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(authors notes)


Ciara Melissa Wilson: 5'5, Mid-shoulder length curly brown hair

OUTFIT: Black tank top, Dark blue midriff cut jacket. Tight jeans. And Black and Blue chucks.

Devin Jackson: Black dreadlocks with brown tips. A member of the Turf Boyz. Loves ciara like a sister. A ladies man. Loves to fight. Certified Kleptomaniac and has temper problems.

Outfit: Red T-shirt with with long-sleeved shirt underneath. dark colored pants. white and red filas.

Trae Rodriguez: Member of the Turf BoyzBlaxican (½ black ½ mexican) dark brown skin. Long curly brown hair gelled back into a ponytail. He is a silent, strong kind of person. He never jumps in to fights w/o thinking.

Outfit: black shirt w/ white long sleeved undershirt. And dark colored pants. Black and red fila tennis shoes

Fabo Jones: Member of the Turf Boyz. brown skin. Short black hair. Sweet, cheerful, and always happy, but deadly when pissed.

Outfit: wears a black and white T-shirt. And black and white fila tennis shoes


Ciara Melissa Wilson is a 19 year old Hoodrat. She was raised in East Palo Alto, California. She stays with her guy friends. Her guy friends are Devin, and Trae. Fabo has an apartment of his own.

Ciara lives with her friends because she was kicked out of her house by her family, being neglected daily by her strung-out mother and stepfather. Her sister was a slut who slept with almost all of the men of the area. Because of this she has a hard time trusting anybody besides her boys. One day while walking home from her high school, Ciara notices police cars zooming past her at an alarming rate. She, however, pays them no mind because this is not an unusual sight. But she starts to get worried when she gets closer to her house and sees that that the police are heading straight for her friend's house.

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