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Half Blood Prince

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A silver head raised to the sky as Inuyasha sniffed the wind. He was running through a heavily wooded forest just outside of the Avian castle, and home to the two children of the Empress and Emperor.

"I smell a little birdy." He whispered sadistically to his companion as he slowed himself to a walk, stretching a clawed hand out to halt his holy friend as well.

"Is it the little one or the heir?" The monk asked calmly, his violet eyes searching the path ahead for any signs of fighting. The last thing Inuyasha and him needed was to be stuck in a battle between the wolf demons and the Avian Empire. If one of the Inu princes got killed while they were on a mission as secret as this, even the Queen and the heir to the throne didn't know about this mission, Miroku knew he wouldn't be living much longer after returning either. He did have this thing for living too, he was only 16, there were too many pretty woman left to ask to bear his children. As well, Miroku really didn't want to have to be the one to tell Sesshomaru that not only had they gone against his orders, he would be facing more than just death.

"Both," said Inuyasha. "We're about to end the Avian's dynasty, the empress is to old to bear more children, and she's still got enough life in her that the emperor won't be able to remarry and have more kids after she dies, our timing for this mission was perfect."

"Wait, what!" Called Miroku as Inuyasha raced ahead to the sounds of a heated battle, caught by his much more sensitive ears. Buddha help me! He's still angry over Kikyo, that beautiful miko Princess. Miroku paused in his thoughts, but damn, that miko had one fine -

"Hey Miroku, get over here!" Inuyasha shouted, uncaring, in Miroku's opinion, the fact that he had just removed the amazing image of Princess Kikyo's behind from his mind. "I've found them, and from the looks of things, you and me aren't going to have to kill them."

Inuyasha turned his amber eyes to the battle below him, where a young teen and about 10 bodyguards were surrounded by at least 25 wolf demons. As he watched, a wolf charged at the circle of body guards surrounding the teenager, it didn't make it through the circle though, a tall Avian guard punched him in the jaw, before having another wolf jump him from the side and take him to the ground. Once on his back, the Avian was useless, and it was a mere seconds before he was dead, a poisonous knife stuck into his heart. Considering they were outnumbered over 2-1, the Avians were doing fairly well, but even though they had taken down almost 10 wolves, they were nearing the point where they would only have 5 guards surrounding their charge.

"Foolish hanyou…" Inuyasha mumbled, his eyes unknowingly filling with sympathy as another one of his Avian guards was taken down by a wolf demon. "Why would you leave your castle…?"

Throwing off his cloak, Prince Souta leaped upward, his dark brown-black wings unfurling to fill the air behind him, beating the air furiously in the momentary fight against gravity. Within a few seconds he was about 20 feet above the ground, circling over the wolf demons below him as the called out rude insults and flung rocks and knives at him, in hopes of injuring one of his beautiful wings.

Seeing their prince take to the sky, the remaining bodyguards spread their wings as well, the display of whites, browns and tans coloring the sky above the youkai wolves. Growling and howling, the wolves jumped into the air, catching the tips of wings as the Avians attempted to gain height. As soon as a bird was grabbed, 3 or 4 wolf demons would jump on them, ripping apart the Avian's wings as the screams of pain nearly deafened Inuyasha. Despite their attempts at joining their prince, all of the bodyguards were caught, and the ripped bodies of the 5 newly killed guards were lying underneath the solitary prince. Its quite amazing Inuyasha thought all of the bodyguards had at least a 15-foot wingspan, and I know the prince's wings are nearing 14 across and he's not even fully-grown yet. Feeling a strong wind blow the tree he was sitting in, Inuyasha turned around as he curled his lip in disgust.

"Kouga, prince of the Wolf Demon tribe…" Miroku muttered beside Inuyasha. "So that's who's behind this attack on the Avian prince. I didn't think anyone else would be as stupid as to attack them. Besides you and me of course Inuyasha…"

"Bloody piece of-" Miroku elbowed Inuyasha in mid sentence and pointed in wide-eye horror as Kouga lifted something in the air, the small white, black and blue object gently swaying in the wind.

"Looking for something prince Souta?" Kouga called out cruelly, shaking the bundle in front of him until it emitted a small sound of pain.

