Chapter Four

"I think he does, and it bothers me." Sabrina said to her aunts.

"There is a way, but it would take both of you." Hilda said.

"What would we have to do?" Sabrina asked.

Aunt Zelda returned with a glass jar. "You need to put your magic in here, then both of you need to put your hands over the opening and your magic would flow into both of you."

"Are you sure that this is what Harvey wants?" Hilda asked, wanting to be sure.

"He didn't say anything, but the way he acts when I do magic says other wise."

Hours later, Harvey and Sabrina were in the living room, talking about it.

"It's totally your decision." Sabrina said.

"And when I do this, I'll be a warlock?" Harvey asked.

"Yes. Totally." Zelda assured him.

"Now, if you do this, you will be going through training, like Sabrina. You will be learning potions, spells, how to fly, and so on. Are you ready to do that?" Hilda asked.

Harvey looked at Sabrina. "Of course I am." Sabrina gave him a quick kiss.

"Sabrina, we need you to stand in the middle of the room, point your finger in the jar and your magic will flow into it."

Sabrina did as she was told, but nothing happened.

Zelda went to her. She grabbed Sabrina's finger and pointed it down into the jar. "Close your eyes and image your magic flowing into the jar." she instructed.

Sabrina did as she was told. This time, when she opened her eyes, there was something neon green in the jar.

"That's your magic." Aunt Hilda explained.

"Okay, Harvey, we need you over here." Hilda called.

Harvey got off the couch and joined Sabrina.

"You both need to hold out your right hand over the opening." Zelda explained.

When their hands were adjusted to where they were supposed to be, Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda joined hands and chanted.

For those who love each other, may this not cause a rift.

It's for Harvey that Sabrina is sharing this gift.

Their love is like a wonderful gem.

Allow her magic to flow into both of them.

Sabrina and Harvey's jaws dropped. The neon green magic in the jar split right down the middle and half of it went into Sabrina and the other half went into Harvey.

"Does this mean that I will only have half of the power that I used to have?" Sabrina asked.

"No. this is just to get Harvey started. Both of your magic will increase greatly." Hilda explained.

"Test it out." Zelda said to Harvey.

Harvey pointed at a flower pot and it exploded into a million pieces.

"Sabrina, why don't you take Harvey up to the attic to practice his magic." Zelda suggested.

Sabrina pointed to herself and she was gone. Harvey concentrated on the attic, pointed at himself and he too was gone.