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Chapter 9

Clash of Destiny! The Ultimate Attack Unleashed!

Doommon struck out at Holymon, sending the holy digimon flying through Dameon's castle. Doommon smirked as he charged into the castle, quickly catching up with Holymon who came to a stop inside the central area of the castle. "You can fly fast when you are bitch slapped," Doomon chuckled as he landed on the ground, his red eyes glancing at Holymon who landed roughly in front of him.

"Shut the hell up," Holymon groaned. "All you need to do is die." Holymon unsheathed his sword and ran towards Doommon, who took a step back and lifted his claws to stop the sword in its tracks.

"Come on little hero, I thought you would do better than this," Doommon taunted. "How the hell did I think you could be a strong addition to Daemon's army, you are weak." Doommon glanced at the black sword that came swinging at him. Doommon gritted his teeth as he took his other claw and blocked the sword. "I said, stop toying with me and…" Doommon stopped talking and quickly kneed Holymon into and through the roof. "And fight me!" Doommon snarled as he jumped into the air and outside the castle. He grabbed hold of Holymon's ankle and swung him around in a circle. "I'm tired of playing games with a kid who can't even put up a decent fight." He let go of Holymon and watched as the holy digimon sailed into the mountain behind Daemon's castle. Holymon opened his eyes slightly, his armor heavily dented as he remained situated in the mountain side, a large crater behind him.

"I'm not done yet you tricky bastard," Holymon groaned. "I'm going to finish you! Holy Flame!" Doommon lifted both his claws to block the giant flame attack that was heading towards him. "Little brat, I don't know where you got this power from, but I'm putting an end to it!" Inside the red sphere, Takato watched helplessly as Doommon wiped the flame away.

"How do we beat this guy," Takato breathed. "He is tougher than the D-Reaper and any other digimon we faced."

"I know," Guilmon groaned. "If this keeps up we wont be getting any bread soon."

"That's all you care about, huh Guilmon?" Takato asked with a small chuckle.

"Of Course!" Guilmon cheered. "Bread is delicious, and I'm going to invite Renamon and we are going to eat all of it!" Takato laughed as he shook his head.

"Well then, let's finish Doommon off once and for all," Takato said. "He, along with Daemon, tricked us into thinking our friends were the enemies. That they were going to take Rika away, I'm not going to let them get away with it!"

"Same here!" Guilmon roared.

"Let's finish this!" Holymon roared as he tore himself out of the mountain and charged towards Doommon, his blades pulsing with a golden color. Doommon snarled as he took his claws back.

"Doom Sphere!" Doommon commanded as he shot a black ball towards the coming digimon. Holymon swung his red sword through the ball, dissolving it into a black vapor. Doommon growled as he lifted his right claw up. "Doom Claw!" Holymon blocked the attack with his black glowing sword. He then brought the hilt around and smacked Doommon in the face, sending the digimon flying towards the cliff that surrounded the battle field. Doommon roared as he smashed into the cliff, sending rubble crashing down into the battle field, causing the digimon from both sides to scramble around in fear. "You freaking bastard!" Doommon roared. "I'm going to destroy you! Then I'll destroy your friends! Then I'll destroy the whole digital world!" Doommon charged back at Holymon who floated above the ruined castle of Daemon. Holymon gripped his swords tightly as Doommon approached. After a while, the battle between these two powerful digimon began again.

Daemon's eyes widened, as he was shot by a blue sphere. He expanded his wings to stop from flying too far way, his eyes glaring down at the sphere. "Bastards," he growled as he used his claw to get rid of the attack. He looked up to see Azulongmon floating in the air, barely breathing. "That was your last attack I take it, you are finished my dear sovereign," Daemon chuckled.

"Not yet…I won't…lose…to you!" Azulongmon roared. The other sovereign began to lift their heads, ready to defy the demon lord.

