Seras has been quite lonely lately and it seems like nothing is going right. She calls on her Aunt Jessie just to talk. What she didn't except was for her life to get a bit better and worse as Jessie teaches Alucard how to take better care of his fledling. Or face the wrath of the woman he scorned years ago.

The visit

It was so quite and she both hated and loved it. Normally it was noisy around there. The sound of the men normally could be heard all over the place but today it was silent. Silence was a welcome break from the noise but then it did bring on time for to think and remember. It was her night off so she decided to go out.

(Seras POV)

"Going out Miss Victoria?" Walter asked as I passed him in the hallway.

"Yes Walter I'm going out for a bit." I reply quickly over my shoulder.

Before he can say a thing I am out the door and to the gate panting slightly. I hated running from him like that but I really didn't want to tell him where I was going. When I was sure I was far enough from the mansion and close enough in town. I found a pay phone and dialed a number I prayed it still worked. It rang twice before some one picked up and said 'Hello' in a soft voice. In that moment I couldn't speak.

"Seras, sweetheart, might as well say something I know it's you." Said the soft voice. A small smile graces my mouth before I say.

"How'd you know it was me?" I hear her laugh over the phone and my smile gets bigger I love hearing her laughter.

"Only you and one other would dare call me at this hour of the night and he is sleeping next to me. Now tell me what's on your mind, sweetie." Taking a deep breath I quickly say


"Still rushing your words together I see but yes I can meet you. How fast can you get to our favorite café?" Counting that I run. I calculated about five minutes.

"Five minutes."

"I need about 10 to get ready but I'll meet you there in 15. Okay Seras I'll see you soon."

"See you soon." I replied hanging up the phone before heading to what used to be my favorite café when I was still human. Sitting down I waited quietly for her to arrive.

"Hey baby, what's wrong?" came a soft voice in my ear.

With out even caring I turned around and wrapped my arms around

"Aunt Jessie I missed you so much!"

"I missed you to baby. Now tell me what's going on. It has been awhile since I heard from you and I knew you weren't dead. Like every body thinks." She smiles but I can see in her eyes that she's worried. She sits to the left of me as a waitress comes and gets our orders.

"Bloody Mary and a bottle of vodka." Aunt Jessie says before the waitress can asks. The waitress leaves and Aunt Jessie looks directly at me and asks.

"When exactly did you change and who's your sire? So I know who to kill if you die permantly."

My jaw nearly drops then I smack myself in the head. Of course she knew she always knows.

"Awhile back and," I stop as the waitress sets down our orders. When she leaves I take one look at my drink and start crying my eyes out. Way to go Seras some self-control you have.

Two arms circles around my shoulders and a voice whispers.

"Hey button it's okay."

"Uncle Adam," I say looking up into his deep brown eyes. He gives me his usual wolf like grin before sitting down on my right.

"Now tell us everything that happened baby." Aunt Jessie says smiling. I take a deep breath. "Well you remember when I joined D-11. Well,"

It took two hours to tell them everything that had went on in the past year. Aunt Jessie had gone through several bottles of vodka.

"You never said your master's name, love." Aunt Jessie asked when I finally stopped talking. I had left it out on purpose knowing that she probably knew about him.

"Alucard," I say softly. My ears began ringing the instant they both roared.

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