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Chapter 5: Famous First Words

Waking up was getting easier. She still felt empty and guilty but she knew the emptiness and guilt would always be there. Until the end of her days she would feel a void and pang in her heart even though it would get less and less painful every passing day.

People had expected her to fall into a manic depression but she couldn't do it. No matter how much she felt like she deserved to fell like her mind wouldn't allow her. She was Prue Halliwell eldest of the Charmed Ones; it wasn't in her nature to be depressed. She had to be strong and hold herself together. Here it was the day she dreaded. Funeral day, the day they would say their final good bye to the youngest Halliwell sister.

Prue and Piper fell into a routine. They had woken up that morning and put on their faces, the one that was going to get them through the day. They had dressed themselves in the usual mourning attire; black. Prue walked slowly and gracefully down the stairs with Piper in tow, both had blank expressions on their faces. They sipped their coffee in complete utter silence, each sister's head swarming with thoughts. Those thoughts were broken by a swarm of white lights and that could only mean one thing.

"Leo!" Piper exclaimed, the shock clearly evident on her face.

The thoughts inside their heads doubled as soon as the saw the orbs. They hadn't even stopped to think about the magical consequence of a Charmed One being down with all the guilt and sadness that had been consuming their thoughts. What did this mean for them? Where their powers lost? Did they even stand a fighting chance with out Phoebe? Why hadn't they even tried to contact them until now? Did they know something we don't?

The sisters where alleviated from their frantic thoughts by Leo finally speaking.

"I'm here for the funeral. I figured you'd need my support. We'll talk business later."

Only after he had said that did they notice his clothes. Instead of the usual flannel and jeans he wore a black suit with a somber expression. His sneakers were replaced by a pair of black dress shoes that shined when light hit them. His hair wasn't the usual either; instead of being spiked his hair was slick and combed to the side.

Piper would have made a comment followed by a playful smirk had the circumstances been different but they weren't. So she just nodded her head slightly and went back to her coffee. Prue too nodded her head and went back to her coffee. Leo sighed knowing he wasn't going to get a word out of the two of them. He instead followed their behavior by pouring himself a cup of coffee then sitting himself down across from Piper and getting lost in his thoughts. They stayed this way until Prue finally broke the silence by telling them it was time to go.

Across town a young brunette was franticly trying to get her work printed when she was distracted by a strange wind that blew out her got out of her seat and took a few steps before she turned back to find a newspaper sitting on her desk. She thought nothing of it and picked it up from her desk. She glanced at it to find it open to the obituary section. Just when she was about to put it down a certain obituary caught her attention.

Phoebe Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell, sounds familiar.

She was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't even realize he was there until he was right next to her.

"Paige, did you hear me?"

Snapping out of her thoughts but continuing to stare at Phoebe's obituary she grabbed her jacket.

"Yeah. It's in the printer. I'm sorry, I have to go."

Paige was so caught up in her thoughts she didn't even hear her boss calling after her.

When the trio arrived at they were greeted by various people including Victor, Dan, Darryl, and Jack. Darryl walked up to them and enveloped them both in big bear hugs. He had been great by supporting them and accepting them as witches. After Darryl released them they were again wrapped in a hug from their father. When Victor let them go Dan took Piper by the hand and led them to their seats in the front. Upon seeing this Leo felt a spike of jealousy course through him but he repressed it. Jack had his best sympathetic face on and wrapped an arm around Prue's shoulder leading her to the front where Piper and Dan were currently residing. They were closely followed by Leo, Victor, Darryl and his wife Shelia.

After finally being situated the group was able to clearly observe the room. It was all white almost like a hospital only it had a more serene feel to it. There were different assortments of flowers and pictures of Phoebe scattered all around them room. The chairs were white and hard but not entirely uncomfortable. There in the front of the room in the center of two reefs filled with a collage of pictures from different times of Phoebe's life sat her ivory colored coffin.

At the sight of the coffin tears started to fill both sisters' eyes. It was really happening, their sister was being buried. She was really gone. They would never share another laugh with her, never drink coffee together, never argue over stupid little things, never hear her talk, never see her smile, never see her laugh, never hover over the Book of Shadows with her, never ride in a car with her, never fight demons with her, never watch her gush over Kill It Before It Dies, never see her get married, never grow old with her, never see her have kids, never see her sitting in the sunroom, never see her powers advance, never have a sister moment even again. And this made their hearts shatter into pieces all over again.

When the ceremony started Prue vaguely felt proud that they were giving Phoebe a Wiccan send off. It's how she would have wanted it. Phoebe loved being a witch and wouldn't have given it up for anything. As the funeral progressed both Prue and Piper broke down again and held onto each other for support because they both knew that the other was the only one who understood how the other felt.

The Wiccan priestess finished up the funeral service with the following words.

"That which belongs to fellowship and love. That which belongs to the circle, remains with us. The wheel turns. As life is a day, so our sister has passed into night. Nothing is final, and we who remain behind know that one day, we will once again share the bread and wine with our sister. O' blessed spirit, we bid you farewell, for you await a new destiny."

With that she untied the silver cord, laid it inside a chalice and blew out the candles. When the last candle was blown out the crowd dispersed. Prue and Piper took their spots in the front near the casket so that other mourners could pay their respects and give the two remaining sisters their condolences.

After Prue was done thanking a man for his kind words she spotted someone she didn't recognize walking anxiously up to her. She knew most of the people in here mourning but she was pretty sure she'd never met this woman although she felt like she knew her. When Paige reached Prue she didn't know what to say so she said what most people say.

"I'm so sorry for your loss."

Prue gave her a slight smile and a small nod of her head in thanks. "Thank you." As Paige began to leave Prue felt like she had to know more about her. "How did you know Prue? From the club?"

"No. Just… just from around, you know.

Now that Prue had her answer to that question she had to ask what was silently nagging her.

"Have we met before?"

Paige was staring to feel a bit awkward around the eldest Halliwell.

"No. I don't… I don't think so. Anyway, my condolences."

Prue again gave her a slight smile and a small nod of her head but she also held out her hand to shake Paige's.

"Thank you."

The second Paige's skin made contact with hers an odd sensation that had only happened a few times before came over her. And damn did it hit her hard, harder than it had hit her before.

Prue felt the breath escape her lungs and her eyes roll to the back of her head. She got hit with a premonition and a powerful one.