Hey everyone here is the last chapter of Mystery and I know is a short one but please understand me.


Chapter 8-The End Of Life

Aya was at the hospital in a room waiting for the moment her baby to born. As she waited she read a boring magazine. At that moment Aki enter with something behind his back…by this sight she knew something was wrong. "Aki?" She asked.

"I'm sorry" he said in a low voice.


"Aya Toya is outside" he said with out looking at her.

"What?!" At this the door open and indeed Toya was standing at the entrance. "T-toya?"

"Aya I have come for what is mine" Toya said. 'Forgive me' he thought.

"What do you mean?"

"The kid you have inside of you is not yours."

"You are laying" she said with tears about to come out.

"Aki explain" Toya said.

"When we where at the hotel, you fell unconscious to the floor. I knew Toya was there because that's how we had agree…the only thing I didn't know was that he had someone with him."

"What?" Aya said surprise.

"What he is saying is that my girl can't have kids and I used you so you could have my and her baby. Aki had nothing to do with this sense he was drug and he had no mind of himself until afterwards." Toya said indifferently.

"But you see Toya she has been caring that baby for nine months and she had to suffer for every thing. So I don't see why she had to give you the baby…Yuhi" Aki said turning around.

"H-how did you know it was not Toya?" Yuhi asked with out realizing it.

"Toya died when Aya got pregnant…and he made me swear that I would take good care of Aya and our baby."

"So it was you he had fallen in love with not Aya isn't that true?" Yuhi said.

"Indeed he did love me…but I only love Aya and he knew it. He just couldn't accept it and he tried to kill her."

"Aki what are you guys talking about?" Aya asked from the bed she was sitting. Before Aki could answer the doctor came in.

"Ok do you have any trouble?" he asked. Aya shook her head no. "Ok drink this" he said and Aya did as told. Soon after she felt something in her stomach. "Now please forgive me I have to go." Aki stare at him noticing something different. He soon went by Aya's side forgetting about Yuhi. Aki grab the bottle and drink from it too.

"Yuhi take care of our parents they have to understand. Also tell them to put us together…the baby is still alive tell them to take him out of her belly and take care of him…also if is a boy name him Toya and if a girl…name…her…" was all Aki could say.

"I understand…and I'll do as you asked" Yuhi said knowing they would not hear. The doctor came in after a few minutes and Yuhi said everything to him. The doctor that had done the damage was outside and in front of the others Yuhi took out his gun and shot at him. "You have done a mistake by taking their lives…because they might not live but their child will." Yuhi said is a cold voice.

"Excuse me are you sure the baby is ok?" The doctor that had seen everything asked.

"Yes, and you better not try anything because I'll kill you with no hesitation" Yuhi said. The doctor nod and took Aya to the emergency room. Yuhi followed close by with Aki's body. "Aki, Aya I swear that I will protect your kid no matter what. He or she will know you as the people that you were." Yuhi said in a low voice.

"Sir is not one its two kids" the doctor said.

"What are their genders?" Yuhi asked.

"One is a boy the other one is a girl" the doctor respond and he took out the baby. He had to do surgery since Aya was dead.

"Ok…call Aya's and Aki's parents they are at the waiting room two floors down" Yuhi said. The doctor nod and got out of the emergency room with out looking back. "Aya your boy will be call Toya as you guys wished, and the girl I will call her Melisa I hope you both like it." Yuhi said and he grabbed both babies and wrapped them in a blanket and got out of the room. Knowing the parents of Aya and Aki were coming. "Bye my friends."

-Eight Years Later-

"Toya! Melisa!" Yuhi scream as he looked for his adoptive kids.

"Dad are you going to tell us about our parents?" Melisa asked from behind. Yuhi turned and nod. "Toya I know you are there he is going to talk about Dad and Mom."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Toya walk out of his hiding place and went by Yuhi and Melisa.

"Now…mamma is worry and we both want to show you pictures of your parents…come" Yuhi said. The kids of 8 years followed close by…when Yuhi got distracted a woman came up to them.

"Dad!" Yuhi turned around and there she was. The one he didn't want to see.

"Ceres put the kids down" Yuhi said. Ceres with out wanting put both of the kids down. "Now tell me what are you doing here?"

"I need to talk with you" Ceres answered.

"Of what?" At that moment two little kids that seem from the same age as Toya and Melisa walked to Ceres side.

