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Title: Soccer, Blitzball, and a Dance.

Author: KiraraCutie

Warnings: Yaoi, cross dressing, misspelling?

Summary: Riku and Axel like the High School Soccer stars twins, Sora and Roxas and are willing to do anything to go with the dance them even if it means dressing as girls. (AkuRoku) (Soiku) (Zemyx) (Leon/Cloud)

Dedication: Since Tysonkaiexperiment has been dedicating stories to me, I have decided to dedicate this one to her. YOU'RE THE BEST TKE!

And on the quick note if anything is spelled wronged or doesn't sound right. Blame me because I'm doing this story mostly by myself and haven't written since forever, my beta is usually Tke but this is a gift for her so she couldn't see it, so that's all so sorry once again. Have fun.

"Blah" – talking

'Blah' – thinking

It was a normal day at Twilight High, all the sports where heading to or where at practice for the season games that year.

Watching cross country run around the track, where the schools top Blitzball players, Axel and Riku who where sitting on the bleachers.

Riku call the 'Prince of Blitzball' by his teammates, was a junior, long sliver hair reaching to his shoulders slightly falling atop his aqua green eyes. He was called the prince because all the girls said he had a great smile, the kind princes in fairy tales gave, and even though he seemed cold, he had a welcoming aurora. So he was dubbed the school prince charming.

He was dressed in the standard school uniform for boys at Twilight High. A black suit jacket which he left unbutton, on its upper left chest it bore the school's crest. The crest was a silhouette of a clock tower in yellow the background being red. Underneath the jacket was simple white button up collared shirt, the first and last buttons undone, allowing some skin to show, the tie neatly in place. He also wore long black slacks with a studded belt holding them up and white sneakers.

Axel was also a junior he was being held back for blowing up the chemistry lab the previous year. He had wild red hair spiked back, clear emerald green eyes that seem to hold a secrete, underneath them where upside down tear tattoos, and a devilish smirked danced on his face. He was deemed by students and teachers a troublesome pyromaniac, on and off the Blitzball field.

He had on the exact same uniform as Riku except his uniform was missing the tie, his shirt was button half way down showing of his upper chest, plain shoes where replaced with black combat boots, and two belts criss-cross each other on laid on the hips. The students where allowed to wear the uniform how ever they pleased, as long as the basic of it, where on.

They sat on the bleachers being the only players left, the rest of the team was allowed to leave. Their coach had asked Riku and Axel to stay for some questions, which was being half heartily answered.

The coach was named Squall Leonheart, but you called him 'Leon' or got 100 laps. Leon's shoulder-length brown hair was slightly messy, but it had no split ends, as people would think. His blue-grey eyes shifted with a cold stare, separated by the scar running from his right eyebrow to the bottom of his left eye. His black jeans hugged his legs, they were slightly baggy at the hips and ends, but it seemed to be kept down by belts and little leather buckles at the ankles. His red short-sleeved shirt stuck out from the halfway zipped up black leather jacket that had a lion's picture on the back to show Leon's courage. There were two items around his neck—one was a simple silver whistle that had the polished look to it, the other was a necklace of silver chains and had a tiger's head. The tiger head was the same as the jacket's lion; it was Leon's personal lion for courage that he called Griver.

"So have you learned new moves for Blitzball?" Leon asked, pacing in front of them.

"Yes" Came the replay but it was more of a groan, coming from the two teens.

"So you two have learned some new tricks from other sports." Leon asked again raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, well… all except for Soccer that is." Axel said shrugging at the end. "It's no big deal."

"Yes, Soccer ok well - …wait, are you saying you haven't played Soccer?"

Riku answered this time around, "Yeah what's the prob Coach? Soccer is just the land version of Blitzball."

"It can offer us nothing." Axel added.

Gripping the clipboard in one hand, Leon seeming he would break it at any moment. "If Soccer is the land version of Blitzball, then you should have studied that the hardest, it's…"

Leon was cut off by some small chuckling, which soon turned into full out laughing in a matter of seconds.

