Silent in my Heart

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, Sasuke does

This story will have yaoi, mpreg, and possible pairing: Sasuke/Naruto and Kakasi/Iruka!

Wills have possible Sakura bashing! I am not sure, if you want it then as for it!

In that fateful night, twelve years ago, the Fourth Hokage Yondame, the last heir to the Uzumaki bloodline limit sealed the nine tailed beast Kyuubi in a new born baby, whose cord just cut. That child's name was Naruto. Naruto was born deaf, when he was only three-year-olds, the villagers rape and beat him to near to death and they left him to dead in the forest Naruto survived the rape and beating.

A group of foxes ( consequence? Well you decide)taken him in their family. Meanwhile a thirteen-year-old teenager named Iruka Umino( Naruto calls him Dolphin in sign language) went to check in on Naruto, on his way to the boy's house, he smelled blood and semen. Iruka ran all the way to Naruto, only find the doors have been knocked down, he felt deep down that some things is wrong, but he ignores it as he went inside the house. Iruka find blood mixed with semen on the floor, he started to have panicking attacks, he called Naruto's name a few times, he realized that he forgets Naruto cannot hear him due to Naruto is deaf.

Immensity he went to check every room for the sign of Naruto, he grew more scares for that he couldn't find his "brother." Iruka almost has a mentally broke down, he ran all the way to the Third Hokage's office, he didn't stop. The Hokage was signing some important papers when Iruka walked in without knocks on the door. He noticed worry look on Iruka's face. " What matter with you, Iruka?"said the Hokage, "Please forgiving me for walking in, but we have a problem." Said Iruka. "What is the problem?' ,said the Hokage. " Naruto is missing, when I get there the door was knocked down, and I saw blood and semen, I think that Naruto has been raped, "said Iruka. "What,Who could do that to a child"? Said the Hokage. The Hokage snapped his finger, then second later an Anbu appears in the office. "What can I do for you, Hokage?" "Gather all of the Ninja and spread out and find Naruto before it is too late!" said the Hokage. Proof the Abu was gone. " Don't worry Iruka, we will find Naruto" said the Hokage. " I hope that we are not too late" said Iruka. A little did him known that it will be years before he will see Naruto again.

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