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It all altogether quite impossible to understand what she was feeling at the moment. She was quite disgruntled, however, as she stared out of the window. She had wandered around from compartment to compartment trying to find someone in which she could talk to, to be able get her mind off the horrendously long train ride. Oh, how she hated them! They took forever, she thought, why couldn't they go any faster and why did they have to stop forever ever single station for ever person that was there! She couldn't even see why they had stopped to pick up that one Animal at least three stops back that she had been stuck in a compartment with.

He had called himself a Shiz fellow. He must have been kidding, right? How could an Animal be a Shiz fellow? What did that mean exactly? Did he work on keeping the grounds clean, oh how horrible for him that would be! Perhaps he did the cooking somewhere on the campus - if that was the case she felt that she would be sick to her stomach. He was much too old to be a student - and probably didn't have what it took.

Galinda nodded to herself for reasons unknown and tossed her hair. Her brain was beginning to hurt something awful and she was desperate for some kind of conversation - or at least some kind of entertainment. There was no where for her to go that she hadn't been already. It was much like falling, she figured. She was happy in some conversations, given they were either about her or about some kind of gossip and fashion. When there was nothing - no on to talk with, it was almost like she was at a loss for something to do.

She wandered into a compartment that seated one girl and soon found that to be a horrible mistake. There was a girl who simply would no keep her mouth closed. It was like she had the need to run it whenever a thought struck her, hadn't she ever heard of manners before? Though Galinda had stopped listening to the girl very early the mention of religion and politics made her blanch. She felt her soul wither away - such a conversation wasn't good for her. Why should she care what influence religion had on politics? Those were things for her parents to dwell on and converse with.

"Oh, please stop," Galinda whined, sighing exasperatedly. She tossed her hair over her shoulder. "You're killing my brain, I'm sure!"

And with she got up to leave only to hear something about how religion would make her a better, more open and thoughtful person. She considered this as she left but didn't quite see how it could and slammed the door shut behind her. She walked for sometime down the corridor of train. It wasn't until after she had been walking for a bit that she finally heard something that caught her attention. Not to mention she thought she had seen something that clearly couldn't be true.

"Would you kindly stop doing that!" came a rather exasperated voice and when Galinda peered into the compartment window she rubbed her eyes. At first glance she could have sworn the lighting in the compartment, a mere trick of the light cast a green shade over the girl. But that wasn't it at all. She was green! Ew. Did she choose to be green? If she did why hadn't she chosen a better color? Purple or pink would have gone nicely with that black hair of hers.

There was a boy in the compartment also, she noticed. Thankfully he was of normal color. But he was plain. The two of them seemed to be in deep conversation with each other. Galinda couldn't even begin to imagine what it would be like to converser with someone the color of asparagus, which was also the food that she disliked the most, and find it interesting.

"Nessa is with Nanny, you said?" The boy asked the green girl who simply nodded her head, her eyes glued on the book she had been holding.

"I'm sure they're having a lovely conversation," said the green girl before pausing. "About what, I don't think I really care to know."

The boy rolled his eyes. "Such a caring sister."

The girl leered at him and tossed her book to the floor on top of a brown book bag.

Galinda couldn't take it. The urge to stare through the window had done it. How could she pass this one up? There was a green girl just beyond the door! Green! Oh, it was horrendous. She clutched the door handle and swung open the door. When the two inhabitants of the compartment merely stared at her she flushed momentarily before frowning at them. Already she was a loss for words and didn't have any idea what it was that she had wanted to say in the first place. Darn her and not being able to think things out just a little more clearly!

"Well," Galinda said, looking between the two before her. The boy, she saw, was staring. "Ugh. Oh! You are green! Why not purple or yellow? You're certainly not very normal looking are you?"

The green girl blinked and folded her arms over her chest casually, curling her legs under her some more. "I'd like to think tragically different. After all, who in Oz would want to be the color on an egg?"

Galinda flushed and the boy ducked his head. "I am not the color of an egg! There's pink in my skin color! An egg is simply white-"

"- And pale."

By this point the boy had buried his head into his hands and groaned. "Miss Elphaba, please -" He began, but one look from the green lady shut him up and he slouched back into his seat wondering just where the conversation between the two girls would go. There was a silent stand off between the two of them during which he could not take his eyes off of Galinda. However, before either of the two girls could get another word out the train came to a rather violent stop.

When the three of them looked out of the window they found that they had at last reached their destination. Galinda had all but jumped for joy and ran back to her initial compartment to grab her bag and what little belongings she had brought on the train with her. She didn't give another thought to the green girl as she rushed off the train, maybe she wasn't a Shiz student.

Galinda could only hope.