"Fools," Daemon chuckled. "You really think you can beat me, you are all too weak to even voice your thoughts, you are like a bunch of frightened dogs. If you truly want to die, then let me oblige you. I'm going to wipe you all from the face of this world!" The four sovereigns stood together in unison, prepared to end this fight once and for all. Daemon laughed as he began to glow, a red and black aura forming around him. "I'm tired of this game, I'm going to be the ruler of all! I'm going to be the one who the digimon will worship! Your reign as the most powerful digimon in the digital world is coming to an end! Soon an age of darkness will begin, and I'll be the new king! I'm going to destroy everything you hold dear!" The sovereign watched, and for once, they truly felt helpless. They could feel the power radiating from Daemon's true form, they could feel that this truly was the end of the four sovereign, this was an end for everything. "Behold, the birth of my new age! Dark Apocalypse!" The attack formed a red and black ring around the four sovereign, they closed their eyes and waited. They knew that there was no escape for them, the battle for the digital world was over, the end of all was about to begin.

"At least Takato was saved," Azulongmon whispered. "He will get the others out of here, and protect those that we protected."

"I wouldn't get our hopes up," Ebonwumon's left head moaned.

"Yeah, he may be back to his senses, but even he can't protect them all, he can't even beat that doom and gloom digimon he's facing," Ebonwumon's right head chimed in.

"Quiet!" Zhuqiaomon screamed. "I rather die without having you annoy me."

"Well sorry Mr. Grumpy," Ebonwumon's heads said in unison.

"They are just trying to relieve the tension before we die," Baihumon commented. "I rather be a little amused as well as cling to the hope that Azulongmon is leaving in the hands of the humans."

"I could care less," Zhuqiaomon moaned. "However, I do agree with you Baihumon about the hope, maybe there will be hope, Holymon seems to be on par with Doommon, but even if the kid and his pet manage to win, they pale in comparison to Daemon."

"True, but those two have something that Doommon and Daemon don't have," Azulongmon commented.

"What's that?" the three other sovereigns asked.

"Friends and hope," Azulongmon said. "Together, they can beat Daemon, even if it takes them a hundred years. All our hope lies with Takato and Guilmon, you three were so quick to write them off as enemies, but they truly are the ones who will save the digital world." The other three sovereigns lowered their heads, understanding for the first time that they were wrong. The circle surrounding the sovereign began to glow more fiercly as a ball of energy began to form inside the circle and surround the sovereign. It was over, for the three sovereign. The blast shook the digital world, even causing Holymon and Doommon to stop and look towards the explosion. When the smoke cleared, the data of the sovereign flew into the air and disappeared to who knows where in the digital world. Daemon landed quietly on the ground, his wings folding against his body. He breathed a sigh of relief as he walked towards a stump on the ground and sat down quickly.

"Finally, those annoying digimon are finally destroyed," Daemon sighed. He glanced in the air, his eyes focusing on the battle between Doommon and Holymon that was beginning again. "Now all that remains is for Doommon to finish off our little traitor and then we can begin to purge the digital world of all those who still cling to the sovereigns pitiful rule. Soon, only the digimon who adopt me as the new sovereign, will remain in this world." Daemon laughed loudly, his red eyes not leaving the battle that was occurring above his ruined castle.

"What was that?" Henry asked as he looked towards where the four sovereign used to be. He narrowed his eyebrows, as there seemed to be no one emerging from the spoke.

"You don't think the sovereign are gone, do you?" Jeri asked nervously, her body shivering as she saw Daemon descend to the ground.

"They can't be gone," Kazu grumbled. "If they are gone, what hope do we have? None, that's what we have."

"Stop being so negative," Kenta pleaded. "There is still hope."

"Yeah, where's that?" Ryo asked as he looked back towards Holymon and Doommon, who were already fighting once again.

"Gogglehead," Rika muttered. "He is the only hope we have to survive."

"Rika's right," Jeri agreed. "He became a new digimon, and not just a regular digimon, but a holy digimon, that has to account for something."

"Yeah, that he's going to get beaten very extra holy hard," Terriermon commented, trying his best to make a joke. "Get it?"

"Terriermon, that doesn't even sound like a good sentence," Henry sighed. "You need to learn how to speak properly."

"Come on Henry, this isn't a language class where you learn how to speak properly," Terriermon smiled. "It's a kick butt class that teaches you how to make jokes and get your butt kicked."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Henry grumbled.