Wiping a tear away Riku said "Yeah sure Coach, we can whip any soccer player at their game no sweat."

This was probably not the smartest thing to say, with two students walking by, one with soccer ball in hand.

In the next instant Riku's laugh was cut short, a gasp came from Axel, and Coach Leonheart laughing. The ball had hit Riku in the head and he was slowly slipping into darkness, the last words he heard were.

Roxas and Soccer

When Riku awoke he was in the nurse's office with a bag of ice on his head. Axel was by his side reading a book, thinking it was alright he sat up, only to be met with a pounding headache, nausea, and a short dizzy spell.

Riku immediately gripped his head. "So you're finally up" Axel asked still not looking away from his book. "I wouldn't try to make any sudden movements if I where you, ya got hit pretty hard."

"No shit," Riku replied came dripping with sarcasm. "…so do you want to tell me who hit me or what?"

Axel tossed Riku a black and white blur that when he looked down, there sitting on his lap was a soccer ball.

Riku stared at it, blinked and pointed to it, "What's this." he asked.

"That my idiot companion is a soccer ball." Axel answered not looking away from his book.

"Thanks Sherlock, want to tell me what it means now?" Riku said blood vain forming, Axel just continued on reading.

Riku ripped the book from Axel's hands "What's this stupid book you're reading anyways?" turning it over to read the cover 'How not to get your ass kick at Soccer in lest than an hour.'

"Why are you reading this shit? And on top of that who wrote this it?"

Riku read closer and at the bottom of the cover was 'Written by Zexion.'

Riku could only stare as Axel said "I want to be prepared."

"For what? You do know a student wrote this right?"

"The team players challenged us so I hope you're better in an hour cuez that's when it starts." Axel said taking the book back and tuning to the page, he was at. "And besides Zexion's copy is the legal cheats and dirty tricks copy." Zexion was Axel's friend also a senior that got held back for hacking into the school's computer mainframe and sending every one in school an illegal copy of latest Silent Hill video game.

Riku ripped the sheets off of him, and proceed to get up. "Forget that, I'm up for taking them on now!" Riku yelled as he walked out the door.

Axel rolled his eyes as he got up and followed Riku out the door towards the field saying one last thing to the silver haired teen. "I don't plan on telling your mom you're in the hospital because you got kicked around by some sex-on-legs soccer player, got it memorized?"

Riku stopped and turned "How do you know they're sex-on-legs?"

Axel keep walked and went right passed Riku "I don't. But then your mom on the other hand… might think something else."

It took a few moments for Riku to comprehend what Axel had just said but when he figured it out.

"Axel! Get back here!" He gave chase.

After chasing Axel through the halls they made it on to the field. Riku searched the field and his eye's landed on the first person he saw, a blond boy was running through drills. Riku walked straight up to him and started to yell at the poor teen. To the point where Axel, had pull Riku away and 'politely talk with him'.

"You just don't fucking go up to an innocent guy and bit their head off!"

"I wanted answers and that's the only why I know how to get information out of someone."

"What? to scare the shit out of them?"

"Damn straight!"


"Hey!" They stopped their argument and turned to see the teen from earlier with three new guys.

One had spiked chocolate brown hair that flew everywhere and unseen eyes shaded behind a pair of perfectly placed sunglasses. The black shades matched his sleeveless turtleneck that reach way pasted his neck and cover all the way to his mouth with baggy blue jeans. Chains and belts scattered across his hips and thighs, which made anyone, wonder how he was able to move. Black and blue vans were perfectly tied, and in one hand was a soccer ball.

The other had dirty blond haired spiked more spiked then the brunet, covering his eyes where tinted dark gray goggles and over his mouth was a bandana, (because the wind had started blowing up a dust bowl today). He was in a dirt cover soccer uniform of Twilight High school colors, which are black, yellow and red, and written on his shirt read the word 'Captain'.

The last one was a person Axel knew very well.

