My Tin of Soup

By Blessed Eternity

The sequel won't be as serious, and stuff as the prequel. Just to let you know, prior to reading it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.


"I know, all this psychology stuff may just be a hobby or an interest to some of you guys out there. But, if you actually become a therapist, or a psychologist, helping someone resolve problems can be one of the most rewarding jobs of the century," Sakura stated, holding a pen in her hand, pointing from one random student to the other.

"What a bunch of baloney. You'd think that this crap helps the human mind over come problems, but the truth is, only the mind can cure itself," A spontaneous student shouted.

"You have a point, but it's up to you, to help guild the human mind to the right place, and show them how they can help themselves. You must convince and succeed in convincing to save someone from their head. I was in therapy with Tsunade-sama just a year ago, but she helped me through it. I use to be a therapist in training myself, but that was until I realized how little of this therapist population was here in Konoha. I had to help the new generation realize how important it is," Sakura stated professionally.

The bell rang throughout the class room as students began to ruffle through their belongings.

"Don't forget about the brief 12-page essay due Monday," Sakura shouted before any students exited. Sakura began to pack her papers and stack them neatly into a briefcase of her own. She approached the exit to the room until a tall man stopped her.

"Sakura, you promised me lunch today," He stated, smiling at Sakura.

"Sai-kun! I thought you were day off today," Sakura replied.

"I am," He smiled once again. She couldn't help but to let out a girlish giggle.

"Sorry, but I have papers to grade today. No time at all for coffee," She denied.

"Aw, well there's always tomorrow, isn't there, Sakura-chan," Sai stated confidently. Sakura nodded and walked away.

The streets were always crowded at this time of day. All she wanted was a small bite before heading home. Nowadays, she still lived with Ino who was more than willing to let her stay until she found an apartment of her own. Then again, Ino was never home to cook anything. She did have a life, after all. Sakura walked along the streets, looking through all the choices of restaurants. Then she saw the familiar little Soupery she went to everyday. Her eyes twinkled with lust as the scent of good soup filled her nostrils. She decided to settle for the usual. Sakura entered the Soupery and took a few more whiffs of the delicious smell. This was definitely her place. She walked up to the counter, suddenly greeted by no other than Rock Lee.

"Sakura-chan! Running a little late today huh? What can I get for you?" The unusually happy man greeted.

"Lee-kun, what's the special?" Sakura questioned. She did not care what type of soup she drank from this place. Every type of soup here was a miracle happening in your mouth. It was the world's best soup.

"Well, today we have the Tomato Soup Special with green peppers and a free grilled cheese on the house," Lee replied, with a sparkly wink. Sakura giggled a bit.

"Well thank you Lee, I'll take it," Sakura swept out her wallet, ready to pay.

"What size? Bowl, tin, or container? For here or to go?" Lee questioned once more before heading off to give the order.

"I'll have tin and for here please," She replied.

"$5.97 is your total," He stated. He busily rushed back into the kitchen as he took Sakura's exact change and threw it miraculously neatly into the register. He came back in a brief moment, handing Sakura her soup on a tray.

"I'll have a Tomato Soup Special with green peppers and a grilled cheese," A husky voice ordered from behind Sakura. Strangely, it was a familiar tone.

"Ah, the usual! $5.97 is your total," Lee repeated once again. Sakura turned around to face the familiar figure. She looked up to face him, only to find her ex-husband, dearest Sasuke-kun.

"Sasuke?" Sakura quietly stated. He peered down at the small woman in front of him.

"Sakura?" He replied, a bit surprised to see her.

It was the most awkward thing in the world, sitting across from your ex, having lunch/ dinner with them in a Soup restaurant. It was the last place she expected to see him. Since when did he drink soup? Why didn't he ever drink the soup she use to make him?

"So, how's everything?" She questioned politely.

"Pretty good," He replied, taking a sip of his tomato soup. "How come I never see you around here?"

