Written by Christine and Jessica

The Magic Bridle Kingdom Hearts Club

Chapter One: Veronica's Dream

All around me, I could see white. My bedroom had disappeared.

The voice I had heard many times before said, 'You and your friends will help Sora and his friends defeat evil all over the creative world. You have no choice in this.' Then the voice stopped. It was a high pitched voice, but I couldn't tell if it belonged to a girl or a boy.

Around me I could see Traverse Town, and could hear the voices of people talking and having fun. I wondered whose voice it was that always talked to me. I stepped forward, but then the world turned to white again. Another scene appeared.

I saw other worlds. Places I had never seen before. They flashed by me and then they were gone. My bedroom was back to normal, and I felt like kicking something. I got out of bed and kicked my dresser. It shook and cosmetics rattled around atop it. I hugged my foot to myself, crying softly. I was so confused. Why me?