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Jack was laying on the hard dirt floor trying to ignore the pain thumping through his skull the tune was almost like 'we will rock you' he tried to think about what would have caused so much pain and agony when he remembered the device Mary showed him sitting up and leaning against the wall he saw that the sun had come up high above him he would have guessed it was noon maybe one. He heard a scrapping sound from outside followed by the door opening standing up Jack realized that Mary walked in with another meal setting down the tray on the table before leaving.

"Wait, I just wanted to apologize for last night…" Jack said Mary shook her head but never looking at him.

"No the fault was mine, please know I won't do anything like that again." Mary said before 'muscles' came in and forced her out of the room. Jack looked over at the selection of fruit before selecting a small apple thinking of a new way to get them both out. He new that Mary had either been punished or was about to be but he didn't want to take the risk. He had to find away out of this he was Col. Jack O'Neill former black ops and apparently some guy that is able to make a solar flare with a toothpick and chewing gum! Looking out the window he noticed that Mary was looking after the men who seemed to be cruder than the captors he had during many POW camps. Yes he had to get Mary and himself out of here…

Daniel walked in to see Sam and Mac working on something that didn't look like it would help in any way shape or form leaning in closer he saw that they were working on a Goa'uld piece o technology…well not quiet as it was made of play dough.

"Daniel glade you've arrived. Mac here thinks that what went wrong was he touched this device as you must have dialed home. You said yourself that the Stargate seemed to have 'lit up' before shutting down then working normally. What Mac and I think has happened is that somehow this device managed to get two completely different lives in another reality to see how they would cope. And as you know Colonel O'Neill and Mac here are completely different." Sam explained Daniel was still skeptical over this.

"Sam, if this device was to work wouldn't there be two of them? No offense but I don't think play dough will count." Daniel asked sitting down handing Mac and Sam coffee.

"Daniel can I keep you? That's the best coffee I've had! Is this on base?" Mac asked Daniel grinned.

"No, I bought it from home thinking you need a decent cup of coffee." Daniel replied Drinking his cup.

"Thanks Daniel, Any way I was hoping to talk General Hammond in allowing us to go back to the planet with Mac, to see if we can find the device Mac found." Sam replied

"Whoa Sam. Do you really think the 'powers that be' are going allow this?" Daniel asked

"Powers that be?" Sam replied

"Pentagon?" Daniel replied

"Hello, I look like Jack O'Neill can't we just say 'Hey I'm back what did I miss?" Mac asked Daniel and Sam just looked at Mac.

"Did he just sound like the colonel?"

"He did sound like Jack." With all three of them working on the technology and Daniel correcting Mac on the spelling and pronunciation of many of the symbols they eventually got the 'device' ready to show General Hammond.

Jack had no idea how to take this Mary girl she acted like she didn't want to help him but sends him weapons in the fruit he has a broken tooth to prove it. The guards weren't so heavily protecting him in the heat of the day and he hadn't made anymore trouble since the 'Goa'uld room' he heard the guard rattle the chain to make sure it was secure before sitting down near the door in the limited shade. Jack new to wait a few minutes before using the tools to help his escape. He heard it. The sweet sound of a rhino snoring. No that would be a jackhammer actually doesn't matter Jack new this was the opportune moment to escape sitting down near his 'pillow' made out of his—no MacGyver's jacket he removed it to see the tunnel staring to take place taking the spoon that was meant for the kiwi fruit Jack started to dig. He got just past his elbow when he heard the snoring stop he listened for a moment the voices came from the side of the hut to where the window was situated quickly getting his arm back up and covering the hole with his pillow and facing the opposite wall he heard the men leaving staying very still Jack heard the snores start again. Not to be taken as a fool Jack waited for a few more minutes to make sure that he wasn't being watched. When he felt that enough time had passed he went on the escape plan and returned to his tunnel. Thinking to himself and making promises to anyone willing to listen to give him enough time alone to escape his attention met with a new easier plan. Instead of digging his way out he can get the thin blade from the banana but first he needed to make a track for the bamboo to follow when he made the door. Studying the way the bamboo was tied it seemed to be built horizontally with long pieces of bamboo, but if Jack could cut the first five from the ground, use the rope as a hinge, squeeze out drag the bamboo with him he would be fine. Taking the plan into action he started to cut the ropes of the bamboo he pulled on the loose bamboo sure enough it came apart easily with enough of a gap for him to get through he started to squeeze through and drag the door behind him. He saw where the sentries were and found a shrub that would hide him until night fall where he could look at the device again…hoping against hope the Colorado bomb won't go off when Hermann finds out that he escaped, though they will probably look at the device room first but he's hoping that the conversations between him and Daniel that he didn't want to hear will come in and help him with this. He needed to be at his real reality back home in the lake that has no fish, in a room with Carter confusing him about how the galaxy is an apple and they are worms going through the apple and something about metaphors.

Hiding behind a rock where he was sure no sentry could find him he waited till night fall to go back to the device and head home. Jack saw Mary walking towards his hide out running an obvious track as no one tried to stop her or she was free to come and go as she pleased. She passed the last sentry where she was stopped she spoke to him for a few minutes then was granted permission to go. She was nearing his spot before he new it she was on top of his spot, reaching out he grabbed her and pulled her down.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked Mary who then looked at him in surprise

"Exercise…promise…ok I'm leaving I can't stand Hermann I never could. He has finally given me enough rope to leave." Mary replied Jack listened intently.

"Help me work the device to get home and come with me, we can give you a whole new life" Jack invited Mary thought for a moment then nodded

"But please wait here for me to make sure the coast is clear." Mary said

"Marie! Marie are you alright?" The guard asked Mary stood up.

"Sorry fell over. I believe I have had enough exercise for one day." Mary replied before walking back to the guard.