"I usually come an hour earlier. I was just running late today," She replied. "How about you? You must come here pretty often to get the Rock Lee 'on the house' discount."

"I come daily. It's a bit strange because I was running late too. I usually get here an hour earlier," Sasuke truthfully amended.

"Strange how we run into each other when both of us happen to be late," Sakura smiled. She dipped her grilled cheese into the tomato soup for a moment, and pulled it back up, taking a bite in the soggy end. Then there was an awkward silence. She began to look around the shop, uncomfortable with staring into her husband's onyx eyes. She could feel his eyes on her all this time. Then, her eyes landed on the table. That was when she noticed he was still wearing their wedding ring.

"So, how's the university?" Sasuke questioned curiously.

"Great. Its good pay and I helped five kids get scholarships so far," She replied. "How are things at the office? Planning on marriage yet?"

She saw Sasuke practically choke on his soup. He wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Pardon?" He demanded for clarification.

"I mean, you're still seeing Jill, aren't you?" Sakura questioned.

"Actually we stopped seeing each other a while ago," Sasuke truthfully stated.

After seeing her ex-husband again, she couldn't seem to get him out of her head. He just changed so much… The last time she spoke to him, he was angry, defying and demanding all at the same time. That was the day they filed their divorce. Now, he seemed just like the Sasuke she met six years ago. She sighed at the frustration she was getting from all this thinking and continued to grade the psychology papers.

"Sakura," Ino voiced, startling Sakura.

"You scared me," said Sakura as she turned around to face her best friend.

"I'm going to a business party tomorrow night. There's going to be free alcohol! Want to join me?" Ino offered deliciously.

"Thanks Ino, but I'd prefer to keep my brain cells," She rejected.

"Oh come on! I haven't gotten laid in three months! Heck, I haven't had a steady boyfriend for years! I can't get a guy if he's surrounded by friends you know. You'll have to distract them for me," Ino hinted suggestively. Sakura let out a sigh at the blonde's pitiful attempts.

"If you say so," She accepted.

The grand ballroom held a vintage touch. There was a 42 foot chandelier hanging above their heads and the walls were English elegant. Sasuke felt as if he'd become an outcast all of a sudden. While every other man was wearing a simple black tuxedo with a bow tie, he had to pick up the wrong suit from the dry cleaners. He was the only man there, wearing a long white tuxedo, with collars popped and sleeves folded. Heck, he looked like a vampire from Pennsylvania.

Then again, he was receiving a numerous amount stares from the female population. All the females were dressed in their ankle length, colorful dresses, and there he was, standing out among all the men, wearing a white tux. Everywhere he looked; there was blue, green, red, yellow, purple, orange and any other color you could think of. He sighed and took a gulp of red wine.

"Sasuke! What the hell are you wearing?" Naruto charged up to his best friend, demanding to know why he was wearing such an outfit.

"I picked up the wrong suit," He gritted through his teeth. Naruto fixed Sasuke's crooked black bow tie for the third time that night. "Why the hell do you keep doing that?"

"It's crooked, stupid!" Naruto argued.

"Ino! Wait for me! I can't walk in this giant thing! The end of this dress is way too long!" Sakura shouted from afar. Ino sighed and walked back to her best friend, who was wearing a stunning long white dress, with a black collar around her neck. The dress was slit from fingertip length and down, revealing two smooth legs occasionally with black high heels on her feet.

"Get use to it! You're going to be here all night!" Ino shouted. On the other hand, Ino was wearing a perfectly fit to body red dress, which was suppose to be Sakura's until Ino spilled grape soda on her blue dress and made a huge deal out of it. They entered the grand ballroom, only to find tens of people, clustered everywhere around the ballroom. "Oh boy, so many sexy guys to choose from!"

Sakura rolled her eyes as she proceeded to the bar to get perhaps a shot or two.

"Sakura, where are you going?" Ino called.

