as how Daichi and Impmon were both sleeping in – the affair was Digidestined-only.

He chuckled as Davis tackled Veemon. It was a great day to just hang out. With friends.

But as fate would have it…that wouldn't last.

A strange ripping sound.

Everyone paused. Armadillomon asked, "What was that?"


A deep bellow followed.

Patamon gulped as he quickly dove down towards TK, hiding under his white hat. "I'm scared TK…"

The air above seemed to bend inward, towards a singular point. The light around that point dimmed and disappeared, eventually morphing into a large wormhole…but it was crackling with energy. Bolts shot out from the rims of that portal, arching out around the area.

A tree was zapped. It disappeared.

"WHAT THE?" yelped everyone.

"Everyone, get back!" roared Tai.

The ball in Veemon's hands was zapped. The energy shimmered over the ball, then Veemon, and finally Davis. They disappeared.

"DAVIS!" screamed Kari.

"LOOK OUT!" TK pulled Kai back just as a lightning bolt zapped the bush next to her. It disappeared.

Suddenly, the portal solidified, and a large figure tumbled out. At first, it looked like a Centarumon…but observations proved that assumption incorrect.

The quadruped was a 9-foot tall centaur, to be sure, but it was slightly different. The horse part was covered in thin brown fur, and the tail was made of long black hair. The hoofs were also black, shining like obsidian. The horse legs were thick and hardy, hinting at their muscular power. As for the human portion of the centaur, it was a lithe, yet well-built body covered by a white undershirt, a caramel-colored button-up vest, and a blue long-sleeved coat with two coattails draping over the horse's back. A brown musket with a silver barrel was in a holster on the human's back, and a single fencing saber was in a black sheath that was strapped to his side. He wore a black tricorne, hiding his brown hair. His face, although slightly chubby, possessed a sense of determination…a sense that his worried black eyes lacked.

"Goodness," muttered the man, his voice carrying a slight British accent. "I was almost done for back there…"

He looked up, glancing at the children around him.

Then they glared.

"HOLY ARMOR ENERGIZE!" yelled TK and Kari, their bodies becoming swathed in the familiar protective covering of the Armors of Hope and Light, respectively.

Agumon warp-digivolve to…Wargreymon!

Gabumon warp-digivolve to…MetalGarurumon!

Wargreymon…MetalGarurumon…DNA-Digivolve to…Omnimon!

Hawkmon armor-digivolve to…Shurimon: The Shinobi of Sincerity!

Armadillomon…Double Armor Digivolve to…Sentinelmon!

Wormmon digivolve to…Stingmon!

Stingmon digivolve to…Dinobeemon!

Patamon digivolve to…Angemon!

Angemon digivolve to…MagnaAngemon!

Gatomon digivolve to…Angewomon!

Palmon digivolve to…Togemon!

Togemon digivolve to…Lilymon!

Biyomon digivolve to…Birdramon!

Birdramon digivolve to…Garudamon!

Tentomon digivolve to…Kabuterimon!

Kabuterimon digivolve to…MegaKabuterimon!

Gomamon digivolve to…Ikkakumon!

Ikkakumon digivolve to…Zudomon!

The centaur blinked as he stared at the ten Digimon in front of him.

7 Ultimates. Two Armor Digimon. And Omnimon, the DNA Digimon who was born of two Megas.

Not only that, but the two children clad in armor.

He smiled. Perfect.

"Tell us who you are!" demanded Tai.

"And what have you done with Davis and Veemon?" finished Omnimon.

The centaur blinked. "Hmm? What happened?"

"A bolt of lightning shot out of your portal, and now they're gone," explained Ken, a cold edge to his voice. "Now explain yourself."

Ah, thought the centaur with a frown. "It would seem my departure from my previous locale led to a rather unfortunate event; I was trying to escape from my foe, and his attack nearly killed me. I suppose the portal I opened was…incomplete because of it." The Digimon sighed. "I would venture that he is now in another Digital World, or perhaps another Earth."

