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"So Namine, where to, your house or mine?" Axel asked.

She gave a warm smile and nodded. "My house is fine."

Axel and Namine drove off to her house; Axel decided to question the girl.

"So… um, Namine what do you know about Roxas?"

"That's just like you Axel, get to your point quickly. But the real question is what don't I know, I used to date him."


"Awww Axel that's so cute you have a crush!"


"And you now have a crush on him!"

"I do not."

"Yeah you do."

"Do not!"

"Axel, you wouldn't come to me for girl clothes, to teach you how to apply make-up, tips for other girl things, and information on Roxas."

"How would you know why I want to come to you for this information?"

"Well what is it for then?"

"… Fine it's a small crush on Roxas, got it memorized? And I came to you for help because you're his friend and may know what he likes."

"Awwww Axel of course I'll help you!" They finally reached her house and she got out of the car.

"Um….. Thanks Naminé." Axel followed, watching her giggle as she bounced up the steps to her house and unlocked the door.

"But I'm going to need Larxene's help."

"Huh why are you going to bring her into this?" Axel looked horrorstricken as Naminé led him to the dinning room where the phone was.

"Well I can't do this alone, and I think you would like her style in clothing better than mine. O I'll call her over right now." She ushered Axel into her room, told him to use the computer or TV or stereo then raced to the phone.


"Hey Larxene!"

"What's up Naminé?"

"Well I was wondering if you could come over and help me with um …a project…"

"Sure Naminé, I'll help when do you want me over?"

"Um as soon as possible if that's ok?"

"Well then open the door."


Naminé went to open the front door to find Larxene standing there, cell phone in hand.

"Wow, that was fast Larxene."

"Actually there was nothing to do so I was coming over to see if you wanted to hang out today."

"Well I have something more fun to do!"

"O really, what's that?"

Naminé led Larxene into her room where she saw Axel sitting at Naminé's computer. "The project of turning Axel into a girl."

Axel turned to the sound of his name being said and came face to face with an evil grinning Larxene.

"Your right Naminé that does sound like fun!"

"Um Naminé, why is Larxene grinning like that?"

"She's just so happy that she'll be helping." Innocent smile Axel's ass.

"Larxene I think your style is more for Axel than mine but he doesn't think so, so could you show him what you like?"

"Sure just let me bring it up on the net, ok?"

Soon Larxene brought up the page and had Axel look at it. The store was called Hallow Bastion and it was close to same style of the store that he went to. Hot Topic.

"Hey these seem ok I wouldn't mine wearing them no offence Naminé but I like Larxene's style… why are you looking me like that?" Axel asked as he saw Naminé with a small smile and Larxene with a big grin.

"Then come on Axel lets go to the mall." Larxene said as she grabbed his arm.

"What, now?! No!"

"But Axel we need to get you the clothes so that you can wear them on Monday and Larxene's size won't fit you!"

"No way!"

A minute later

Axel was being chased around by Naminé but mostly Larxene who he was just out of reach from. Naminé stopped running when she heard the phone ring.

"Larxene keep chasing him I have to get the phone, I'll be there soon to help you catch him."

Naminé picked up the phone and answered as she continued to watch Larxene chase after Axel.


"Hello Naminé?"

"Yes Kairi what is… o hold on a sec Larxene did you catch him yet?" Naminé asked as she heard something crash in the other room.

"Almost! Hey, can I use these knives?" Larxene yelled, obviously they where in the kitchen

"Um, as long as you don't break anything, or hurt Axel." Naminé yelled back

"Than how am I suppose to stop him?" Larxene shouted

"How am I supposed to know" Naminé said getting a little annoyed since she was on the phone.

"Sorry Kairi what did you want?" Naminé realizing she was being rude

"Is Larxene with you?"

"Yeah, I need help one girl can't do this alone." Naminé giggled as she heard Kairi do the same.

"Specking of which how is it was going with Axel?"

"Well we're taking him to the mall for new clothes cuez ours don't fit him even though he likes the style." Naminé answered

"Great then, lets meet up in 15 in front of the train station, sound, good for you?"

"Yeah we'll just have to catch him…" Naminé said with a sigh

"Naminé he's coming your way!" Larxene yelled from down the hall.

THUD Naminé stuck out her foot and amazingly enough Axel fell for it literally.

"See you soon Kairi!" Naminé said as she hung up the phone and began to walk towards Larxene, who'd just came through the door.

"Come on we're going to mall. Where's Axel, Larxene?"

