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"Two, Alucard is my ex-lover."

Seras had to bite her tongue to suppress the laughter that wanted to escape. The look on Integra's face had been priceless. It had taken a minute for her to get over her initially shock but now she was amused.

"Walter this is such wonderful tea. I had forgotten how good you were at this." Jessie said sipping more of her tea.

"Abraham, your father Sir Integra, was more then willing for me to work for Hellsing back then. He thought that a werewolf might me helpful. I was more then willing you could say. If it got me out of Ireland I was happy to help. I had lost my first mate a few hundred years before and nothing gets me out of a depression besides a good bloody fight with plenty of fresh meat for me to eat. That and a good fuck. I found both working for the Hellsing family."

Walter face took on a pink and then a red color right there.

"I forgot what a cute blush you have Walter." Jessie said smiling over her teacup. "Now Alucard I want to hear your side of the story about the happened in Cheddar. And do it quick or I might have Walter's blood pressure up from all the blushing I can make him do."

"HEY JESS ENOUGH! I thought I was the only one you loved to make blush!" Adam's irritation now showing in his face.

"Adam don't worry Walter is way to old to be performing a vertical limbo with me, though I bet you probably still could Walter want to try?"

"JESSIE!" shouted Adam, while Walter's face turned a darker red. Integra just sat there with a perplexed look on her face and Seras face almost as red as Walter's. Alucard seemed to be the only one who wasn't angry. Embarrassed or down right confused.

"Oh stop fussing already I was only kidding." Jessie said smiling before taking another sip of tea. "Besides the only person I would leave Adam for would be my first husband but there is no way that's possible since he has already left this world."

Sears suddenly yawned which got Jessie attention.


"Yes Aunt Jessie,"

"Have you had any blood tonight?" Jessie said giving her goddaughter a look that said she better tell the true.

"No ma'am." Seras said looking at her feet, knowing full well what was about to happen.

"Walter," Jessie said without looking at him. He said nothing just handed her a blood pack, which she put in Seras face.

"Now young lady, I can tell your weak. An earlier you told me you didn't like to eat but do your aunt a favor an just drink this without argument." Jessie said in a soft but firm voice.

Integra and Alucard waited for Seras to protest like always but what happened next surprised them both. Seras looked down an muttered softly

"Can Walter warm it up first please?"

"I don't see why not, Walter could you?" Jessie said turning a smiling at the shocked Walter.

"Why yes, just a moment."

Jessie sat back down an sipped at her tea. When Walter returned the blood was steaming in a mug. Seras took it and with one look at her aunt she downed the cup.

"Good girl," Jessie muttered as she caught the now tipsy Seras. "Next time not so fast."

Seras just smiled as she crashed into her godmother's arms saying "Night Aunt Jessie."

"Well that worked faster then I thought maybe slipping that relaxer in her drink earlier wasn't so bad."

"But human medication shouldn't"

"It wasn't for humans, Lady Integra it was designed for werewolves an some vampires are effected by it. I figured it might work on her since it had worked a few times on Alucard, well when the dose was strong enough."

Jessie said pulling the young vampire into her arms an cradling her like a mother would her child. Tears pricked at Jessie's eyes causing her to pull Seras closer.

"She still the adorable little girl you rescued from that orphanage." Adam said as he bent beside Jessie and began to strokes Seras hair.

"Yes she is. Walter, where is her room." Jessie said standing an carrying Seras.

"Right this way, Miss Jessie." Walter said.

"Walter call me miss again an I will find out if you can do the vertical limbo." Jessie muttered as she followed him out of the kitchen.

Down in the basement, in Seras room

"Not much of a room." Jessie said as she finished changing Seras clothes into her pajamas.

"She just hasn't felt like doing much with it, I think." Walter said with his back turned.

"Her pajama's are on, an what do you expect she hunts her own kind for a living. I doubt she even remembers what it was like to decorate her own room, to enjoy shopping. Listen to me, I'm sounding like she just a child but compared to us, an Alucard she is. Why can't he see that? She's a child! An Alucard treats her like a nuisance. Makes my blood boil." Jessie said as she tucked Seras into her bed, er, coffin. Before planting a kiss on Seras forehead.

"He hasn't had a fledgling in what, several hundred years. He had just forgotten what it is like to have to raise a 'child'." Walter said as he watched Jessie.

"Then maybe he needs a reminder." Came a Sir Integra's voice from the doorway.

"Sir Integra, what do you mean?" asked Walter.

"How long has it been since Alucard had a fledgling. You said so your self, Walter it's been several hundred years since he had one. An it seems like you know so much Jessie, so why not re-teach him."

"I like the sound of that but can we discuss the details somewhere else. I don't want to wake Seras, now that I finally got her to sleep."

"I agree, why not come up to my office."

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