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Disclaimer: Ok I don't own anything to do with Batman the animated series, i tried to get the rights to it but DC comics told me that i actually have to win lotto before they will consider my offer so i am unofficially borrowing the characters and ideas.

This is a more serious Batman and Robin story was supposed to be a funny one but i kinda strayed from the formula basically Dick gets kidnapped and Bruce finds out he is too self absorbed in himself. This is my first fanfic and published it under many many nagging emails from RGreen. Enjoy

Dick was slowly drifting between two realms the realm of sleep and the realm of reality he wasn't sure which one he wanted to be a part of so his body chose for him. His eyes opened to reveal a room that didn't look to promising for his immediate future. It looked like who ever had given him the sedative wanted to work out how his anatomy worked as there was many nice, shiny new surgical equipment trying, to break free of the bonds that kept him in place he soon realised he was loosing the battle. When he had decided to give up on the intention of struggling free he relaxed against his bonds and looked up to the ceiling to see one of the surgical lamps above him before he could curse out loud he heard a laugh that no one would have been able to forget. Joker then walked through the door dressed like a doctor with Harley following him.

"Well well Mr. Grayson I see your here for a check up what seems to be the problem?" Joker asked looking at a fake chart,

"Seems everywhere I look all I see are idiots." Dick replied with out thinking Joker put down the 'chart' and looked thoughtful.

"Hmm, I think we can help with that Harl...please leave the room ha ha ha ha ha" Joker laughed at his own joke while Harley was making up her mind on whether to leave or not. Evidently she decided to stay as she went next to Joker and waited for her next order.

"What do you want Joker" Dick stated in a voice of obvious boredom Dick wasn't too sure but he could have sworn his face smiled even more as he sat next to Dick in a chair with his legs crossed at the knees.

"Well you see my young friend as you no doubtedly know, being friends with Bat face and Birdbrain every plan that i have of trying to kill them out of their hideout has failed, so with your help I'm going to try to kill them in the most humiliating way and your going to help me." Joker replied Dick was trying very hard not to laugh at this point with Harley playing 'weddings' with two dolls one in a white dress another in a tux that looked like her and Joker.

"And how am I going to do that?" Dick asked trying not to gag when joker was nose to nose with him-'hasn't he ever heard of breath mints?

"You are going to tell me who they are and I'm going to announce it to the world." Joker replied as he got up he retightened the bond around his right wrist.

"Now, now Dick we don't want you to be leaving before the fun begins..." Joker replied Harley was hardly paying attention to the men as she was occupied with her dolls,

"You know Joker; the idea of exposing Robin and Batman has been tried before what makes you think it is going to work again?" Dick asked

"Because this time I am going to have you telling me all you know about your friends." Joker said picking up a very fine scalpel and leaning over Dick's arm.

"Now, how long have you known Robin?" Joker asked...

Bruce was sitting up ready to kill Dick when he came home he specifically told him to be home by 11 not after 1 this is a school night and was only allowed out as he promised to put in extra training for the fortnight this is the last time Bruce was going to fall for that trick. Bruce changed the channel on the CT TV to see if Dick was near the grounds offcourse he wasn't that would have been responsible. That would have meant Dick followed the rules. Dammit Dick promised to be home at 11 its now 1:35am. The door to the study opened

"Dick about time you-oh sorry Alfred what can I do for you?" Bruce asked not trying to hide his temper

"Master Bruce, perhaps something has hampered Master Dick from coming back perhaps some trouble of some sort?" Alfred offered Bruce thought about that but then the Batsignal would have been sounded

"I don't think the police would call out Batman over a petty crime but Dick like you, has a strong respons-"

"Responsibility streak? Then he would have been home by 11. No Dick is seventeen old enough to now realise that he has a responsibility for his actions." Bruce replied while Alfred gave him a cup of coffee.

"Perhaps you should look for him...?" Alfred suggested in a way that only Alfred can

"No, Dick will wake up to himself one day and realise I'm not going to chase him forever." Bruce replied

"Very well Master Bruce. If that is all I think I will go to bed." Alfred said as he left the room Bruce went back to watching the security camera's. And thinking of the punishment for Dick to do while he's grounded over the next 3 months with no crime fighting!

Dick was in a haze of pain Joker has managed to slice and cut Dick and use different liquids on his wounds to make them do anything from ache to burn. Dick's worst fear was he wasn't going to die. Joker new when Dick was ready to pass out from pain that's when he stops and he and Harley wait just long enough for the pain to subside before they start the new round of torture. Dick had no way of knowing what time it was but he had a feeling it was past the 11 PM curfew that Bruce had given him. Would Bruce be out searching for him yet? Dick hoped so because he had no idea how much longer he was going to last. With out warning Dick felt a sharp blow to his cheek bone opening his eyes he saw Joker looking down at hit with a large ornament style ring that would have no trouble breaking bones if Joker wanted it to.