"Um you're standing on him" Naminé looked down and saw she was, indeed, standing on poor Axel.

"Great! Axel drive us to the train station."

"What?! Why do I have to?"

"Well you ARE the one who wanted the help and it's the fastest why to get there."

"Yeah besides with all the stuff we have to get you, it won't be light."

"Fine just get off me we'll go."

Axel drove to the train station where both of the groups met up at the front and bought tickets.

They had to wait so they sat on a bench; this caused everyone to be bored when Larxene realized something.

"So Axel I still don't know why you're doing all this. Want to tell me why?"

After a few minutes of yelling, Axel finally agreed.

"Fine I'll tell you it if Riku dose also."

Scene change to Kairi's room

"So what now?"

Kairi opened her closet that reviled racks and racks of clothes draws of make-up and accessories.

"We're going to find your inner teenage girl Riku."

Riku looked from the closet to the two girls.

"I'm only going to tell you this once Kairi, Selphie so you better listen. This is not for my personal gain, so stop giving me those looks!" Riku yelled.

"Yeah sure Riku, so, are you going to dress up or, you're you going to allow us to dress you up all girlish for Sora?" Kairi asked with her hands on her hips.

"Wow you must really have the hots for this guy." Selphie said looking through the racks of clothes.

"I do not it's, it's for…." Riku searched his thoughts for an idea.

'Damn what's it for… what's it for…?'

"Well?" Kairi asked as she crossed her arms.

"It's for English." Riku said with pride

'Yes that's perfect, go me!'

"For what?" Selphine asked

"An English essay, oonn…."

"What is for what it for?"

"What's it like to be a girl." Riku said with a comeback.

"You just like him, here try this one on." Kairi said as she threw him a shirt.

"What you got to be kidding me this won't fit me and it dose not seem to bring out my beauty and perfection." Riku said as he threw it back, flipping his hair.

"Fine how about this one?" Kairi asked throwing another shirt.

"Not the right shade"

"This one?"

"No one wears green for this month."

"This one?"

"No, you know how many girls have that shirt?"

"This one?"


"Riku will anything please you?" Kairi said frustrated

"Well maybe if you had some fashion sense I would."

"Fine Riku just put on your shirt and come down stairs when you're ready." Kairi said leaving

"Where are we going?" Riku shouted

"To Destiny Mall." Is what he heard shouted back at him.

"Why?" Riku asked as he came out with the shirt that he had come in.

"Because I have no fashion sense so you're going to the mall to get your own wardrobe and we coming along to make sure it's for girls." Kairi said with a sarcastic tone.

"What, no I can't go to the mall as a boy and come out as a girl." Riku protested

"Well today you will be, Selphie! I need your help!" Kairi yelled. At that point Selphie kicked opened the door with her jump rope in hand.

#Minutes later#

Selphie and Kairi where sitting on top of a bound Riku.

"Selphie, I don't think I ever seen this side of you!" Kairi said with joy

"I know it's these classes I've been taking it really open me up." Selphie smiled

"I hope Axel is having better luck than I am." Riku said

"That a good idea lets see where he is, I'll call Naminé, and well put it on speaker phone." Kairi dialed the number


"Hello Naminé?"

"Hi Kairi what is… o hold on a sec did you catch him yet?" She heard Naminé asked as something crash in the background.

"Almost hey can I use these knives?" Someone yelled.

"Um, as long as you don't break anything … or hurt Axel." Naminé yelled back.

"Than how am I suppose to stop him?" Whoever it was shouted right back

"How am I supposes to know!" Kairi could sense a hint of annoyance in Naminé's voice

"Sorry Kairi what did you want?"

"Is Larxene with you?"

"Yeah I need help one girl can't do this alone."

"Specking of which how is it was going with Axel?"

"Well we're taking him to the mall for new clothes cuez ours don't fit him even though he likes the style." Naminé answered

"Great then we can meet up in 15, good for you?

"Yeah we'll just have to catch him" Naminé said with a sigh

"Naminé he's coming your way!" Larxene yelled from down the hall.

Kairi heard a loud THUD but before she could ask what it was…

"See you soon Kairi!" Naminé said as she hung up the phone.

So both groups meet up at the train station but would have to wait half an hour more for the next train. It was complete silence till Larxene broke it.

"So Axel I still don't know why you're doing all this want to tell me why?"

"No not really" Axel said getting read to put on his headphones

"You better tell me or I'll yell to everyone at school that you like Roxas."

