Chapter Three

"Come on, Sabrina. Grab Salem and Harvey." Zelda called from downstairs.

Up in her room, Sabrina and her mortal husband, Harvey, were getting ready for the Witches Gathering. It was for witches all over the world. Mortals weren't usually allowed to come along, but Hilda pulled a few strings.

"Salem is in the cat carrier." Harvey said, picking it up and taking Sabrina's hand.

"Which I feel that I need to mention, that I hate it." Salem said. Sabrina zapped him a cat toy. "That's better." he said.

Sabrina zapped them downstairs. "Ready." She announced. Hilda, Zelda, and Sabrina zapped everyone and their luggage to their destination.

"Where are we?" Harvey asked.

"We're in some woods in Pennsylvania." Zelda responded.

"These woods are deserted and no one will bother us." Hilda added.

After letting Salem out, Hilda and Zelda headed off to check in and find a place to pitch their tents.

"Shall we look around?" Salem asked. He got ready to pounce into Sabrina's arms. In mid-air, Sabrina zapped him into Harvey's arms.

Slowly Sabrina and Harvey looked around, taking everything in. they were so impressed with their surroundings that they didn't notice a small group and bumped into them.

"I am so sorry." Sabrina apologized.

"No, it's our fault too. We weren't watching where we were going either." A girl with long brown hair said.

Harvey stuck a free arm out and said, "I'm Harvey Kinkle, this is my wife, Sabrina Sawyer, I mean Kinkle." The girl shook his hand.

"And this is our cat, Salem." Sabrina pointed at the black feline in Harvey arms.

Salem licked his paws, then said, "Actually, warlock turned cat." Salem announced.

"Cool. I've seen a lot of things, but not a talking cat." A boy with dark hair said.

"I'd shake your hand, but I would scratch you." Salem replied.

"Well, my name is Marnie Trainer." The witch with the brown hair said. "This is my husband, Cody. This is Cassie Dalloway…" Marnie said, pointing to the girl with the black hair. "…and this is her husband, Ethan." Marnie pointed to the only other group member. He had blonde hair.

"Is this your first time here?" Harvey asked.

"Yeah, you?"

"This is kind of hard to explain. I didn't get my powers until I turned sixteen, which was about two years ago. I turn eighteen in April. Harvey knew I was a witch. Even though he is a mortal, we married anyway." Sabrina explained.

"Cody's a mortal too." Ethan said.

Just then, Zelda and Hilda called for Sabrina and Harvey. They found a place to set up the tents…right beside Marnie's family.

Everyone headed over and introductions were made. Marnie's grandmother, Agatha, Zelda, and Hilda hit it off quickly. They started talking about the olden days.

After dinner and a short display of power, everyone headed to bed for an early start the next day.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Marnie and her gang threw open the door to Sabrina and Harvey's tent. What they saw made them speechless. Sabrina was sleeping…in the air. A sudden gust of wind woke Harvey up. He moved under Sabrina.

Sabrina awoke too and fell from the air. Luckily Harvey moved under her. She landed hard.

"What is it?" Harvey asked.

"We heard this commotion outside our tent." Cassie began.

"We went to check on what it was and there was nothing there." Ethan added.

"We went to wake my grandmother and my mother, but they were gone." Marnie said.

"The tent looks as if there was an attack." Cody finished.

Harvey woke Salem up and they went to check on Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. They were gone and their tent was a mess.

"I think we have a problem." Sabrina said.

"We need to check on the others." Harvey said.

"There's something I need to do first." Sabrina announced. "You have a choice. Go back to the house, or let me bewitch you do you can't get hurt."

"Bewitch me." Harvey said. "I'm not leaving you."

"Can you bewitch Cody too?" Marnie asked.

"Yeah." After having the two mortals stand side by side, she pointed her finger at them and chanted,

Whether it's an attack by a swarm,

Or a pitchfork from a farm,

I enchant thee,

So that they don't come by harm.

Harvey and Cody glowed for a second. "How do we know that it worked?" Cassie asked.

"Salem, attack." Sabrina commanded. Salem charged at Harvey, claws out. He jumped and was about to leave his mark, when he was tossed to the side.

"It's working." Sabrina said.

After everyone was awoken, they realized that the adults were all taken. Combining their powers, the young witches were soon on the path to save their families.

After going deeper into the woods, they found their families trapped in a circle with a powerful tornado like wind surrounding so they couldn't escape.

Sabrina saw her Aunt Hilda's red hair being blown about. "Here's what we have to do." she said turning to all of the teen witches and warlocks. "Cody and Harvey are going to get our families to safety. Half of us need to stop that wind so they can do that. Then they need to join the other half and defeat what ever it is that took them."

"Which is what exactly?" Ethan asked.

He got his answer soon enough. One of the witches that organized the gathering was standing before the trapped adults.

"This was too easy." The brunette said. "We lure you here and I take your powers."

"But why, Ruth?" Elizabeth asked. Elizabeth, Ruth, and a warlock named Hunter, organized the gathering. Hunter and Elizabeth were among those to have their powers taken.

"As soon as I sapped the magic from the most powerful witches in the world, I will be all powerful and people will have to obey me." Just then, the wind stopped. Ruth looked around.

Harvey and Cody ran from the woods and grabbed Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda.

Ruth threw a hex at them, but it just bounced off. Once Hilda and Zelda were behind the protective barrier, they darted back out.

Sabrina, Zelda, Hilda, Marnie and all of the other witches began to chant

Witch who lured us here,

Turned our trust into fear,

Your attempts to get us are lame,

You will now experience your own game.

"Noooo." Ruth screamed A gust of wind circled her, going faster and faster until she was gone.

After making sure that everyone was okay, they all headed back to their tents. This time, they put a protection spell on their tents.

When everyone said good night. They fell asleep.