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Chapter 1

It was a nice and beautiful day. Every one went out to play a soccer game. "Hey Aya would you like to play?" a guy asked.

"Sure why not, but Aki in what team am I?" Aya said.

"In the girls' team of course" Aki said.

"Ok" Aya said smiling. They started to play and Aya got injured.

"Aya are you ok?" a guy that was playing with them said.

"Yes, sorry for worrying you" Aya said.

"It's ok" the guy said. Aki didn't like how the guy was looking at Aya. "Would you like to go on a date with me?"

"Sure" Aya said smiling.

"She can't" Aki said.

"Why?" the guy said.

"I mean she can go but not with you Toya" Aki said.

"What do you mean?" Toya said. "Is not as if something was going to her."

"She can't go with you because…" Aki said.

"Why I can't go with him is not like if you were the guy I'm suppose to marry," Aya said. Aki stayed quite and said nothing he knew that telling her wouldn't do anything.

"You are right but you should tell your parents first" Aki said.

"Ok I'll tell them tonight" Aya said. Aki simply smile and left Aya alone with Toya talking. Aya didn't understand anything. That night Aya told her parents what had happen.

"You can't go with that guy to a date you already have someone to marry with" Aye's mom said.

"I don't want to marry him, I not even know him" Aya said. Tears started to come out of her eyes, why did her parents want her to marry someone she not even knew.

"You do know this guy you just don't notice who it is" Aya's dad said.

"I know him?" Aya said surprise. Who could it be?

"Yes…he has been there for you" Aya's mom said. "He has always been by your side." Aya was confused who could it be?

"Who is it?" Aya said. Aya parents stayed quite. "WHO IS IT?"

"He asked us not to tell you" Aya's mom said.

"He asked not to tell me…but I have to know" Aya said. "Please tell me who is it?"

"He will be here in two weeks" Aya's dad said.

"He is coming in two weeks" Aya said surprise. "He is coming to this house."

"Yes, he is going to stay here for a while" Aya's mom said.

"The room that you are preparing is for him?" Aya said.

"Yes" Aya's mom said. "That room is for him." With out saying a word Aya went to her room.

'I can't tell her, she will hate me' Aki thought. He was walking around his room, 'she will hate me.'

"Aki are you ok…you have to go to your future wife house in two weeks. You promise it two her parents" Aki's mom said.

"I know mom, please leave me alone" Aki said. 'She will hate me! I know she will hate me.' He couldn't stop thinking that the girl she was going to marry was going to hate him. 'Wait I not even know who she is why should I marry her. Why can't I marry the girl I love why?'

"Aki go to sleep now" Aki's mom said. "I can hear you walking around your room."

'She is right I should go to sleep now, tomorrow would be another day.' Aki couldn't stop thinking of things that might happen when he met his future wife.

'What guy could it be? I know too many people' Aya thought. She couldn't go to sleep she kept wondering who was the guy she had to marry. 'Why can I marry the guy I love…why?'

"Aya are you asleep?" Aya's sister said. She had walked in the room with out knocking.

"No what do you want?" Aya said. She was lying in her bed doing nothing.

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