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Miss Hellfire – Take Two

Piper and Phoebe cautiously walked into the building where the hit woman's apartment was located and where they were both hoping to find Prue. As Phoebe walked next to Piper into the apartment, she was feeling doubtful and like they were walking straight into a trap. Even though she knew it was Prue's car she had to ask, "Are you sure that was the Porsche parked out front?" Piper on the other hand was sure Prue was there and could practically sense Phoebe's doubtfulness.

"Positive. Prue's here somewhere." Piper, if this is a trap I am so going to kick your ass when it's over. Phoebe thought silently to herself. Still feeling uneasy she said "Let's just hope she's alone."

At that moment Prue walked into the room with a blank expression on her face and no emotion in her eyes. Phoebe was relieved to see her alive and well. She didn't notice the look or non-existent emotion on her face and in her eyes. With a sigh of relief she said, "Prue." "We've been so worried," Piper started what she thought was going to be a long rant but was cut short when Prue used her telekinesis on her and she flew across the room landing with a hard thump. The only thought that crossed Piper's mind was, What the hell...?

Phoebe looked extremely confused by Prue's actions and gave her a questioning look, "Prue?" Prue didn't hesitate to send Phoebe flying across the room to join Piper on the ground with a thump thinking the same thought as Piper, What the hell... Phoebe crawled quickly over to Piper asked, "You alright?" with a concerned look on her face. "No, I'm not." Piper pulled them both up off the floor and walked as quickly as they could out of the room into the hallway before Prue had another chance to send them flying again. Piper asked what Phoebe was thinking, "What is going on?" "I think you need to freeze her fast." Piper looked at her like that was the stupidest statement in the world. "Good witches don't freeze remember." "She doesn't look so good now." Phoebe replied wittily.

Not even a moment after she had said that Prue stepped out into the hallway in front of them. In a monotone voice said "I won't let you kill my sisters." Prue glanced around her surroundings quickly for something to kill or at least hurt them with and saw a plate next to her. She used her powers and sent it down the hallway at Piper and Phoebe. Piper had let out a short scream as she and Phoebe ducked and covered to avoid the plate that was hurtling towards them. The plate had missed its intended targets and was shattered upon impact with the wall.

Piper looked scared now, "She's flipped out." Phoebe was thinking, No, she's just playing charades with us. 5 guesses what she is. But Phoebe wisely held her tongue and instead said, "The patio. Fast. Come on." Phoebe grabbed Piper's hand and ran out onto the patio/rooftop. Thinking quickly they hid themselves behind some lattice.

Phoebe was thinking franticly about what they were going to do next. Okay, so Prue said "I won't let you kill my sisters" meaning she doesn't know we are so some how we've got to convince her we are. Phoebe suddenly felt a sneeze coming on. Great, just fuckin great! We're being chased by our psycho sister and I gotta blow our cover by sneezing. Yip-freakin-ee! "Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no," she started chanting quietly.

Piper noticed Phoebe doing this, Oh, shit! No, not now, not now! She started saying "Don't, don't, don't, don't." But Phoebe couldn't hold it in any longer; she sneezed.

Prue heard the sound of Phoebe's sneeze. She turned in their direction and started to walk slowly towards them. Phoebe informed Piper as quickly as she could, "She doesn't know we're her sisters." "Okay, we gotta make her choose. We've gotta try and convince astral Prue. Make her wanna be in two places at once. You ready?" Phoebe nodded. "Yeah." Piper then yelled, "Go, go."

They both ran in different directions, Piper up the stairs to an even higher floor and Phoebe moved to her right but stayed close to the lattice. Prue stood there in the middle not knowing which one she should go after. Phoebe was the one who spoke first "Hi!"

Piper then called from the top of the stairs, "Come on, Prue. Come get me."

"Uh, no, it's me you want. Over here."

"No, Prudence. Come on, me."

"No, me."

Prue looked back and forth between the two like she was watching a tennis match, still not knowing which one she should go for. But then a smirk slowly slid across her face. She had chosen.

Piper and Phoebe's plan to make Prue go into astral mode had failed. Prue went after Phoebe first because she was closest to her and didn't have an active power. I'll go after the one closest to me. I'll get the other one later, no rush, as long as they're both dead in the end. They're going to hurt my sisters. Kill the imposters, thought Prue.

The smirk disappeared as she advanced on Phoebe, who cowered behind the lattice since she was cornered and had no where to run, and was replaced with a blank expression. "You're going to hurt my sisters, for that you will pay," she said in her monotone voice. Phoebe, who was scared shitless, tried desperately to convince Prue she and Piper were her real sisters. "Prue, we are your sisters, me and Piper, we're the real deal," She picked at the back of her hand to show Prue some flesh and smiled nervously, "See? Real living fleshy humans!" "You're going to hurt my sisters." Prue repeated.

Meanwhile, Piper could only watch in horror as the next set of events unfolded. Something deep inside her knew they wouldn't be able to undo the curse on Prue unless she and Phoebe were together and Piper had no way of reaching her with out getting her ass seriously kicked by Prue. Piper decided, What the hell? If I'm gonna die I'm gonna die fighting. If we go down, we're going down together. She had started to run towards them but what happened next came to fast for her to stop it.

Prue lifted Phoebe up off the floor with her telekinesis and threw her across the rooftop. She landed on a wooden crate with a crack. The create was shattered in her wake. She then used her powers to lift up a pointy piece of broken wood from the destroyed crate and impaled Phoebe through the heart with it. Phoebe's eyes snapped open for a second and gave Prue and Piper one last look that was filled with pain, love, and sadness. Then she was dead.

Piper was frozen with complete shock before her mind started to work again and she ran over to Phoebe, cradling her head in her lap. When realization of what had just happened came over her she started to sob uncontrollably.

As Piper was crying rocking back and forth, the spell inflicted haze was lifted from Prue's mind. Prue felt the bile rising in her throat as all that had happened slammed into her like a freight train.

She had killed her sister. Her youngest sister. The young care-free, loving, wild child sister, who Prue had secretly envied, was dead. And she had done the killing this time. This was the work of no demon… well it was but she was the one with the blood on her hands this time.