I know this is short but i will post the next chap this wekend if not tonight i came up with a new story and i will work on that right now so...yea...

Kagome stood in the mirror she felt strange , she was nervous like most nights she felt nervous

(she has a mission each night ). She looked at her self in the mirror "what is this, why do my eyes look different? " Kagome looked closer to the mirror to find her eyes looked green instead of there usual brown. Just then she herd a voice " Kagome…let me out…give…me control…I wont do something you will regret I only have your best interest in mind." With this said Kagome fell to the ground holding her head in pain. "Why do I here this voice…..my head hurts so bad " after that thought her hart started to beat rapidly and she past out moments later she sat up, dusted her self off and looked in to the mirror again.

But this time instead of her eyes being brown with little bits of green they were completely green, her appearance was completely different she looked much older in mind and body. "Now….Kagome we need to talk, you stay put were you are….and I will handle the rest….you are becoming so stubborn….how will I get any work done…" Said a voice very similar to kagome's and the voice even came from her mouth the voice belonged to ….MAYA !