All of Muggle Homecoming

"Lily! Come on we're going to go welcome the new family to the neighborhood!" Lily Evans mom, Rachel, yelled up the stairs.

"Coming!" Lily shouted back. Lily quickly ran a brush through her hair and looked herself over.

She had long mid back red hair that she let fall over her shoulders and cascade down her back in lovely red curls. She had on a loose green tank top and short Levi shorts. She had added some green eye shadow and a little mascara to bring out her eyes and finished the look with lip gloss and hoop earrings.

Running down the stairs, Lily heard her sister Petunia gasp and smiled. Lily knew her sister could never fit into something like this. Petunia was 18 a year older then lily by one year, Lily was 17, an adult in her other world.

"Let's go shall we?" Tony, Lily's dad said.

"Right behind you." Rachel said her arms laden with plates of cookies and goodies. Petunia just groaned. The Evans family loved to make the new neighbors feel welcome, hence they always brought cookies etc. To their houses. Lily especially loved to impress the boys, and show them what they couldn't have.

They walked out the door and across the street and knocked on the front door.

"Yes?" said a woman with black hair opening it.

" Hi, we're your new neighbors." Rachel said extending the treats.

" And we wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood." Tony agreed.

"Well hello!" Said a man with wild black hair coming to the door.

" Thank you these cookies look yummy were just about to sit down and eat. Would you like to join us?" the woman said, " you can meet our son and his friends."

" Of course we would be delighted to join you Mrs..."

Tony trailed

" Jasmin. You can call me Jasmin. Come in Come in." She said leading the way into a large cozy open space. There were two grand stair cases coming down from the upstairs. The floor was wooden with a large colorful rug in the center of the room.

The walls were a dark crimson color, with many pictures covering them. It was all lit up by a diamond chandelier.

" This is my husband Carlos." Jasmin said gesturing to the man that had answered the door with her. " The boys will be down in a moment I'm sure they don't let the smell of food go unnoticed hence nothing can stop them from devouring it."

Tony laughed, "My name is Tony, this is my wife Rachel, our oldest daughter Petunia and-"

" LILY EVANS WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!" Came a thundering voice from up on the stairs. Lily Looked surprised for a moment then retorted.

" I wasn't aware this was your house Potter otherwise I wouldn't be here!" She shouted back.

"Yo! Prongs! What's all the- Oooohhhhhh No." said another boy coming to stand next to 'Potter/ Prongs'.

"What is it Pad- Lily!" said yet another boy with sandy blond hair, "What are you doing here?" he asked running down the stairs, and giving Lily a big hug.

"I was welcoming the new family to the neighborhood. What about you Remus?"

"Visiting James and Sirius of course." Remus answered.

"TRAITOR!" Came the single reply.

"Hugging the enemy Moony how could you!" James exclaimed sliding down the railing.

"By being at least civil to her." Remus Lupin replied

"Long time no see, Redy." Sirius said him too sliding down the railing.

"I'm seventeen years old, don't make me hex you into the next planet Black!" Lily replied sweetly, she was touchy about her hair.

"My my touchy today aren't we?...Flame." Sirius went on.

" You're magic?" Carlos asked Tony.

" No. Just Lily." He answered.

"What is that!" James asked pointing.

Turning Lily saw what he was pointing to. Before Jasmin could yell at her son for being so rude, Lily replied stiffly," That Potter is my sister."

" Are you as protective of her as you are your friends?" Sirius asked looking suggestively at James.

" No... But almost. Ten to one hundred galleons in favor of other." She stated knowing her parents wouldn't know or care what the heck galleons are.

Pulling out his wand James said, " Mind if we-"

"If you so much as touch a hair on her head you will wish you were never born Potter!" Lily hissed she too whipping out her wand.

Remus stepped over to where the Potters and Evens were standing watching, while pulling out his wand he mumbled, " Here we go again."

Sirius too had pulled his wand out as a precaution.

"Just as Mrs. Potter was about to step say something another voice yelled, " Put your wands away NOW!" and in walked another boy.

