Disclaimer – I don't own Avatar: the Last Airbender or the title 'Love is' which comes from a poem of which I cannot remember the name

Love Is

Love is when Iroh chats up girls a quarter his age, telling them about his handsome young nephew and how, yes; the boy is free all day at weekends and after seven on weekdays, and yes; he's single and willing to go out with anyone who asks.

Love is when Zuko berates his uncle for serving nothing except tea but still downs the 'hot leaf juice', occasionally asking for more though he says it's just because there's nothing better to drink.

Love is when Iroh tells Zuko a proverb if the prince is sulking in a corner knowing his nephew will argue back about how senseless the proverb is and forget his troubles in the process.

Love is when Zuko hurls anyone out of the tea shop if they dare insult his senile uncle (only Zuko himself has the right to snap at the Dragon of the West).

Love is when Iroh slides back the door every night to make sure his nephew is safe and sleeping soundly.

Love is when Zuko drags home his drunken uncle if the old man is in a depressed stupour but doesn't ask questions the next morning.

Love is always there but remains unspoken.

That is exactly 200 words! It took me ten minutes to write and one and a half hours to edit. It was good fun anyway.

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