Hello Peoplez! Welcome to my 1st fanfic! Well, actually my 2nd one but no one liked the first one so I deleted it. This story is about Princess Zelda and her wolfy friend. Anyway, onward chapter!

Chapter One: A Girl and A Wolf

It was cold. That's all she could say. All she could hear was her feet against the cobblestone street that led to her home. Who is she you ask? Her name is Zelda, Princess of Hyrule. As Zelda walked down the street on that horribly cold night, clutching her cloak around her frail body, she heard an angry scream and a yelp like a dog would make.

Zelda looked towards the ruckus and saw a very big dog run around the corner towards her and an obese woman running behind it, rolling pin in hand.

"Get outta here you mutt! And never come back!" The woman yelled as she went back to her dwellings.

After she left, the dog collapsed on the street. It must be wounded…Zelda thought.

She began to walk towards it and started to think, that's too big to be a dog…

And she was right. It was too big to be a dog, that's because it wasn't. It was a wolf.

Zelda froze. The wolf looked up towards her with a look in its eyes as in saying, "Please, please help me." Zelda hesitated then slowly approached the wolf.

"D-don't be afraid. I-I won't hurt you." Zelda stuttered as she cautiously knelt by the wolf.

When she got close enough, she realized that the wolf looked like someone she knew. Someone that had disappeared in her youth…


"Even though I've only known you for a few days, it feels like a lifetime." Young Zelda said to a boy dressed in green. The boy just nodded sadly.

"Well, before you left I wanted to give you this Ocarina, along with this song…" Young Zelda put the Ocarina to her lips and began to play the Song of Time.

When she finished, the boy took the Ocarina and mounted a small pony and rode away.


End Flashback

Zelda snapped back to reality, but didn't notice the men sneaking up behind her.

"Link…" Zelda mumbled before she felt an excruciating pain and passed out.

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