Chapter Seven

"I suppose that we should sign in." Susan said. She was laying in bed with Peter. It was close to midnight, and they couldn't sleep. Peter was rubbing her stomach.

"Sign in where?" Peter asked.

"School." Susan replied.

"Don't you think that we should rehearse what we're going to say? We also need a few more things." Peter said.

"Like what?"

"Well, a computer, a car, things like that." Peter explained.

"We need a driver's license for that." Susan pointed out.

Peter sat up, reached over to his nightstand. He opened the drawer and pulled out two books. "I know, that's why I went to the DMV today and picked us up two books. One for me, and one for you."

"I already scheduled us to take our written test tomorrow." Peter announced.

"You think of everything." Susan said. "After we get out license, a car, and we rehearse what we're going to say to the schools, then we'll sign in."

"Deal." Peter agreed. He leaned across, kissed her, then shut the lights off.

"Good night." He said.

"Good night." Susan replied.

Two weeks later, Lucy and Edmund were sitting at home, messing around on the computer that Peter and Susan had bought last week.

"This thing is cool. You can talk to people on here. You can listen to music, type, everything." Edmund exclaimed.

"It's a good thing that Aslan gave of the knowledge of this stuff, otherwise, you wouldn't know what you were doing." Lucy laughed.

The front door burst open and Susan rushed in. "We passed!" she screamed.

Edmund got off the computer and ran over to her. "Where's Peter?" He asked.

"He's outside, but you have to stay here until I say so." Susan said.

"Congratulations." Lucy said.

"Okay, now before we go out, we bought something. We took back the loaner car and we got something for all of us." Susan explained.

She led them out. There in the driveway was Peter he was standing next to a green mini-van.

"Do you like it?" Peter asked them.

Edmund and Lucy rushed up to the van. Edmund opened the sliding door. All of the seats were singles. You could have your seat the way you wanted it.

"It's wonderful." Lucy said.

"Want to know the best part?" Susan asked.

"What's that?"

"When we go on long trips, we can take out certain seats to put our luggage." Susan explained.

"Want a ride?" Peter asked.

"You bet we do." Edmund shouted.

"Who's driving?" Lucy asked.

"Yeah, since you both have your driver's license, and only one car, won't you guys fight over who drives?" Edmund agreed.

"We really haven't thought about that." Peter admitted.

"How about, we take turns driving every other day. When one of us don't want to go, or are too tired to drive, the other person can." Susan suggested.

"Works for me." Peter said.

Susan ran back into the house and grabbed a stack of papers.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asked.

"We're going to sign ourselves into school." Susan explained.

"Yes, we know the rules, but you have all of our information." Peter explained to the principal. They were trying to sign Edmund and Lucy into school.

"The rules clearly state that you have to have guardianship over the children you try to sign in.

Susan held up two papers. "Are these what you're looking for?"

The principal looked at the papers, then looked back up at Peter and Susan. "You're only seventeen."

"I'll be eighteen soon, and Susan will be eighteen at the end of the month." Peter explained.

"Okay, that's fine and dandy, but what about you two?"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that once someone is married, they were considered adults." Susan said, showing him the marriage license.

"You're married?" The principal asked. Peter and Susan nodded. "But you're brother and sister."

"Actually, I'm adopted, so we can be married." Susan gave a sharp tone.

"Well…" the principal said. He looked down at the paper work. "What are you going to do after school. They're in middle and elementary school. They get out earlier then high school students."

"We told Edmund to get Lucy and wait for us." Peter said.

"We have our own car and driver's license. We would be transporting them back and forth." Susan finished.

"Well, I can say is welcome to Lewistown Elementary, Middle and High School." The principal said, shaking Peter and Susan's hand.

"When do we start?" Edmund asked. Him and Lucy kept quiet during the whole appointment.

"Actually, since the year is almost over, I would prefer that you all started next year, but we're in the middle of April, so you could come if you wanted to."

Peter looked at Susan. "We want to."

"Well, since today is Friday, you start next Wednesday. That will give me time to organize your schedules."

"I want to be in every class as Peter." Susan informed him, standing up. She signaled for the younger ones to rise as well.

"We'll see you on Wednesday." Peter said, shaking his hand one more time.