Chapter Seven

"We won!" Dorinda shouted, opening the door to Galleria's house. Joaquin followed her, a grin on his face and a trophy in his hands.

"What?" Dorthea asked, getting up from her sketch book.

"We won." Joaquin said.

"That's wonderful." Dorthea gave him a hug.

"Where's Senor Luc?" Joaquin asked, looking around. "I wanted to tell him the good news."

"He took Juanita and Chanel out for some family bonding." Aqua said, getting up off the couch.

"How was the competition?" Galleria asked.

Joaquin and Dorinda sat down and explained everything. The costumes, the music, and the dancing. "I still can't believe we won." Dorinda said.

"We wouldn't have if you weren't there." Joaquin. "You are an amazing dancer, woman and I'm proud and honored to have you as my wife."

"That is so sweet." Aqua said.

Just then, an older man opened the door, and carried in two suitcases.

"Franco." Dorthea got up and hugged her husband.

"How was Barcelona?" He asked.

"Beautiful." Dorthea replied.

Just then, Franco spotted Joaquin. He stuck out his hand. "Hi, I'm Franco, Dorthea's husband and Galleria's father."

"Where are my manners?" Dorinda asked, getting up. "Franco, this is Count Joaquin Tovar. He's my husband."

"You're Joaquin?" Franco asked. Joaquin nodded. "The girls have told me so much about you." He said.

"Thank you."

"Where's your boyfriend?" Franco asked his daughter.

"Angel should be here soon. Along with Marisol and Lola." Galleria said.

Later that night, everyone was at a restaurant. Joaquin and Dorinda re-accounted the days events. Galleria introduced everyone, and Franco talked about his trip to Hong Kong.

"We really have to get going." Dorinda said, standing up.

"We do?" Joaquin asked. Dorinda stepped on his foot. "Right, we have to get going."

Back at their apartment, Joaquin was sitting on the bed, in nothing but boxer shorts. This was why Dorinda wanted to leave early.

She came out of the bathroom, wearing a black bra and matching thongs. She made her way over to the bed, and starting kissing him. He allowed her to push him back against the bed and climb on top. She started kissing and nipping at his neck. She made her way slowly down his body. Sucking on his nipples, and kissing his stomach. Finally, she ripped off his boxers and stuck his ever growing penis in her mouth.

She could hear him gasp. She pulled it out of her mouth and started stoking it while she sucked on his balls. When his member was fully hard and erect, she stuck it back in her mouth and began to suck on it.

Joaquin gripped the bed sheets, trying hard not to put them on Dorinda's head. It was amazing. "Wait a minute." He said. He was about to blow his load in her mouth. He pulled her up, removed her thongs and her bra. He kissed her, then moved down to her breasts. He thumbed the one nipple while he sucked on the other. Then he switched.

He made his way down to her vagina, and started to caress her clit with his tongue "Oh." Dorinda cried. Joaquin couldn't help but smile as he continued.

Finally, he made his way back up to her. He place his penis at her vagina. Dorinda pushed her hips up to meet his as he penetrated. He pulled back and thrust again. Dorinda wrapped her legs around his butt, and when his thrust, she pulled him in, hard. This cause Joaquin to go deeper, causing them both to experience more pleasure. He thrust into her a few more times. Just then, Dorinda started screaming. "!" she was orgasming. Joaquin pounded harder and faster. Dorinda screamed and moaned louder. The faster he went, the wilder she got. He was close to blowing his load. He pounded and pounded. He could feel the tension and sensation building. He was almost there. Just a few more. Finally, he was ejaculating.

As soon as he stopped shaking, he laid against her, exhausted. "That was perfecto." Joaquin said.

"I know. Are you always this good?"

He laughed. "Me? You were the one doing all the work." He got serious. "You make me a very happy man. You know me better then anybody."

"You make me happy too." Dorinda replied.

As the hours passed, they fell asleep like that. Joaquin was between Dorinda legs, his head against her chest. Dorinda had her arm draped around his head.