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Summary: Set immdeiatly after the movie "Runaway Locomon" or whatever it is. Daemon plans on using Takato to conquer the digital world. While Takato deals with emotions he is suddenly having for Rika. Azulongmon and the other sovereings plan for the ultimate digital battle. The new evil of Doommon and Daemon could destroy everything the tamers fought to protect. Can Rika, Renamon, and Azulongmon, stop Takato before its too late? Can they stop Daemon before he destroys everything? And what will happen when the tamers have to fight Takato, will they actually destroy him? The battle of all time is about to begin. And Rika, and Takato are the major players, along with their digimon. Who will win the final battle. Find out in this brand new story. Age of Darkness. Rukato (RikaxTakato) pairing, don't know if their will be any others. You'll find out later.


Doommon appears, the dark plan

Daemon let out a sigh as he headed through his castle. He had black wings, and his usual red cloak around his body. He turned his eyes when he approached a certain room, and then he entered. "Is it almost complete?" he asked.

"Yes Lord Daemon," Datamon simply stated as he was fiddling with the controls. "This new creature is going to be strong enough to crush the tamers."

"I hope so," Daemon sighed again. He glided over to where the image of the creature was beginning to form. He looked at the stats on the computer and gave a smirk. "Soon, the ancient digimon, Doommon, will return."

"Yes, he will," Datamon said as he finished up his job and walked over to Daemon. "All that's left is for you to give him life." Daemon nodded as he moved over to the specific devise. "One of your attacks should do it."

"Chaos Flare!" Daemon commanded. A stream of fire shot out into the machine, and began to harness the power to the sleeping digimon. After a while, the attack ended and the two digimon watched as the door to the capsule opened. Doommon stepped out of his hibernation and looked around. He was a digimon with black skin, and golden wings. His hands were nothing but claws. His eyes were bloody red, and he had sets of sharp teeth lining his mouth. He had a helmet on his head, with two red horns coming out of it. He looked around and his gaze fell on Daemon.

"Lord Daemon," Doommon said.

"I see you know me," Daemon smirked.

"Yes," Doommon simply stated.

"Very well, follow me," Daemon said.

"Wait!" Datamon shouted. "I still need to run some tests." Doommon turned his head to the small ultimate digimon and sighed.

"Doom Claw!" Doommon shouted. His right purple claw, glowed a shining black color as he swiped out and reduced the small digimon to data with only 1 percent of his power.

"How much power did you use?" Daemon asked. He could tell that Doommon didn't use all of his power.

"1 percent," Doommon simply stated as he made to follow his lord.

"How much would you use to fight me?" Daemon asked, seeing if he was worthy.

"Probably 95 percent," Doommon said.

"That must mean I'm pretty powerful," Daemon laughed.

"You are," Doommon said as he continued to follow Daemon through his castle. A little while later, they entered a computer room that had the images of a young boy with goggles on his head. "What's this?" Doommon asked.

"A person who has the strength and power we need to conquer the digital world," Daemon said. "The boys name is Takato, and his partner is Guilmon."

"I see, what's special about a digimon tamer?" Doommon asked.

"He can biomerge with his Guilmon and make Gallantmon," Daemon said. "If I give him a little push, he can digivolve to an ancient digimon."

"The only evil ancient digimon that's my level, is Shadowmon," Doommon said.

"Precisely," Daemon nodded. "Gallantmon can shadow digivolve to Shadowmon."

"Interesting," Doommon said. "Where is he?"

"Right now, he is just finishing up a battle with some annoying creatures," Daemon said. "And trying to save locomon."

"Caring about others, a weak characteristic," Doommon said.

"You got that right," Daemon nodded. He motioned for the computer to show a different person. "Meet Rika, and her partner, Renamon."

"What about her," Doommon said. "I think Takato is more important than a worthless female."

"You see my friend, this Rika, holds a special place in Takato's heart," Daemon simply said. "She could prove to be very troublesome in the long run."

"You mean, she could ruin our plans, since Takato loves this girl?" Doommon asked.

"Yes," Daemon simply said as he turned his head to look at Doommon. "So, we have to capture him and Guilmon, and then bring them here. Once here, I can erase all the memories of his loved one, and his friends."

