Chapter One

"Come and listen to your baby's heartbeat." Susan said, gesturing to her stomach. Peter leaned in and laid his head on Susan's pregnant stomach.

"I think it's a boy." Peter told her.

Susan Pevensie awoke screaming. Edmund, Lucy, Peter, and Professor Kirk ran in.

"What's wrong Su?" Peter asked.

Susan refused to look at him. "Nothing. Just a nightmare."

"You had us all scared." Lucy said. "We thought that something was getting at you."

"No, just a nightmare." Susan replied. "If you don't mind, I would like to talk to Professor Kirk before I go back to sleep."

"Sure." Edmund said, leading Peter and Lucy out. As soon as the door was shut, the other three teenagers pressed their ears against the door.

"What is it that you would like to talk to me about?" the professor asked.

"I had a dream, that Peter, Lucy, Edmund and I were back in Narnia and I was pregnant and Peter was the father. Lately, I've been having a strange feeling every time I'm around Peter. Peter's my brother, I can't be having these feelings." Susan said.

The professor sat back and looked at Susan before speaking. "I should've told you all of this today when I got the letter, but you're adopted. Your mother sent me a letter and a copy of the adoption papers today. Apparently friends of hers went missing and she felt that she should tell you incase something happens to her."

"What?" Susan said.

"Have you ever wondered why you and Peter were the same age?" Professor Kirk asked.

"Well, I just assumed that we were born close together." Susan said.

"The doctor told Mrs. Pevensie that she would not be able to have kids. She went through an adoption agency, and she got pregnant with Peter the same time. She had Peter shortly before she got you."

"So what you're saying, is that it's okay for me to have these feelings for Peter?" Susan asked.

"Yes. Talk to him. Who knows, he might feel the same about you." the professor said, getting up.

The other three ran back to their rooms.

The next morning, Susan rushed to tell Peter everything. He was waiting for her in his bedroom.

"Peter, I have something to tell you." She said.

"I know. I heard everything last night." Peter announced.

"Then you must know that I love you." Susan said.

"Yes, I know. I love you too." Peter said. He walked over to her and kissed her.

Outside, by the farthest tree, Edmund and Lucy were playing tag. Lucy put her hand on the tree and disappeared.

"Peter! Susan!" Edmund shouted.

He ran into the house. Professor Kirk and Mrs. McReady went to town for the day. The house was completely empty.

Edmund ran upstairs to Peter's room to find them still kissing.

"Lucy disappeared. We were playing tag and she touched a tree and was gone." Edmund explained.

"Come on." Peter said, leading the way,

Out by the last tree, they each touched it together and were sucked through.

On the other side, they found themselves in the throne room at Cair Paravel. Lucy was standing there with Mr. Tumnus and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver.

"Welcome back, your majesties." They all said.

"What are we doing here?" Peter asked.

"Why a wedding of course." Mrs. Beaver said.

"Who's getting married?" Susan asked.

"Why you, of course."

"What? To who?" Peter asked.

"To you." Mr. Tumnus informed him.

"What are you talking about?" Susan asked.

"That dream you had last night. Do you remember?" Mr. Beaver asked.


"Aslan was sending you a message."

"But we're too young to raise kids." Peter protested.

"Yes, but you won't be. You two will have a baby, in wedlock, and hand it over to Aslan." Mrs. Beaver said.

"But why us?" Susan asked.

"You are High King and High Queen, second off, you're madly in love. Would you rather marry someone else?"

"No." Peter and Susan said together.

"Well, the wedding is tomorrow afternoon. Right now, you need to get cleaned up and put your crowns on." Mr. Beaver said.

"Okay." The four of them said.

Peter kissed Susan good-bye, before being led away.