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Alfred had a hard time contemplating why Bruce was so hard on Dick to begin with, it wasn't as if they had had a fight or anything that could consume so much rage in Bruce, He was thinking about it while he was cleaning the medical equipment that Bruce had used on Dick it seemed to have been a normal conflict between Bruce and Dick. Dick wanted to go out with some friends to the movies and possibly a game of ten pin bowling to farewell a friend who was leaving Gothem after being broken into and had heft taken from his families store and home. Bruce didn't want him to go claiming it was a school night and they should do it on a Friday night, Dick argued back that if it was going to be on a Friday or Saturday night then he would have to leave the movies or bowling alley as he would have to become Robin. Bruce argued that it would not be the case as he can do the job with out him, Dick got hot tempered as well as Bruce and they both started yelling and Alfred lost track of the argument. Bruce finally relented and allowed Dick to go and have a night with his friends, after Dick promised to put in extra training. To any one out of the loop of Bruce and Dick's arguments they would think that was good enough reason for Bruce to be mad at Dick and not want to look for him, but it was only a normal conversation not one item (including doors) were slammed, no cuss words spoken to either party.

Alfred walked into Dick's room to see that Bruce was still in the chair next to Dick's bed with Dick laying still, breathing shallow.

"Sir, would you like anything to eat or at least drink?" Alfred asked walking in the young man's room.

"No" Bruce answered, barely audibly.

"Sir, you mustn't blame yourself for young Dick's plight." Alfred consoled putting his hand on Bruce's shoulder.

"Really? I thought Dick was defying me and I stood my stupid ground saying that Dick is old enough to take responsibility for his own actions…and what happens? He nearly dies at the hands of Joker and Harley." Bruce retorted thrusting his hand in his black hair he got out of the chair and looked out the window.

"I remember when I first took Dick in, he was nine I promised him nothing would happen to him. Since then he has been injured, tortured and held hostage more times than I have in my entire 'Batman' career." Bruce replied

"But you and Dick have always, and will always love this. You never forced Dick into joining you on anything, if memory serves we forced you into allowing Dick into your 'career'" Alfred pointed out.

"Yes and now he is lying in bed with more cuts and scrapes than a diamond." Bruce replied.

"Sure, but he would have been in danger even if he wasn't Robin. Being the heir to Wayne Enterprises you must remember all the precautions you had to take in when you were younger. The check's to make sure you arrived and returned from where you were supposed to be, the constant security never having a moments piece. That is also what Dick faces day in and day out but you're not as subtle as I was. You care for Dick more than you want to admit as does he." Alfred replied Bruce was about to retort to the speech Alfred made but nothing came to mind. It was the truth, Alfred would make sure Bruce was OK by ringing him to make sure he remembered his coat, or it was 3pm he was to be collected Bruce would say "Are you there? Who are you with? Where are you going?"

"Parent hood has never been easy there is no 'magic book' but there is love. And like it or lump it that's what you and Dick have towards each other." Alfred replied leaving the man to dwell in his own thoughts.

Dick barely remembers what happened in the last few days. He remembers promising Bruce to be home by 11pm. He drove to the cinema where he was to meet his mates and their girlfriends but he saw, thanks to Bruce's training, a gang following a young girl. Stopping the car Dick went to intervene on the gang and their intentions, the ring leader started the fight Dick went to respond. He was caught up in a head lock and he was given a tranquilizer then Joker's annoying face…oh and Harley with the wedding dolls.

"Don't move Dick you'll rip you're stitches out." Dick heard Bruce warn him but the image was too funny to block out.

"What has Joker done now?" Dick tried to explain to Bruce the situation but he couldn't get a word in edge ways. Trying to calm himself down by thinking of another image wasn't working. Nothing that Dick was trying to do was working only the image of Joker and his wedding was staying in his mind. He was in excoriating pain every fiber of his torso was burning.

"Jo-ker…" Dick managed to get out barley.

"Joker. What is joker going to do Dick?" But that was all he could get out the laughing fits were getting stronger and the pain was getting worse every breath he takes.

Bruce was freaking out. Not something he does often but this is an exception to the rule. Dick is on the verge of hyperventilating and he sounds like Joker with the laughter. Bruce was at a lose as to find out what would have caused this to happen one minute he was still the next the laughter filled the manor! Bruce was trying to calm Dick down but all that talking to him seemed to do was cause the boy to laugh more. After a year of the laughter, but was only three minutes, Dick fell back into unconsciousness. Bruce went to find Alfred who was about to walk in the room.

"Keep an eye on him…I'm going to get some answers." Bruce replied Alfred walked in the room to see that Dick was resting comfortably so he sat in the now vacant chair waiting for Bruce to come back.

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