A teen with lilac hair that swept down and covered his right eye, you could tell form the visible eye that they where a dark indigo color. He was wearing a sleeveless turtleneck that was a forest green, dark baggy blue jean almost mistakable for black with torques flames raising at the bottom, he's left arm had two black leather bands at the top and a black and armband reaching to this elbow. His right hand had a red scarf wrapping all around his arm that was tied as a glove. Around his waist where three belts one holding his pants up and two criss-crossing like Axel's, the last item was a simple skull necklace around his neck.

"Zexion, How it going?" Axel yelled waving his one of hands in air.

Zexion simply nodded showing he was fine, as he placed a hand around the mowhawk boy's waist and pulled him closer, while he glare at Riku.

Axel leaned slightly to Riku. "Ooo, Zexion is made at you."

Riku turned to Axel. "What? Why?"

"It seems to me that, the guy you yelled at is Zexion's boyfriend." Axel lean down and whispered into Riku's ear "And from the look of it, he's very protective over him."

"Hey I didn't know."

"Are these the two, Demyx?" The one with dirty blond haired and goggles asked.

The boy with blond hair that Riku yelled at now identified as Demyx simply nodded from his hiding spot behind Zexion. He had on the soccer uniform, but was wearing gloves signifying he was the goalkeeper. His hair was dirty blond, was done in a mowhawk, he had light blue eyes, and a blue scarf tired around his mouth.

The one with brown haired and shades sent both, Demyx and Zexion back to the field as the blond approached them.

"We don't like you interrupting our practice so leave." He said sternly.

Taken back, that someone would be so straightforward made Axel smirk. No one had ever talked back or stood up to him and Riku. It was kind of refreshing.

But for Riku, it was challenge and had to fight back. "No"


"Because I want to beat up the punk, who kick this at me head" Riku threw the ball at the blond who kick once in the air, and started to juggle it from knee to knee.

"Hey Roxas lets just go they'll get the point and leave" The brunet said placing a hand on Roxas's shoulder.

"Wait, you're Roxas!" Riku yelled and pointed.

"Yeah what of it?" Roxas soon found out, as he was tackled to the ground where a scuffle began

Axel went to pull his friend off the blond, when he got Riku off. Axel was able to get a good look at the teen, during the struggle Riku managed to take the goggles and bandana off showing his facial features. Smooth pale skin brought out the blue sapphire eyes, as Axel looked to the lightly pink lips. They where slightly open taking in deep breath from the fight.

"Wow you're hot."

"Excuse me?" Roxas asked as he got off the floor.

"Um I mean sorry… about that um…" Axel searched his memory trying to find any trace of a name.




"The name is Roxas" wondering if he would regret giving his name to this…

"Can't I call you Roxy?"

Roxas eye twitched as 'Pervert' "No"

"Aww, well anyways Roxas, my name is Axel, Got it Memorized?"

Riku shook his head disapproving of the catch phase; Sora gave a chuckle whispering something to Roxas, who turned a light shade of red for a moment.

"And now that we're on a first name bases, I'm sorry bout my friend he's… ah, he's just a little worked up. You see, seems two of your players hit him in the head with that soccer ball, and-"

"O really well the captains are the only students allowed to carry balls on school grounds so that player must be one of us." Roxas said casually.

Axel face fell when he heard that. 'I must be confused was this kid asking for Riku to beat him up?'

A quick glance at Riku showed he didn't even notice what Roxas had said. As he was looking at the brunet, his eyes 'I wonder if he look as cute without the turtleneck covering his mouth as he does wit ….hey wait a minute.' Riku looked down, 'what are you thinking he's plays the sport you hate and…' looking up he found blue eyes staring at him, aqua mixing into blue a smirked had slightly appear through the fabric that was over his mouth and in a low whisper Riku heard. "I don't think I hit you hard enough."

First Riku once felt a deep lust for the boy. But quickly after that, it was replaced with rage.

"You're the punk who hit me you're so in for it!" Riku said taking a step forward.

"Bring it on, pretty boy." Sora answered the challenge by taking fighting stance, mocking Riku to come closer.

When Riku went to throw a punch it was held back. Riku looked over his shoulder to see the coach of the soccer team holding his arm back.