"I think I'm going to depend on drinks tonight," Sakura stated.

"Damn it, stop fixing my bow! It's fine!" Sasuke shoved Naruto away from himself, finally not being able to handle it.

"Just trying to get you to look nice!" Naruto shouted.

"For what?" Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Look… It's Sakura-chan," Naruto pointed over to the bar not so far away. Naruto stared at his best friend and smiled.

"So…?" Sasuke questioned.

"Waiter, give me a shot please! Your strongest," Sakura demanded. The waiter was gone in an instant to get Sakura her alcohol.

"Sakura," Sasuke called. She quickly turned around to face her ex-husband, a bit stunned that he was here.

"Sasuke, what are you doing here?" Sakura questioned, quite embarrassed by herself for making it look like she was an alcoholic.

"Your shots ma'am," The waiter slammed the glasses onto the bar counter.

"Sakura, you really shouldn't be drinking here. People can take advantage of you," He stated with concern.

"Well, there's really nothing better to do," She replied quickly.

"Let me get rid of these for you," Sasuke stated as he lifted the two shots.

"What are you going to do with them?" Sakura questioned. Sasuke hoisted his hands in the direction of no other than Rock Lee. Then, he was off. No sooner than a moment later did Naruto appear in front of her.

"Naruto, you're here too?" Sakura surprisingly stated.

"Yeah, I see you met with Sasuke," He stated, giving her an abominable wink.

"So…?" Sakura questioned. The familiarity of her words amused Naruto greatly.

"Sakura-chan, he changed," Naruto suddenly avowed.

"I can see that," She responded.

"You should give him a chance," Naruto suggested.

"What? You're such a hypocrite! Weren't you the one who was urging me to leave the damn 'teme'?" Sakura mocked indigenously.

"Well that was then. He was a jerk. We all know it. He changed so much Sakura. You should've seen him the first few months you were gone. He was so devastated, it made me sad," Naruto stated.

"Well I didn't think it would make a difference, considering the fact that he was never around to even spare me a glimpse," Sakura logically detested.

"Look at him now Sakura. He's different. He changed because he knew how much you hated him," Naruto informed. "Give him a chance."

Deep in her heart, she really did. She turned around to object when she realized Naruto disappeared. Darn him…

"So, what do you want to do?" Sasuke questioned, all of a sudden appearing.

"Huh? Oh, I don't care. Really," Sakura stated.

"You should be careful with your words. If it was any other man, he might've thought otherwise," Sasuke stated. Sakura placed her hands on her hips, about ready to yell at him for scolding her for not being careful.

"Hey, I can take care of myself!" Sakura burst. Suddenly, a hand was lifted off her hip, and held closely to Sasuke's lips. Her cheeks began to burn. Then she felt his other hand softly caressing her cheek.

"Let's dance," He softly whispered. She didn't refuse.

It was once again, almost the end of class. Sakura sighed in frustration as the students playfully scolded her for not grading their essays on time.

"I'll have them done, don't worry about it," Sakura assured. The bell rang just in time as the students exited the room. Then, no other than the almighty Sai-kun walked up to our Sakura-chan.

"How about that coffee?" He questioned. She smiled at him.

"Sorry Sai. I have a date."

The End

Naruto: I knew she was going to forgive him!

Ino: Hand over the big bucks Kakashi, Tsunade. I didn't pay little to get that white gown.

Naruto: Yeah! I had to bribe the laundry guy so he would give Sasuke that ugly junk!

Kakashi: -sigh- Fine. But what about that Sai guy? He doesn't have a happy ending.

Tsunade: Bah, who cares! The only thing important to me is why Sasuke gave Lee those shots! They were so mine!

Ino: That white suit wasn't ugly junk. It was totally hot.

Blessed Eternity: This One Shot has fan art. Look at my profile. There are two pictures. One is Sasuke sitting on a bed, and the other is of Sakura and Sasuke at the ball. Look for it!