"WHO TOLD YOU!" Axel yelled

"Um nobody" Larxene said blankly

"Then how did you fid out." Axel asked

"I mean I have my resources" Larxene said with the flip of hair

"You wouldn't dare tell!" Axel shouted once again

"O, I would so tell." Larxene said with an evil grin

"Fine I'll tell you it if Riku dose also." Axel responded not going into the minefield alone.

Time change

The school halls where empty and the lone person standing in there was Zexion back to the wall messenger bag to the side, and eyes closed. He was waiting outside Demyx's English class; the blond in question was finishing up a test.

It was the middle of six period but as soon as the test was over the teacher allowed the student to leave. Zexion had a free period so he usually waited in the library for him, but after hacking in to the computer's student directory, he decided it was best to leave.

Zexion watched through the windows, and gave a few chuckles to himself as he saw Demyx scratch his head quickly, as if trying to rise up answers. Then when he slammed his head on the desk Zexion knew he needed to clam down.

Zexion made light tapping noises at the widow in trying to catch Demyx's attention. But the blond teen seemed so stressed, that he didn't noticed. Finally Zexion came up with an excuse to interrupt the class and went on with his plan.

"Excuse me Mr. Xigbar, Mr. Xemnas asked me to see if you returned the book you barrowed from the library."

"Why, I returned that book last week."

"If that's the truth then why is it on you desk?" Sure enough there it was, the book was beaten up and had puncture marks in it, water had been thrown on it and dried out.

"I un, uh, WAIT! Who are you? The library's TA?"

"No but I spend a lot of time in the library, I'm also in charged of the books, and you currently owe 40 bucks, and you also won't be able to check out any books since this is your third strike.

"Hmm, well what do you say if I give you 25 dollars, do you think you can make this little incited disappear?" Xigbar pulled out the bills and placed them in Zexion's hand.


The conversation between them was silent. But everyone looked up to see who came in, and then quickly went back to their tests in front of them.

Demyx how ever never let his eyes wonder off the two. And fallowed Zexion out the door, but what surprised him was he didn't leave, but started to try to get his attention.

He gestured to him to clam down and take a breath, and think clearly.

Demyx nodded, took a breath, placed his hands together to think more clearly. Then he popped opened his eyes. The test was so simple now and with great speed he finished the test.

Xigbar took his paper and nodded. "Good job kid you just might pass this time. Now get out of here."

Demyx went to his seat got his bag and ran out the door where a shout was heard. If you looked down the hall you could see a spazzing Demyx flaring his arms about, talking about how the test was as Demyx put it. 'Ultra, mega hard with the all the twist and turns.'

Zexion raised an eyebrow. "O really I though you where going to fail."

"What when did I say that?"


"I'M GONNA FAIL!" Demyx dropped his head to the desk witch resulted in a loud BANG.

Zexion let out a sigh. "Demyx please don't hit your head on the desk. Come on studying can be fun at times."

Both had gone to the library to help Demyx study for his English test that week, it was clam, quite and nothing to distract him because books barely interested him. The library had claming music playing.

"But Zexion I'm never going get it. And it's so boring."

"That's why I'm tutoring you. Now where are we?"

"You becoming a successful business person, while, I become a bum playing my sitar for money on the streets."


"Lets face it Zexion, I won't get good grades, and I'll fail and never get a job." He hit his head once again on the table.


"Or I'll starve and become a corpse" Demyx climb on the table and lay down with an imaginary bouquet of flowers in hands.


Demyx sat up quickly almost knocking heads with Zexion. "Or maybe get rapped on the streets."


"No I'll…" Demyx was cut off as lips covered his owns.

Zexion pulled Demyx's head closer brushing his fingers through the soft dirty blond locks. The kiss was sweet, and caring, but too quick for Demyx's liking. Looking up, blue eyes met lilac as Zexion placed his forehead on Demyx's own.

"You're such a drama queen."

"Say's you."

A rare smile came upon Zexion's face "But you're my drama queen."

Zexion lean back down to Demyx's lips, and gave another kiss. Demyx squirmed under a little, finally getting tired of propping himself up, he reached up and placed his arms around Zexion's neck. Now with the extra weight, Zexion placed his arms on both sides of the blond holding them both up.

Zexion started to trace his tongue along Demyx's bottom lip. Then, without a second thought, allowed access, both tongues dancing with each other, exploring the wet cavern of the other. The two stopped for air 'damn breathing' thought Demyx as he flipped some stray hairs back, propping back on his elbows.