Cloud Strife had blonde, spiked hair that sprung out in different directions and piercing blue eyes. He was wearing dark blue track pants with two thin white lines up the outsides and two belts hung on his thighs while one was wrapped around his waist. His simple white tang top stuck to him easily with sweat from the sun, his track jacket—with the same thin white lines running up the arms—was thrown on the ground from the sickening heat of the sun. His black training gloves had small little gems of spiked metal that glistened while the white wristband on his arm began to turn a light grey from sweat. Placed perfectly and comfortably around his neck was a silver whistle—the exact same as Leon's, but it was as if it had been spit-shined (which it hadn't been).

"Is there a problem here boys?" He asked calmly.

"Um, no sir just a friendly talk." Riku managed to say without squeaking.

"That's what I though, because I know you wouldn't hurt my players intentionally." Cloud said letting go of Riku's arm.

"Nope not us we'll just be leaving now Coach Strife" Axel said push Riku off the field.

"Well if you want you can stay and settle this with a game. Because you can what was it? O yes 'whip any soccer player at their game no sweat.' Am I right?"

'Shit' Ran through both Axel's and Riku's mind.

"Well we would, but we must be getting back to our own practice." Axel said with a bow to show respect.

"What's the matter tough guy scared to play the game?" the brunet said crossing his arms.

"Now Sora, just because they want to play an easy game, doesn't mean we should judge them." Roxas added, showing off a sly smile.

"Hmm. Sora, that means sky. What a perfect name to go for that angel." Riku thought to himself, going into a small fantasy, that involved him, Sora and a cupcake.

Axel on the other hand just reached his limit, and temptation growing. His limit being called out to a challenge, the temptation was not being able to kiss someone as gorgeous as Roxas.

"Fine Roxy! I don't care how cute your ass is! Get your co-captain you're going down. Come on Riku let's play this game."

A blush ran across Roxas face as he struggled to find the words. "But… um… he's uh - right …."

"Hey Roxas, it's ok I mean I think I can take on this guy." Sora said gesturing to Riku.

Riku had enough also, sure he may want to kiss him but no one talks to Riku like that. "Who are you anyway, you're not even in uniform, is this punnie kid your equipment manager?"

Roxas glared at Riku as he answered his question. No one could make fun of Sora but him. "Well Riku, this 'punnie kid' is not my equipment manager, Sora is my brother. As well as my co-captain because he can play in any position, front, back, center, or mid-fielder."

"Then why isn't he Captain?" the group turned to see Coach Leon walk onto the field.

"Coach" Riku and Axel said as they ran over to their respective coach.

Cloud gave a smirk started walking up to Leon. "Because Leon, it was my decision."

Leon also took another step forward, shaking his head to Cloud. "That's just like you Cloud, never putting you best players forward."

"We'll see about that."

"Wining Coach gets to pick other Coach's punishment?" Leon asked a glint in his eyes.

"You're on." With that they firmly shook hands and went back to their players.

"Ok Sora, Roxas, these guys are push over, they think they know soccer, but they don't. Start off easy make them little over confident. Then ground them into the dirt with an over the top come back got it?"

"Yes, Coach Cloud, Sir!" Sora and Roxas said giving a playful salute. Cloud nodded, but soon started to stare at Sora's attire.

"Sora are you really going to play like that?" Cloud gestured to the chains and belts, around Sora's hip.

Sora looked down, then back up at Cloud with tear filled eyes. "But I love my chains."

"No" Cloud said sternly

Sora looked to his brother for help on keeping his chains on during the game. Roxas shook this head. "Sorry Sora, but you're going to hurt the other players."

"But…" Sora was pouting which meant he was step away from using his best gift. The gift of making tears come at will and giving you the worst guilt trip ever.

Roxas knew how to deal with this. "What if I bought you a cookie?"

In the next instant the pout was gone, the chains and belts where pooled around his feet. "Let's get this game over with I want my fucking cookie." Sora screamed as he charged out onto the field with the ball. Cloud and Roxas could only sweat drop as they saw how one cookie could change Sora's mind.