Everyone blinked. What was this Digimon saying?

Finally, Angewomon asked, "Who are you?"

The Digimon grimaced. "I am a Mega-level Digimon by the name of Revemon. And I am traveling to all of the Digital Worlds in search of assistance."

Everyone paled; other Digital Worlds! The thought of it was astounding. There's more than one? Izzy frowned; none of the Order's records given to him by Gennai had EVER mentioned this. "Assistance? What do you mean?"

Revemon frowned as a deathly serious glare came to his dark eyes. "I am seeking out the strength of those on all Digital Worlds…and you all seem like battle-hardened warriors. I need you to come with me."

"And if we refuse?" replied Matt with a snort, not trusting this Digimon at all.

Revemon's response sent a chill down the bones of the Digidestined.

"If I do not get the assistance needed for this battle, then this world will die."


Davis and Veemon didn't know what to think.

One second, they were in Odaiba, wrestling on the grass.

Then a portal had opened up.

Then whiteness.

It was so disorienting.

Davis and Veemon looked around warily, trying to make sense of things. Where were they? When were they? Who were they? WHAT were they? How were…okay, I'll stop now.


"Yes Davish?" Their voices seemed to echo, even though there was nothing for the sound waves to bounce off of. Truly disorienting, this glowing white expanse was.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

"Me too. It's like my skin's all tingly, but without any goosebumps!"

"I know, isn't that weird?"

"Not only that, but what's that tree doing there?"

"Huh?" Davis looked around to see a tree falling with them, alongside several patches of ground and the rubber ball. "…huh?"

Then he suddenly realized something.

It made him scream.


"What Davish?"

"We're falling!"

"Oh…that's a bad thing, right?"



Moments later, the duo, the three, the ball, and the grass clippings fell through a single point in the whiteness, emerging into another world.

They all crashed into a sandy desert area. The tree splintered into fragments, showering the ground with leaves and wooden dust. Davis grimaced as he got to his feet, brushing sand off of his blue shorts and white T-shirt. The Child of Miracles groaned as he pulled off his orange and white sneakers, letting sand flow out of them. "Eck. Sand in my shoes."

"BLEH! Sand in my mouth!" sputtered Veemon as he spat out the irritating grains.

As his partner continued showering the ground with sand-laden saliva, Davis took a good look around.

It was obvious that they were in a desert. The sun was setting, tinting the sky with shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Clouds stretched across the horizon, their image colored a darkened purple by the contrasting light of the sun. Mesas and plateaus dotted the flat desert, surrounding a small town less than a mile to the east. It seemed a lot like a town one would see in a spaghetti Western, complete with a saloon, a water tower, a Control Spire, a-

Wait a second. Davis turned his gaze back towards the tall black object standing in the middle of the town. It IS a Control Spire! What the heck?

"Scuse' me."

Davis and Veemon looked up.

They blinked at the sight of a Centarumon aiming his right arm cannon at the two.

Atop his back was a boy about Davis' age, clad in black denim jeans and brown cowboy boots, complete with jagged spurs of silver. He wore a blue button-up shirt, complete with a rugged brown leather jacket; a golden medal in the fashion of a star was affixed to his jacket. Two silver Magnums were in his possession, safely secured inside two black holsters tethered to his belt. His fuzzy dark hair was covered by a brown cowboy hat, and his eyes were hidden by purple shades with golden rims.


Purple shades?

Davis suddenly paled. "Ken? Why are you dressed like…the Digimon Emperor…?"

The 'Digimon Emperor' frowned. "What are you talkin' about? Foolish little boy…didn't think I'd see another human with a partner in these parts. Thought I'd rounded them all up already…and the name's not 'Digimon Emperor'. 'Round these parts, I'm known as the Digimon Sheriff."

Davis and Veemon blinked.

"And you, pardner, are under arrest."

"WHA?" yelped Davis out of surprise. "WHAT FOR?"

