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Jack was looking at the computer screen and all the Mary Acret's listed there was around 12 of them over the world

"Ok lets look at birth dates." Jack stated getting the DOB page up.

"30/02/86" Mary replied they then narrowed the field to two candidates One in Austria and one in Ireland.

"Ok that makes it easier." Jack muttered he got the photo up of both the girls. One was a vibrant red head with green eyes the colour of jade the other was darker than Teal'c who had black eyes and raven black hair Jack pointed to the later

"There Mary that's a spitting image of you." Jack replied making fun of the fact that Mary's hair is platinum blonde, her eyes were ice blue and her skin was bleach white.

"I do not think that is a valid description of Mary O'Neill." Teal'c replied as he walked in with his hands behind his back.

"It's a joke T." Jack replied leaning back in the chair.

"I thought with realties things were supposed to be relatively the same." Jack commented looking at Teal'c

"According to Major Carter, some realities are the same while some are not." Teal'c stated to Jack who leant forward in his chair and rubbed his face.

"We have no record of a Mary Acret fitting our Mary's description, either she has a different name like I do with Mac or she doesn't live in this reality." Jack replied.

"We will find a way to help them O'Neill. I am certain." Teal'c promised nodding to Mary who gave a small smile back


Sam and Rodney were working in Sam's lab late pumped up on coffee working on the next lot of simulations while Daniel, Jack and Mary were working on translations while Teal'c was keeping guard over Mac still in the infirmary.

"So who talked you into changing your office around?" Rodney asked motioning to the changes Mac made

"No one." Sam replied not falling for MacKay's bait she noticed that while he was annoying she wasn't too sure who was more annoying. On one hand you had McKay who was a know it all pompous Pratt who believed he was right and everyone else was wrong but did have valid points. On the other hand you hade MacGyver who new the strengths and weaknesses of those around him and accommodated for it and who was able to help but had the ability to make a nuclear reactor with belt buckles, shoe lace and bubble gum wrappers.

"Really? 'Cause I remember your office being a lot more difficult to get anything out of. For instance the electrical cables were over here in a draw tucked away instead of being on the wall for easy access." Rodney said

"MacKay! We are here to get Mac back to his reality if you find my decorating technique to be of more interest then please leave." Sam replied.

"Mac did this didn't he?" Rodney asked rounding up on her, "Yes he did that's why you don't want to talk about your decorating! How come he moved your stuff and you didn't kill him?" Rodney asked amazement evident in his voice.

"How do you know he didn't get poisoned by me, with a slow reacting poison that would make people think it was the fact that there is two people in the same reality that is effecting Mac?" Sam asked Rodney looked at her as if she was joking but he couldn't help but wonder maybe Sam is telling the truth maybe she did…

"Your so gullible McKay." Sam said as she went back to work. They worked in complete silence before McKay clicked his fingers and punched his hand fast several times before clicking his fingers and pointing to Sam.

"You know we over looked something extremely scary and obvious" McKay stated

"What that you ate lemon for dinner?" Sam asked

"Funny, That Mary and Jack came through the iris…are you sure there wasn't lemon? I mean the chef told me—"

"McKay relax I was joking…wait that is a point how could they come through the iris? It's pure titanium only a microscopic molecule could come through" Sam replied together they headed to Daniel's office to tell the others of the discovery.


"Ok the top line must be wrong." Daniel stated

"Why?" Jack asked balancing a pen on his finger tip

"It only lists letters and numbers YY UR YY U YY 4 ME". Daniel read out loud

"Perhaps it is a riddle?" Jack asked looking for the pen that fell off his finger and rolled under the floor sighing Jack went to retrieve the pen on all fours

"Well I don't have a clue." Daniel replied after staring at it for a few minutes

"May I try?" Mary asked timidly the men motioned for her to continue

"Too wise you are too wise you be I see you are too wise for me." Mary replied Jack and Daniel just stared at her and then at the board. Before they could say anything Sam and Rodney crashed into the room talking at once.

"I can't believe I didn't think of that."

"Yeah well you always do over look the obvious"

"Woah woah what are you two talking about?" Jack asked

"Sir, when you and Mary came in through the gate we had the iris locked but yet you still came in that is theoretically impossible."

"Yet they still came though" Rodney said smugly

"That's why it was Theoretical" Sam stated before looking over to the others

"What ever that device you and Mary had found and turned on must be equipped to go through any Stargate no matter what security measures they have made on it which, needless to say—"

"We need to keep it out of Goa'uld hands." Jack and Daniel said together.


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