"So Richard ready to tell us how Gordon knows how to contact Batty?" Joker asked Dick wasn't sure if it was his desire to have an easy question or if it really was the question Joker had asked but he wasn't going to do anything to make Joker upset.

"The Batsignal...really big bright" Dick answered as much as his aching chest and bleeding mouth would allow Joker thought about it for a while and Dick saw through his good eye that Joker believed him.

"Ok Dick we'll give you that does he know each and every plan of ours?" Joker asked Dick wasn't going to answer and so Harley who had given up on her dolls after the third child poured methylated spirits on Dicks deepest cut on his right side of his chest and blew. Trying not too show the pain that it caused Dick gritted his teeth only to have his cheek start to bleed. 'Surely Bruce is near?'

"Harley I don't think Dick wants to play anymore." Dick heard Joker say before he passed out and darkness consumed him.

"What do you mean you didn't look for him?" Alfred screeched loud enough for the suburb of Gothem to hear Bruce continued on with his work

"You heard me, Dick must learn to take responsibility for his actions and if he is going to be out all night instead of accepting his punishment so b be it. Alfred Dick is seventeen more than old enough to be accountable for his own actions." Bruce replied typing away at his computer.

"Master Bruce, have you ever known Dick not to turn up when you expected him?" Alfred asked

"Yes i have." Bruce replied not looking up

"Have you ever known him to be gone for more than 35 hours with no warning or contact?" Alfred asked again

"Yes i have" Bruce answered again with out looking at him so Alfred leant very, very close to Bruce his face as hard as stone

"And why have each of those occasions occurred?" Alfred asked Bruce looked up for the first time in the past two days and verging on the second night the curtain lifted

"Oh crap!" Bruce yelled and headed to the Batcave.

"I never doubted you sir, never" Alfred replied sarcastically before cleaning up the mess Bruce made getting ready to leave.

Bruce couldn't believe how stupid and selfish he was, how could he have not thought about it sooner. Why was he so occupied in letting the idea of being betrayed by Dick consume him so much that he was inadvertently betraying Dick, 'hold on I'm finally on my way' Bruce sent out the mental offer of hope to his son hoping against hope that he was alright.

He sped down the main drag of Gothem passing many police cars but not one dared stop him as they new they couldn't catch him even if they wanted to. Bruce had no idea where to find his partner or who would have him but he new that after so many hours Dick was not going to be unscathed. He headed to Commissioner Gordon's office to see who had escaped Arkham and hasn't made a public appearance.

"Commissioner I need some information." Bruce as Batman stated Gordon looked up from his desk

"Yes what can I help you with?" Gordon asked

"I need to have a list of all the rogues out there out of Arkham and I needed it two days ago." Batman stated Gordon nodded and started the search on his computer with Batman pacing the floor.

Batman stalked the building and fighting any of Joker's goons before he managed to find the room where Joker and Harley were keeping Dick losing the last of his temper Batman stormed in the room to see Harley hit Dick and Joker yelling at him about the wrong answer.

"For the final time... Is Batty in Gothem?" Joker asked while slicing Dick's cheek

"No idea." Came the faint reply Batman snuck up on Harley and knocked her out Joker must have noticed something was out of the ordinary as he looked around with Batman in the shadows Joker didn't see him so he turned back to Dick and continued the interrogation Batman was sneaking up to him when joker turned around to give him a fight. Batman and Joker fought for awhile trying to get the upper hand but Batman was that angry he easily subdued Joker and tied him with Harley. Batman walked up to Dick to get the shock of his life Dick was naked apart from a pair of shorts and the bonds tying him to the table. He was also cut, burned, bruised and bleeding every where.

"Dick can you hear me?" Bruce asked not in the Batman voice but in his deep caring voice that is hardly used Dick's right eye fluttered open and Dick gave a weak smile.

"Its ok I'll get you out of here, I promise." Batman said as he unbuckled the bonds Dick tried to stand with Batman supporting him but even though his mind was willing his body couldn't carry through and if Batman hadn't been holding on to him he would have crumpled on the floor.

Bruce finished putting in the last stitch and bandage on Dick before he stood up to see his ward as he had never seen him before; strong, brave, and responsible. Bruce couldn't imagine what Harley and Joker must have done to him over the past two days but he new that what ever it was it wasn't something that Bruce would have been able to endure with the strength and resolve that Dick had shown. Perhaps Dick was right about Bruce in the fact that Bruce doesn't look out for him much that he is too closed minded this experience has shown him that he has taken Dick for granted and that he didn't have as much faith in him as he should have done but this is the beginning of the end.

"I promise you Dick from now on you will never have to be alone again."

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