"Dear god…" Whispered Inuyasha, staring at the beaten body of an 8 year-old Avian. Her black-blue wings were limply hanging on the ground and her milky white skin was covered in bruises. "My god Miroku, that's Kagome. The daughter of Kikyo and Buruubaddo, the only other child besides Souta. Shit 'Roku, that's the Princess of the Avians!"

If seeing the beaten child hadn't horrified Miroku enough, realizing just who the child was turned his face a color so pale, Inuyasha was worried over his teenage friend. Over the cheering and insults filling the area, a guttural scream of anger swept out from Souta. The sight of his little sister sent him into a rage, and he dove down from his position in the sky, heading straight towards Kouga and his sister. A few wolves tried to jump in Souta's way, but they were knocked away by a weak spiritual energy that he produced while flying downwards. A wolf with a large knife got into his path, wounding his wing before Souta managed to fly back upwards, tilting to the side as he experienced difficulty moving the injured wing.

"Kagome!" He called desperately, almost at the point of tears. Giving the 14 year-old a vicious grin, Kouga casually through the little princess to the ground 10 feet away.

"Your little sister will be heir after you're killed little prince, and I full plan on taking advantage of that. I'm sure your parents would agree to engage her to me, hell, I'd even be willing to wait until the bitch is 18 to take her as my mate, just like your father wants."

Kouga grinned, his fangs reflecting the sunlight as Souta's look of pain turned to on of hatred and disgust.

"You have to be able to kill me first for that to happen you mangy wolf, so stop hurting my little sister and fight me like a man!"

Kouga sneered at Souta's call for a proper fight, the idea of fighting a hanyou like the Prince was hilarious. Did the prince think that Kouga had no dignity? Killing a half-breed prince like Souta in an honorable fight would severely injure his future power as wolf king. "Come down and play with the big bad wolf little bird, or I'll kill your little sister instead of you. How does that sound for fair?"

Slowly walking towards the still form of princess Kagome, Kouga grinned as he looked Souta in the eye, watching the look of anguish that crossed his face as he kicked the child in the ribs, sending her flying down a small incline with a distinguishable crack. Kagome slid down the damp grass and dirt until she lay on her side, the soil sticking to her face and hair, making her look even more pathetic than she already had.

"Ahhh!" Cried the teenage prince, a low noise of anguish rising from his throat. Once again Souta dropped into a deep dive, his arms reaching out towards his sister. He was so intent on his front though, that Souta didn't see the wolf coming at him from the side until it was too late. The demon tackled him in mid flight, pinning down his legs as two more demons grabbed his arms and wings. Struggling against his captors, the prince saw Kouga approach, his sister slung over his back.

"Did you actually think I planned on fighting you fairly? You are the Half-blood prince, where is the honor in killing you in an honest fight? I know you have some spiritual powers, and they may not be strong, but in a fight against a full blooded demon, it'd be an unfair advantage." Kouga whispered too Souta, running his clawed finger up the prince's cheek, leaving behind a thin line of blood. "It's really too bad you have to die, you'd make a great emperor someday, you're so loyal to those you have to protect. And I'm sure you'd have made the ladies happy to, with your dark hair, and almond shaped blue eyes. Oh well, your death is eminent, along with your sisters marriage to me in ten years time."

Looking to his side, Inuyasha stared at Miroku, he was only 16 and he was about to see a boy only a couple years younger than him murdered in a humiliating manner. He needs to grow to the horrors around him someday Inuyasha mused, just as long as the wolf prince doesn't hurt the child I won't interfere, I'm not sure 'Roku could deal with a child being murdered in cold blood. He was lying to himself and he knew it. There was no way he could coldly murder a little girl, hell he didn't even want to see it done either.

"You okay 'Roku?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine Inuyasha, it's what we were supposed to do anyway."

"Kay." Inuyasha replied, turning back to the execution before him. Kouga had thrown the princess to the ground beside her brother and was kneeling beside Souta's pinned down body.

"You have such a kind heart Your Imperial Majesty, coming out here to rescue your little sister." Kouga said insultingly, the remains of his pack laughing behind him. "Shut up!" He snapped, turning around to growl at them. "Now dear Souta, I need that heart."

