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Summary: Takes place after 'And Then There Was Squee', Pepito is in it too! YAY!

What Friends Are For

He sat silently in the empty swing set. For some reason he couldn't get away from this place. The school was such a part of his life that he wished it had burned down in the half a thousand fires Pepito had started in it.
Squee kicked at the dirt. He wondered where the big headed anti-Christ child was. He was supposed to meet him half an hour ago.
He looked up and saw a girl walking across the school ground. She was about a football fields distance away. She was some how familiar.
The way she kept her head down, the color of her hair. It was unnerving.
"You do know who that is don't you?"
Squee turned to look behind him. "Pepito, do you have to sneak up on me all the time?"
"Yes." Pepito said taking a seat in the next swing. He fell silent.
"Okay so who is she?"
The now taller anit-Christ sat up and rubbed his hands together. "She's the result of a one night stand between a lovely teenage vixen and your role model."
"Johnny had a kid?"
"A daughter!" Pepito said stressing the word. "You see shortly after that poor little wretch was conceived Johnny C. woke up in the house you now live in."
"Is this why you told me to meet you here?" Squee asked skeptically.
"Well, no, I actually wanted to know if you'd like to come see fathers' new basement design. But this works too."
Squee watched the girl slip into some bushes and disappear. "So what's her name?"
"Oh, you're going to love this. Her name is Jenny. She's a social outcast, no one knows who her father is so she's spared that. But she does have his, shall we say, tendencies?"
"How did you find all this out?" Squee asked.
Pepito gave him a sly look. "I have my sources."
"In other words you followed her."
"You have to give me points for my enthusiasm over this." He got out of his swing. "Todd, you're my friend, well as much as any one can be my friend. I was looking out for you when I got you out of that head-meat factory and I'm looking out for you now."
"You still want me to join your fathers' evil army." He leaned forward leaning on his knees.
"Oh yes that is another thing I needed to discuss with you. Turns out you couldn't join if you wanted to. You being a cosmic mistake and all that." Pepito said treating the matter as if it had no real importance. "And I would rather you not tell me what Shmee thinks of all of that either."
"I think Shmee will stay out of this one."
"Good, now, back to the girl."
"Jenny." He mumbled the word. "What do you propose I do about her?"
"Todd, has all that time in that shack wounded your sense of your human instincts? What do you think you do about a girl?"
"That's not funny."
"It wasn't supposed to be."
Squee stood up. "You're proposing I go find her and start up a relationship?"
"Nothing quite so rash as that. I just suggest that she might be a good person for you to be around." Pepito tried his best to look innocent but was pulling it off rather badly.
"What do you get out of all of this?"
He feigned surprise. "Me? Why Todd I'm hurt. You think I'm in this for personal gain?"
"No, I know you're in it for personal gain. Shmee thinks so too."
"Oh, I cannot believe this. I'm leaving. Oh, by the way." He grabbed Squee by his shoulder and spun him around. "She lives here."
Squee regained his balance and realized that not only was he alone but he was across the street a small house crowed in with others. Pepito was no where to be seen.
"That big-headed bull-horned pug-nosed bug-eyed freak is going to pay for this." He muttered.
Some movement in the alley way between a few of the houses and she appeared. She glanced around warily spotting him. She ducked back into the alley.
Perfect, she was already afraid of him.
"Pepito, you know nothing of subtlety." He started to walk away. He'd talk to her later, but not while she felt venerable.