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"Well, well, if it isn't the little xeno-girl herself."

"…slag," she cursed under her breath, drawing a shocked look from her friend as she turned to face the music. "Hello, Anna."

Already she knew that this was going to be a painful experience as the girl sneered at her, blue eyes seething with unfathomable disdain at the blond haired girl in front of her. "I thought they would have kept freaks like you and your family locked away in a science lab over the summer," Anna said with a sniff, brushing a few strands of black hair out of her face. "Had I known that you were gonna be here, I'd of brought my freak-repellant. I don't need to catch whatever diseases those giant monsters are giving you and your brother. Speaking of which…" She looked around with a critical eye, noticing the lack of the latter person. "I noticed he isn't here. What's the matter? Did he finally get some sense knocked into him, or did one of your Autodork friends step on him for being a pest?"

Lauren felt a flare of anger rush through her veins, but she bit back the words she wanted to say and sighed. "You know, Anna, as much as I'm sure that you would like that, he's very much alive," she told the uptight girl, noting that she was dressed a little too fancy for camping. "He had to stay home for summer school."

Her reaction to the news, rather than simply dropping it and moving on like she'd hoped, was to simply burst into a fit of high-pitched guffaws. "Summer school?" she cackled wildly, as though it were the most hilarious thing in the world. "That is just too rich! I guess knowing those walking-tin-cans doesn't grant you guys any intelligence at all! What a riot, hahahaha!"

"At least he's smart enough to know he's not perfect," she retorted in annoyance. "Unlike certain little spoiled brats."

"Why you little-!"

Mr. Sabor—having heard enough—stepped between them and blocked their view of one another, effectively stopping their argument. "So, you must be Anna Nogrene," he said as he looked at the checklist, marking off one of the names that hadn't been called out. Tucking the pen behind his ear, he gave her a pointed look and asked, "Would you care to explain why you were almost late for the bus? And why you are antagonizing a fellow camper?"

"Oh, I'm sorry sir," she apologized to him, sounding as though she were talking to a respected teacher and not wanting to get in trouble. "My Daddy's private jet came in a little late, so I had to rush over here. It won't happen again, though, I promise. As for her-" she threw a dark glare at Lauren, the searing heat of the glares between the two almost hot enough to see sparks clash, "-my Daddy told me to never associate with the likes of her and her family because of the Autobots. It's because of the likes of them that everything's getting destroyed, and her family is only going to keep encouraging it until there's nothing left of Earth!"

"You take that back!" Lauren snapped as she started towards her, only to be blocked by Mr. Sabor's arm. "The Autobots are trying to save everyone from the Decepticons and actually care about humans. They just want peace!"

"If they want peace so bad, then they should just go away and mind their own business! We don't need them taking over our government's protection just because they're bigger than us!"

"Now that's enough!" Mr. Sabor ordered, looking between the two seething girls. "I don't know what sort of history you two have with one another, but it ends right here, right now." The two girls turned away from one another with twin huffs, earning a heavy sigh from the councilor as he shook his head. "We'll get this figured out once we arrive at the campsite. For now, let's just load up on the bus and be on our way."

Anna's face scrunched up in disgust as she said, "No way! I'm not riding in the same vehicle as that xeno-girl! I'd rather ride with any of these other losers than go anywhere with her."

Knowing that this was a tricky situation, Mr. Sabor turned to look at Miss Aviana and received a nod from her. "Alright, here's what we'll do," he started slowly. "I'll stay behind with Miss Witwicky and follow the bus in another vehicle. Shannon will be in charge of everyone else in the meantime, so all I ask is that you all listen to her and do as she says. We're trying to have fun this summer, so let's all make it enjoyable for each other, okay?"

Remember guys, the new story is called "Broken Obsessions", so don't miss out if you wanna find out all those questions you have been waiting for in the previous story~! I'm really excited to get this story done now! *goes to try and write stuff and balance out work/school/life with it*