"They are Toya's kids…I'm going to die in a few weeks and I want you to take care of them" Ceres said.

"How old are they?"

"They are 8, they turn 9 in 3 months."

"What are their names?"

"Aki and Aya" Ceres said. "Aki because that's the name of the man he loved and Aya because it's the name of the person he cared as a sister."

"Aki Aya this are Toya and Melisa" Yuhi said.

"Hi" Aya said.

"Where are your parents" Aki asked rudely.

"They died before we were born" Toya answered with the same rudeness.

"Sorry" Aki said in a low voice.

"Don't be they died to protect us from the curse they had" Melisa said.

"Melisa who said that to you?" Both Ceres and Yuhi asked.

"Dad and Mom said to us both" Melisa and Toya answered.

"How? Aren't they dead?" Aya and Aki asked.

"We are able to see Toya, Aya, and Aki smiling at us right now" Toya said.

"Who is Toya?" Ceres asked to see if it was true.

"The man that regret not telling father his true feelings before he had fallen for mother. Do you want me to ask them something?" Melisa said.

"Is it a curse or a gift?" Yuhi asked.

"Es maldision o don?" Melisa and Toya said. 'Es un don. Jamas creas que es una maldision.'

"Mom says, 'it's a gift. Never take it as a curse.' Right?" Toya said.

"How does Toya look like?" Ceres asked.

"He is tall, he had dark hair and is by father's side" Melisa said.

"Ok kids lets go home, Ceres come with us" Aki said. Ceres nod, not noticing that their was a pair of ears that had heard everything.

"Call her."


"Tell her we have found them."


"Don't forget the names of all."


Grin. 'She is going to be happy!'

"Wrong, they take it as a gift. We can't do anything to them if it's a gift to them and not a curse. They have protection under all circumstances. Bye little ones…just prepare yourselves because we will meet."

"Where are we going?"

"To The End Of Life." She grabbed him the neck and broke it. She turned to the next man and did the same. "Bye little ones, we will meet. Maybe I'll be in the The End Of Life but we will meet." She took out a bottle and drank it all.

"Hello, I know that you wanted to hurt us but you had to kill yourself to be here" Toya said.

"You get everything fast."

"Indeed he does, but he is not alone" Melisa said.

"You are smart too."

"Thanks but I'll take that as an insult so I can attack" Melisa said.

"Go ahead you can't do anything."

"You sure?" Toya said.


"Espiritu ven y obedese mi orden. Lleva ha esta mujer lejos…llevala al lugar que le da temor" Toya and Aya said. (Translation: Spirit come and obey my order. Take this woman far…take her to the place she is scare of.) At that moment a power surrounded the woman and it took her away. To the place she feared witch was The End Of Life dark side.

"Toya Melisa what were you doing?"

"Our power is gone because she is gone for ever. Now I will say, forget" Toya and Melisa said at the same time.

-A year later-

"Aya, Melisa, Aki, and Toya happy tenth birthday!"

"Thanks mamma and dad…we are happy to have you here" the four said. Yuhi smiled and his wife looked happy too.

"Kids ask for a wish" she said.

"We wish that everything was back to normal" Toya and Melisa said. Everyone stare at them, and that's when a light was seen.

"Where are you going?" Aki asked.

"We are going to the land of The End Of Life. My parents are waiting. They said once 10 say bye. Bye, my friends" Toya said.

"Yuhi thank you for taking care of my kids for 10 years now is time for me to take them back. They will visit when they turn 11..."

"Aya Aki you two take care and we might meet one day."

"Aki? Toya?"

"Bye and take care. Melisa Toya say the words."

"Forget until the time has come" with this said they all disappeared.

-Aya's POV-

That was a weird dream…I look around and Aki is sitting on a chair next to me. "That was no dream. They wish everything to be back to normal, now wait and listen. She is gone and we will be gone once time has come" Aki said to me.


"Sleep and you will understand in a year. When the kids turn one, they will be turning eleven instead." What he just said.

"Mystery is how our life works?" I said.

"Yes, mystery is life because if wasn't we would not be here" Aki said in a low voice that I nearly miss it.

Normal POV

How the life is going to end for this family? That is a Mystery that might never end. What will happen next year…that you will never know.

"Aki, are you still awake?" Aya asked. No answered. "That is a no, and I should do the same" she said.

AN: Well this is the end I hope you like it. Mystery…my first story….and now let me say one more thing to myself.









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