illegal street racer

Summary: Kagome is a street racer at Japan, and is known to be the best in her home country. She goes to America to visit her friend Sango. Kagome meets Inuyasha, the best street racer in America. She is asked to join his gang of street racers called 'The Demons'.



. : Characters: .

Miroku - car parts dealer and repair man, age 18, lives in a condo, single

Sango - gang secretary, age 17, living in an apartment , single

Inuyahsa - owner of 'The Demons', age 18 ( Viper ), lives with Fluffy, single

Kagome - tourist street racer, age 17 ( Dark angel), lives alone, single


It was a beautiful Sunday morning in Tokyo, Japan at the Higurashi shrine, when all throughout the home you could hear the sound of a telephone going off.

Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, Briiiiiiii-

Kagome's eyes fluttered open at the sound of her pink cordless phone as she lazily reached over for it. She could feel her miko powers sensing to see if it was a urgent call, and indeed it wasn't.

"Huh? What? Hello?" was Kagome Higurashi's groggy response but once she saw the clock on the walls that grogginess was soon replaced with anger, 'Who in the hell would call at 8:45 in the morning?'. By that time Kagome was lazily climbing out of her very comfortable bed, going over to her walk-in closet, taking out a pair of clothes for today's line of work and walking into the bathroom.

She still had the phone in hand trying to see who the person was that just awakened her, but all she could hear was revving engines. 'Ah! who in the right mind would start racing at the this time of day?' Kagome was seething in anger knowing that the asshole on the other line probably did this as a prank.

"Hello? if this is some kind of joke, then i'm hanging up" she was starting to undress when she heard the all to familiar high pitch voice of her friend, Sango. "Kagome! Hi its me Sango, hey I was wondering if you'd like to come over to visit America 'cause the people over here are anxious to meet you?" On the other end of the phone was Sango, at a race with a whole bunch of guys chanting the name "DARK ANGEL" over and over again.

"Sango, w-why do they want to me-meet me?" Kagome stopped mid-way on taking off her shirt, worried on what her blabber-mouth of a friends answer would be. "Its okay Kagome they just want to race you" Sango noticed that her friend sounded a little worried so she answered reasuringly.

"Oh, but why should I go just to race? I mean I have more opportunitys here in Japan?" Kagome smirked smugly cause she just cornered her hyper friend and Sango knew it. But her friends next response was not what she expected.

"Kagome you've heard of the 'Viper' right? Well guess what, he's here in Malibu, California and he's asking for a race with the of-so-famous 'Dark angel'." Now it was Sango's turn to smile smugly, 'That outta get her attention for sure.' "Please! Kagome do it for me, I really missed you and I want you here."

"He's asking? Its a guy? Oh, whats his name? Is he cute? Tell me, tell me, tell me." Kagome soon found herself lying back down on her bed giggling like a school girl waiting for the news.

"Well...his name...well it's...''