Chapter One

Dorinda and Joaquin were walking down the streets of Barcelona. They had just got done shopping. Suddenly, out of no where, Joaquin pulled Dorinda over and kissed her.

"I'm really going to miss you when I go back home." She said.

"I asked you to go shopping with me today, because I have some news. I really care about you and Senora Garibaldi told me that if I want to go over to New York with you, that I could have the apartment above her store." Joaquin informed her.

"That's wonderful." Dorinda said, jumping into his arms.

"There's a catch." Joaquin said quietly.

Dorinda got back on the ground. "What's that?"

"If I want to stay over there, with you, I have to become an United States citizen." He announced.

"The only way you can do that would be to get married." She informed him.

"I know." Joaquin got dropped to one knee, pulled a ring out of his pocket and asked, "Will you marry me?"

"What?" Dorinda pulled back, shocked.

"You're eighteen and I'm twenty. We're only two years apart. We're both old enough. I love you." Joaquin said.

Dorinda turned around and ran all the way back to Luc's villa, leaving her bags behind.

Joaquin just looked as she ran. A hint of pain could be seen in his face. He got up, gathered all the bags of merchandise and made his way back to his apartment.

Later on at dinner, Dorinda told everyone what happened.

Galleria spit out the drink that she had just took a sip of. "He did what?"

"Yeah, just out of the blue." Dorinda confirmed.

"Well, I think it's sweet." Chanel said.

"Do you love him?" Luc asked, squeezing Juanita's, Chanel's mother, hand.

"I've never loved another person the way that I love him."

"Let's hope not." Aqua said, jokingly.

"We have some much in common. We're a perfect match." Dorinda pointed out.

"He loves you very much." Dorthea, Galleria's mother, said.

"What do you think that I should do?" Dorinda asked.

Everyone looked at each other and then rose to leave. They knew the answer, but Dorinda needed to find out for herself.

Chanel and Dorinda were the only ones in the dining room, when Chanel turned back and said, "Follow your heart."

The next day the doorbell rang. Dorinda made her way room to room, looking for someone to answer the door. She didn't feel like talking to anyone today, after her encounter with Joaquin yesterday. 'I could've at least told him that I would think about it, but no. I ran off instead.' She thought to herself. After realizing that she would have to answer the door, she did just that.

"I believe you forgot these." Joaquin said, handing her bags to her.

"I'm so sorry for my behavior yesterday." Dorinda apologized.

"It's partially my fault too." Joaquin said. "I shouldn't have sprung it on you like that."

Dorinda pulled him close and gave him a hug. "I would love to be Countess Tovar."

"I have no money, cars, houses or anything like that." Joaquin said, with a smile on his face. He knew that materialism wasn't Dorinda's style.

"I'm sure we can manage." Dorinda said, smiling back. She crushed her lips against his.

"So when's the wedding?" a voice asked. Dorinda and Joaquin broke apart, startled. They looked around and saw that everyone was there, smiling at them.

"We haven't decided yet." Joaquin said. "We have to save the money."

"No need. I already have the dress made. I just need to fit it." Dorthea said. Dorthea Garibaldi was a fashion designer.

"And I plan to pay for the entire wedding. You need to be married before we leave." Luc announced.

"We go home in three days!" Dorinda exclaimed.

"I've already called a caterer, bakery, priest, and all of that." Juanita said.

"But you did know that I would say yes."

"We had a pretty good feeling." Aqua smiled.

"So when is the wedding, Senor Luc?" Joaquin asked.

Luc held up one hand. "Two days."

Dorinda nudged Joaquin. "In two days, we'll be stuck with me."

Joaquin nudged her back. "I think I can live with that."