"Hey, that sounds like my kind of class," Kazu grinned idioticly. Rika rolled her eyes as she turned to gaze at four specific people in turn.

"Well I wouldn't want to be in a class with the three stooges and professor bunny ears," Rika scoffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" the four asked together.

"That you are complete idiots that need medical attention fast, or else you will infect everyone," Rika replied. The group laughed as the four people lowered their heads in a depressed manner.

"Rika, that wasn't very nice," Renamon said calmly.

"Yes it was, I could have said something actually mean, but I refrained from doing it," Rika said matter-of-factly. Renamon shook her head as she glanced back at the battle above the ruined castle.

While the group was talking about what was going on, one of Daemon and Doommon's evil digimon was preparing to pounce at Rika. When they noticed, it was too late to act, until a gun was placed in the digimon's mouth.

"You are annoying me, I'm trying to watch pineapple head beat the crap out of Doommon, so if you would be kind enough to die," Beelzemon growled. "Double Impact!" The bullets shot into the digimon's mouth, deleting him instantly. "Annoying worm, this fight is more important than anything else, the other digimon seem to have noticed it." The group looked around and sure enough, the digimon on Daemon's side and the digimon on the sovereign's side were all stopped and staring at the battle above the ruined castle.

"Takato, you have to win," Rika whispered quietly, her eyes fixated on the battle that was slowly starting to intensify.

Holymon flew backwards, his wings flapping furiously to keep him away from Doommon, who was advancing rapidly. "Come on you shining weakling, let me rip you to pieces," he growled. Holymon grumbled as he sheathed his swords and raised his hand in front of him.

"Holy Flame!" Doommon growled as he took his claws back, still charging the attacking digimon.

"Doom Claws!" Doommon roared as he swung his claws into the flames, causing the two attacks to push against each other. "Not over yet Holymon! I'll show you what happens to traitors!"

"Traitor! You forced us to be on your side!" Holymon roared back in anger. "You tricked us into hurting our friends, and the two people we love! We will never forgive you!" Holymon disengaged the attack and rammed his shoulder into Doommon, who got knocked back into one of Daemon's towers, crumbling the roof of the tower to the ground. Doommon breathed heavily, his bruised body moving slowly as he stood up where the top of the tower used to be. He wiped the blood of his face, shocked at the sudden attack.

"I thought we were friends. I thought we were partners. I thought we would rule the world together. I was completely and utterly wrong you bastard! I'm going to end you once and for all! You will pay the ultimate price for your discretion against me and my body! I'll crush you into nothing but digital dust! The pain will be so great that you wish you had stayed deleted the first time I destroyed Gallantmon!" Doommon roared, obviously going insane from the beating he was taking. Holymon grimaced, feeling the power of Doommon increase rapidly. The holy digimon breathed slowly, knowing that this could be the end of him if he didn't do something.

"We can't lose," Takato breathed. "Everyone is counting on us."

"Yeah, we may be close to death yet again, but this time, we won't give into this darkness!" Guilmon roared.

"Right buddy, we are going to put an end to this, even if it kills us," Takato said. "I don't know if the sovereign survived that attack by Daemon, but we can't focus on that, this is more important, I know they aren't dead, they can't be. For their sake, we will destroy Doommon and save the digital world.

"You won't win Doommon!" Holymon roared as he prepared to continue the battle, however, it was obvious to the onlookers that Holymon was badly damage and close to death, once again. This battle was about to be decided once and for all.

"I will destroy you!" Doommon roared. "Final Grand Destruction!" Doommon pulsated with energy as he shot a large dark energy beam straight at Holymon, who wasn't prepared for the large attack. The beam smashed into Holymon, pushing against the digimon's body as he was pushed against the mountain behind him. Holymon cried out in pain as he was pushed farther back, the energy consuming him.

W-What is this Takato thought as his body was filled with pain. This attack, we can't stop it, was I a fool? "We are going to die!" Takato roared loudly.

"I'm sorry Takato, I didn't expect an attack like this," Guilmon whimpered apologetically, his voice filled with pain.

"Me either buddy, it looks like this is the end," Takato smiled softly. "What can I say, we had a good run. Goodbye Rika, I'll miss you."