"Ah Marcus it was just getting good!" Sirius groaned doing as he was told, Remus did too (without the whining) but kept a hand on his wand, just in case

"Right." Marcus said sarcastically in reply to Sirius, "Last time they were at it they nearly put everyone around them in the hospital."

"Why do you think we had our wands out?" Sirius shot back.

Marcus was about to retort when Jasmin said, " You all know he's right, James, dear, you and Lily please put your wands away. My sources tell me dinner is served."

The three marauders shared a look while Lily looked suspiciously at them.

They walked into the dinning hall where the table was full of... Chocolate and Butter beer!

"James Harold Potter!" his mother cried when she saw it," You change this food back this instant!"

"Why do you always assume it was me who did all the bad stuff?" He asked

"Have you ever given me a reason not to believe it's always you?" she shot back. "Now, change it!" she demanded

"Ummmm..."James trailed off looking at Sirius and shrugging.

"Translation," Lily said " They don't know how. Please say you do Remus?" Lily begged

" It was their doing I had no idea this was going to happen until right before you showed up. I don't even know what spell they used." Remus answered helplessly.

"Darn!" Lily said stamping her foot. "Umm.. Spello Removeo?" she said cautiously. BAM!

The food changed back into their original form, Roast beef and Potatoes gravy and stuffing.

"Nicely done Lily!" Marcus said flirtatiously.

"Well then, now that Lily has changed the food back to it's original state... let's eat!" Carlos stated sitting down.

Jasmin laughed and, followed by Tony and Rachel sat to the side. Thinking fast Petunia grabbed the last chair on that side of the table, by her mother.

Sirius having a rare great idea, grabbed the chair opposite of Petunia and sat, leaving one chair to his left and three to his right, grabbing Remus he pulled him into the left chair. Tugging Marcus to the right side of him. Leaving the chair in between James and Marcus for Lily.

When Lily saw this she gasped "Petunia I'll do your chores for a whole month! Please sit-"

"Lily Sapphire Evans! You sit down in that chair there next to Handsome Marcus and dear sweet James."

"Spare me please!"Lily groaned sitting down and glaring at Sirius.

"So I take it you know these four from school?" Jasmin asked.

"Depends on what you mean by know." Lily said "My first my hair was changed four different colors, I wore seven different robes and was changed one and a half animals."

"Ummm...Lil's that was two and a half." Sirius stated only to be whacked by Remus "What! It's true!"

"Mabey so but I don't think Prongs wanted M and D Potter to know." Remus said explaining why he had whacked Sirius.

"Wring again Padfoot; it was three and a half animals not one not two but three, three and a half animals; A mouse ,a Cat an owl and half a snake."

"Oh yeah the slytherins thought it was an omen!" Sirius cracked beginning to laugh.

"Yes but if you recall I was the one who cursed you to have dung bombs dropped on your head every five seconds till McGonnagal said to take it off when she couldn't."

"Does Lily go to mug- regular school?" Mrs. Potter asked ignoring them.

"Yes she does do they?" Rachel asked in reply.

"We're going to try this summer till Hogworts starts again." Carlos answered for his wife.

"Lily would be happy to show them around wouldn't you dear?" Tony said Catching his daughter off guard.

"Uh.. yes?" Lily said hopefully, having just come out of an argument with James and having not heard what his father had offered.

"See? School starts at 9:00 so Lily can be by at around 8:00 Okay?"

"Great!"Lily groaned again. "Li Tori Ky and the gang are going to be just thrilled to have to show the notorious Marauders around. I am so dead!" she muttered looking up just in time to see Petunia smirk at her.

That did it. Lily nudged James, then leaning over and whispering a voice just loud enough for Petunia to hear said, "I changed my mind any time you want to prank Petunia go ahead and do it ... in fact why don't you give me a call and I'll give you a hand in hexing her. Hey anytime you want go ahead and curse my dear sister into oblivion."

That wiped the smirk off Petunias face. Then to her parents she said, "Okay Okay I'll show the Marauders and co. around, as long as they dress normally." she sighed.