A Proposition He Can't refuse I love Jared and Theresa together but this idea came to me about Ethan and Theresa

Here it goes

Alistair needed to get Theresa out of his family once and for all. He had made a mistake marrying the girl she was spending his money for good and he didn't need that he wanted all ties from her seized except Little Ethan he was still his heir but he would have to live with Theresa he needed a guy to make her leave and what better way to make more suffer

Alistair: Ally dear get Mr. Winthrop for me

Ally: yes sir

Alistair: thank you

Ethan comes to Alistiar's office

Ethan: what do you want Alistiar

Alistair: boy you better stop with the attitude

Ethan; and why should I

Alistair: I'm granting you your wish

Ethan: and what would that be

Alistair: having the family you've always wanted with the one woman you've always loved

Ethan: and why would you be helping me

Alistair: becuase THeresa needs to go and I can't kill her

Ethan: why

Alistair: she has a Crane Heir to raise now for my proposal leave Gwen and have the family you've always wanted

Ethan; I can't do that

Alistiar; not even to be with Theresa

Ethan: I'm sorry I can't

Alistiar: then I 'll get another man

Ethan; she won't go for that

Alistiar: oh but she will and you will be jealous envious and you know it so Ethan have a happy ending be with the one woman you love the most or be miserable either way I get what I want but this way you'll get what you want do we have a deal

Ethan: No

Alistiar: fine then see Theresa and your daughter be raised by another man have him be sleeping with Theresa his hands all over her

Ethan was getting angry how dare he uses his daughter and flaunting another man in his face

Ethan: you can't take my daughter away from me

Alistair: oh I can and I will

Ethan: it will hurt Gwen to see Jane leave

Alistiar: Gwen it's always about Gwen I think you might love her more then Theresa you love hurting the onees you love right

Ethan: no

Alistair : then why do it

Ethan: I'm married to Gwen

Alistair: you didn't answer my question love hurts you know I should know

Ethan: you have no heart

Alistair: I did once but she tramped on it so no more now do we have a deal if not then I get custody revoked you'll be leaving without the two girls in your life or you can live with them in your life its your choice you have until the time your daughter goes to bed tonight he whispers the social workers will becoming by if I don't my answer by then

Ethan gulps he can be with the woman he loves Theresa or he could be with the without his daughter either way Gwen will hurt and he can't stand to be without his daughter or for that fact Theresa he can't bare another man holding her kissing her making love to her

Ethan: fine I'll do it

Alistiar: good my boys will be at the B"N"B to pick you up at 9 sharp Theresa will be waiting for you in Castlene Rock

Ethan nods his head

Ethan: what about GWen

Alistiar: she's getting what she deserves and so is her mother he laughs evilly and Ethan wonders what he meant by that

Alistiar: No leave Ethan leaves

Alistair: bring Theresa in please

Theresa comes in

Theresa: what do you want Alistiar more sex

Alistair: No my dear well yes

Theresa: No

Alistiar: you will do what I say your my wife

Theresa: you forced me by saying I do for me

Alistair: you could of left

Theresa: I'm not Katherine

Alistair: that your not but I'm letting leave with your son

Theresa: what is this a trick

Alistair: No but I want to make those who lost me money these past eight years suffer

Theresa: what who

Alistair: you know who my dear but I have to make some people's dreams come true in order to do that I have to sacerfice my happiness for others

Theresa: yeah right

Alistair: you'll have your daughter back on two conditions

Theresa: which are she thinks you want sex don't you

Alistair: leave Harmony leave the Crane name your no longer rich

Theresa sighs Good

Alistair: your family may allow to visit you but your not allow to visit them

Theresa nodded her head why are you making my dreams come true

Alistair: you showed me family comes first with you unlike my other wife and second what kind of man do you think I am I can't let you have your cake and eat it to you are never to return to Harmony again is that understood

Theresa: yes and Little Ethan he is your heir

Alistiar: yes he is he may return but you you are never to return

Theresa: but why

Alistiar: I told you why it reminds me that I may just have heart after all and I don't want that

Theresa: fine I'll leave but not without my daughter

Alistair: you'll have her by midnight and maybe your true love

Theresa: if your talking about Ethan don't he made up his mind the minute he chose Gwen over me once again the minute he took my little girl and had her charges dropped

Alistair: ah about that those charges are being reinstated as we speak and Ethan has choosen you over Gwen this time

Theresa: what do you mean

Alistiar: I gave him a propersition he couldn't refuse...