Still Have Time For Love.

Chapter 1 :Beware for the Night Brings Dreams

The pretty blonde woman sat on the stool on the opposite side of the bar. She watched with a keen eye at the drunks, but other than that, the female bartender seemed bored. Exhaling as she stood up and swept a glass away from a deranged drunk who shouted in protest, she merely smiled, as if daring him to continue his little tantrum.

"I'll see you around Marge," the drunk grumbled and swayed his way out of the bar.

"All-righty boys! Finish up and move on out, We are now CLOSED!" she tooted, joy shaking her voice.

Some of the drunks shook their heads, for a woman as tiny as Marge was, she had a big mouth. But none the less, she had the cheapest beer around, and it was always quiet. Which was odd for almost being 1920.

When the last man left. Margarete sighed in relief. Why she had agreed to take on this mind numbing assignment still confused her, but the gentleman that needed a spy asked for her by name. Her boss wouldn't tell her who the man was, but she needed to open a pub, keep the prices cheap and she'll see him.

"Girl, you WERE nuts for agreeing," she said to herself, only half listening to the sounds around her as she cleaned. Stopping to look at her reflection in the dusty mirror behind the bar, Margarete only wondered what her friends from the adventure would think if they saw her.

Her once full face had become pale and thin. Her hair fell to her waist, now a dark rusty brown color instead of blonde, some days, depending on if she felt like wearing wig. She dressed more conservative, wearing a soft cream colored blouse and a dark blue skirt that fell to the middle of her calves.

Yes, it had been six years, almost seven when the New Year came around in the next couple of weeks. But even then, hearing of Alice's death, then a year later, Yuri's, only caused her to get deeper and deeper into her work.

Time after time, her thought's would drift to Keith. The handsome vampire that nearly took her breath away. She knew it was hard to NOT think of him since she was working in Prague, and he was only a couple of days away by carriage, hours by plane.

Hearing a noise from behind, she spun around, half expecting to see Keith, but was met with nothing but her own reflection. Telling herself it was a rat, Margarete couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched, being careful she slide her shoes off and padded to the door to make sure she had locked it. It was still firmly bolted in place.

Knowing she didn't have a back door, and that ghosts were probably just a figment of her imagination, she went back to working. Her back to the pub area she focused on the bar, scooping up crumbs and gathering glasses, wishing she had turned the radio on, since she was starting to spook herself.

Spinning around she let out a scream and dropped the glasses in her arms on the ground. They shattered and stung her legs and feet, but she didn't care.

"What the heck is going on!?" she cried alarmed, for before her eyes, the chairs were on the tables, and she KNEW for a fact she didn't do that. She always put them up before she went upstairs for bed, since she had a room above the bar.

"Still have that startled scream I hear," came an oddly familiar voice. It sent chills up Marge's spine.

The figure vanished out of thin air. A man. He was dressed in a crisp dark blue suit, purple tie, black dress shoes and he leaned his weight on a walking cane as he approached Margarete.

"Its been a long time hasn't it Margarete?" he asked, pale eyes standing against his light skin and long blonde hair.

"Keith?" she voiced. He nodded, she smacked him. "Why couldn't you use the door like a normal person instead of scaring me out of ten years of life!"

Boy, was she livid.

Keith rubbed the arm that had taking the lashing. "I had to make sure you could deal with what I need your help for," he said, this time distancing himself just in case she decided to strike again.

"Wait, you're the gentleman my boss sent me out here to see?"

Keith nodded.

"What's wrong?" she asked, lifting herself up on the bar, and started to pull the tiny shards of glass out of her foot.

"Something is not right at the castle. My ancestors coffins are missing, and it just seems to have taken on an evil aurora. I can't explain it, but when ever I go in it, I feel all my self control giving out. So I've been staying at different hotels," Keith explained.

"What about Nina?"

"She and her mother went to America with Halley's family."

"Really? I'm glad. The whole group deserved better."

Keith nodded and watched Margarete struggle with a piece of glass jammed in her foot.

"Here," Keith offered, but she swayed him back, glaring at him.

"I can handle it," she breathed, looking at him with hard eyes.

Keith watched her yank the shard out, she had bit her lip hard and tears formed in her eyes.

Not listening to her request, Keith picked up a clean fabric napkin off the table and tied it around her foot, knowing the pressure would stop the bleeding.

Margarete sighed, defeated. "We'll leave in the morning?"

"Morning sounds nice."

"I have a sofa in my room, you can sleep there."