A silence fell over all that were present, and Inuyasha could have sworn that he heard Souta's heart pounding against his chest. And then, with a speed only Kouga could possess his hand drove into Souta's chest, pulling it out again almost instantly. Laughing Kouga held his hand in the air, showing everyone the still beating heart of Prince Souta, son of Empress Kikyo and Emperor Buruubaddo.

And all Inuyasha could hear over the sick laughter of Kouga and his wolves was a high pitched scream that filled the air around them.

All Kagome could feel was pain, she knew she was bruised all over and thought she might have a couple broken ribs, she have to get her mommy to look at it when she got back to the palace. I must have hit my wings off a tree when I was flying or something, and fell down and hurt myself Kagome thought, opening her stunning eyes. They were a saphire so blue, her eyes seemed to glow, making them stand out against her pale skin and long, curly raven black hair.

Upon opening her eyes, the first thing Kagome saw was the grinning face of an attractive wolf demon, his hand speeding towards something beside her. Hearing a small cracking noise, Kagome looked over in time to see the demon rip the beating heart out of an Avian's chest. Looking at the boy's face, Kagome attempted to stay calm, but failed miserably. A shrill scream filled the air, and with shock Kagome realized that the noise was coming from her. She tried to stop it but couldn't, all she could see was the sight of her brother's murderer holding Souta's beating heart in his hand.

All eyes turned to the princess as she stumbled to her feet, her broken body almost collapsing underneath her as her screaming stopped.

"Souta!" Kagome sobbed as she fell onto his chest, her head resting where his heart used to beat, the blood that was so necessary to living flowing down the side of her pale blue dress, staining it a dark red as her ripped navy cloak pooled like the night sky beside her.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Kagome screamed, hitting her tiny hands off of Souta's chest, tears streaming down her molted skin. Turning her intense blue gaze to Kouga she stopped banging Souta's chest, and raised herself to her full 3'11", her 10-foot wingspan extended to either side of her body. "Why? Why would you kill Souta? Are you that mean and stupid? Killing the future Emperor of Ukisu will only make my daddy come and kill you!"

"You're just a little girl, you really have no grasp of politics do you? You're daddy isn't going to kill your future mate no is he?" Kouga asked laughing. Giving the heart to one of his subordinates Kouga leaned forward, placing his hand on her narrow shoulder. "You will be my mate little hina, and when you are the Mendori (a/n: This is what the empress is called, it means female bird), the Avian Empress, I will be emperor at your side. Through you, I will gain control over one of the most powerful empires in all of Kaiyoukai (a/n: This is the name of the world they live in, it means 'World of the Demons')."

"You have no way to make me your mate. I'm only 8 years old and I don't like you! My daddy also said that he was going to pick my mate for me when I'm 18." Kagome stated, her chin thrust forward as she naively rejected the proud youkai prince.

Inuyasha silently laughed at the look passing over Kouga's face. For such a big talked, he wasn't very bright if he had though an 8 year old would agree to be his mate after seeing him kill her only sibling. I wonder what Kouga will do now Inuyasha thought, looking at Miroku, who was staring at the scene below him with growing anxiety. I can smell Miroku's worry over the girl. If I wasn't mission to kill her…Inuyasha looked over at Miroku one last time before sighing. I guess I'm gonna have to rescue her if she's in danger. There's no way I'd be able to kill her when Miroku's here anyway. I shouldn't have brought him with me, I knew it was going to be stressful, I just hope he can cope.

"Listen you little wench," Kouga snarled. "You don't have choice in whether or not I'm your mate, and neither does your dad. I'm keeping you with my wolf pack as a slave until you turn 18 anyway, you're never going to see your mommy or daddy again, so just can it."

Kagome looked like she was going to cry the idea that she wouldn't be able to see her mommy or daddy again, and Souta was gone. It was too much for an 8-year-old, it was actually surprising to Miroku that she was still able to maintain her composure and argue with Kouga like she was. I guess being a princess isn't all everyone thinks it is, especially with all the assassination attempts that have been made on her and Souta.