"We should have you checked for any injuries." He replied

"Oh no I'm fine promise, besides if I go now dinner will be late…and you know how angry the men get." Mary replied.

"What's for dinner?" The man asked

"What would you like?" Mary asked…Jack had enough of listening it seemed that the man had nothing but fatherly love to Mary but letting her stay with a criminal like that is not right.

As she promised Mary came back when the men had gone to bed and walked with him to the device. It looked like it did before he went to the other side of the device while Mary had locked the door on the inside. She came round to his side of the device

"So what do you think it is?" She whispered

"I think it's a transportation device but I'm not too sure. You see for me to have come to this reality I needed a large energy source to have been able to bring me here. This I am hoping will let us get back to my world." Jack replied Mary showed him a collection of crystals.

"Will any of these replace the one that was broken?" Mary asked

"How did get these?" Jack asked

"I acquired them from Mr. Hermann's desk." Mary replied Jack looked at the crystals opened the side door took out the burnt out crystal.

"I think I need this one." Jack replied looking at the brilliant blue crystal he placed it in the chamber and allowed it to close.

"O'Neill did this happen a few minutes ago?" Mary asked the inside panels were lit up and seemed to be working. Jack was amazed at how quickly he was able to fix the Crystal panel he would have thought it was going to take longer than that to get the technology to work.

"O'Neill? Is this supposed to happen?" Mary asked Jack came round to see that there was an electrical current running up and down the gold device where Jack and Mary were standing. When the light show had stopped Jack and Mary walked closer to the control unit to see that the control unit was able to be used. Jack dialed the Stargate address to go home.

"…So you see sir, with the Intel from Mac and the readings of the planet the device we need should be in the cave here." Sam replied pointing to a cave almost the opposite direction that they traveled at before.

"So you sure this device will be able to send Mac home and Mac can teach the colonel how to use it?" Hammond asked.

"With out a doubt." Mac replied full of his confidence.

"Well, with this Intel and the way your all prepared to go…if I say no you will go anyway so you have a go as of 0900 tomorrow." Hammond replied

"Thank you sir." Was chorused around the table.

"Unauthorized Incoming Wormhole repeat unauthorized incoming wormhole." Walter replied SG-1 and Hammond went to check what was wrong.

"No IDC yet sir, but who ever it is, is coming through the 'gate." Walter replied,

"Is their any communication?" Hammond asked.

"No sir." Walter replied before Hammond could ask his next question two people were thrown through the iris. The security teams went up the ramp weapons trained on the new arrivals, the leader talking to one of the people then looked to the General.

"Sir, this man claims to be Colonel O'Neill and wants it placed on his uniform." The man yelled out.

"Thank you sergeant. Do they need medical attention?" Hammond asked he saw that SG-1 had left and were now in the gate room.

"Only mild cuts and scrapes sir." Sam replied as they helped Jack and another girl up. Hammond went to see who this girl was.

"Ahh, General Let me introduce to you Mary, Mary this is General Hammond." Jack replied

"Pleased to meet you sir." Mary replied

"Glade to have you back Colonel why don't you show Mary to the infirmary and we will debrief in an hour. Actually make it two and have a shower." Hammond replied as everyone showed Mary where to go.

"Ah Colonel O'Neill I see your back ready for the needles?" Janet asked with a grin.

"But I only went to a different reality." Jack protested

"But you were on another planet before then," Janet replied she took care of the cuts and scrapes from Jack and the tests before she ran a few on Mary who was looking around in awe but still looked scared out of her brain.

"Hi I'm Janet Frasier, I understand your Mary?" Janet asked

"Yes, Yes I'm Mary Acret pleased to meet you." Mary replied Frasier then started to stitch the cut above Mary's eye before starting on the usual tests with new guests.

"I hear you helped Jack escape…Hermann?" Janet asked

"I didn't play much in the part but I suppose you could say that." Mary replied Janet cleared her ready to go and helped her down.

"Here I thought you might like a change of clothes before going to see the General it appears going through the Iris has damaged your clothes." Janet replied. Jack looked down at their clothes to see that they had been torn but hers was made of lighter material were worse for wear.

"Thank you." Mary replied they left her alone for her to change into the clothes that Janet had for her that Cassie had out grown. Mary came back in clothing a bit too big for her making her look like an orphan. Before anyone could say anything Mac walked in and Jack and Mac spotted each other.

"Hello you must be Colonel O'Neill, I'm MacGyver... Mac." Mac introduced himself Jack shook his hand.

"Jack so how do you like our quaint facility?" Jack asked

"It's very easy to get lost." Mac replied

"He has a thing for not following maps." Daniel piped up.

"Ahh something we have in common." Jack replied

In the de-briefing room they all spoke about the past few days with little input from Mary who was still trying to get used to the idea of this place. Jack was expecting it after all what he could see now that she was wearing a sleeveless top she was not in the most loving of environments.

"Ok, we need to find a way to get Mac home, Colonel do you think there will be a way to get him back to the other reality?"

"I don't know sir, Hermann will be pissed that 'Mac' managed to get two girls to have escaped. And we need another device and need to know the Stargate address." Jack replied

"Well I have high security clearance in my reality and I have never heard of a Stargate." Mac replied.

"I'll go work on some simulations." Sam offered.

"Mary and Jack do you remember what the symbols looked like?" Daniel asked

"Yes" They replied

"We could do some translating and see what we can come up with." Daniel replied Teal'c decided to help them while Mac was going to the simulations Mary was still sitting at the rather large table trying to work out what she should do. She is used to not being useful for long periods of time.

"Mary why don't you come with me? I'm sure you would be a great help." Sam asked Mary went to follow Major Carter when Jack replied. "Oh she will be more than great." Mary carefully and quietly followed everyone out of the briefing room.