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Aang was sitting by the river bed, splashing his feet in the water. He wanted to try to get his mind off of things. He wanted to tell Katara how he felt, but for now, he needed to get his thoughts straight, so he couldn't be thinking of her.

He looked down at the shimmering glass-like surface of the river. With a small flick of the wrist, 3 grapefruit sized orbs rised out of the water. Then they just started hovering slowly around the immediate area. It made him chuckle inside. He had spent hours practicing his waterbending with Katara. They were never closer to each other than when they practiced. But the one thing that should have reminded him the most of her was the thing that did the best job keeping her off his thoughts.

Toph saw -or felt- Aang sitting by the river. She started to go off in his direction. She was about to put Sokka's "plan" into effect.

"Why don't you just tell her, twinkle-toes?" She smiled. She had been waiting for Aang and Katara to get together for a while now. She had no problem giving them the "push" they needed to get of the ground.

"Wha-." The orbs dropped to the ground with a loud splash.

"Oh, it's you. Don't sneak up like that." He replied, half startled, and half hoping that it was Katara.

"Just tell her"

"Tell what to who?" He asked, hoping that he sounded convincing (although he knew that he wasn't)

"Don't play stupid, Aang. It's totally obvious."

"It… is?" he asked, with a frown sweeping across his face, sounding crushed that Katara might already know how he felt, and worse, hasn't even attempted to talk about it.

"Don't you worry, though; Sugar-Queen over there doesn't know anything about it." She said, pointing her thumb back to the camp site. "It's weird; she usually the smart one. You'd think that she at least recognize that something exists between the 2 of you."

Good, Katara has no clue that I… Hey! Wait a second!

"Wait, did you say 'between the 2 of you'? So does that mean Katara likes me, too?"

Toph couldn't hold back a small laugh.

"And you are just as oblivious as she is. Of course she's into you, Aang. Have you ever even listened to the way she talks to you sometimes?"

The biggest smile humanly possible ran across his face at that very moment.

"So I…She likes…We… oh thank God!" He was so ecstatic he couldn't even finish his sentences. He felt like jumping into the river in pure celebration. But finding it wiser not to, (A/N: it's pretty close to the middle of the night and he didn't exactly need a cold shower… yet. Mwahahaha) he just sighed with relief and fell over backwards.

"So why hasn't she told me?" Aang asked once his breathing returned to normal from his fit of excitement.

"Why haven't you told her?"

"I was kind of embarrassed and I didn't know how she would react…"

"Well, I guess she felt the same way, that's why she hasn't told you"

Aang took a moment to take this all in. Just a few minutes ago, he was scared to death of the possibility that Katara didn't like him back.

A few minutes went by and for a second, Toph thought that Aang had left.

"Aang?" Toph asked, wondering what was up with the sudden silence.


"So you gonna tell her or what?"

"I… I guess. I was planning to before you came to me but, I don't know how or when to tell her."

"Aang," Toph said with surprising sympathy, letting out a sigh, "Listen. I know Katara would be happy to know that you like her. As for when, wait until you are alone with her. The last thing you would want is Sokka teasing you. And the how, I'm sure you will come up with something. You seem to be good at things like that." For a second, Toph forgot that this was all a part of Sokka's plan. She really liked helping Aang with this.

"Thanks, Toph. You're a great friend."

"No problem, twinkle-toes!" She let out with a giggle.

And with that, Aang was off, headed back to camp and thinking of the perfect way of letting Katara know how he felt.

Toph sighed happily. "Alright, that's part one. And it went good enough."


"I'm going to sleep, Sokka. Good night."

"Good night, Katara" Sokka said trying his best to sound apathetic.

"G'Night Katara" Toph said loudly from the earth tent she was lying in.

End Flashback

Dream Sequence

"Huh? Where am I" Katara was standing in the middle of a … something. It was all white, and no true "floor" to speak of. It seemed like just an endlessly large white room.


"What? Who said that?"


"Aang? Aang, is that you?"

She could see Aang standing out in the distance. But it wasn't Aang. At least not the Aang she knew. He looked different. Not exactly older, but different. He looked worn and tired. Like he just went through an intense battle. His brightly colored air monk clothes were ripped and burned. She had never seen him quite like this.

"Katara… I.. I…"

"Aang! Are you ok? What are you trying to say?"

"I.. I… I love you Katara…" And just after saying this, the young avatar started fading away.

"Aang? Aang! No don't go! I love you, too!" She tried to run after him but it was as if she wasn't even moving.

And then he was gone.

"No Aang… I need you. Come back..." She said in a whimper as she fell on her knees before she broke down crying.

"Come back, Aang…"

End Dream Sequence

"Hey, Katara! Are you ok? It's almost noon already. Get Up!" It was Sokka, wondering what was taking Katara so long to get up. She was usually up hours before he was.

"Mmm, no….. Come… Come back Aang! I… love you, too… Stay with me!" Katara was mumbling in her sleep.

Sokka was on the verge of tears. This was just too funny. He did his best to keep his laughter boxed up. He was even biting his tongue so hard he could taste the blood slowly running out of it.

I can't believe how great this is working out. Toph's "words of encouragement" worked great on Aang. Now all that's left is Katara.

"I guess I should let her sleep. She will need her energy if she's gonna get through what I've got planned for them" He said softly to himself.

So their feelings are mutual... More to come. Oh yeah, and, if you havent figured it out yet, i like to use the 3 dots.