Biting her lip to stop herself from cry, Kagome held her hands in tight fists as she thought back to her martial arts lessons, but all the moves she could remember were impossible in her injured state. So stepping forward, Kagome kneed Kouga as hard as she possibly could in the groin, smiling as he bent over in pain.

"You little bitch!" Kouga screamed, pulling back his arm. "You're going to pay for that!"

Kouga let go of his arm and punched Kagome in the side of the head, knocking her off her feet and sending her flying into the dirt once again. "You dare to hit me! I'm own you! You're not going home until you're 18 and I can either make life agreeable for you, or make it a living hell. And you dare to hit me!"

Inuyasha watched Kouga walk over to where Kagome lay, blood dribbling out of her mouth from the force of the blow she had taken. Seeing Kouga kick the girl again, Inuyasha decided it was time that her took action, this girl was a hanyou, and had already taken a lot of damage to herself.

"I'm going Miroku, if I get the hina I'll drop her off at the castle and then meet you at our ship, deal?" Inuyasha asked, looking towards Miroku. Seeing Miroku nod in agreement, Inuyasha leaped down from the tree, racing as silently as he could towards the packs turned backs.

"You'll be lucky to survive the next ten years wench," Kouga said, kicking Kagome's side in disgust. "Hell, maybe we won't even wait ten years to make you my mate you little-What the hell!"

Kouga stopped his abuse of Kagome as she suddenly disappeared from the ground, in her place, a dog demon with silver hair stood, his amber eyes full of disgust and his clawed fist speeding towards him. Inuyasha sneered as the wolf demon fell to the ground, having been unprepared for the punch because of his shock. Looking at the wolf demons around him Inuyasha decided that leaving without a fight was better, and considering the critical condition that Kagome was in, he needed to get her to the castle as fast as possible. So without stopping to do anything, Inuyasha turned around and started running back to the castle.

"Who are you?" Kagome asked as she opened her eyes to see a demon with silver hair and cute little ears carrying her. "Are you my shugotenshi? My mommy said that every person has one, but I've never met mine before."

Inuyasha remained silent, there was no use in telling the girl his name, she'd just find out later that he wanted her dead, and that was an awful truth for an 8 year old to know. Besides, if she wanted to think he was her guardian angel, he was fine with letting her believe in angels, someone needed to. So, without speaking, Inuyasha continued on towards the palace walls that towered before them.

"So did you get her back okay?" Miroku asked when Inuyasha stepped back onto the boat they had taken across the ocean to get to Ukisu. Inuyasha looked like hell, his clothing was covered in dirt from the child, and the run had taken away his breath.

"Yeah, I left her right outside the front door, I'm pretty damn sure someone's bound to find her there. I just hope she's okay, she was unconscious by the time I got her to the castle." Inuyasha looked at the ocean in front of them, he was not looking forward to this 5-day voyage home. Sometimes he wished he had a way to fly like the Avians, it would take a much shorter time to get to his home. "Oh well, I'll never see her again, so I can sleep at night with the knowledge that I probably saved her life. That chick is going to be so messed up when she's older, seeing her brother murdered in front of her. I think I'd be messed up, more than I already am."

Miroku just nodded as he stood beside Inuyasha at the ships railing. The sun was finally going down, and the orange lights were playing across the small waves made by the ship. It had been a day that he knew neither Inuyasha nor himself would ever forget, and for some reason, he believed that they hadn't seen the last of the future Empress of Ukisu. She owed Inuyasha her life, and karma always had a way of getting back to people when their debts were that high.

Kagome sat in her bed the next day, looking out the window at the funeral of Prince Souta. She had been too injured to get out of her bed, so they had positioned her so she could watch the ceremony from her bedroom. They were throwing Souta's ashes into the wind so that he could forever fly amongst the other Avians, and so that he would never truly be gone from the lives of the people who loved him. Kagome's thoughts weren't full of sadness for her older brother though, they were filled with a wingless angel with silver hair and cute ears. Kagome had never seen an animal with those kind of ears before, so she was certain it was her shugotenshi. Kagome owed her guardian angel her life, and she wanted to make sure she met him again, even if she had to wait the rest of her life, Kagome was going to pay back her savior for rescuing her.

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