During Harry's Fourth Year at Hogwarts, a specific blond boy was turned into a ferret. Unfortunately this little boy's inner ferret was a tad unstable.

This little plot bunny came in when I was reading a web comic that had a peculiar ferret.

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"Revenge of the Amazing Bouncing Ferret"

By Dracowar

"Don't you dare insult my mother, Potter!" snarled Draco, a very pale boy who actually blushed pink from the low blow that Harry Potter uttered.

As Harry turned away from the incensed blond, Draco started to raise and point his wand on raven haired youth's back when a loud voice interfered.

"OH NO YOU DON'T LADDIE!" boomed 'Moody,' Hogwarts fourth and probably temporary Professor of Defense against the Dark Arts.

A swish and BANG of his Magical wand and the Pureblooded enemy of Harry Potter was no more and in his place was a….white and black ferret!

The newly transfigured Draco was on all fours of his paws looking around in confusion on the stone floor. Snickering laughter were escaping from the covered mouths of students surrounding the event.

Moody in an attempt to curse the ferret stepped forward in what is to be his worst mistake.

Attracted by the clopping sound of Moody's artificial leg coming from the marble stairs, Draco looked up. His beady eyes ran up Moody's leg up to his torso until it rested on his head, more specifically the eye.

Not much is known about Draco except for his dislike for the following Muggles, Mudbloods, Muggle-lovers and Harry Potter. On second thought, he dislikes anything that doesn't fit into his perspective of a perfect Pureblood society. There is one thing for sure about Draco Malfoy liked when he looked into Moody's eye.

"OOOOOHHHHH SHINY!" squeaked Draco as he sat up on his hind legs and his eyes went from beady to Wide Open.

Moody stopped a few feet away and frowned at small creature with his magical eye and looked at Harry with the other.

"Did he get you -ahhhh!" screamed Moody as the Ferret latched on to his face.

"I wanna shiny! I want shiny thingy!" cried Draco as he grabbed the magical eyes with both paws.

Growling at his predicament, Moody quickly snatched the ferret and threw across the hall. Unfortunately, Draco managed to hold until to his eyeball as he was thrown.

"YaY! I got the Shiny! OHHHHHHHH Pretty colors" marveled the demented ferret.

Shaking with furious anger and his face changing colors as fast as his magical eye, he started stomping towards the oblivious ferret.

All the students including the Golden Trio had their mouths hitting the ground as the Prat of Malfoy actually got a one up on man who constantly cried out "CONSTANT VIGILANCE" and a former Auror to boot.

"Give back me magical eye, Rodent!" bellowed Moody.

Looking straight into the iris of the magical eye, a light bulb light up inside his small head.

"A magical eyeball! YAYYYYY. Show me the future shiny ball" demanded Draco, He started to shake Moody's eye every which way. It is impossible to tell how the Pureblood got the idea of the Muggle toy known as an Eight-Ball. None the less, it wasn't good for Moody.

After years of use with his eye, Moody was unable to maintain his balance while his eyeball was shaken and thrown into air from the absent minded ferret. To make matters worse, Draco was hitting the eye causing it to look through walls, floors, and ceiling of Hogwarts.

"Future, I want Future, Give me the Future! Shiny thing" cried Draco, bringing down the ball hard onto the floor. A few sparks flew off as the eye went dead. "Awwwww, no more colors"

Standing up from the floor with difficultly after feeling the wrath of the Amazing Ferret, Moody suddenly realized that he lost all depth perception.

"Y-Y-You broke it!" stuttered Moody. If that wasn't enough, the students' open jaws might have well gone through the floor after hearing the fearful Professor stutter. To think that it took a ferret to bring a man like Moody to his knees.

"How will I ever peek into the women's showers now?" wept Moody, making the impossible possible by having the entire student body sweat-drop.

"The first DADA Professor tried to kill me, the second was a hack, the third was okay but now we get a paranoid Pervert here at Hogwarts!" remarked Harry, shaking his head.

Everybody else simply nodded in agreement.

Looking up from the floor, Moody's remaining eye was bloodshot as he glared at Draco. "You! You will pay for that!" he growled. Standing ramrod straight, charging towards the small black and white target on the ground with his wand held like a knife ready to drive it up somewhere unpleasant.

No longer having his short attention span on the dead black eyeball, Draco looked across the hall to see once again the cyclopean Professor heading straight for him. Thinking that the Cyclops wanted his black yet shiny ball, "No, not yours mine! My shiny!" Squawked Draco as he turned around and started to bounce away from the enraged Wizard only to trip and fall off the floor down the stairs.

Last thing heard from the Amazing bouncing Ferret were his screams as he fell past the moving staircases was "OH NOES!"

The End?

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