"Renamon, I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier about my feelings," Guilmon whined. "I'll miss you."

"This is the end!" Doommon roared as he continued to increase the power of his attack.

"Takato!" the tamers yelled together, afraid that this would be the end of their friend forever. The other digimon were also calling the name of Holymon, knowing that if he died, the battle for the digital would end, and Daemon would be the winner. Tears filled Rika's eyes as she hit the ground forcefully.

"Don't die gogglehead, don't die," Rika continued to chant. "Don't die Takato!" Takato widened his eyes, the voice of Rika entering his thoughts.

"Rika?" Takato asked quietly. "I can't die…not here…not when Rika has asked me not to!" Takato struggled against an invisible force, his eyes focusing on Doommon. "Guilmon, we have to get out of this."

"I know Takato, but this is really hard to move in," Guilmon whined. "I don't know if we can do it."

"We have to, we need to win in order to protect everyone!" Takato yelled out in defiance. Holymon's eyes opened fully, the intensity of his gaze making Doommon shutter a bit.

"What's wrong little brat? You give up already?" Doommon taunted with a laugh. Holymon struggled against the attack, trying to dissolve it from around him.

"We won't lose Doommon! Not here!" Holymon yelled out in his dual voice. "We will win!" The beam began to slowly disappear as Holymon moved forcefully against it. Holymon's eyes widened suddenly as he felt a new type of energy flowing into him. "What is this power? What am I feeling?" The holy digimon glanced down to see energy leaving the digimon as well as the tamers, like they were giving Holymon the last of their energy. "I understand now, the power to destroy Doommon lies with everyone, only with their power can we finally win this."

"This is amazing!" Takato exclaimed from inside his sphere. "I can feel the energy flowing into me! We really can win, can't we?"

"Yeah Takato, we can finally bring this battle to an end!" Guilmon cried happily.

"Let's not let this go to waste, everyone is counting on us," Takato said softly. "Rika and Renamon, I can feel their energy more than the others."

"Let's finish this for them!" Holymon called out as he fully dispelled the black beam, however, the wounds all ready sustained didn't disappear. Doommon was shocked to see Holymon still alive.

"H-How can this be?" Doommon asked in shock. "That attack should have destroyed you a million times over! How the hell did you survive!"

"Because I have the one thing you don't Doommon," Holymon said calmly.

"What! What do you have that I don't!" Doommon screeched in anger.

"You are losing it my dear Doommon," Holymon said shaking his head. "You are so angry you can't even think straight, that is your one weakness it seems. The thing I have that you don't, is friends and people I want to protect. I also have people I love, Rika and Renamon, we will destroy you so that they can have a peaceful future!" Doommon gritted his teeth as he charged forward, his eyes burning with a fierce determination.

"Die you bastard!" Doommon screeched as he prepared to attack Holymon. The holy digimon raised his hands, and closed his eyes, gathering the energy around him.

"You are a fool, and for that reason, you will die," Holymon spoke calmly as he finally opened his eyes. "Holy Explosion!" Holymon released a giant explosion from his body, sending the blast straight for the charging Doommon.

"What the hell is this!" Doommon screeched as he raised both of his clawed hands to block the attack, but it seemed to be no use. The digimon scattered around the battlefield watched in anticipation, wondering if Doommon would survive this ultimate attack like Holymon did. Daemon gazed at the battle, with a mixture of awe and shock.

"Doommon, might have lost," Daemon whispered. His frown was quickly replaced by a grin. "No matter, he had no place in my new world, he was nothing more than a pawn, I just thought I would be the one to destroy him, but my dear Takato and his little pet digimon managed to do it for me." Daemon laughed loudly, his eyes still focusing on the explosive battle.

"This is my final attack Doommon, it is filed with the hope and spirit of every living thing in the digital world, whether it be digital or human, they have given me the power to defeat you!" Holymon screamed as he continued to increase the power of the explosive attack. It wasn't a normal explosion by any means, it was similar to the beam shot out by Doommon, except that it wasn't black, it was the color of the light itself, a fitting attack for such a holy digimon. Doommon tried to push against the attack, he wasn't about to lose here.

