Title: Driver's Ed - Lesson number 1

Author: Billy

Summary: In response to ATSB quick pick, Space - Involves my two favourite characters and BA's van.

Ratings: PG

Warnings/Notes: words 403

Disclaimer: I don't own the A Team and I've not made a penny from this, I just do it for the jazz!

"How do you do it?"

Face flashed her his smile. Sometimes she hated that smile.

"I mean, how did you manage to persuade me to drive the van?"

"Will you just park the damn thing, kid?"

"You know what BA's like? If I park this in the wrong place, he'll have my guts for garters!" Amy had been driving round the parking lot, trying to find an appropriate space, large enough for BA's van.

Face smiled at her again. He was sitting in the passenger seat, where Hannibal would usually sit.

"Damn it, Face," Amy shook her head, "that's why you wanted me to drive it! Wasn't it? So I'd have to park it."

"You're learning kid!"

That damn smile again.

"Well, you're not getting away with it that easily! Get out and watch me back up, please!" She added sarcastically as she snapped, "this is both our responsibility."

Face got out of the van which was now stationary, silently chuckling to himself and went to the back of the parking bay Amy had chosen and stood where she could see him in her wing mirror. She wound down the window so she could hear his directions and backed up the van as Face waved her in.

Two pretty young women walked by and momentarily sidetracked Face. As they chattered, they caught his eye and coyly smiled at him. He smiled back but was suddenly distracted by a loud crunching of metal and the sound of breaking glass. He'd forgotten to stop waving Amy back.



"I don't believe it, two skirts walked by! Why am I not surprised?" Amy said crossly. She got out of the van and furiously walked to the back of it, to access the damage.

She'd hit the car behind, only cracking the driver's side of the van's taillight but there was slightly more damage to the car it had hit. The van was a lot heavier after all.

"You hit the car!" Face snapped back.

"You were supposed to be guiding me in!" Amy replied angrily, she walked towards Face, he started to step back and he looked a little afraid. "You!" She grabbed him by his shirt and tie close around his neck with her fist; backing him up against the van, he could see the rage in her brown eyes. "Never again, I mean it this time! Am I fooling for your damn smile!"