On the other side of the field, Axel and Leon watch the now newly energized Sora kick the ball around. With Roxas telling him to stop before he gets worn out.

While Riku, made a mental note to buy a truck full of cookies. "He's so CUTE! Can anything that cute be of this earth?"

"Ok they slightly have the upper hand,... and one is now sugar high. But I know you can take them, now al..."

"Coach we got this we just have to run down the field with ball and make a goal." Riku said

"Alright if you say so, just be careful Cloud been know to play rough."

"Dose that apply to the bedroom as well, Coach?" Axel asked as ran onto the field.

Blink – blink, "AXEL!"

The field was cut in half, as Sora and Riku meet in the middle, while Axel and Roxas where the goalkeepers. Before anyone knew what was happening the bleachers where filled with screaming fan girls. Half where cheering for Axel and Riku the others for Roxas and Sora. The boy's personal club had also come down and started to try and recruit new members. They made signs in a short matter of minutes. And assortment of; "I LOVE YOU ROXAS!" "GO SORA, YOU'RE SO CUTE!" "MARRY ME RIKU!" and "AXEL YOU'ER SO HOT!", where only some of the cheers that came from the crowd.

Roxas and Sora hearing these call so often just focused on the game. Roxas annoyed as Sora waved to the growing larger crowd. Riku and Axel being their cocky selves waved to the crowd. Riku waving his hand in the airs and throwing random kisses to the girls but keep his eyes on Sora. "SORRY GIRLS I'M TAKEN BY A BLUE EYE BLOND WITH A FINE ASS!" Axel yelled back to the girls, he gave a short bow and silence the "aww" before he took his position at the goal. Roxas just glared, but it was not quite affective with a blush running across his face.

Then there was a scream from the crowd as a fan yaoi girl jumped up and started scream.


"THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER!" another joined in.

"I KNOW!" Soon the Zemyx Fan Club had appear, and starting to sell pictures, of cute moment between them.

And sure enough there came Zexion with Demyx hand in hand. They went to center and place the rules down, "Ok if you make a goal you'll switch with the goalkeeper, a goal is worth 2 points, first team to make 10 points win. Got it? Good." Demyx threw the ball in, which singled the start of the game.

Riku went to get the ball, but soon a mop of brown was in his view. Going futher down he's eyes meet with a smile, spreading across Sora's face. He gave a quick wink, which caused Riku stopped and stared as Sora went right passed him, no problem.

"Riku! You shit head! Get your head in the game!" Riku turned to Axel who was getting ready to guard the goal as Sora ran down the field. Sora faked a kick to the right, which Axel went for, only to have Sora stop midway and kick it to the left. A whistle blew signifying the point was given Sora and Roxas.

Some collective "awws" and shocking noises came from the crowed. All where silent as Axel pushed himself off the ground, picking himself up brushing off dirt.

"Sorry about that, but all fair and fair." Sora extended a hand "We're, cool?" Axel looked at the hand smiled and shook it. "Yeah, we're cool." Both laughing a little. A roar of applausive came from the girls mostly the Axel fan girls appreciated Sora kindness.

Riku was staring at this scene he, hand forming into fists. 'What is Axel doing shaking Sora's hand before I have"


'And talking to him.'


'Wait, no laughing with him.'


'Aww he looks so adorable laughing, damn it Axel I'm going to kill you.'


Riku finally looked over to where a voice had been yell from, to land eyes on Roxas.

"Yeah what?"

"Stop gawking at my brother and get back to focusing on the game."

Riku raised an eyebrow 'Who is this punk-ass kid, thinking he can boss me around?'

Sora walked by with a slight swing in his hips to the goal post, blowing a kiss Riku's way.

"Here it comes, Heads up." Riku looked at Roxas and got another hit to the head with a soccer ball. But at least he didn't become unconscious as it bounced off his head. Roxas jumped up and hit it with his head, gaining control over it and running towards Axel.

