Ken and Kari knew each other at the age of 5. Now they're 13. Ken's dating Yolie, and Kari's dating TK. The only thing is, Ken and Kari have met before, and they're engaged.

Chappy 1!

"Kari!" called a small boy, about 4, the same age as Kari. "Do you wanna play ball?"

"Sure," said the smiling girl, as she began to walk off with the young boy. "Tai's helping me with my kick. Wanna see?"

The young boy nodded and handed the large soccer ball to her. She brought back her foot and kicked it a full four feet. The young boy gaped.

"That was amazing!" he yelled, throwing his hands up in the air as a show of his excitement.

"Its nothing, really," Kari said humbly. "Tai can kick it all the way to the other side of the field." She pointed to the goal half a field away. "And Sora can kick it even farther!"

"I bet Tai and Sora will get married when they grow up," the boy said idly.

"Hey! Why don't we get married when we grow up!" Kari yelled energetically.

"What do you mean?"

"Tai and Sora are best friends and they're gonna get married. We're best friends, so why don't we get married?"

Still unsure, he gave a small smile and agreed.

About two months later, the boy moved. Now Kari's 13 years old, and she has new friends. And a new boyfriend.

"Coming," Kari called from her room and she walked to the door that had a sleepy T.K. standing on the other end. She opened it and gave her boyfriend of nearly one year a peck on the cheek, thrusting her bag onto her back. "Morning."

"Good morning," T.K. muttered in reply. "How was your night?"

"Actually, I had a funny dream last night," she said, starting to get lost in thought. "It was about my best friend from when I was about four or five. I'm not sure why I would remember it now."

"Who was she?" T.K. asked, a little interested.

"He," Kari corrected. "And I don't really remember." She laughed.

T.K. looked at her, confused.

"I just remembered something. Every one always thought that Tai and Sora would get together, remember?"

T.K. nodded.

"Well, I thought that all best friends, when they were boy's and girls, were supposed to get married. So we decided to get married ourselves."

"Sorry," she apologized. "That's not really funny, is it? You're my boyfriend now."

The rest of the day, until school got out, was just one big blur.

"Mom. Can I get a ride to the movies in two hours?" Kari yelled out as she took her shoes off at the door.

"Who are you going with and what movie?" Her mom asked.

"T.K, Yolie, and Ken. And the new Nightmare on Hallow Street movie."

"You know how I feel about you watching those movies, you know." She furrowed her eyebrows in slight annoyance.

"Mom, that was when I was ten. I'm 13. I'm legally old enough to watch a T rated movie," Kari said, pouring herself a glass of cold milk and stirring in some chocolate syrup.

"Fine," Mrs. Kamia sighed in defeat. "But if you have to wake me or your big brother up, it's PG until your 20, got it?"

"Yes Mom," she said happily, before running off to her room with her delicious chocolate milk.

Okay. That's all for this chappy. It's short because it's the intro chapter. The next one should be a lot longer. But it will be longer no matter what. I'm just tired because I had school today, again tomorrow, and it's almost midnight.