Dick was watching the television with great interest, last he heard Foxy wouldn't help Joker kill Batman as she would be too close to him. She stayed in Yates and that was the only place she would stay.

"So this new chick, err Foxy. What is her connection with you and Bruce?" The man who Dick learnt was called Jim.

"She is someone who oh how to explain? We met each other around 2 years ago through an accident, I ended up in her 'territory' she was not happy to see me, she felt that we had abandoned those who needed help. We managed to get to talk to her or more correctly she did the yelling. It took us months to gain her trust the only way we could was through Brittany Ryder. Any way we started to get a friendship forming but something went wrong and Foxy blamed us." Dick said he new that was the very short and sweet version and that Jim new that but he didn't want to go into the details not when he wasn't completely sure of them himself.

"So that's all your going to tell me about her?" Jim asked

"That, and she was able to beat the crap out of Batman almost every time they met." Dick replied.

"Talented, who taught her?" Jim asked

"You know I have no idea. Think she taught herself either that or she is better at keeping secrets than I thought." Dick replied he continued to watch the screen not too sure what the whole point about the screen is.


Foxy walked into Johnny's place to see that he was surrounded by his men.

"Hey Foxy pleasure seeing you here, but we haven't done anything wrong lately." Johnny replied it was easy to see that the front he had put on was one he was learning, before he was the leader of the gang he was only part of the gang to live up to his brother's image. Foxy new that he secretly wanted to open a book store in Metropolis Britt tried to help him but his brother was killed and he was elected to be the leader.

"I know John. I actually came for some information if you mind telling me." Foxy asked she also handed him over what he would have wanted—medication, bandages, DVDs.

"Wow how did you get these?" One of the men asked looking at several random copies

"I have my ways. Do we have a deal?" Foxy asked

"What do you want to know?" Johnny asked

"You spoke to Batman about Arkham was wondering if you could tell me anything else?" Foxy asked this bought the men into looking at her as if she had grown a new head.

"Look if it was only Batman, Batgirl and Robin I wouldn't do this but it's Dick, someone I am not angry with…he's dying unless we do something." Foxy informed them to his condition amazed that he allowed her to talk so long and much.

"He really means something to you don't he?" John asked.

"He means a lot to Britt, he is her best friend. Therefore he means a lot to me." Foxy replied.

"Ok…and I thought you two hated each other." Johnny replied

"Like sisters" Foxy answered

"Ok you go down to the third floor…" Johnny filled Foxy in on the information that she would need to give to Batman to save Dick's life.

Batman was not happy, with Foxy talking to Johnny and Batgirl looking in Arkham for clues that left him looking for any cold trails. He couldn't help but notice every time Foxy came by she would take over and he would become the sidekick he always promised himself to take control next time but he never does complete the promise Foxy takes over everything.

"Batman this is Foxy…is this even on?" Foxy's voice came over the intercom

"Foxy it is on." Batman replied loving that she didn't know how to use it.

"Of course it is thank you Captain Obvious. Found Joker and Harley's hideout four corridors from Mr. Fries's hideout then directly under. Do you want more help to get the formula or do you think you can handle it?" Foxy asked Batman thought about it, could they handle Joker and Harley in their own territory or would they need Foxy's help? God he hoped not.

"Thanks for your help Foxy but I think I can handle this with Batgirl." Batman answered he swapped frequency and spoke to Batgirl about his plan.


Batgirl was not happy, why can't Batman and Foxy just pretend to get along for at least a minute, it wasn't like it was asking much. It wasn't as if Batman planned on the building to be set up in flames—he nearly died too but Foxy was as stubborn as he was, once she had an idea that's it she stuck to it and no one could change her mind…Batgirl was beginning to wonder if she took the same personality course as Bruce stubbornness 101 when she felt the unmistakeable imprint of a gun barrel to her back.

"Come with me or you get a wonderful feeling of a bullet in your kidney." A gruff voice said not being an idiot Batgirl allowed herself to be led away by the henchman to Joker.

"Ahh Batgirl where is daddy?" Joker asked he was sitting on a throne that looked like it was made out of cardboard and decorated by a five year old who had been given glitter.

"Speak of the devil." Batgirl muttered as Harley came in buzzing around like she was given straight red cordial.

"Weeeeeeee" She said as she jumped on a skateboard and was taken for a ride Joker just rolled his eyes and sighed

"Where did you find the sugar packets?" He asked

"Foxy." Harley replied Joker stopped her from moving

"When?" He asked his eyes full of fear

"Three weeks ago" Harley answered Joker sent her rolling out the door and faced Batgirl

"Hmm so is it true?" He asked leaning forward so his nose was touching hers

"Is what true?"

"That Richard Grayson is" He snapped his fingers and the song knocking on heaven's door by Bob Dylan.

"No idea have to speak to Batman about it." Batgirl lied the truth was she new he was near death but didn't want him to gloat.

"So Batsy really hasn't figured it out yet?" Joker asked siting so a leg was over the chair but the other close by.

"Figured out what?" Batgirl tried to bait him but Joker just leant his head back and laughed.

"He really has no idea does he? No of course he doesn't that would require brains" He answered his own question.

"I think we will use you as bait, take her to the cell." Joker said enjoying his brilliant idea. The idea of no more Richard Grayson, Best friend to the Batclan maybe with him out of the way Batman will realise that he is out done and Gothem will send him aside like yesterdays scraps.

"Oh happy day" Joker cried out.

Batman was waiting for the henchman to bring Batgirl to the cell so he could grab her and get the antidote for Dick, he just got off the phone to Alfred, the doctor claims Dick has three hours to go until his kidneys shut down then its only a matter of days before—before he could finish his thought Batgirl was led to the cell by two men jumping on one and taking him out he allowed Batgirl to knock out the other one. Locking them in the cell they headed back to the 'throne room' to the Prince of crime.

"Give it up Joker." Batman said as he walked in with Batgirl.

"No you want a peanut butter sandwich you make one this is mine." Joker said as he took a bite out of it.

"Give me the antidote for Richard." Batman said advancing on him.

"Would love to but the only one who could do so happens to be threatening me with a knuckle sandwich." Joker responded.

"Don't follow." Batman growled Joker thought for a moment before—daringly—put his hand on Batman's shoulder.

"You are too self absorbed you need to think about others and know there strengths to help you with out that knowledge there is no way young Richard will survive." Joker said before he fell to the ground after being stunned.

"Good point." Foxy replied lowering her weapon

"Were you successful?" Batman asked Foxy grinned and held up a vial of pink liquid that looked more like steam.

"Was even gift wrapped, James is on his way I suggest we head off." Foxy said handing the vial to Batman.

"Wait need to catch up I'm on chapter three looks like you have reached chapter 12." Batgirl said while running behind them.

"In time, we need to get this to Dick before it's too late." Batman replied Batgirl new that was all she was going to get from Batman for the moment so she jumped on her bike and headed to the cave where she was going to get answers!



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