The Digimon Sheriff smirked. "Fer being out of jail. My law throughout the land is that all humans with partners are to be imprisoned. How else am I s'posed to keep the order with you partners lollygagging around and mucking up my lovely Control Spires?"

Davis growled. "Yeah? Well guess I'll just have to break them down! Just like before!"


Davis froze as a bullet hit the ground at his feet. The Sheriff had already drawn his left Magnum and fired a shot. He's…fast!


Davis resisted the urge to wet himself as five more bullets hit the ground behind him. They had all whizzed by his face, leaving only tiny cuts on the skin of his face. And a good shot at that!

The Digimon Sheriff chuckled. "Did I fire all six shots, or only five? Heh, in all this excitement I lost count myself. But the real question you have ask yourself is: do you feel lucky?"

A thud.

Davis and Veemon looked behind them, seeing the massive figure of Stingmon standing above them. The insectoid Champion growled, "Well? Do ya, PUNK?"

At this, Davis could only wonder in amazement. What the heck is going on!


/The Nexus/

A portal opened up inside the strange space station, and out came Revemon and the Odaiba Digidestined.

MegaKabuterimon blinked. "Where the heck are we?"

The room they were in was massive; at least a mile long, with a ceiling height of 1,000 feet. A single column stood in the midst of the circular room, colored silver much like the floor and ceiling. All around the room was a single window, showing the glowing, misty realm of the Nexus outside. Above the 500-foot tall window was an outstretched platform the circled the whole room, allowing for access to a number of doors and elevators that led to other parts of the station. Thin discs sat on the floor, allowing for access to the platform.

Which the Digidestined didn't really need, seeing as how they were already on the platform.

Revemon said, "Welcome. This orbital station belongs to my master. It was his idea to seek out the denizens of the other Digital Worlds to combat this new threat."

As Revemon spoke, Ken and Izzy were both thinking. Who was this 'master' that Revemon spoke of? What was this 'new threat'? And, for that matter, how did they access the other Digital Worlds?

For that matter, how did the other Digital Worlds even EXIST?

Revemon's hooves clattered as he walked away, saying, "This entire station is yours to explore. I will come when my master is ready to see you." The Mega Digimon calmly entered one of the nearest doors – which were quite large at 10 feet – and left the 11 Digidestined and 10 Digimon behind.

Omnimon looked around and asked, "Well, now what?"

"It seems we're free to do as we please," muttered Zudomon, briefly having wicked thoughts of finding a lot of toilet paper and coating the place with it. What can you say? He was ticked.

"No bad thoughts buddy," said Joe, recognizing the look on his partner's face. Zudomon merely grumbled.

TK frowned as his wings twitched. "Something about this smells fishy…we still don't know where Davis went…"

"We'll find out eventually, I hope," said Cody with a small frown. "In the meantime, we should just wait."

"…maybe we could wait in the lobby?" asked Dinobeemon as he pointed at one of the nearby doors. Everyone turned; above the door was a sign that said: 'THIS WAY TO LOBBY'.

Sora blinked. "A lobby?"

"Maybe they'll have some food!" cheered Sentinelmon.

Angewomon sighed. "This isn't the time to be thinking about food."

Kari Kamiya shrugged as she walked towards the door, her armor still shimmering. "Well, we don't really have anything else to do." She reached for the button to open the door…and, to her surprise, someone opened it from the other side.

Her eyes met the eyes of the one on the other side.

And she screamed, falling back onto the floor.

"KARI?" yelled everyone as they gathered around the door.

But once they saw the person on the other side, they could only gasp. It was no wonder Kari had screamed.

"Huh. It's you…" somberly said the person.

He was instantly recognizable.

Khaki pants. Black combat boots. Blue T-shirt. White gloves.

Spiky hair of a light-brown color.

Green eyes.

And finally, the Crest of Wisdom, hanging around his neck.

"I never thought I'd see your faces again," muttered Shaun Kamiya.


To be continued…

Next time…

Issue #2: Wild Wild West


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