During Harry's Fourth Year at Hogwarts, a specific blond boy was turned into a ferret. Unfortunately this little boy's inner ferret was a tad unstable.

This little plot bunny came in when I was reading a web comic that had a peculiar ferret.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and characters do not belong to me. Harry Potter novel series belong to J.K. Rowling. Sluggy characters are the property of Peter Abrams, creator of Sluggy Freelance comics.

Chapter 2: Ferret met Mr. Ghost

The small black and white ferret held onto his shiny ball has fell the down the chasm between the magical moving stairs. Not one of those stairs moved in time to catch and break the creature's fall. His screams echoed down into the pit of darkness falling without resistance. If he had let go the object of his affections, his descent would have slowed down for something to grab on to. Alas it was not to be as his small fragile body crashed onto the hard stone floors of the dungeons. Broken bones, torn muscles and the pool of blood spilling onto the floor staining it red would be the only evidence of what should been the remains of Draco Malfoy. Draco Malfoy the Prat, the idiot, the moron(Ron), the git, the… (Ron)...the… (Ronald!)

Ron Weasley woke up from his blissful day dream of Malfoy's end at the bottom of dungeons when Hermione Granger started calling out his name.

Shaking his head, Ron looked to his left at his bushy haired and bookworm friend, Hermione, "Blimey, Hermione I just had the wonderful thought. I dreamt that Malfoy was turned into ferret and was chased down by Moody until he feel to his death down the edge of the stairs." Said Ron.

Hermione frowned at her friend as she whispered, "Ron that wasn't dream. Professor Moody actually did transfigured Malfoy into a ferret and chased him down after he lost his eye."

"So..Moody and Draco…" remarked Ron as Hermione nodded along, "So it wasn't a dream then?"

Hermione shook her head only to jump back in surprise as Ron started doing a dance and chant.

"BLOODY HELL! Malfoy's Dead, Malfoy's Dead, Malfoy's D-E-A-D" spelled out Ron.

Hugging her books to her chest, Hermione blushed Gryffindor colors as she saw the most embarrassing moment of her life. Her best friend has gone bonkers. Unable to deter her friend or reprimand him for his language could only hope that no one else noticed. Fortunately, no one else didn't noticed as everyone else other than Slytherin started their own chants and dances after having similar thoughts.

Meanwhile among the Slytherins, a Fourth Year pug nosed girl started to whine to two very large and very dull boys by the name of Crabbe and Goyle. Pansy Parkinson has a small crush turned obsession of the blond boy since First Year and the only ones able to hear her screeching are the two things by her side.

"Oh my Drakie-Poo went down the hole" complained Pansy, Dumb and Dumber could only nod since Merlin knows if they have the gift of speech.

Turning around she glared at the two boys, "We have to save him!" she demanded, two simultaneous grunts were the only response.

Warm air from the cold dungeons swept up into the air passing the stone walls, moving paintings, magical stairs and a little furball going….

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" squealed Draco, Having so much fun as he fell down into the darkness below.

His body twisted and turned as he did stunts that Muggle extreme athletes would envy. The shiny and dent-resistant eyeball would often a step or handle bar of the moving stairs allowing him to slow down his descent. One last stair case move into position for him to bounce safely into the dungeons.

"That was fun, AGAIN!" he screamed.

Down the halls, through large ancient wood door into the Potions classroom, Severus Snape could swear he heard a faint noise. Dismissing it as another child's cry of a broken dream after being told he would save the Wizarding World trouble by snapping his wand. Snape returned back to work with a smirk on his face grading the First Years essays with Dreadful and Troll.

Distracted from the sheer joy of falling to his death, Draco didn't know that his shiny magically dead eyeball was rolling away from him.

"Ohhh, creepy! Ain't it creepy shiny ball?" asked Draco, turning around to find it "Shiny ball? Shiny ball! No!"

His wide eyes started to glisten and unshed tears started to build up. Knowing that his shiny ball is now lost and alone without his best of buds, Draco, he did the only sensible thing. He cried.

"Bwahahahahaah, I lost my shiny!" said Draco, only to swivel his head to right and cry out "Oh! What's that!"

He then started to bounce off further down the hall towards Snape's classroom.

No longer amused of seeing her friend dancing like an idiot for the possible death of a very spoiled and cruel classmate, nonetheless a classmate, Hermione brought her greatest weapon.

"Ronald Weasley, You will put you shirt back on this instant or I swear I'll owl your mother" screamed Hermione in her best Molly-voice.

That did the trick, she thought, as Ron quickly stopped waving his shirt like a flag and put his robe back on.

Hearing snickering behind her, Hermione turned around and looked gave her best glare at one Harry Potter. Only to be interrupted.

"What is going on here?" shouted a voice.

Coming down the stairs was Professor McGonagall with suspicious face looking at the gaggle of students laughing and dancing.

"I don't remember any Professor giving permission for a ball here" sniffed McGonagall, catching Moody in the crowd, she could only stare"Professor Moody what has happen to your eye?"

The great Auror who had defeated countless Dark Wizards and could no longer tell the difference between a handshake and attempted murder was a broken man. No longer able to keep his habit at peeking into women bathrooms or be CONSTANT VIGILANT merely stay there kneeled looking down the chasm where Draco fell.

Hermione took the initiative and informed the situation to the Transfiguration Professor.

"Are you telling me that a Professor actually transfigured a student and he just fell down to what could be his death, Miss Granger?" shrieked McGonagall.

"That is correct, Professor" replied Hermione.

"Very well then, I will escort Professor Moody to Madame Pomfrey and fetch her to see to Mr. Malfoy once we find him." Said McGonagall as she pulled Moody and started walking towards the Hospital Wing.

"I wonder why the Professor didn't go down to the dungeons to get that prat?" asked Ron.

"I'm guessing she doesn't want a pervert around the students, mate" answered Harry.

"Doesn't matter, we better find Malfoy" said Hermione, stepping down the stairs heading to the dungeons.

"Oy, Hermione. Why do we need to do such a thing? I mean if Malfoy is hurt wouldn't it better to leave him?" said Ron. "Besides, I'm hungry"

"Honestly Ron, is there a time you don't think of food" questioned Hermione.

Ron simply shook his head and said a simple "No."

Hermione sighed at Ron's absent mindness at times while Harry smiled at his friends bickering. He then looked down where Draco fell minutes ago.

"I hope Fred and George don't find him first" said Harry.

Walking down the stairs without looking back, "Why do you say that Harry?" said Hermione.

"Well, Draco was a bit off as ferret and caused this much trouble just think what would happen if they got hold of him"

For the second time of the day, Ron cursed. "Bloody Hell"


Draco had a spring in his bounce…actually he was springing five feet into the air. He was quite happy. Oh very happy. Oh how terribly happy. Draco just made a new friend.

A little man wearing a bowtie and bell covered hat floated in front of Draco and started into his eyes with a wicked glint.

"Oooooh! An ickle ferret lost in Hogwarts" said the little man.

"Hi! My name is… Dra…ackie…kiki?" stuttered Drac…Kiki

"Kiki, I've heard about you all the up there" sang the little man while pointing up. "We are going to the best of friends!"

"Really! Whats your name, best friend who floats." Asked Kiki.

With wide mouth opened to reveal a wide and mad grin, "I am called Naughty Naughty very Naughty PEEVES " shouted the Poltergiest.

In his office, Snape suddenly shivered, having a ill feeling of what is to come. Hopefully, he thought it was the dungeons being draftier than usual.