"I see," Doommon nodded. "Doing that, will make him obey us."

"Correct my friend," Daemon smiled. "We need to send someone into the real world, and capture him."

"Who do you have in mind?" Doommon asked.

"Incase they put up a fight, Metalseadramon should be enough," Daemon said with a nod. "Don't you agree?" he asked, as he turned to look at Doommon.

"Yes, that sounds fitting, he is a mega after all," Doommon replied with a nod. "I wait for this tamer to arrive." Doommon turned on his heels and marched out the door. Daemon chuckled a little bit before commanding one of his minions.

"Get me Metalseadramon!" Daemon commanded. One of his minions nodded, and in a few seconds, Metalseadramon was floating beside him.

"What do you want Lord Daemon?" the sea dragon asked.

"I'm going to send you to the real world, and I want you to bring me this boy," Daemon said. He clicked a switch, and the picture of Takato and Guilmon came up. "Takato, and his digimon partner Guilmon."

"What if people get in my way?" Metalseadramon asked.

"Just knock them out, but don't kill them," Daemon answered.

"Ah, why not," the sea dragon said in a depressed voice.

"I want them to come and fight their old friend. And I can't wait to see them get destroyed by him," Daemon laughed. Metalseadramon laughed to as Daemon opened up a gateway to the real world. "Now, go and bring me that boy!"

"Yes Lord Daemon," Metalseadramon bowed as he entered the gateway.


The sovereigns met in a secluded place in the digital world, after they found out about Daemon and his plans. "I can't believe he brought back an ancient digimon, just to defeat us!" Zhuqiaomon shouted in frustration.

"You got that right Zhuqiaomon," Baihumon said with a grunt.

"Things are starting to get a little out of hand, Right?" one of the heads of Ebonwumon asked.

"Yes my friend," Azulongmon said in a soft voice. He eyed the two sovereigns on the ground, then turned his attention to Zhuqiaomon. "The only solution is to fight Daemon."

"I agree with you for once, Zhuqiaomon," Azulongmon sighed.

"I'll give that demon lord the old one two," one of Ebonwumon's heads said.

"Yep, I'm one, he's two," the other head said.

"Quit joking," Baihumon said.

"Oh, lighten up would you," Ebonwumon said, in unison with both heads.

"We might need to ask for the tamers help," Azulongmon said.

"That is out of the question!" Zhuqiaomon growled. "We don't need some puny humans and their pet digimon here."

"I agree with Zhuqiaomon on this one," Baihumon said. "This is our problem after all."

"I stand by the old man," one of the heads of Ebonwumon said.

"Same here, we may need all the help we can get to take down Daemon," the other head said.

"And to take down Doommon," Azulongmon pointed out. "This new digimon is stronger than each of us individually."

"Then, we have to combine our powers to defeat him," Zhuqiaomon argued. "We don't need those puny tamers help."

"Rember friend, they can biomerge into a more powerful digimon," Ebonwumon pointed out.

"The giant forest is right," Baihumon said. "Maybe we do need their help. I mean, they are brought into this mess too."

"How do you figure," Zhuqiaomon snapped.

"I was able to get information on their plan," Baihumon continued. "And, they plan on capturing the tamer known as Takato, and convince him to join their side."

"That could be a problem," Azulongmon said. "If they do this, then the tamers will come no matter what."

"Your right old man," the left head of Ebonwumon said.

"If they will be coming no matter what, then we could use their help," the right head said. "The catalyst could help anyway."

"True," Azulongmon said with a nod. "Zhuqiaomon, we need their help."

"Fine, but I'm not going to like it," Zhuqiaomon growled.

"Whose going to go get the tamers?" Baihumon asked.

"Meramon!" Zhuqiamon called. In a few minutes, a digimon covered in red hot fire appeared in the middle of the sovereigns.

"You called," Meramon said.

"We need you to go to the real world, and fetch the tamers," Azulongmon said.

"Incase something goes wrong," Baihumon said. "Then, tell them where this place is in advance." Meramon nodded as he stood up and was teleported by Azulongmon to the real world. The sovereigns just hoped they could get Takato out of Daemon's reach in time. Zhuqiaomon not admit it, but he was the biggest one worried about Takato.

To be continued...

End of prologue.

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