Axel wondered why he had such an airhead of a partner, and also why his head was attracted to soccer balls. Well he didn't have time to ponder the world's mysteries, as here came that cute blond. Axel ready himself for the kicked but when the ball had went to far ahead of Roxas. Axel ran forward to kick it away thinking he would reach it before Roxas had a chance to kick it again. Just as he was three steps away, Roxas came in with a slid and kicked the ball into the net. Zexion blew the whistle, showing another point was given.

"Sora! Roxas! Stand down." Cloud yelled from the sidelines. A nod coming from both as they switch places again. Axel threw the ball in once again, and even though it fell right in front of Sora he didn't move to get it. He just stood there watching Riku, waiting for him to move. Riku took a step forward Sora didn't move. As he got closer to the net Roxas stood to one side leaving one side of the net wide open. With a simple kick, the ball was in the net, and the whistle blew.

Axel walked up to Riku as they where switching. "What was that all about?" he asked.

"I don't know they just let us score, maybe they want to see you play."

"Good thing I study, eh?"

"Shut up.

Axel started down at the burnet he had just made friends with, not to long a go. Sora was just looking up at him, giving a cheerful smile.

"O nothing just wanting to see if you deal better then your partner. Also I'm sorry."

"Um ok…wait why?" Sora took a step to the side and Axel got a gut full of soccer ball.

"For that" Sora took the ball and headed to Riku.

'he-he smart little kid, but not my type.' Axel said gripping his stomach, as a shadow casted over him.

"Need a hand?" Axel looked up to see Roxas standing over him hand extended, which Axel generously took with a smile.

"Sorry about kick to the stomach, I didn't know Sora would do that." Roxas said helping pull up the taller teen.

"How about you make it up to me?" Axel said smirking.

"How?" Roxas asked with a equally devious smirk.

"How bout, with a kiss."


Axel was taken back with the answer, but he got and even bigger shock. When Roxas wrapped his hand behind Axel's neck and pulled him down and gave a kiss on the lips.

Screams came from the bleachers, when some girl shouted. "I Propose the AkuRoku Club!"

"I second the motion!"

"Club formed"

Some pictures where taken and more squeals.

After a short while Roxas stop and was gone from sight, when Axel turned around Roxas was already down the field with the ball.

"And you call me dense?"

Axel was too happy to pay attention to what Riku was yelling. But realized that that if Roxas made this goal that meant Roxas would go back to the net. To late to stop Roxas, Axel's only hope was Riku. 'Well that means I'm out of luck.' And that was the truth Roxas made a goal, and went to switch with Sora.

When the ball was in play once again Axel totally ignored it and ran to Roxas, hoping to another kiss. Sora blinked, 'this is new' shrugging it off he went towards the goal.

"Nani, Axel! What are you doing?"

"I came back for seconds"

Sora chuckled a bit at what he heard as he looked up to see Riku there.

"I'm ready for you this time Sora!" Riku shouted

Sora gave smirked "If you say so Riku!"

Sora kept running straight for Riku.

And before Riku knew what was happening, he was on the floor with a very adorable brunet on top him kissing his lips.

The final whistle blew. "That's point and game, I win Leon." Cloud smirked

Sora stopped kissing Riku, who started to study him. Sora had pulled down the turtleneck, fully showing his face sunglasses laid to the side of them. Tan sun kissed skin with ocean blue eyes, as deep blue as the ocean it's self. His lips slightly darker then his brother, pulled into a smirk.

"Soiku Fan Club anyone?"

"The meeting is next Tuesday"

"After the Zemyx fan club, and before the AkuRoku club."

"All in favor?"

Multiply 'I' went around, as all fan girls' left to plan.

Sora got off Riku, and picked up the fallen sunglasses and placed them back on top his eyes.

"Thanks for the game Riku maybe I'll see you around. And we'll play again."

Axel and Leon walked over to Riku and once he was up, Leon said, "That's what I meant by Cloud playing dirty."

Riku and Axe gave a united "O"

As on for the other side of the field...

"ROXY ROXY ROXY ROXY! Where's my cookie!"


That team would never change.

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