Okay this chapter has a higher rating. Its not graphic. But it does have mild sexual content in it. The song at the end starts out with Marge sining, then it fades into the story line. Its Wild Hope by Mandy Moore. Enjoy!

The man known as Lentz was sitting in the throne room, his long legs kicked out before him. A body of another vampire laid in the corner.

Lentz looked at his fingers, they were no longer boney, but long, thin and masculine. He cleared his throat.

"I hope Barlow does better than you," he told the body. He already knew the attack on the boat hadn't gone as planned, but the two were now stuck in a little town.

Lentz hated Keith's family. Centuries before Keith was born, Lentz was engaged to one of the ladies of the grand council; Maria Valentine. But she had found out his sinister plans of stealing the Valentine's magic and unleashing chaos onto the world. He tried to convince her to join him, but she and her family had banished him to the South Pole.

Spending years upon years in darkness, his plan of revenge grew. He learned Maria never married. But her brother Abel did. Abel's only child, had three children of his own. Two wanted to be super-heros, while Keith, being the oldest, stayed to look after Blue Castle.

Lentz cackled. You rid of the owner, you get everything that was his.

A door opened and Lentz glanced at the door, knowing that Barlow was coming back empty handed. Least he came back with his head held high.

Barlow cleared his throat. "I'm sorry Master Lentz. They got away. The woman found a church that over looks the ocean. They are currently their. As my sources tell me, they will be staying in a small shack along the outskirts of town. Very close to Prague,"

Lentz grinned. "Good work Barlow. I can feel the force field around here getting weaker. Forget the vampire at the moment. Focus on his wrench."

Barlow nodded and turned to leave.

"Barlow. Why don't you get some rest. Let them relax for a week or two, just so they let their guard down a bit,"

"Thank you master." Barlow vanished in the thin air. Lentz smiled, twisting a strand of his long brown hair in his fingers. "Just you wait."




Margarete looked around the tiny shack. It was small. Made her small room above the bar look like a palace.

It smelled musty, and covered in dust. Keith ran a gloved finger across the fireplace and looked at it. The white tip was black.

"I guess we start cleaning?" he offered, opening a window and letting some sunlight in.

"Sounds good" Margarete laughed, stripping the small bed in the corner, and tossed the sheets on the floor.

They spent the whole day scrubbing and later on buying some food for the ice box.

Keith flopped down on the sofa. "I'm exhausted," he laughed, his stomach grumbling loudly.

"Hungry too," Margarete said, reaching over and patted his stomach.

Keith put an arm around her, pulling her closer to him. "I know you're an excellent cook."

"Silly," she teased, poking him lightly in the ribs. "You just don't want to cook."

"I..." her face was close to his, too close. He found himself cupping her cheek and lost in her eyes, as he leaned forward, and pressed his lips to her cheek. "Please? I know you happen to be an amazing cook."

She swatted him away and walked briskly to the kitchen, her cheeks blazing.

"What's getting into you Margarete?" she whispered to herself, putting some chicken into water and setting it on the stove to boil.

"I got it!" Keith proclaimed, making Margarete jump.

"Got what?"

"There's a Vampire bar in this part of town."

"A Vampire bar?" she repeated.

"Its not advertised as that, it looks run down. Since vampires 'don't exist'"

Margarete put her hands on her hips and looked at him. "Well why don't we go there?"

"You're not a vampire."

"So? Can't I be a date? An escort?"

"Can you sing?" he asked, looking at the newspaper they picked up earlier.

"Sure. Why?"

"Their looking for a singer."

"Wouldn't I have to be a vampire? I mean I can't just walk in there and say I want to sing!"

"If Martha still works there, you can."


"My cousin's old girlfriend." He picked up the phone and asked the operater for the connection.

"Great! Thanks Martha. We'll be there at dusk." he said a few moments later.

Margarete groaned inwardly. She had a bad feeling about this.






"Oh Margarete! You look lovely!" Martha gushed hours later. Margarete begged to differ.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a deep green v neck dress, with a slit up to her hip. She was worried about her gun in the hip sling on the other leg, but Martha assured her that it you couldn't see it.

The young vampire smiled her sharp grin at Margarete. "Its nice that you are helping him out. He's such a sweet guy. Hopefully he can find some information out tonight."

Margarete peeked out of the curtain. Keith dressed in a emerald suit, and one of her short brown wigs, was seated at the bar, sipping a red drink, he looked good, and her heart swam.

"Ready?" Martha asked, and breezed past her to announce the show.

"Gentleman. May I present, the musical talent of Abigail."

Margarete swallowed, and stepped out on stage. A couple of the already drunk vampires cat called at her, but she ignored them and walked up to the pianist. She whispered in his ear and he nodded.

She took a deep breath and sang. Keith nearly lost track of the conversation he was having with another vampire. She looked marvelous, and sounded like an angel.

In the crazy world

Anything can happen

If you will it to

I'm just a hazy girl

Blurring all the edges

Only seeing blue

It's a Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

Everything will be alright

Keith was in a trance watching her. How could he have not seen it before?!

Lost inside

A painting of a city on a hotel wall

Days goes by

Wasting golden hours in the fall

The bar got an eerie feeling. The atmosphere darkened.

Keith was still half listening to the other vampire, until he felt a gun poke him in the side. "Here me now Keith?" the voice hissed.

He paled, Margarete stopped singing and hoisted her gun and aimed it at the intruder, missing him by a hair when she fired.

"Don't think you can escape from me, Barlow, Follower of Lentz. ," the vampire hissed again, flying across the room and grabbed Margarete by the throat, his fangs baring.

"Marge!" Keith screamed, running across the room. He cocked his fist back and slammed Barlow in the jaw. Margarete grabbed Keith's hand and they both fled from the pub, running down the street and taking weird turns until they got back to the shack.

It's a Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

Everything will be alright

I catch a glimpse of our reflection

Beside you I see myself

We are the season's new collection

We look like everybody else

"Wow!" she breathed as Keith locked the doors, his face was filled with fury.

"Vampires are suppose to be gentle! We don't suck blood!" He walked over and gripped Margarete's throat, examining the pale untouched skin. She saw his eyes,

"Keith, not all vampires are good. They have bad guys like regular humans have bad guys."

"I almost lost you tonight Margarete! I lost you once. I can't do it again."

She was at loss for words. His eyes were clouded with emotion, but she could see her reflection clearly.

"Keith," she whispered, as he bent his head down and captured her lips with his.

Walk alone

Through the crowded streets into the fading grey

Here and gone

Like a decoration for the holiday

He moved softly against her, making her pulse pound and her blood boil. Clothing was discarded around the room, and the world vanished except for them. She met his every thrust, and soon the gentle love making turned into an animal desire. She had never been loved like this before. Not one part of her body went untouched, and his hand never left hers that was against the pillow. She just wished she could rid the feeling that her heart was about the break.

It's a Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

A Wild Hope

Everything will be alright.