Zexion looked down at Demyx. The baby blue ocean eyes hazed over, hair slightly out of place. Then giving one glance to Demyx, who nodded, Zexion took in the signal greedily before he shoved the textbooks and papers on the floor to make room.

Zexion started to kiss Demyx again, trailing up the neck stopping after he reached the lips, were he placed a kiss. His hands went to work unclasping the claps inside his black vest, which Demyx wore, then stared unbuttoning the blue button shirt, exposing tan skin to the world. Releasing Demyx from the kiss, Zexion went to the collar bone and started to nip and suck at it. Demyx was taking in even breaths of air looking away for a second before he pushed Zexion back.

Confused as to why, he soon saw that Demyx was playing with the zipper of the tight black vest Zexion wore. Finally getting down to the bottom Demyx pushed it off Zexion's shoulders and slid it off his arms, before throwing it to the side. Zexion went back to giving kisses a trail leading from the heart towards the waistline.

Demyx was running his hands up the shirt that Zexion was still in. Determined to change that little detail now, Demyx sat up. Both his shirt and vest falling down to his elbows, he stared to pull up the green turtle neck shirt. Zexion may have looked thin, but he worked out, which has given him a nice set of abs. Demyx had raised the shirt up midway before Zexion finished taking it off, joining his vest on the floor. Demyx let his articles of clothes fall to the floor as well. Looking up to a now bare chested Zexion, who was cupping his chin and bring them closer together. Finally only an inch away Demyx lunged forward closing the gap. Demyx giving a small moan finally doing something that didn't evolve textbooks; Zexion's lips were tracing faint lines along Demyx skin going down, while a hand was in his hair and the other hand holding—.

"What's going on back here!?"

Demyx and Zexion stopped, quickly pulling their clothes on. The librarian came around the shelf and eyed them curiously before walking off with her nose stuck up in the air.

Demyx and Zexion left the library soon after the librarian left, both walking down the street towards the mall.

"So Demy how long do you have till you have to go to work?"

"Hmm I need to be there by 4:45, what about you?"

"I have to go at 4:50 not that much of a different."

"So what are we going to do till then?"

"Nothing by the time we get to the mall you'll have to check into work and get ready."

Demyx gave a slight pout. Both walking in silence for a short while, till Demyx asked.

"Hey Zexy dose any Goth or Punk girl flirt you while your working?'"

"Yes," Zexion looked over at and smirked. "why jealous?"

"No just curiosity." More silence "Are any of them cute?"

"Demyx, I can't believe you're asking me this."

"What, I just want to know, is that wrong?"

"Demyx, everyday I am asked out by at least 30 teenage girls or more; and two fourth of them are customers, one fourth are the girls where I buy my food and drink from, the last one fourth are girls that stalk me and preps who come in the store."

Demyx could only stare at Zexion in disbelief.

"So Demyx everyday I refuse them and they question me as to why. And I tell them I'm not interested, and walk away."

"What, where do you go after that?"

"That's an easy one, I go and meet you."

Zexion gave Demyx a kiss on cheek. "And I always kiss you and tell you i love you, don't I?" Demyx thought back and it was true every time after work Zexion has spoken those words and given him a kiss.

"See you after work." Demyx blinked till he realized that he was standing in front of his work. He watched Zexion walk off till he went inside.

Demyx didn't have time to take one more step till Marluxia came and scooped him up in a death grip hug.

"Demyx you are so lucky, I mean you have a very cute boyfriend, who obvious is deeply in love with you."

"Uh, Mar I can't breath."

"Huh, o sorry, well now that you're here get to work that cute seen out front gave us a lot of customers."

Marluxia went around the store greeting people. "Wait you with the green shirt, stop! That is not your color put it down, don't you run away from me."

Demyx sweat dropped at his boss actions, he just walked over to the cash register and started to ring up orders.

"Welcome to Urban Outfitters, you find everything ok?"

Scene Change

"Hey there, can I ask your opinion?

Zexion stopped placing more shirts on the top shelf and look down next to the latter, to see a teenage girl with blond hair in a high ponytail, short mini skirt, and a crop top holding up two shirts.

In one had she held a black clasps vest, and in the other was a smaller size then her white tang top that would probably rest in the middle of her stomach.

"Which one matches my eyes, or better yet which one would make my bust seem bigger?"

Zexion sighed, and gave a smirk. "Well if you're going for bust, what one hides your face more?"

The girl blinked in confusion. "So you're saying the white one?"

Zexion slapped his forehead and brought it down his face. "Yes the white one."

"Do you have it in pink?"


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