"I won't die! I have so much more to do! I have to conquer the digital world! Why did you betray me!" Doommon yelled in anger. Holymon didn't flinch as he continued to press his attack.

"I betrayed my friends, you controlled me with your twisted logic of the digital world," Holymon said calmly. "This is the end you so rightfully deserve! This is where all the pain and suffering you caused in this war comes to an end!" Doommon's eyes widened as he was pushed across the sky, the large golden beam still smashing into his body. Doommon screamed in rage as he was shot out of the battlefield and far away from the tamers and the digimon of the army.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Doommon whispered. "I was supposed to be king of all, I was supposed to be the one who controlled everything through fear. I was the one who was going to destroy Daemon! Damn you Takato! Damn you Guilmon! DAMN YOU HOLYMON!" The beam finally overcame Doommon, and the destruction digimon disappeared in a golden light and a magnificent explosion. Holymon watched passively at the explosion that was miles and miles away from the battlefield, in the sky above the deserts of the digital world. Holymon bowed his head in respect, as he saw the data of Doommon disappear into the sky, to who knows well.

"Though you were full of hate, and nearly destroyed the digital world, using me to do it," Holymon said softly. "I still respect you as an opponent." Holymon widened his wings as he decened onto the ruined tower that Doommon was standing on before the final attacks of the two digimon were unleashed.

"He did it," Rika breathed, tears forming in her eyes. "The gogglehead actually did it!" Renamon smiled softly as she stared up at the holy digimon atop Daemon's ruined castle.

"Great job Guilmon," she said softly as she bowed her head, hiding the smile on her face. Ryo, Kazu, and Kenta started cheer and dancing because Doommon was finally gone. Jeri hugged Henry and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"We did it," she sighed. Henry was so speechless all he could do was nod in agreement, not missing Rika's smirk.

"Don't say anything," he mumbled quietly. Rika laughed as she stared back at Holymon, where Takato was presently still inside.

"I won't brainiac," Rika said softly. "Let's just enjoy the fact that Doommon is finally gone, and I'm sure that Daemon has been defeated by the sovereign." The group gathered agreed as they celebrated the victory of the way with their partners.

"I wish my tamers were here," Impmon sighed. "Now I have no one to celebrate with."

"You have us," Kazu said with a grin. Impmon tried to run away but he was pulled into the idiotic dance.

"Way to go Takato!" Rika cried. "You showed that brainwashing destruction obsessed freak what happens when you mess with the tamers!" Holymon glanced towards her, a smile evident behind his helmet. Holymon prepared to move towards him, when the sound of clapping stopped him. He turned to see Daemon in his true form standing there, his demonic hands clapping together, and a small smile on his face.

"You did well my little Takato," Daemon said softly. "I was going to destroy Doommon as well, because he didn't belong in my new world. I thank you for your assistance." Holymon turned his full attention to Daemon wondering what was going on, why was this demon still alive. The celebration of the digimon and tamers stopped as they saw Daemon in his full terrifying glory. "I see you are confused, let me explain it to you. The four sovereign…are dead." Holymon's eyes widened, as well as the others who heard the news.

"You monster," Holymon said with venom. "I'll destroy you."

"Come now, didn't we have a good time when we were together," Daemon said in a mocking voice. Holymon gritted his teeth as he unsheathed his red and black sword and charged towards Daemon. The demon digimon sighed he disappeared, shocking the holy digimon.

"Where did he go?" Holymon asked as he looked around.

"Behind you," a voice whispered in his ear. Holymon turned quickly, only to meet a fist in the face as he was shot into the ruined castle, causing it to become even more damaged. "Now look what you did, you went and broke my castle. I guess I'll have to destroy you now Holymon. When I'm through with you, not even Anubismon can save you." Holymon breathed heavily as he finally stood up, his eyes focusing on Daemon, who was flying in the air, a large grin on his face. "Time for you to die, my dear little Takato and Guilmon." Daemon laughed as he lunged at Holymon. And explosion resounded from the castle, and the digimon and tamers present watched in suspense as the final battle of the war was truly about to begin. Holymon was there last line of defense, if he can't beat Daemon, no one could.

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